Anniversary Special Mukbang + Cooking Sotanghon Guisado + UKOY | Foreigner eating Filipino Food

#countryside #germany #filipinorecipe #philippines #love #lovestory #longdistancerelationship #Shrimp, Tofu and Vegetable Fritters #Chicken, Fried Egg, Tofu and Vegetable stir fried with Glass Noodles Today, we are celebrating our 6th Year Anniversary as a Couple and we would like to share a glimpse of our life. A video from our mukbang episode conducted last year 2022, eating different Filipino dishes, plus question and answer interview. Also cooking two of the many favourite Filipino dishes of my Husband. :) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Song : Rachel Leycroft - Story (Acoustic ver.) Music promoted by Vlog Copyright Free Music Link : ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Song : Keys of Moon - Blooming Melody Music promoted by Vlog Copyright Free Music Link : ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Song : Kevin Silvester - You and I (feat. Julie Zorrilla & KATU) Music promoted by Vlog Copyright Free Music Link : ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Title: The End Type of music: Chillstep Mood: Sad / Emotional Download: Share this music video: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖


11 months ago

[Applause] there is story it was written for each of us and it's yet to be told this is the last one it's always the best one but first you must rid of the old at first it's on repeat March to the same beat around and around like we do they proceed to tell us darling keep your head up go on March along like you [Music] do while doing our mukbang um we are also going to interview David oh no we have just just random questions right random questions about childhood about family um intimacy also an
but first eat a little bit a [Laughter] little so let's talk about um family and childhood what is your favorite family tradition Christmas for me also Christmas but more in my childhood is Christmas time not today so anymore why it's it change when you get older but what do you change in what way you need to be more serious and the family is not so close anymore you don't get so much gifts anymore but since I met you in the Philippines I spent my first Christmas that's it reminds me on my chil
dhood I'm very happy lot of people lot of food lot of gifts not for me so much that's okay but so you already spent Christmas three times in the Philippines yeah yeah done 2017 2018 and 19 yeah only because of Co 2020 and 2021 we cannot yeah yeah okay good for me to Christmas that's my okay number two mhm what ways are you most different from the person you were in high school high school long long time ago right today I think even even I'm funny here but this kind of serious you need to need to
be more serious in high school what what is your problem your problem is maybe that your crush don't like you maybe you want to go to the next party but got no budget mhm school is not so important at this time but today you got you have a lot of bills to pay you need a job you need to take care of your wife a lot I was damaged would you love me the same would you vanish or would you not be as sham to see me manic because he's very shy of course I am not try try everyone say oh you speak so goo
d it's okay but even even you can still be funny today you always need to think for the future and that's yeah change I think yeah even I was always a little bit more measure maybe than compared to some classmates or something but yeah but every year it's get a little little bit more serious yay for me um I know like as you have as you that this a serious for me it's like maturity M I think it's because of your experiences in life also okay next question um what is your favorite childhood memory
favorite childhood yeah for me example for me no when my father um every weekend came home mm and we visited uh the for Ford pillar shrine okay that's the most special time for me that we spend our time together as a family wife for me something similar my parents get divorced very early when I was 3 years old so I often miss my father in this time but we visited him all two weeks at the weekend to twice a month so and that's what we really you have scheduled this yeah emo mostly schedule two t
imes a month that be visit and that was also a special time daddy always want to make every wish come through to us like unhealthy food like Co he always know that he get us with food like today my maybe that's the way he's showing his love even today yeah today with food so for us it's the same if I buy candy for her she love me and if she cooked for me I love her too a so this is one big important thing spending time with Daddy good so it's more on our parents yeah no our family H let make our
childhood special next m what did you use to enjoy doing as a kid that is still part of your life today for me I start very early with playing this um like PlayStation or before it was this Nintendo so mhm I think it started I got a big brother so when I was was six seven eight years old the first experience with this game boy at this time something and still today I'm enjoyed to play even it's sometimes like something like sport games or a little bit action games so she don't like to and she's
lucky because this second controller is broken already so she don't need to play with me but this is really what I enjoy even even uh also in reality to go out not just play on this is like doing sport games like I love basketball I love this football soccer playing since I was a kid today I'm not in this condition to play a lot you can see but I I still love this I really love to be active even outside but she don't like to play with me she always lose yeah but but it's still it's the the virt
ual gaming and even the outside I I really love still more than around 30 years already good because for me I think I don't have next um what food or drink most evokes a feeling of home for you H home of home for you like for me for example um pork cigam that's really an know a feeling of home for me mem pap so every weekend and then sinigang na pork for you wait a [Laughter] [Music] second my crazy color so my mother always was a good Chef in the kitchen so there's a lot of dishes you know this
feeling when you when you get older and visit your mother for maybe you stay overnight like us sometimes and she's cooking something for you and then you really feel this childhood feeling again so one just a simple very simple food or dish is for example something like this meatbats with this grounded pork potatoes and just some vegetables like a fresh salad or green peas something or carrots and Mommy always she always cook like my wife here she always cook with love and that's what you reall
y can taste yeah not in a hurry not in something like you need to cook you want to cook now so there's a lot of other dishes but this this is one I I really enjoy every every time she cook yeah later there come some other like today also the lasagna yeah when Mommy make lasagna very yummy everyone loves it yeah even it's the vegetable one or just with uh also grounded beef grounded pork it's very yummy and always this is when I hear the the word lasagna I always think about my mother first yeah
and then about my wife because she also can do a good lasagna a next question we will talk about intimacy oh no intimacy while eating what what is your predominant or main element of love language is it like Words of Affirmation or also Quality Time or for me it's it's always or physical touch physical touch I think for me it's more about this after this long relationship long distance relationship always the biggest uh enemy is this distance even it's it's got a lot of good things because you r
eally know each other before you meet we can fly so I will never die that's why today after this long distance relationship for me one important thing is that I always know that my partner my wife my beautiful wife is always near to me yeah even she will work and I'm at home but always know ah in the evening or in the afternoon she come home and we are together we we got time together and this is for me one of the most important things that I know we are near to each other whenever I want to tal
k to her I can or even phone call but but I know it's not far away and we will see the next that's the same day and this is gives me a good feeling in my heart and makes me happier I want to taste the fish yeah right but it's plenty of Bones yeah you need to get here the other side here in this area this so is enough so last question name three body parts of your partner that you like the most first for me what I really like on David's body part body part first is your butt oh yeah yeah gra why
it's very white and then it's very big and when I give you massage it's very very fluffy you know you okay let's go on that's Filipino always when when we speak English you know second second is his face overall your eyes your nose your the bir you don't like lips of course your your birth I don't like that one only this Tre thing and your hair of course yeah the bir is also hair your hair you not the bir connect and lastly for me you're [Music] hard Wow Let's make Who You Are oh yeah I will mak
e that adorable be chicken liver and chicken hard you can eat yeah give it to the kid so for me very similar my [Music] [Applause] face okay okay let me I will start first because the first the biggest when you make it in the order or something is the hard because at first I fall in love with honestly with her heart yeah I got the pictures Al she's very sweet at this type I am not with anymore today oink oink um you are very beautiful and a little bit more measure today din yeah the sweet and cu
te is over when you're more older than 30 this is you are so beautiful but not cute and even for me no the first thing yeah is her heart because at the beginning um in this longdistance relationship I'm always happy when she share with me her childhood her how much she do for the family and for others also and that's why it will always be the heart at first yeah then the second is but the face yeah especially I I really love the lips I I really want to kiss them and this very cute little nose yo
u know it's a very good match when you got a partner with a small and big nose kissing there's nothing in the way it's very good yeah to face itself [Music] yeah and number three of course the bud oh like me but how often I massage very I really appreciate it when when you give me always this m so maybe later you can also when you got aggressive no I'm I'm very when I'm a little bit more like angry or aggressive then I can put today I'm very happy because we got a lot of food so no massage for y
ou [Music] is [Applause] [Applause] and [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] for f





LOVELY COUPLE.👫 Thank you for sharing po. Magmamadaling-araw na sa Pinas pero etong klaseng episode ang pinapanood, FOOD and LOVE. kakainspire.


❤Happy Anniversary🎉🎉 Full of Love and laughter.😊😅 Pancit at Ukoy tlgng nakakatakam🤤


Hahaha!! Kinikilig ako sa inyong dalawa❤


Dami qng kilig at tawa dito s episode n to.😂❤ Thank you very much for sharing. Talaga nga nmn mapafiesta, bday, anniversary hindi mawawala stin ang Pansit. Laging number 1 s lamesa. Ang ukoy mukhang masarap ahh, good combo ng dalawang sauce. Maluto nga to.


This couple is very inspiring.. 🥰😘 I love you both ate and kuya.. 🥰😘 we missed you Soo much.. 😘😘😘


Very inspiring and full of love. Happy anniversary to both of you.🎉🎉❤❤


Cheers 🥂🍾 to your special day and happy anniversary to the sweetiest couple.❤


Happy anniversary to you both, Ate! Many years of happiness and blessings! ❤




you guys are so sweet! happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary both of you!❤ Stay in love, respect toward each other and always put God the center of your life.💐🌹


Ang sarap niyo pong panoorin gaya ng mga shinashare niyong food. Talaga nga namang made with LOVE.😍🤩 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LOVE LOVE LOVE!❤ ang ukoy tlagang malaman at crunchy sa labas. Ang combo ng sauce ninyo a very perfect match for the ukoy pati ang pansit with kalamansi.🤤🤤🤤 o myyy! Dami pang extra toppings.SARAP!


Very inspiring Long Distance Love Story.😍 A package of Love,Funny moments,Mukbang at chikahan. You two are very sweet. Stay inlove and cherish every moment. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY❤


Hindi lang pala celebrities ang nakakakilig. Hahha. Kinilig ako sanyo parang nasa honeymoon stage pa din kahit matagal na kayo. Ayiiiie