Echoes of the Past: Pops' Wisdom Guides Sam's Future (Gay Short Movie)

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1 day ago

you must be the new blood what Charlie I do the books around here and scrape together a few meals now and then are my beans arise hey baby hey you can say no to your beans come on let's let Charlie work I've got more to show you you see son it's a it's not really my place to tell you how to live your life but this whole thing you've got going on here doesn't really lead to anywhere good look man I appreciate you saving my ass and all but I can pass on the lecture okay all right but you're gonna
have to repay me I don't have a job I don't have any money I don't expect how you want me to pay you well who said anything about money see all these boxes here they all need to be clean before Mark and Brian get back you're serious aren't you think you better get started come on come on put your body in it make him run just respect his space you guys like quit he doesn't listen to nobody I think it's time to get rid of him pop hey why don't you let the new kid try that horse is crazy get in the
re okay so listen up use your rope establish direction keep them along the fence keep him steady if he's going right you're going in a different direction use your body that's crazy he's gonna get run over don't worry if pop said that he saw something in him he'll be fine fucking go right fucking horse god damn it you can't control yourself you can't control your own animal more conviction alright that's it for today come on in let's go eat it's nice having some new blood around here it's nice t
o be here sir yeah don't call me sir okay pops so story with this place my daddy built this ranch used to be a reform school for delinquents daddy always believed that everybody deserves a second chance and I believe everyone's on their own path to good that's why we got to take care of one another so after he passed I created my own place for people in need I started with Charlie and then Mark and then Brian and now I found you you wanna help me with what well that's a question you're gonna hav
e to answer yourself good night son hey don't stay up too late you got a big day tomorrow feel good to push yourself like that yeah I like pushing myself yeah I bet you do what's that look for I just hope I can help him it's helping him all you looking to do don't be jealous Charlie honey we're way past that I just don't want you to get hurt you know not everybody can be saved come here baby oh come on come on listen to me come on listen to me come on come on what's up really breaking up a sweat
here you need a shower nah I like you a little dirty you've always been a little too clean for me you say that like it's a bad thing let's see how it is hmm you're never gonna swipe up looking like that how do you propose I do so you help me finish and show you okay that's my purse let's get you a little dirty thought you'd given up by now you won't listen to me maybe it's the other way around maybe you're not listening to him so you figure it out figure what out why the horse keeps running awa
y from you no I haven't figured it out I wish I could train him like you or Mark but I don't think I got it you just gotta listen to yourself trust who you are and accept it and he'll accept you too why would you listen to me fuck a lot of Skype now have a seat here beautiful spot huh yeah it is great job with the horse today thanks pops had a good coach yeah I think that was all you listen thanks for taking a chance on me I mean nothing like a lost cause and all but means a lot boy I was on you
r path once and it's a road to nowhere so my thought is everyone deserves a second chance I just wanted to give you that opportunity I'm glad you took it the matter boy what about Charlie Charlie and I have an arrangement we have a completely open marriage so this is where you've been hiding what are you doing here Bob told me you were working at the farm now I think it's a good thing I think so too listen Tyler I know I can never really make up for what I did I'm sorry I was an asshole does it
start but I was pretty much an asshole also and I should be apologizing to you so I'm sorry but I swear to God we ever fight again not playing on it