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5 days ago

okay time to open up the mailbag there are no new words in any of the tweets that I've seen so far we'll start with Rama Arend what do you think of Mike vel's Higher by the Browns does it mean Kevin stefansky is in more of a hot seat especially since he doesn't have an extension let me go first on this I can't imagine I can't imagine Kevin stansky welcoming Mike Vela onto the staff it would been the same as the Cowboys hiring Bill Bell check this year I think if anything it shows you he's not on
the hot seat he's secure in where he is and the Browns are happy with him he's two-time coach of the year for crying out loud he's not in trouble he's in great shape they're not going to throw him overboard for Mike Vel they wouldn't have brought Mike Vel in I mean this is the clumsiest Trojan Horse of a hire if Jimmy Haslam is thinking hey I'll just bring in Mike Vel for a year and then I'll fire Kevin stansky now dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things but I wouldn't need even expect the
Browns to do something like this no no I don't think that's the plan but I think it's like hey we got let's get another really smart football guy in the building right and I mean where it is weird is like if things went South this year and it didn't work out for Kevin stansky you know people are going to be like hey Ohio's Z is in the building Mike Vel he's a great head coach and it's GNA start that it's gonna start that right so that that's where it's a little odd but yeah I like Kevin stansky
is not on the hot seat we know that the team is ultra talented right so there's expectations like for real expectations this time in Cleveland and there should be with that defense the o line the the bolstered receiver room with Jerry Judy hey it's your three of Deshawn Watson all that so like if I'm stansky I'm confident but I'm also a little like damn I mean we got to get him in the in the building there you know just to kind of you know another head coach who's got head coach presence and all
that it it's a little different I I'll say that much well it could be a little awkward and this whole remember that that whole narrative that he's too intimidating of a presence is football for crying out loud like there are big guys and there are guys who have a physical vibe to them and that's just how football is and look I don't mean to say the Browns are currently dysfunctional their owner has done some things in the past that would fall into the dysfunctional bucket like the scales toward
drafting Johnny Manzel yeah and not even owning it blaming it on a homeless guy instead of saying I want Manzel I'm getting Manzel it's one of the benefits of owning the football team at kbio analytics the 2021 draft quarterback class was a disaster a major reason for this was because of the situations those quarterbacks dealt with especially M Jones and Zach Wilson with that being said which situations are you most worried about for a top quarterback this year and which are the best Chris o ok
ay all right so Sito ations here that we're talking that are tough right for guys that you know might get drafted at the quarterback spot and all of that that that if I've got that right there um where would you want to avoid that that's a good question here I'm trying to kind of look at the teams here and kind of go through my head I mean gosh there's there's nothing I want to avoid right um I look at like Hey listen I I look at a team like the raid and go where's it going the direction right t
here's some work to be done they just made a big change I'll throw that out there Devonte Adams in a part of his career where you know how willing does he want to be with a rebuild type of team do all of that right you know not great weapons at wide receiver or anything there uh you know no running back to sit there and go oo you know we can rely on him that would be one that that jumps you know jumps out to me Mike is there another one that you're you're thinking of or that I'm missing here tha
t's obvious I'll I'll repeat what I said earlier this week without getting into specific teams if I'm a quarterback in this year's draft or any draft and typically a team that is in a position high in the draft has earned that distinction I want to go to a team with an offensive head coach who is getting it done he's proven he can get it done Brian debal with the Giants Kevin oconnell with the Vikings that's where I would want to go I don't want to go to a place where there's a defensive head co
ach all due respect all the defensive head coaches out there but this is my career I'm thinking about and I don't want to get into the offensive coordinator Shuffle where every two years someone leverages my abilities to become a head coach somewhere else and then I got to break in a new guy and eventually they're going to hire the wrong guy and eventually my career is going to go sideways I want to be joined at the hip with Shawn pyton I'll throw him in there as well I want to be join at thep w
as somebody who's going to be there for the duration of my career that's why I I'm being objective here like Shanahan would be great if they didn't already have the quarterback situation covered you want to go to a place McVey if they didn't have Matthew Stafford and they were in Striking Distance you want to go to a place where you have youngish Coach who's going to be there from my time in the NFL and we're to come together and we're going to form a partnership that is going to result in compe
ting for championships Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes for crying out loud that's what I want I hear you that that that's ideal I get that I'm I'm I'm with you there here's another one that I'll throw out there right because I mean again we didn't see these questions beforehand so I'm kind of trying to go off the top of my head you know if I'm a quarterback right and again I'm old school so I am Mr hey it's an honor and privilege to play in the NFL all right and as much as you might not like that
that's just who I am so deal with me okay but like if I was a quarterback at the top of the draft or whatever I the Patriots would be another one that I'd look at and go I don't I don't know there right and that's no disrespect to anybody there I'm just speaking as a you know an open thought here and kind of the obvious perception of what's going on man they moved on from bellich right Gerard Mayo what what's that going to be like right there's not a lot of Talent on the roster on the offensive
side of the ball for the quarterback to look at it and go well they got that receiver like you know Washington at least it's like well they got Terry mccorn they got Johan do right there's some things there you go I go there I I could be pretty good right so but but the the Patriots would be one I look at and go you know hey there's there's definitely some things to question about them right now in the state of the franchise and where they are as a roster I I don't think that's unfair of me to s
ay that hey we've had this weird reshuffling of offensive coordinators in the NFL you get fired by one team you get hired by another team Alex vanel fired by the Browns where he was working for an offensive head coach he's now charge of the offense he's got the keys to the offense because ger May was a defensive guy that's another red flag not only do you have defensive head coach you've got offensive coordinator who was previously fired see that's a problem you get a bad offensive coordinator i
t screws up your career you get a good one you come together it all works great and then you say see you later as you go be a head coach somewhere else I would not want that for myself my son my nephew my friend my client my whoever okay one more real quickly Dr J 144 what did the Steelers accomplish by acquiring two average quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Joe burrow are way better in that division wouldn't Pittsburgh have been better off trying to draft a quarterback instead and hope to hit a ho
me run CHR your thoughts well they just they didn't they just do that two years ago try to draft a quarterback and hit a home run and they hit a little dinky single that the guy barely beat out the first base I mean you know again they're going The Proven commodity route there and listen I agree with Dr J 144 right I mean neither one of them are Lamar or burrow there's no doubt about that but come on those are special they are special special players I get that but I think you got a guy in Russe
ll Wilson who yeah has been through some tough times like we talked about his style of play I think fits them right he does give the locker room a beacon a Hulk as much as last year it wasn't the greatest and yeah they couldn't take full advantage of Shawn Payton's offense he still threw what 27 touchdowns and nine interceptions right so he hadn't totally forgot how to play it's just not yeah Joe burrow Mahomes Josh Allen it ain't gonna be that and then you got a guy that not only could be a goo
d backup but you know has shown potential to be a special player as far as the athleticism and there has been growing in the pocket throwing the football so you know they're looking at it going wait we got a guy right now proven commodity Beacon of Hope in the locker room we got all that and you know we got a guy maybe for the future that can do some special things here too so let's take a fire on that and of course they had to pay nothing for it as you have mentioned many times this week and I
I'm certainly not faulting them for their their plan of attack right now combined payout of 4.5 million maybe even a little less than that and it's an upgrade over what they had that's all that matters it's it's not a question of are we going to go out and find a franchise quarterback this off season it is we have an opportunity for one year for one moment in time to have Russell Wilson at 1.21 million and Justin fields at 3.2 million we'll worry about 2025 when 2025 comes that'll work itself ou
t we got two guys and those two guys are better than the three guys we had last year and our team is going to be better for it especially if they find a way to use Justin fields in like a Cordell Stewart type role I mean good by Jam question



Only a Viking fan would sound the Gjallarhorn in the middle of a show 😂


Worst spots have to be Washington and New England


Man devante could've been catching passes from Jordan love in the playoffs


Alex Van Pelt was a QB. Threw a football for a living. Compared to previous Pats OCs, this should be an upgrade.


Vikings are the best situation for any qb


Whoever goes to NE is screwed


Florio, the same guy who says Csm Newton wouldn't work as a QB2 because he has "enormous presence" just laughed down the same idea regarding Vrabel because "it's football, there is a physical vibe to it, that's just how football is"😂😂😂


I'd like to see ranking of OC coordinators and QB coaches....and the reasons why. Maybe do it in a series to keep the youtube clip under 20 minutes.


The Jakobi Meyers’s disrespect is crazy! Solid WR2 ! Plus Tre Tucker & Michael Mayer are young studs, set to take a major leap going into their 2nd year! I get the concern for RB, but I believe we’ll utilize all three RBs throughout each game, instead of relying on 1 RB as we did the past seasons with Josh Jacobs! But don’t get it confused, Zamir White will be RB1 ! Plus our defense will be a top 10 defense easily! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️


2:50 perfect question


These guys really do hate the raiders


The best situation for a rookie QB is obviously the Jets. The front office, coaches, and field make for one great trifecta. And besides, who wouldn't want to go to New Jersey?


I do not consider Daboll a lock of being the Giants coach in 4 years, he just has to be drafting at this position of drafting 6 again will get him fired. He might get a pass if a rookie starts most of the games and looks good, but drafting 6 probably means the guy the drafted or the team did not look so good. The Steelers are once again in Picket territory for a QB, in particular if he is the 5th or 6th taken, because they just used a pick on a QB, they pick well otherwise or they wouldn't be consistently good, they will not use this pick on a QB.


And chris was so confused why Maxx checked his ass 😂


Whoever the pats draft is not starting this year, calm down Sims...


To clarify I yapped Justin Field is Mariotta 2.0 ... currently at back up fill in status BUT WITH MORE OBSERVATION OF A VET LUKE LOVE IN GREENBAY.. HE SHOULD GET BETTER UNDER VET RUSS.. nut he only has 1 season to learn or he will be a backup


I think Florio is right about the 49ers. Brock Purdy is pretty underrated and if you look at his overall skillset he should be the starter for a decade, assuming he stays healthy. Not the strongest arm, not the quickest release. But he usually throws on-time-and-on-target and his ball placement is really good. If it wasn’t he’d get picked because he can’t really drill it like Mahomes. But it’s funny because Brock’s dad is a huge Marino fan supposedly and Brock is playing for the team that beat Danny Boy in the Super Bowl. But I think what sets Brock apart: his brain. I guess he scored really high on some test, probably not the Wonderlic as I think the NFL dumped it.


The question about the Steelers signing those two QBs. We know there’s the potential for high upside from either of them. If Russ is comfortable in the offense, he could return to at least a lower Pro Bowl level QB. Fields could still develop into a true franchise guy.


New England has the worst offensive situation by far. I don’t know why they didn’t mean them first but they mentioned the raiders 😵‍💫


Haven't we seen that OCs in great situations are willing to stay with their team instead of leaving for an HC job? Bieniemy, Josh McDaniels, Ben Johnson... I would bet Shane Waldron stays with the Bears if Caleb Williams takes them deep in the playoffs in the next two years.