Alright ADX Approval Live Apply on Private Email | How to Create Ad manager Account #adxapproval

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Wiqi Bhai

1 day ago

Assalam Welcome friends, you all check, I have received a request for ad Manager and as soon as I click on it, see here my D Manager account is fully opened, check my other account here, see this. Also my account is showing absolutely approved status, also my ad manager is absolutely ok, in today's video I am going to show you whether you have an ad manager account with your website or without a website. How can you create without any error? Apart from any error, along with that, I am going to
share with you here four OK emails with which you can do whatever you want, you can try, all of them are private. There are emails, hope you will get reply on any email and you can get approval of ADX on whatever you are, that too without any investment, so without wasting time, let's move towards today's video, hope that you guys will definitely like it. You will be fine and well let's welcome to my channel Vicky Bhai Friends this is our channel about SO Blogging WordPress and Online Earning
If you are watching the video on this channel which is completely new and fresh for the first time then please watch our channel. Along with that, subscribe to it and also press the bell icon so that the notification of our every new video reaches you in advance and guys, we have also started a give away here in which we Here we are going to give you four websites along with the hosting plus domain. If someone has not applied for it then in the description of every video you will get the link
of the give away. You all have to go and fill up the form to open the link of that give away. Inshallah, this give away will be opened on 177th of March and the person who is lucky enough will be provided with the websites. Four lucky winners will go to So let's start about the video. First of all, I will show you how to create an Ad Manager account here. First of all, you people have to go to Blogger. After coming to Blogger, you people have to search here. Here you guys have to create your si
mple account and open a website here, no need to upload anything, see here I am just going to create my account and do not do anything else inside it, I simply copy it. I paste and here I enter my password. Wait a second. I paste my password here and enter. After entering, let's see what scene comes to us. Let's wait and check this. Now we have it. Simply what to do is to create a website, I put some random name here, Upcoming Topics, OK, let's put anything random, here I put the address, now
here also we put some things, wait a Second up coming, I have put this, let's see what it is, O one, see just a second here, once your account is created, you guys simply click on next, check, I have this option available, do next and here your Again, let's write the same name which you guys had written on the title in the beginning. You can write anything, it is not your choice, now click on simple finish, as you guys see, my website is going to be created here. See what we have, this blogger
's website has been created simply. Next, what you guys have to do is to leave it. Come, you guys have to open the Google2 website. Whenever you guys opened it, this is what you guys have to do here in front of you. It will be opened simultaneously, guys, you guys keep the email option open, the email is opened, you guys have to simply come here and enter your email, whatever you guys have done, lock me, I am going to enter it here. I have pasted all my stuff here, I have pasted it here too an
d click on continue. Here you guys have to paste your stuff. Wait second, now you guys have to click on continue. See this, after that you People have to copy the same Blogger website, simply come to Blogger, click on View Blog and here you will get the website which you created, come and paste it here and click on Continue, Next on all three. Click Next Click on Continue and see here your account is going to be ready guys just a second friends now you guys check that congratulations your acco
unt is ready ok this is ours and see here our website is blogging support That's what we just created, simple click on get started, click on get started, next, follow whatever comes to you, wait ok, now you have to finish your setup, after doing that, what did you guys do here? Do you want to add your fold name? Like me, I will add it, enter your last name, OK, choose your password, whatever you guys choose, random, random password, we have chosen it, click on save, next, you, What people hav
e to do is to integrate their website, now see this, integrate is incomplete, just click on basic, click on confirm, now see here, whatever is there, this is going to be the most important thing of yours, which is Ad Manager. You will get this code inside Install Script, you guys simply copy this code from here and go, go to theme inside Blogger, OK, after that you guys here, after coming inside customize, edit then next, you guys You have to click here, here you will get the option of 'head',
enter 'a', paste it here, then update it as you have updated, after updating, the option of 'successful' will come, simply come here. You click on I have added it, you guys have to click here two to three times, after loading it will happen once, wait a second, see that the script has been installed successfully, now next what we have to do is register ads here. Now here it says whether you have an account of this email address manager or not. If yes then click on OK. If not then click on No.
If it is not ours then what did we do here? Click on No. Paste your email here and click on send invite, just like we clicked on send invite. From here, the invite will reach you. Check that we have it. Now verify your password here. What we have to enter is whatever our password is so let's see what happens guys entered the password let's click on next wait a second what happens is it's going to redirect to this now check here it's live now you guys What to do, see here Continue with this acc
ount is your AdSense, after that is Publisher ID, see this, Pakistan has come and here he has given the details, click on simple continue, click on I have agreed, let it load a little. OK, after that click on set up account, also click on I agree, all the people who ask for you here, see that everyone has agreed, it will be absolutely ok, OK, so this is my number, I took it from there. So what will happen here now, as soon as the voice note goes to me, I will do that, I will verify it, then ou
r Jod Manager will be tied successfully. Now the next thing I am going to tell you is what we simply did. I have to come here and I have sent four emails to you that I am going to share them here, I will share them with you guys. Okay, now look here, I have these four emails lying here, please look at them carefully here. So simply what we do is we open any one email, go to it and send the email, how to send it, here I came and after coming here, I came to the email and here I came here to thi
s email. I put the partner's end and here we write the subject need. Brother, we have written this in M ​​and A. Account approval. What is the thing in A. M and we have written this in the subject. Next, we will see what to add, so simply. After coming here, you people have to type the message that Hello there I am a publisher and I need an account approval for my website. Here you people have to do whatever is the GM of yours, the link of your website which website. Whatever you want, you ha
ve to paste the link here and click on send. Whenever you click on send here, you have to click on view message here, after that you people have to click on send. Click on it five times inside the reply and send it so that whatever response you have, you can get the response quickly. Hope you guys liked this video. Friends, if you guys liked this video, then feel free to share it with us. Subscribe to the channel Waki ​​Bhai and also press the bell icon so that the notification of every new up
coming video can reach you in advance. Keep supporting me thanks for watching see you soon in the next video.



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