#BestPhonesForever: Scary Story

Pixel’s upcoming launch makes iPhone® nervous, but that’s not the only thing lurking around the corner. Get ready for scary cool surprises at #MadeByGoogle on October 4th at 10am ET and sign up for updates at the Google Store: Watch more #BestPhonesForever: To watch this video with audio descriptions, click this link: iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. ___ Follow us on social: Google Pixel Instagram: Google Pixel TikTok: Google Pixel Threads: Made by Google Instagram: Made by Google X: Made by Google Facebook:

Made by Google

4 months ago

(Pixel): And some say, on a quiet night, you can still hear his full QWERTY keyboard click-clacking in these very woods. (Pixel): Click, clack, click, clack! (iPhone): Pixel, I'm scared. (Pixel): Oh, I'm sorry. That story was too.. (iPhone): No. No, not that. I'm scared about the future. (Pixel): What do you mean? (iPhone): Well, you've got this big launch coming up. You're going to be getting all kinds of attention. (Pixel): Did you hear that? (iPhone): What? No... Anyway, people are going to b
e talking about your ground-breaking AI features and your eye-catching design. (iPhone): And they'll be comparing us. Who's got the best camera? Who's got the best AI? (iPhone): I just... I just want to make sure we don't get too caught up in it. (Pixel): You just had a launch event and we're still good. (iPhone): Yeah, but I got, like, a different mute button, a dynamic-er island, and a new charging port. (iPhone): What if your launch is more in-in-innovative? (Pixel): iPhone, no launch is bigg
er than our friendship. (iPhone): Aw, thanks Pixel, thanks. (Pixel): See there's nothing to be scared of. (Both): Aaah! Oh my -- (Pixel): So, how do you like your marshmallow? (Both): Hahahaha



Give the writers of this series an award already.


There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are #BestPhonesForever ships, may they always be 💞


"No launch is bigger than our friendship". That was so beautiful. This series deserves an award


This AD is so good! I am sold! 😂


Even as an Apple fan I still like these videos, I like the "BFF" thing going on with the iPhone and Pixel. It's WAY better than the Nintendo vs. Sega ads of the '90s. I'm glad to see more healthy and less angry advertising. Keep up the good work Google, I can't wait for the Pixel event in October. :D 0:57 "Dynamic-er Island" lol xD


I need a pair👀! Looking forward for your domination google! 👑


Hat's off to the script writers and Animation team ⚡👌


The way Google Pixle and the iPhone screams at 1:23 - 1:25 is hilarious. I love seeing these commercials. Thank you for making them!


I wish this series was aired on TV. So creative! These are super bowl quality lololol


This is marketing genius stuff ! Loved the first episodes, can't wait to see more. The animation team and the people behind the scripts definitely deserve a raise. Thanks google for the friendly yet funny advertising 👊🏼


I would love to see a season 2 featuring Samsung's Galaxy lineup


the phones screaming gets me every time lol, this series is one of the few things that actually gets a chuckle out of me here anymore and its an AD! Love what you're doing Google!


google makes the best videos!!


I didn't know i love a series about two phones this much 😍


Another hilarious one under the belt! Keep it going, it'll be cool to see where it goes with the Pixel 8 and iPhone 15! 😆


Okay, let's just say it together folks. TEAM PIXEL as loud as you can, GOOOOOOO! These are flat out amazing, and super cool to watch. I am sure to not be the ONLY one waiting for another one as soon as I finish the latest from them. 😆 Keep them coming. #TeamPixel


I swear this is the highlight of my day every time this releases. In excited for the pixel 8!


this ad was so good I didnt just watch it all the way through I went to watch it again. this is golden.


I love this series 😍🤩


Another awesome episode, watched the Apple event, fell asleep, excited for the October Pixel event!