Can Liverpool win the Premier League title with Caoimhin Kelleher? | Premier League | NBC Sports

Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle, and Tim Howard debate over the Premier League title race and discuss Liverpool's chances of winning the league with Caoimhin Kelleher starting in goal. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #CaoimhinKelleher » Subscribe to NBC Sports: » Watch the Premier League live on Peacock: » Get Premier League news on NBC Sports: NBC Sports Group serves sports fans 24/7 with premier live events, insightful studio shows, and compelling original programming. NBC Sports is an established leader in the sports media landscape with an unparalleled collection of sports properties that include the Olympics, NFL, Premier League, Big Ten, NASCAR, PGA TOUR, the Kentucky Derby, Tour de France, French Open, IndyCar and many more. Subscribe to our channel for the latest sporting news and highlights! The Premier League across NBC Sports Group launched in 2013 with their biggest and broadest programming commitment to-date in the United States. With live multi-platform coverage of all 380 games, analysis from best-in-class talent and extensive surrounding coverage all week long, NBC Sports Group has become the ultimate destination for new and existing Premier League fans. The Premier League maintains strong and consistent reach across NBC, USA Network, CNBC, and NBC Sports Group’s live streaming products, led by the biggest stars and most prestigious teams in the world. Visit NBC Sports: Find NBC Sports on Facebook: Follow NBC Sports on Twitter: Follow NBC Sports on Instagram: Can Liverpool win the Premier League title with Caoimhin Kelleher? | Premier League | NBC Sports

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ker is substituting for Allison and aler at the moment substituting for Edison in Manchester City although pep saying this week that Edison could well be back after the international break you say Liverpool can win him win it with Kell is that just simply because at this level Tim the drop off from number one to number two is just not there it not not here it usually is and and when it's it's odd he he's taken on the form and the shape of Allison the way he plays the way he breaks down and saves
one-on-one he look it looks like we're he's a spitting image and that means he's learned and training he's he's absorbed all the things that Allison is showing him and quite frankly that's the easy part the hard part is getting in the game and when you look at the Liverpool Defenders that for me when I look at goalkeepers does he have the trust of his Defenders are they yelling him no it's it's revers he's the one talking to Van Dyke he's the one getting all the ploted in the high five when he
makes it safe so they have trust in him not only Klo but the players in front of them have trust in him so when you were at Manchester United you were the number two and you decided to go to Everton to become a number one what was the moment as in when will ker decide I've had enough of this I want to move well I think I think this will give him a really good taste of of football and think I can play at this level I I can play at this level I can be a number one somewhere and by the way it might
not be his decision I think there's going to be a lot of teams knocking on Liverpool's door saying we want this kid he's very very good other end of the field I want to talk to you about the strikers the three Strikers across the title so across the title contenders Harland Salah and havit are you going to go with havit I'm going with havit yeah um well I suppose there isn't anybody else really because Jus doesn't play enough not really and I suppose a false nine really we talking for Arsenal a
nd it was once said you can't win a title playing with the full n Manchester City's shown that that that's doable I was in the kai havs Camp when he was bought I know it's a lot of money but I still think these are proper player in there he's more than goals he's got eight Premier League goals Mosel has got 15 at the moment for Liverpool coming back from injury what you do know with MO salar is down the track he will get your goals Holland's the interesting one back he's got 18 Premier League go
als but people still questioning does he quite fit I mean we've got this incredible title race with with goalkeepers and and number twos with Strikers and then the most important men com in and I think of the three managers Mikel Etta Jurgen klopp and Pep Guardiola how do they handle it down the track we know what pep does klopp's going to be emotional they want to send him off Mikel Etta all the questions are can he steer this team to it tile I like to take a weekly temperature who you going wi
th right now right now y ARS I started with ar I started with s yesterday with Manchester City all right no one's going for Liverpool okay interesting stuff they're not in action of course this weekend the three title contenders but how about Easter Sunday March the 31st Liverpool host Brighton at anfield our coverage starts on USA 8 and then it's City Aral how about that for a cracker on NBC and peacock from 11:30 Eastern hi there I'm Rebecca loow Studio host for NBC's coverage of the premier P
remier League don't forget to hit subscribe to watch more videos all season long and for even more Premier League content from original series to live matches head over to Peacock and be sure to tune in for Premier League mornings every weekend on USA Network and on peacock we will see you there



What a atupid question. He already proofed it! He's a class keeper and would be first choice keeper in 15 out of 20 clubs in PL.


Liverpool won the league with the best false 9 the epl has ever had


Definitely Yes! Kelleher can easily be #1 Keeper in most Club


He is a Phenomenal Goal-Keeper Caoimhin Kelleher. He would Start for at Least half of the Team's in the Premier League. I'dd take him at MANCHESTER UNITED over Onana Everday of the Week. 😭🙌🏼


Unfortunately yes. He's played in 2 cup finals and a massive 6-pointer last week, and he stepped up to the occasion in all 3 matches.


His been very good we can win the title with him


Surely he can he is better than many No 1 goal keeper in the premier league


He is a top goal keeper


Chuck Norris looks under his bed to make sure Kelleher is not there at night.


Kelleher has been nothing but quality, if Liverpool lose the league it won’t have been because of him.


We's happening


Of course. Up the reds🔴


the real question about the league title is, can manchester city defeat or draw arsenal at the etihad without ederson?


Kelleher is 25, not 18. He would be first choice at most clubs and is a Republic Ireland international. Yes, they can, some second choice keepers are very good.


Kelleher is an excellent Goalie… Allison is amazing but Allison tends to lose focus and make clumsy mistakes costing us games, like the Arsenal game.


He's been even more consistent than Allison


The question you should be asking is can Liverpool keep him in the summer. I hope he stays but he's too good to be a number 2 for much longer.


Yes I think,he is top class


I believe he can because I believe if he is the second best keeper in the league and I say this without any doubt


Yes...very good chance Liverpool can basing on the easier run-ins. Keleher has improved by leaps and bounds under the supervision of Allison. Man management is definitely very crucial in a football club to get the best out of the players and Klopp has done exactly that.