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45 Tragic Moments! Idiots In Cars And Starts Road Rage Got Instant Karma | Best Of Week ! "Road Rage Karma" is an eye-opening exploration of the tumultuous world of road rage. In this captivating video, we showcase five intense encounters where road rage takes center stage. As drivers succumb to anger and frustration, chaos ensues on the highways. But amidst the chaos, karma makes its presence known. Watch as the tables turn and road rage unexpected consequences for their actions. Through these gripping stories, we highlight the importance of keeping cool behind the wheel and the power of karma to restore balance on the road. Join us on this journey as we unravel the complexities of road rage and the universal law of cause and effect. Here, at STOP NOW, you're in for a treat with the world's finest instant karma moments and instances of workplace foolishness, all caught on camera. Immerse yourself in the thrill of instant karma and witness road rage scenarios unfolding before your eyes. Our daily uploads feature the latest and most captivating videos of road rage and instant karma incidents, providing the perfect escape to unwind after a hectic day. From the most intriguing topics to the most intense road rage moments, we've got it all covered. So, kick back, relax, and indulge in a STOP NOW binge! Subscribe to STOP NOW channel to watch the latest road rage moments caught on camera videos every day. → Watch more videos here: 51 Times Road Rage Went Too Far Got Served Instant Karma! 62 Times Road Rage Went Too Far Got Served Instant Karma! 75 Times Road Rage Went Too Far Got Served Instant Karma! 40 Times Road Rage Went Too Far Got Served Instant Karma! 35 Times Road Rage Went Too Far Got Served Instant Karma! 60 Times Road Rage Went Too Far Got Served Instant Karma! - Subscribe: - Facebook: - Website: For copyright matters please contact us at: #stopnow #roadrage #caughtoncamera


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what's up guys ready for a roller coaster  ride through Tales of road rage and brace yourself for the inevitable  consequences okay let's get it on D no no no no no no oh [ __ ] damn I'm thinking  the small car is going into the truck's blind spot please keep your distance and really  pay attention because when you enter the blind spot of large trucks you will be in trouble this happened on I  75 southbound near vanban Ohio on the fake news Ukraine is furious with L mosque forting an attack on R
ussia's Navy  Holocaust the tech billionaire said on thursdaying network over crime to prevent black  Fleet this Lane is used by traffic traveling in both directions for passing or turning in  an area uh the area was known as is known as it's always interesting how people react in emergency situations one bike  gets out the way the other is paralyzed please be responsible for what  you do you certainly cannot hide forever are you [ __ ] Kidd me what happened to make him angry over in Jim know yo
ur route in advance and have a  backup plan in case you have to change direction unexpectedly nice one tire off p p pit don't try to escape when you're wrong it won't benefit yourself  keep your hands where I can see them hey man what's your mirror for when someone offers me a part I cannot go  and Cho know can take this job no matter how much money it is I'm going to take this job so I  had a very clear vision of people who shouldn't be driving get licenses me I will help you with  promoting th
e gy I do anything that they I can hey ah too fast pay attention to your mirrors don't you love it when  some smart ass gets caught out did you not t in my glad no one was hurt nice save the two cars going through  the light clearly had a green light well that's a Christmas present the driver wasn't expecting you will not lose  anything if you know how to prioritize people on the road and obey traffic laws true but it looks like the semi- driver  probably saw this coming and started breaking ear
ly it stops almost instantly after  impact and looks like they were already slowing oh glad everything  turned out okay in the end how unusual a trade in a rush  to get somewhere not paying attention oh my god oh dear it looked  like the driver of the black hatch had fallen asleep at the wheel think  that section is 100 km so pretty big hit car cuts right in front of me in the rain deceptive bit of Road there as it's very open it's just before it goes  to 80 where it used to be 80 earlier the pr
ice for haste I thought that it would do more  damage than that but I'm glad it didn't quite gentle those who fall asleep at the wheel need to  be awakened and hopefully they will receive the lessons and punishments they deserve  he didn't stop B you okay that's a good boy prioritize safety by maintaining  attentiveness when executing turns yo why do that it's hard to understand police car's caught yeah  police car's caught you whilst queuing patiently to leave the motorway some boy  racer think
s it's okay to use the hard shoulder he car c you using the AR shoulder I would stay pulled over just in case I  if you've been drinking it's best to avoid driving if you want to avoid immediate Karma I'm GL in low  visibility conditions exercise extra caution when making turns if you find it interesting remember  to subscribe to our Channel to watch the latest videos no no no don't drive like that God yay oh God fortunately Justice  reliably intervenes to safeguard the well-being of all stay up
make report no you  saw it to avoid fatigue while driving it is important to get adequate and regular rest  don't drive continuously for long periods of time during rush hour drivers must be patient and avoid constant honking to  prevent noise pollution and traffic disruptions when traveling on roads  with intersections slow down and check your surroundings before changing lanes everyone while it can be fun it's  not ideal your car is too Compact and may not be suitable for  larger roads so it
is very dangerous following closely is never  worth the risk give yourself plenty of space to react to sudden changes in traffic if you also think like me please comment  number one or number two Below in the comments the driver must have  had an unfortunate day exercise caution on the road if you wish to avoid Instant Karma ensuring a safe following distance is vital remember to stay alert and check  surroundings before making any turns oh God I don't know how much the  driver will have to pay
for this loss please pay attention to pedestrians you  need to give priority when they cross the street when a vehicle intends to turn  left or right and encounters another vehicle proceeding straight the vehicle  traveling straight has the right of way you about to hit somebody you can also observe  their attempts to open his door they are fortunate that he remains so composed many would be  entirely justified in emphasizing the accelerator pedal at last a timely police intervention it's dishea
rtening how many folks in  our neighborhood view red lights as optional oh my goodness I believe he should have his car inspected again it's crucial to have it  repaired properly to uphold Road Safety standards oh no please pay attention  to your surroundings before turning it's unbelievable how  quickly things can get out of control if if you're not paying attention  pay attention and always watch the road ahead thankfully the driver was moving slowly otherwise the situation could  have taken a
much more dangerous turn in the US Highway 264 between Greenville  and Wilson NC near wenberg in Green County it is not a good idea for Nissan drivers  to treat public highways like RAC tracks we could all be in trouble for that  later on be attentive and always watch the road ahead and do not run red lights I think the  police observed everything that happened should go oh my God staying calm in  traffic can be difficult but it's always the right choice let's  all strive together for safer Roa
d avoid rushing recklessly as  it not only endangers your own safety and that of those around  you and Instant Karma is all around you use the right lane to take the  I280 I would just be so much happier if people that reflexively reached for  their phones were launched into the sun had he foreseen this consequence I  doubt he wouldn't have behaved so rashly oh no consequences of speeding  beyond the allowed limit on this road this guy was very angry because  the truck driver did not give way to
him the driver of the Lexus  aggressively followed and tried to cause road rage immediately after  that he was urgently summoned for his behavior if you like the video please support  me with a subscription thanks very much instead of using turn signals  this guy uses his finger to ask to give way this guy had just returned from  having fun at a party driving in an inattentive State this Justice driver  called and reported 9on 11 to stop him immediately stand to live through now this guy should
have his driver's license  revoked because of his reckless driving the policeman said good job just  in time I still haven't met today's quota I don't understand can I help you can  I help you get back in your [ __ ] car get back in your car it's a green line hey you're a  loser even with road rage you still have to be stylish what are you doing the car driver  angrily interrupted and stopped the truck driver because he had not given way who  has the right to go first please leave your answer b
elow in the comments I you  okay you then and you cut me off the bro no what the the driver's distraction caused a collision with an oncoming vehicle please pay  attention to ensure the safety of yourself this will be a lesson  for drivers who often overtake recklessly please keep calm while driving problem after problem opening a  boxing ring right in the middle of the exciting summer days is a good idea  but certainly not immediately after the Collision do you know that if you don't watch  the
road carefully at an intersection a collision can easily occur I hope that woman can  learn to be more patient and calm when driving this is the satisfaction of having a cop  around when you actually want one they finally let the car which got a dash cam off before  talking to the guy in the truck and gave him the tickets getting angry while  driving is a hindrance and a waste of other people's time and it  only gives people a bad impression of you there are many questions  raised about this si
tuation how can a car push a truck in reverse  how can they run on icy roads and the shovel I think the driver was wise not to  get out of the car and suffer the anger from the couple on the motorbike  stay calm and prioritize safety on the road the clash between the  two men looks a bit brutal but in the end they let each other  go therefore a cool head is extremely necessary a wrestling flip has been recreated  in the street stay calm everyone's a winner this road rage happened in Miami I don'
t know  what the situation was before but nothing happened why did they do that did the two cars kiss  each other or something anyway we should try to control our emotions because it can cause  the situation we are concerned about or at least cause the cars to be damaged continues  to be another fighting arena in the middle of the street and then the revenges continue  one after another what do you think about this situation it is difficult to say why these actions  occurred luckily no one was i
njured many comments say this is like a Family Guy  joke haha the rage that occurs among the elderly makes others concerned in some  way calming down is the best way to resolve these situations but they didn't I believe  this is not a good action in that weather this driver deserves praise  for stopping in time to avoid a terrible collision with the other car Bravo man how's and everything going sometimes  golf clubs aren't meant to be used for golf but they're certainly never  meant to be used
for road rage have you ever witnessed SpongeBob Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters in a road rage I  think he will never be able to forget that evening the police showed up just in time that's why you  should always calm down and think before getting Ang the reason why they cided think  it because someone didn't obey the CH light 20 break checking in the  middle of the street is never a good idea but it still happens every  day please keep yourself and your family safe it's nothing is not
hing important  but is it worth it for him to spend time here angry with everyone around  him hope everything will be fine with him the man in Black did the  right thing by staying calm and calming down his opponent's  anger we need more gentlemen like him is causing hostility to Road  participants a right thing to do I deeply wonder how they will feel when  they look back at these images holy [ __ ] please this is a very alarming  situation it's so suffocating to see this scene I hope everyone
is okay maybe people are tired of parking in areas  that aren't supposed to be parked like this although I wish they could talk car owners will  probably learn how to park their cars properly it did happen in the Bronx New York it's  impossible to know the specific reason but this action will get many people into trouble  what do you think about this please share with us this guy is quite Reckless cutting across  and overtaking like that in front of the police follow the rules for a safer Highwa
y experience one piece of advice for everyone is not  to tailgate the police this will earn you a ticket instantly the impatient driver's attempt to quickly merge into the  lane was promptly met by the police impatient driver tries an unsafe double  lane change in front of the police Instant Karma instant Justice driver using the left lane  to block a police car gets pulled over instantly on the journey from  York to Gettysburg a guy was in a hurry zooming past a line of cars  he was immediately
pulled over by the police this impatient driver was speeding and his lack of patience caught up with him as  the police pulled him over immediately afterward this suvet just passed  without noticing or caring about about the police car the police waited  until they had the authority to pull them over oh God don't learn from  this guy's way of driving a car driver gets pulled over  by cop for reckless Lane change for all drivers everywhere allow plenty of time  relax and reach your destination s
afely and legally stop sign Runner immediately regrets their decision he shouldn't have crossed the solid  yellow line like that he needs to learn patience you the impatient driver nearly collided with a police motorcyclist and approached  the officer after coming to a stop continuing with another case of a driver  getting Instant Karma for passing a stop School Bus this guy was speeding through the  school zone this led to his Instant Karma oh no this guy is really impatient  pay attention to t
raffic signals when driving this guy needs to relearn how to stop  at red lights oh he encountered the police right after as we end this journey we appreciate  your company if you enjoyed it please support by liking and subscribing keep tapping for more  videos thanks for staying till the end see you he