Eating Indian Food - Banana Leaf Platter

Having Banana Leaf meal at an Indian Restaurant in Singapore


2 years ago

In this video we will be eating at an Indian restaurant in Singapore where they serve Banana Leaf There are outdoor and indoor seatings and we are sitting inside today They have South and North Indian dishes and prices are considered average in Singapore The meal we are having is called Banana Leaf is because the food will be served on them instead of plates You can choose the White Rice set Or the Briyani Rice set These Rice sets will come with Curry gravy We did order our own curry which is th
e Fish Head Curry The Curry with the rice sets won't come with any other ingredients besides the gravy Also in the rice sets is Papadam Dal And Potatoes The service is fast I must say We are ready to feast! First we have the Fish Head curry which is a dish you can find in Indian restaurants in Singapore and is popular with us It has meat from the fish head and also has some vegetables Next we have the Tandoori Prawn that has green chutney, lime and onions The Tandoori Chicken also comes with gre
en chutney, lime and onions Our Banana Leaf Meal is assembled Lets us start with our drinks before we dig in We have the Ice Milk Tea and Lime Juice I love Lime Juice, it is sweet yet also sour and refreshing Papadum is like a potato chip on the bigger side I like to crush it onto the rice It offers a more savory crunch to your rice A Papadum close up Dipping it in the curry gravy is also lovely The Dhal (spiced stew) has cabbage in it The potato is spiced They both goes very well with the rice
The Fish Head meat is fresh And the curry is savory and tangy Lady finger and eggplants are part of the vegetables in the curry Just need to becareful of the bones Very nice The green chutney offered the Tandoori Chicken a tangy refreshing taste The chicken is nice and juicy with lovely charred taste The Rice sets is free flow and you can always request more Now lets check out the Tandoori Prawn It is a big one Judging from the head it is the River Prawn breed It has been deshelled and marinated
and just left the tail This is my first time having the Tandoori Prawn and it was good being as nice as the chicken but with prawn body Delicious! It has firm and crunchy texture The head of the river prawns are harder on the teeth then the sea ones I also ordered the Mango Lassi It is an Indian smoothie with yogurt We have come to the Naan A type of flat bread It is soft and delicious It taste very good with the Fish Head Curry Nice and filling Last is a tangy spicy soup, Rasam it is good for
health and help with digestion It leaves your belly feeling hot and loved It has been a delicious meal with lots of lovely spices And we end it with Indian desserts First we have the Gulab Jamun, a milk-solid-based sweet It is soaked in hot syrup It is sweet, soft with hints of rose flavor And the Ras Malai, paneer cooked in sweeten milk A lovely cold creamy and sweet dessert It contains saffron which is the world's most expensive spice!