BAYDOG: A B2B Shipping Success Story Powered by FedEx

Dive into the story of Baydog, a small business championing other small businesses with their innovative pet gear. With fast, cost-effective B2B shipping from FedEx, they deliver nationwide without breaking the bank. Explore how FedEx's logistics solutions fueled Baydog's growth and get valuable insights for scaling your own operations. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Baydog's rise to success with FedEx. Discover how FedEx can help grow your small business today at Learn more about FedEx Small Business Grant winner, Baydog here:


4 days ago

- I didn't plan on starting Bay Dog. When I left my finance job in New York. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life working for somebody else. I wanted to create something of my own. And I have been accused of starting a business for the sole purpose of being able to bring my dog to work. The pet industry, like other industries, has seen a lot of consolidation, where you've got big box retail taking over a big portion of the market, and that's really killing the independent mom and pop pet s
tores. So we built the entire business of Bay Dog around supporting those small businesses. The promise we make to every small business and every pet store that carries our brand is that nobody's ever gonna buy it for four bucks less online. Our entire business is built on supporting other small businesses, and so it's important that we partner with people that want to support us. We really feel that from FedEx having a one stop shop like FedEx, where we can do LTL or we can ship 20 pound packag
es to stores via FedEx ground, has been hugely helpful. And so we rely on FedEx all day every day for that.