Careers in Film Nowadays: Movies are Sh*t, the Threat of AI for Filmmakers, Networking

00:00 - Movies and Ad are sh*t 00:46 - I have to refuse projects 01:10 - Creating my own tools for filmmaking 02:04 - My true interests 02:36 - Fujifilm X-H2S is perfect, DZO Film, NiSi Athena 03:16 - Fujifilm X-S20 and 7artisatns perfect budget choice 03:26 - iPhone as a cinema camera is not for me 03:41 - The Way into Film Industry: my first steps 04:29 - The good, the bad... The threat of AI for my career 05:46 - Networking is the key to success, which I don't have 07:19 - Conclusion: No One Needs Me? You can find my tools here: My photos: My first short film - YouTwo: My second short film - Pink Clouds: Used stock footage: #shotoniphone

Nikita Petrovich

1 day ago

It’s complicated. Everyone wants a bright, vivid  image. Because it sells best, attracts attention best. Both in  the commercial and in the cinema. But I went to this field not because of the  soulless commercial with toxic colors. Where you can change the product without adjusting  the script and everything will fit well. And not because of amusement movie franchises with  a glossy picture and with violations of every logic line for the sake of showmanship  and keeping the audience's attention.
Understand me right, I am not saying  all this is bad. Respect to everyone who can satisfy all the wants and  needs of the massive consumer and who can create a very popular  product. I can’t do so for now. When someone asks me to work on a commercial or  another project where they need a bright image, I have to refuse. Cause I understand  nothing will work out. It so happens I am leaning toward the darkness a lot. Or  just toward something strange, not ordinary, incomprehensible, art-house. I
can't do  anything about it, no matter how hard I try. So I went into creating my own tools. To  be not someone who consumes, but someone who produces. And something even works out. But  here we go again. I collided with my creative, strange nature: pixel sorting,  double exposure, pixel offset, pixel mix - effects for rare projects.  Simple Mix - how many of you are using an RGB mixer or even understand how and where  to use it? Texturator-800 - if a project needs something like that, you proba
bly will  create it in the After Effects or with the help of AI. Styler Durden - too complex  for beginners, too limited for experienced. So what should I do if I don’t want to  betray my interests and goals? If in the places where I am needed, I cannot, but in the  places where I can and want, I am not needed? Returning to the advert. All the money is  here and only here. With my true interests, the most logical thing is to go into this market. What are my interests? Cinema. I want to write, di
rect, and produce my own projects. It is  very expensive. This is the most expensive type of art. And a very risky business. And  photography, as a quick way to implement creative energy. When you want to take your  mind off the long process of creating movies. This combination of photo and films ignites the  desire within me to buy a camera. Fujifilm X-H2S. I think it is the best choice for me. Great  video features. Super 35 sensor, excellent readout speed, 6.2K open gate, Blackmagic RAW  and
ProRes Raw external, superb colors. Great photo features. Excuse me Sony, I don’t need your  autofocus, since my approach is quite abstract. Plus a kit of cine prime lenses, like DZO Film  or NiSi. And maybe Voigtlaender for a photo. But again, it all rests against the  price. I can move to a lower segment. Fujifilm X-S20 and 7artisans. Very good  choice too. But I still cannot afford it. Why don't I like an iPhone on which I am  filming now? Flat image, not flexible image, not comfortable overa
ll and it is too smart.  I like longer lenses, and the quality drops a lot here when you change to a portrait  lens. And the phone needs a lot of light. Slowly and confidently, but I am moving into the  cinema field despite everything. Last summer I finished my first short film. From the idea to  premiere it has been 5 years. And the result stepped away a lot from the starting idea.  But I made it. This January I released my next short film. It appeared quite art-housy, like my  every project. I
sent it to a few film festivals, and only 3 or 4 of them are paid  and have authority. No results yet. I have 1 solid idea of the feature film, in which I believe a lot. But I cannot make  it myself and need millions of dollars and a big team of professionals. And I do not  exist in the industry. What should I do? AI is developing at a high speed.  And I cannot stay in the competition, while located so far away  from the world cinema centers. Why does someone need a no-name me, which is  thousa
nds of kilometers away from the studio and barely speaks English? When you can quickly use  a chat-bot or give a task to an intern next door. Sure, you can say AI is just one  more tool and there is nothing to be afraid of. I even agree with you. Nonetheless, it is still eerie. Especially when you see  such a huge leap forward for just a year. Or maybe I should just wait for more technology  to develop and to shoot my feature film all alone via a chat-bot? I am single, have been  always doing ev
erything by myself and still doing all by myself. And here is such a  powerful tool, which will replace the entire team. But we don’t know when this future  will become a present day. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe in 10 years, 20, 30. Or politicians  will limit it and it will never be so. How can I compete with AI and with  ones who live in the world cinema centers? With ones who have access  to the best educational programs? Good networking can solve a lot  of problems. Connections matter everywhere
and always. It was, is,  and will be. You may like it or not. But cinema, as I suppose, is quite a  closed club. Especially on the height of producers and directors. There is no cinema  industry in the place I am located. We have only a few production companies which  are shooting commercials for everyone. As you might remember, commercial  is not my strong side most times. And there is such a moment. I am not the  most communicative person. I am quite closed, living inside my thoughts. Prefer 
to speak straight about business, no small talk. And if to discuss  something, discuss ideas, but not the weather. I can be a normal companion,  but it drains me out and depends on my mood. We have famous directors in the history of  cinema, who were closed from the world. But I will not be so brave to compare myself with them,  while I have only 2 short films behind my back. To start a dialogue with producers, with  studio bosses, you must have a weight, a list of achievements. Or someone who 
can connect you both. As you understand, I don’t have it all. So the only way here is  to continue implementing my ideas and hope someone will notice me. I need time for  this, a lot of time. And time is money. How to increase my chances of being noticed?  There are a lot of dreamers like me. And this is what comes out. Clients are contacting  me with projects I can’t do. I am aiming for projects where nobody is waiting for me. To be  noticed, I need time and money. To have time and money, I ne
ed to do projects with which clients  are contacting me. But I can’t do them. It is a locked circle, which takes time and doesn’t give  an opportunity to do what I really need to do. What should I do? There are many more tiny things  I can tell you about my feelings, fears, about my approach in  creating, but it’s enough for now. Everything is complicated.