$50 Family Friendly HOTEL in MAKASSAR, INDONESIA 🇮🇩

There’s nothing better than arriving at your vacation destination and decompressing after hours of flying! Today, we fly into Makassar, Indonesia, for a 9-day vacation! We kick off our Sulawesi adventure with a friendly welcome at the Swiss Belhotel. In this episode, we will give you a tour of our $50 rooms (we got two rooms for our family of five). One room has a king bed and the other room has twin beds. We will show you what the pool looks like and the pool snacks. In the morning, you can see what is included in the breakfast buffet. We enjoyed meeting all the friendly staff at this hotel, as well. Our rooms were simple but clean and they had aircon, hot showers, and cartoons for the kids. We will spend the next two days exploring Makassar before heading to Tana Toraja! Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands! How do you know which ones to visit? Watch our Indonesian playlists to help you decide. We explored Raja Ampat (West Papua), Bali, Flores, and a little bit of Jakarta (Java). This family vacation was all about the island of Sulawesi. ***BUY KID BACKPACKS ***BOOK THIS ROOM*** ***Join us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates, as well! —————————————————— 0:00 Arriving in Makassar 5:42 Checking In 7:57 Room Tour 12:42 Lux Pool 22:09 Breakfast —————————————————— 📺 WATCH NEXT: 👉 INDONESIA PLAYLIST 🇮🇩 👉 FLORES PLAYLIST 🇮🇩 👉 RAJA AMPAT PLAYLIST 🇮🇩 —————————————————— 🔔 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL notification to receive all of our latest episodes, and check out all of our latest videos! —————————————————— 👉 HELPFUL LINK (Affiliate Links): 🎵 Vlog Music: 💰🌍 Get $30+ off your first Airbnb stay through our link!: —————————————————— 📸 BUY MY GOPRO (Affiliate Links): - Camera: - Mod: - Grip: - Wind: —————————————————— 📢 LETS CHAT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: - Subscribe: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Website: —————————————————— 🎼 MUSIC CREDITS (Affiliate Links): Epidemicsound: —————————————————— DISCLAIMER: All opinions are our own, and sponsors are acknowledged. Links in the description are typically affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. This helps support our channel and allows us to continue making awesome videos like this. Thank you for your support! —————————————————— #makassar #sulawesi #swissbelhotel

Bags Packed Family

1 year ago

welcome to silawasi we are in south sulawesi in  makassar just arriving here at the international airport we are going to be in makassar for  a couple of days before we head to taraja and spend a week up there but more on that later  right now though we have to figure out how to get from the international airport into town to  stay at the swiss bell hotel and it was not very clear online how to exactly do that so we're  just exiting the airport now and i was hoping we would see like some obvious
signs about hotel  oh i see grab okay grabs here that's good but no one's really yelling taxi taxi taxi at us so  we'll just sort of make our way through and uh see what we can figure out there  is grab looks like there's a bus oh 30 000 for the bus let's see let's see about  the bus if not we'll just take a grab grab is about 160 000. so do you want to try to grab  just do the gravity want to try for the bus here or it looks like there's taxis right over  there all right so on further discussi
on we opted not the bus is probably going to be the  cheapest route but again we know exactly where we want to go with the hotel and instead of going to  the bus station to then negotiate attacks talk to this grab lady she seems pretty interested in  talking to us i know for the app it's about a hundred and sixty thousand so let's see so here we  are with the grab hey puck uh so we want to get to the hotel yeah yeah now is it just 160 or how does  it work uh you can directly order from your apps
and you're waiting for the card in here okay it's  five minutes okay order yeah and one's okay for us yeah yeah okay great let's see my passenger is  four persons okay good enough yeah yeah good bob you're waiting here for five minutes four minutes  coming in okay great and then you'll come get me yeah i will call your name you'll come get  it okay great thank you please have a seat all right so i got a little staging area  here for grab which is kind of nice i guess cool all right so we just k
ind of hang out at  the grab grab booth and that dude will come and uh come get us uh when he's here so all right  easy enough i think all right just that quick about four minutes later our cars pulled up and  this uh guy from grab is sort of escorting us out pretty convenient process now it may be more  expensive than a taxi but you know 160 for the whole family why not and uh oh here we are crazy  enough okay does anyone want to throw the bag in the backs all right just drop your suitcases  ye
ah very good thank you park yeah all right so your buckles are not good granite can you  help with the buckle got it okay all right cool easy do you guys think pretty good whoa nice roof  cool i like got the style may i explain a bit sure the fair is 160 but not include all tax 20 000  so all of the total fare is 180 okay okay sounds great pack okay 160 plus total 180 okay enjoy  the trip thank you how long is the drive park uh 30 minutes or no spin english no oh no english  okay okay well we'll
see i believe it's somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes maybe uh but either  way we'll find out but the taxis perfect right clean cool air conditions pumping nice  and soft yes all right well onward all right so we are officially off the airport  property now uh we had one little tool that backed everything up but that that fee is included in the  grab so we're looking at about a 45-minute taxi ride to get from the airport to the swiss bell  hotel and we're going to be makassar as i said earlier
for two days and while we're here we're  going to today anyway get settled into the hotel we'll give you a room tour show you what the swiss  bell is all about so we'll check all that out show you everything about the property and then  we'll probably head into makassar a little bit and get some street eats find some good food and  tomorrow we'll spend a full day just exploring makassar then on sunday is when we fly to taraja  and we'll spend about five or six days up into raja just exploring u
h that beautiful countryside  so pretty excited either way it's just a pretty smooth sailing road uh for the next next  40 minutes yup yup one more toll okay okay so yeah everyone good yeah feeling  good forest thumbs up all right buddy all right i think uh i think everyone's getting  excited to uh be at the hotel now there's our hotel so we're just pulling up to it now that  took about yeah about 40 minutes it was a pretty smooth sailing once we got out of the  airport and on kind of the tolls
but yeah there's the hotel um and it's a denser there's  gonna be a lot of cool places to walk around uh that's why i'm actually pretty glad now that  i've seen the area so the swiss bell is right near the ford that we'll check out but then there's  looks like a ton of street food and restaurants and shopping there's a circle k right over  here so there's a yeah a lot a lot going on that'll keep us uh busy for the next  couple of days yeah pretty good location i just pulled up and it should  be
automatically uh yeah tall yeah tall 20 yep your forest great yes pot perfect yeah confirm okay so again really honest  guy i it was 180 just like they explained at the airport got the tolls included for the man here  all right tamakashi thank you all right thank you all right all hello grab our bags here kids  just kind of grab ah grab yours hello sean checking in man it feels great to get here that  flight even though it's only a couple hours i'm still feeling like airplane travel tired  and w
e're an hour back so for west papua it's actually an hour ahead so we are back  an hour in time so that'd be interesting to see if there's anything like a one  hour jet lag that we'll experience what's up forest oh boy come here what's wrong oh you're mad at granite man at cedar you mad  at mommy you met a mommy oh no i'm sorry poor guy all right well i think i think a pool will  pool swimming make you feel better yeah swimming 6 30 for breakfast okay sounds good thank you all right so easy enou
gh process uh  cedar why are you showing me those camels all right looks like hello oh  hello how are you thank you ramadan korean it looks great so i got  all the uh iftar iftar tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night iftar week in here all  right thank you yeah come visit stay small oh good good good good good all right  bye nice to meet you too all right all right so here we go they got all the all the  ramadan set up yeah ramadan kareem everybody hello the quran camel man just like uh just  like ba
ck in dubai really very nice okay yeah nice ladies should we go check out the  room yeah okay let's head up actually i don't even know where elevators are actually oh over  here over here okay thanks grant lead the way oh here we are right here too bad not  a water view but that's okay oh okay there we go okay all right come on  in everybody all right thank you okay well why don't we settle up and we'll  give you a proper uh two-room tour here in just a minute and welcome to the room now  kelly
just took the kids down to the pool we'll go down there in a minute and join them but  since it's quiet not chaotic i figure i'll uh do a quick room tour here so this is a fairly standard  hotel room it's it's modern it looks really nice but just to give you an idea we've got the king  size bed uh plugs more plugs over here both sides uh this is sort of a catch-all for us but i  guess what could be a comfortable chair for some a mini fridge does it work yes cold so across the  street is actually
a circle case so maybe we'll uh run to the circle k and grab drinks and just that  kind of stuff that'd be more expensive here just grab it across the way but the view is really  nice so we have the city view rooms uh there's fort rotterdam i believe it's called we'll check  all that out tomorrow but as you just sort of look over the cityscape it's it's a pretty dense  city i'm surprised how uh like packed it looks for makassar there i think i saw 1.5 million people  in makassar so that's the f
ifth largest urban area in indonesia and we are excited to dive in  and check all that out tomorrow but either way let's continue with the room tour uh so kelly and  i will sleep in here i imagine forest will crash in our bed at some point or another kids room the  exact same but they've got the twins so it's the you know same style obviously they've got  their workspace their mini fridge all that and the cost for the rooms one of these rooms  costs 50 us dollars so obviously the two rooms toget
her 100 nights and we are here for two nights  at 200 it includes breakfast and i'll be sure to show you that in the morning so you can kind of  get a full idea of what the swiss bell has to offer let me show you the bathroom real quick  it's a nice enough bathroom so you've got a kind of a decent uh behind glass shower uh nice  looking shower head here you've got i guess the shower uh body wash shampoo conditioner it's all  included so you don't need to bring any of that and let's see what we g
ot here toiletries toilets  towels yeah okay good nice fluffy towel so there's only two so i imagine there's two over there  so we'll need the hotel to bring us one more towel but since i'm here let's talk a little  bit about how we packed now this trip we went as ultra light as we could go we're only here for  one week before we have to go back to west papua to start our fourth quarter of school so we are  trying to do no check baggage that's going to be this is sort of the dry run for summer w
hen we  visit nepal pakistan india so right now i've got a fairly old uh rei backpack i've had this thing  forever and in it all i brought was one packing cube of clothes so this is my entire clothes for  the week uh some suntan lotion extra pair of socks and that is it for everything i packed i got  my technology computer bag here uh toiletry kit right there and the kids were also uber lights so  i ordered these backpacks off of amazon and here's the brand uh high stream gear kids i'll link to
it  below it's a little smaller than what i thought it was but honestly our kids are uh 10 and seven so  they're pretty good size for them so you can see it's just a straight up legitimate backpack for  the kids and my hope is that they're going to use this all summer long as i mentioned those kind of  other international trips we've got going on but this is cedar here uh this is granite's same bag  pretty small but should be should be good so he's reading he brought a book some goosebumps and t
hen  his two packing cubes here fit right into there perfectly not much room for anything else but you  know we don't need them to carry a whole lot more all right so again their bathroom is the  exact same you don't need to see that so that is pretty much everything that we're going  to bring hopefully on future trips even the long summer vacations that we have but right now like i  said they're down in the pool i am going to go get changed and join them in the water i'll show you  the pool her
e in just a minute all right so the pool here on deck 2 let's check it out so they've  got all types of uh ramadan uh decoration it's really nice and let's see if i can find uh behind  the family should be around here somewhere i think oh i see granite okay so this way so the pool is  great right wonderful view right under the water and everyone's getting decorated so  i have a hunch like ramadan's gonna be a pretty big celebration hey [ __ ] how  are you doing hello uh somewhat young sorry cool
do they have a menu or just the  popcorn popcorn french fries i love fried noodles and fried rice excellent how much  do you remember how much it was all right no i don't remember here popcorn's great yes  delicious yeah did they uh was that complimentary or was that like uh off the menu off the menu  nice how's the water kids i think it was 30. right around 30 000 rupee okay cool all right well looks like a great place you can already see  like there's the uh big famous kind of mosque over the
re we'll do a whole exploration like  i said tomorrow but yeah the water looks good beautiful that popcorn i just can't get enough  of it it's really good i love it it's green too ah and it's warm yeah they just made it fresh yeah it tastes delicious all right kids  are back in the pool i'm gonna jump in and uh test test the water is it cold  it's cold it's cold at first then you saw it yeah that's not bad yeah a  little a little chilly and very slippery oh man all right yeah yay deep hold on  f
oreign so this pool is really big uh i on the internet like on it doesn't look  this big at all so this is like a legit pool i mean it's gotta be i mean geez really really  long definitely uh swim some laps here but yeah it feels good for us i'll go for a  little walk around yeah explore the pool yeah it's cold all right let's go check it out see the views so  it is uh is it raining yep it's raining ah it's only in here for a second so it's just starting  to sprinkle but pretty cloud
y so not quite an infinity pool but it's pretty good i mean you've  got nice nice view there's an island out there i think you can get to that island i think you  can like pay someone to get it right out there but the hotel looks good right forest yeah you  like the hotel yeah should we go check out the baby pool yeah all right so everybody's uh hanging  decorations for ramadan so i thought ramadan was today uh it's april 1st but maybe it starts at i  remember how it works from like our dubai da
ys so does it start at night at sundown is the start  of ramadan so like if char would be tomorrow then if that is the i would if no yeah so i  think i don't know either way if you're uh if you're a muslim and you know kind of the  the the ramadan time frames let us know in the comment down below but i i believe if tower  then would be tomorrow if it starts tonight all right let's go check out first one check  out the baby pool yeah all right that baby dog golden bay pool all right so that's jus
t right  over here oh little thunder well if i should check out the baby pool oh there you go god oh it's warm hey cena this pool's warm yeah better right forest you like this one  yeah ah yeah it's good are you going buddy hey he actually can't get oh  yeah i guess he can't get out you want to go look at something i like him no he  can't jump in the pool but not loud too slippery so if you look just we'll go we'll go hold on  see so just on the back end of the property is uh that famous mosque
and that's just right  over there that's yeah that i don't know if you can see it so on the gopro but there's  a mosque just right out there that's uh yeah it's always picturesque when you start google  imaging uh makassar you'll come across that so all right pretty cool right right  here oh there's some jet skis see a guy on the jet ski over there you wanna go  in the water yeah all right let's go back no it's that long you wanna go in the baby pool yeah all  right here you go buddy no you can'
t you can't jump in bud it's too slippery all right what do  you think cedar feel good to be on vacation yeah yeah so we're on uh officially spring break is  what's going on here so uh just for clarification on some of our youtube comments we actually live  in indonesia now we live in west papua we have our work kitas visas and we've been here for now  this is uh starting our second year in indonesia so right now it's spring break we're both teachers  and we have this just this one week this yea
r so it'll be a couple of days in makassar  and then up to taraja for i believe five nights six days back to makassar then we're  back in west papua for the fourth quarter and our summer vacation will officially start okay  our fourth quarter will officially start i think on the like the 11th of april and we're  in the fourth quarter until sometime in mid-june which at that point we will travel on  to at this point we have planned nepal pakistan and india should be an epic summer of  travel and
uh just seeing what it's like to travel about seven eight weeks out with that kind  of itinerary granted how you doing bud good how's the popcorn yummy that was delicious  yeah i'm a fan of the popcorn the green popcorn do they have buffalo wings now so what did you  guys order uh two popcorns and two french fries oh popcorn french fries oh it's good so  just a little snack i think we're actually for dinner tonight we're not gonna eat at  the hotel we'll do breakfast at the hotel so we'll leave
the hotel for dinner tonight  and go down to uh some of the street food that's across the way maybe grab some snacks  from circle k but either way at this point i think it's i think it's time to play in the  pool so we'll see ya here in just a little bit maybe when the french fries show up i'll show you  that food all right french fries have arrived so it's just these like little sort of i mean i  guess that's all we needed right little side of fries yeah a little cup it's no mountain of  fries
yeah but but a little cup of fries how do they taste they look good they look like they're  up the hot sauce is pretty good okay so we got we got the chili sauce and the ketchup the  sambal and the sambal and ketchup it's good yeah sambal sweet actually it's spicy but  there's a nice kind of sweet tang to it it's good right forest good fries yeah cool  all right well the pool's nice it is again a big pool it's not heated but it's not that  cold right now i mean it is uh april so i imagine if you
came in the summer it'd be uh  perfect but that's uh the baby pool down there that's a lot of fun uh we got the port over here  maybe we can show you the view of the port there we go so ramadan i got we looked it up ramen hunt  starts tomorrow and they have these like gates in front of the pool it makes me wonder if ramadan  is going to have some sort of reduced hours of uh the pool usage or whatever i'll probably inquire  about that let you know i mean in dubai there's certainly those kind of
situations but okay  so let's take a look here here's the port and oh yeah it's great oh we got okay so  a helicopter pad i wonder what this is oh it's the police station so there's a lot of  police trucks down there and then a little uh river right underneath so i see kids playing  in the water over there that's good to know um that's just right down the street and then  right in that little bay right here i can see at least a dozen maybe two dozen people swimming  right in the water there so m
aybe we can check that out tomorrow as well that'd be kind of  fun uh some sort of huge rusty barge though yeah oh well we'll see it might be it might be fun  to do and i can see you get to it right down that road so a bunch of kids in the water there and  it's beautiful it's beautiful definitely a lot of long boats so there's a lot of boats i'm seeing  that you can probably rent from where i don't know but i think it looks like they're coming from  just right down here i bet on the other side o
f the hotel property you can rent boats and it'll  take you out to the island there so there's a lot of options here in makassar for recreation uh it  is a great place i wonder if we're gonna wish we had more than just the one day tomorrow but all  right so we're gonna enjoy the pool eat the fries maybe it gets a little darker think about dinner  outside of the property a little street food somewhere near the hotel we'll hit that circle  k as well all right family time see you later good morning
we had a lovely night of sleep after  that late night exploring so now it's officially breakfast time it's just past 7 a.m so it's  getting busy but not too crowded i see kelly down here the kids i believe already got their place  started see kind of what she got into but it looks like pretty much uh indonesian fair hey how's  it going what do you got well i got this like it's like a congee yeah but um i think  they call it berber here berber and it's kind of like just like a rice porridge and 
then they have a whole slew of condiments okay we got like peanuts soy sauce yeah green  onions fried onions oh it looks good and some potatoes yeah normally this would have chicken  it's like a whole i am an egg oh yeah sure nice yeah let's do peanuts okay well  i'm gonna go spy on the kids and uh kind of see what they got as well  um but just a quick tour around you've got again it looks like all indonesian style food  yeah so we've got tofu eggs chicken fingers stuff pretty nice bread a fres
h fruit cut over  there indonesian here we go pancakes waffles that's a good spread of food and this is all  included in the room they got like little desserts just little things you know uh finger  foods cakes donuts very nice okay let's uh get with kelly and the kids and see what they're up  to outside and it's a wonderful view out outdoors all right here we go outside so opens up right  to the bay again you get that island really got to get out to the island maybe explore that  all right guys
how's it going how's breakfast nice gummy forest what are you eating buddy  pancakes pancakes is it yummy yeah cool going going carb heavy i like it tarpon up for the day  cedar has the food yeah yummy well i will say that uh this hotel experience to come and stay  at the here out in the light so to stay at the swiss bell it's a great experience i mean that  the one room is fifty dollars a night so fifty dollars a night you've got the access to the beach  everything we did last night it's a gre
at property and yeah honestly our family five probably could  have squeezed into one room we just would have had to order like a rollaway bed but i am glad we  actually got the two rooms for the space so uh two rooms a hundred dollars a night two nights perfect  so we are going to wrap up this video here i hope you enjoyed uh the look and where to stay but uh  yeah it's great man we're uh so far excited for moxar and uh more excited even to explore today  all right we'll catch you in the next ep



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Enjoy the Family Trip. Stay Safe and Healthy. God bless you and family


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Indonesia or Sulawesi has many national park and nice beaches such as Bunaken in Manado, Takabonerate in Selayar (South Sulawesi) which is the biggest Atol in Indonesia, Wakatobi and Labengki - Sombori in Kendari (South East Sulawesi). Unfortunately some of them takes much time and expensive to reach due the location in remote area. If you still in Makassar you can have one day trip to Bantimurung National Park (waterfall) and Rammang - rammang. Both of these location are part of Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park - home of the second largest Karst formation in the world after Guilin. For culinary, near from Losari Pavilion you can find many Sea Food restaurant. My Favourite is New Dinar, the price is affordable, the food taste and the ambience is nice.