Family-Friendly Demon-Summoning Ritual Hosted By Museum. You WONT Believe THIS!

In this family-friendly event, you'll be able to experience a demon-summoning ritual hosted by the Museum. You WONT Believe THIS! This dark, twisted and demonic event is being marketed to families! Demon Summoning is extremely dangerous & crazy that this could be even LEGAL! Monthly Partner Emergency Email List SECOND CHANNEL! Join this channel to get access to perks: Ways to Support the Ministry: šŸ¤ Monthly Partner (Monthly partners receive 70 sermons and 25% off merch store) šŸ¤Ž Venmo šŸ’ø PayPal šŸ’¶ Zelle šŸ“« Check ā€œIsaiah Saldivarā€ PO Box 1615 Address 165 N. Maple Ave, Manteca, CA 95336 TO MAIL SOMETHING PO BOX 1615 165 N. Maple Ave Manteca, CA 95336 Join our discord šŸ¤Connect šŸ¤with Isaiah Saldivar Facebook: Instagram: Tiktok: - More Videos You Might Like! Am I under a SPIRITUAL attack? - WHO are the NEPHILIM? EXPOSING Satan - Your SECRET weapons The END Times - Mark of Beast, 666, Rapture, SIGNS you have a SPIRITUAL spouse HOW to BREAK Demonic Curses/Witchcraft SUPERNATURAL Abilities - 9 Gifts Everyone Needs Do I Have a DEMON!? 3 ways to know! Breaking curses - Learn how to fight back! HOW to cast out DEMON Casting out STUBBORN demons Ex SATANIC high priest John Ramirez. Q&A W/ EX-WARLOCK John Ramirez Self Deliverance Tips MUST SEE! DEMONS cast out of a man WHERE God lives on the earth! Isaiah Saldivar Is LIVE every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday night at 6 PM PACIFIC On Facebook and Youtube. To find someone to do deliverance on you To partner with the ministry. (All monthly partners receive 70 free messages plus a 25% off code for merch store) MERCH #Supernatural #rituals #Demons


5 months ago

okay this title is not click bait I got sent theĀ  story like seven different times so I finally said this can't be real I legitimately didn'tĀ  think it was real a museum hosting a family demon some meaning ritual event there's no wayĀ  and when I started to look into it I realized not only it was real but there's a specificĀ  demon that they're gonna try to summon as a family so we're gonna talk about this ritual theĀ  demon they're trying to summon this is crazy I don't know what is going on in th
e world thisĀ  is one that you don't want to miss let's talk about it and we'll bring some truth stay tunedĀ  [Music] okay we are gonna look directly at the Museum's website we are not going to look atĀ  an article from The New York Times or some press this is their their website the Walker ArtĀ  Center in Minneapolis Sculpture Garden this is a museum here at their official website so what isĀ  the first thing you guys are gonna notice they make it look very cute very innocent look atĀ  the T-shirt he
's wearing why are you putting your kids in a pride t-shirt guys do you know thatĀ  Pride was the sin that got the devil cast out of heaven like I don't know if you guys understandĀ  this kids don't know what that is they have no clue and this entire agenda being pushed on kidsĀ  is just so crazy the picture they chose to use was from 2021 but I mean what are you parents doingĀ  out here I've said this before there's a certain Community I can't say by name because I'll getĀ  my video taken down there
's a certain community certain community that can't have their ownĀ  children so they want to take ours and they want to influence ours but we got to push back on thisĀ  not today Satan you will not have our families you will not have our kids this Pride agenda one ofĀ  the greatest sins one of the root of all sins is pride and here you have little kids being dressedĀ  in Pride okay so this event first look at this free first Saturday plant teachers looks innocentĀ  looks great plant teachers all rig
ht let's bring our kids here right August 5th 10-3 free everybodyĀ  likes free let's read this and see how cute it really is resilience Ingenuity interconnectednessĀ  what else might we learn by paying closer attention to plants sounds great tell me moreĀ  invite the aspiring green thumbs in your life and join us for the free first Saturday in theĀ  Minneapolis Sculpture Garden as we celebrate our plant teachers this is all great nothing wrongĀ  with it so why are you guys saying it's a demon summoni
ng ritual here we go here's where it getsĀ  weird at August free first Saturday Brooklyn based artist Tamar she they so we already know we'reĀ  going here we'll present Lilith the empathetic demon how did we get from plant teachers to theĀ  next sentence Lilith the empathetic demon which if you don't know what lilit is let me just showĀ  you uh we'll go to that after okay this is Lilith which I'm gonna have to blur out that imageĀ  on the side I didn't realize that it showed um like some nudity there
but we'll blur thatĀ  out this is Lilith Lilith also spell I'm sorry Lilith also spout Lilith is a female figure inĀ  Mesopotamia and judaic mythology theorized to be the first wife of Adam she supposedly theĀ  primordial she demon Lilith is cited as having been banished from the Garden of Eden from notĀ  complying with obeying Adam now we know that's not biblical this is mythology okay she's knownĀ  to be a demon and again we're going to blur out the side because it's not an appropriate imageĀ  that
's Wikipedia so Lilith is Lilith just I just wanted to make sure fact check it there toĀ  make sure you guys know that they're talking about summoning Lilith the empathetic demon whichĀ  Lilith is a legitimate Demon I've dealt with the demon before it is it is a legitimate demon okayĀ  the performance is inspired by Lilith and Ariel's Spirit demon with Origins and Sumerian AcadianĀ  and judaic mythology families are invited listen to this this is insane families are invitedĀ  create a vessel to trap
the demon that knows them best perhaps the demon of overthinkingĀ  and then participate in a playful ceremony to summon the demon and befriend their demon thisĀ  is crazy this is their legit official website I don't know what is going on here what worldĀ  do we live in where bring your family to summon demons is okay is normal and it's even legalĀ  how is this even legal oh man this project was organizing collaboration with dreamsongĀ  which will be which will host a conversation between the artist a
nd writer on August 4thĀ  at 5 30 p.m free first Saturday also features free gallery admission on the first Saturday ofĀ  everyone okay we don't care about none of that um activity information so it's just casualĀ  art making activity plant pressings oh look we're gonna press some plants into clay pots andĀ  have fun what are we gonna do after that from ten to three we're gonna learn to trap a demon we'reĀ  gonna teach our little kids first we're gonna put them in pride shirts then we're going to tea
ch ourĀ  little kids how to trap demons look at this demons have a bad reputation I wonder why maybe becauseĀ  they still kill and destroy maybe because they're vile dark demented Twisted Insidious nefariousĀ  I could keep going but look at this they have a bad reputation but maybe we're just not very goodĀ  at getting to know them oh maybe the problem is we don't know our demons maybe we need to get toĀ  know demons no we don't need to get to know them we need to cast them out we need to get rid ofĀ 
them do you have a demon that creeps into your thoughts and if you do by the way you should goĀ  to and get delivered maybe the demon of overthinking or the demon of not trustingĀ  your gut work with visiting artists tomorrow Eaton to design a vessel for holding the demon you knowĀ  best so she's going to teach your family your kids this is a family event did I mention that likeĀ  10 times to trap demons performance Lilith the empathetic demon so from 11 to 1 after designingĀ  you
r trap so we're gonna design the Trap then Lilith the empathetic demon will come from theĀ  Dark Side of the Moon to lead you into locating your feelings using ancient Babylon what is thisĀ  Babylonian techniques this is so dark I I've never in my life seen something painted so innocentlyĀ  be so dark it's like so crazy how they're blending this into normalcy into culture and makingĀ  it seem like it's not that big of a deal this is insane using Babylonian techniques toĀ  summon the demon this Collec
tive and playful demon summoning session Collective and playfulĀ  demon summoning session won't conclude with the somatic movement meditation designed to help youĀ  befriend your shadows then there's a performance uh what songs would you like to sing and thinkingĀ  onto the plants you love the most and now we're going to honor plants and more demonic stuffĀ  more demonic stuff again family friendly friendly family friendly ladies and gentlemen nothing toĀ  see here just a little demon friend with you
r family and friends this is so bizarre guys soĀ  crazy this is the demon that they're going to be summoning here and what is the demon they'reĀ  gonna be summoning this is from Bible History daily biblical archaeologist biblical ArcheologyĀ  Society some of these words man they just twist me up when I'm recording I could read fineĀ  if I'm not recording when I'm recording I just start losing my words so Lilith seductressĀ  heroin or murderer this is August 6 2023. for 4 000 years Lilith has wandered
the Earth figuringĀ  in the Mythic imaginations of writers artists and Poets her dark Origins lie in BabylonianĀ  demonology where amulets and incantations were used to counter the Sinister powers of this WingĀ  Spirit who preyed on pregnant women and infants ladies and gentlemen if you don't see theĀ  connection there is an agenda she preys on pregnant women and infants what did we just seeĀ  infants children toddlers little kids invite your family this is just right in front of our noseĀ  here Lola
's next migrated the world of the ancient Hittites Egyptians Israelites and Greeks she makesĀ  a solitary appearance in the Bible as a Wilderness demon shunned by the prophet Isaiah and theĀ  Middle Ages she reappears in Jewish sources as the Dreadful first wife of Adam and the RenaissanceĀ  Michelangelo portrayed loath as a half woman half serpent coiled around the tree of knowledge laterĀ  her beauty would Captivate the English poet Dante Gabrielle Rossetti her Enchanted Harry wrote wasĀ  the first
gold Irish novelist James Joyce Castro as the patron of abortions this is Lilith thatĀ  they're summoning at a family event at a museum absolutely crazy and demonic again for those ofĀ  you that say a brother is not everything's demonic number one go cry somewhere else number two I willĀ  stop saying everything's demonic when the world stops pushing this demonic agenda in our faceĀ  why is the devil so bold but you're not bold why is the devil so bold and the church is so quietĀ  and now we're like
bad guys for preaching about deliverance and spiritual warfare and freedomĀ  I'm so confused why so many of you will defend Lilith but not defend the Bible defend darknessĀ  and say don't talk about it don't expose it stop stop with your soft watered down ChristianityĀ  this is all around us it's on the shoes it's in the songs the devil's not hiding and the churchĀ  shouldn't either modern feminists celebrate her bold struggle for Independence oh modern feministsĀ  is that kind of like what we see he
re I don't know modern feminists celebrate her bold struggle forĀ  independence from Adam so she's like a figure of we broke free from Adam we're no longer underĀ  his control now we're free so it's a symbol of feminism her name appears as a title of a JewishĀ  woman's magazine and a national literacy program an annual Music Festival that donates theĀ  prophets to battered women's shelters breast cancer so again called the Lilith Fair so we'reĀ  gonna tie it in make it all nice and charitable the Dev
il Comes as an angel of Light and mostĀ  manifestations of her myth Lilith represents chaos seduction and ungodliness isn't that what we wantĀ  to be teaching our kids in the Next Generation get under every disguise loath has cast a spell onĀ  humankind the ancient name Lilith derives from a Sumerian word for a female demon or windĀ  Spirits the little uh lilitu and the related rdat Lily the lillitude dwells in the desertĀ  land though okay so it's talking about the r dot lilit is a sexually frustrat
ed infertileĀ  female who behaves aggressively toward young men I mean I can just keep going on herĀ  breasts are filled with poison not milk uh uh especially dangerous to pregnant women andĀ  infants dark demonic wrong it goes on and on and on talking about Lilith I don't think we need toĀ  keep talking about the spirit it is a real demonic spirit that was worshiped and by as a pagan deityĀ  that is now a demon still Among Us an ancient god with a lowercase G this is not something weĀ  should be summ
oning the crazy part about all of this what's my conclusion this is thrown rightĀ  in our face it's taught to our kids if you don't disciple your kids the school district will theĀ  iPad will culture will art museums now come plant a tree and summon Lilith like what is happeningĀ  this is so dark so demonic we need deliverance we need Revival stop saying we don't need to castĀ  out demons again we need Deliverance probably more than any other ministry right now we needĀ  Revival we need Spiritual Awa
kening this will become more and more normal I didn't even believeĀ  the story until I went to their official website and just couldn't believe my eyes I knew I had toĀ  cover this because I couldn't believe my eyes the devil is hiding in plain sight if the devil'sĀ  willing to come boldly out of the closet out of hiding it's time for the church to as wellĀ  let's stop playing games let this be a wake-up call sober up stop being so drunk on religiousĀ  Christianity sober up and say I need to be a sol
dier I need to get in the battle and I needĀ  to fight against Darkness the time is now this is absolutely crazy if you don't know we're liveĀ  Monday Tuesday and Friday go to my channel and go to my live tab this will be in the videos tab butĀ  I have a thousand hours of live preaching teaching teach throughout the through the New TestamentĀ  verse by verse go check out the live tab if you haven't that's where I do my Monday Tuesday andĀ  Friday streams also pray about partnering with our ministry w
e're crowdfunded so we'd appreciateĀ  your partnership you can partner down below let me know what you guys thought about thisĀ  video do you want me to cover more stories like this are you just tired of hearing aboutĀ  these crazy stories let me know if you want me to stop making these type of videosĀ  and we'll see you guys in the next one



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ā€œThe devil is not hiding and the church shouldnā€™t either. ā€œ preach it!!!


I work at a museum, particularly in the Family and children programs. Iā€™m so glad God placed me here where I can stop this type of demonic stuff to be taught to the masses and innocent children. God had a plan for placing me in this position.


This world is just getting darker and darker


Brothers and sisters in Mineapolis, please go to the museum and share the gospel with these families


As someone that used to proudly state, i was a witch, I would have gone to this, I would have taken my kids thinking it was a blow foe women's empowerment. I believed so many lies. Bless you Isaiah, you and your demon slayers have shown me the light. I thank God I found you all on line. I had no belief that demons were real, or could be attacking. I would have stated Lilith was a goddess of empowerment and women. šŸ˜¢ Thank you for shining a light on this. In the name of Jesus I have found the one true mighty God. Thank you for your teachings ā¤šŸ™šŸ™Œ


ā€œThereā€™s a certain community who canā€™t have their own children, so they want to take oursā€ šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„


This is informative... I would have never heard about it if it weren't for your platform... Please keep exposing darkness so that we know what to pray against.


If a parent takes their child to this, that is ritualistic child abuse.


We need to all pray for IsaiahšŸ˜‡āœØ Heā€™s doing Godā€™s work!


I think you should definitely keep sounding the alarm! I wonder how many people in that city are even aware of that taking place right under their noses. Thank you, Isaiah!


I seen this last week and prayed over this and the childrenā£ļø I was sickened and distraught!!!


This reminds me of the tradition in preschools and elementary schools to pretend that a leprechaun has come to cause mischief in the school by turning over chairs, emptying trash cans on the floor, leaving green footprints, etc. and then the children are encouraged to design a trap to catch their leprechaun. A lot of these "innocent" traditions, (like dressing up for Halloween), are ways of conditioning children to become fascinated with darkness. It's one of the many reasons that homeschooling is becoming the best option for families. But for those who don't have an option, at the very least they should be confronting school boards and keeping their children home from school on critical days of pagan ritual celebrations.


"certain community that canht hve their own children so they're coming for ours" never thought of it like this but worddd


Donā€™t stop doing these, itā€™s important to keep up with what may ā€œcoming to a person near youā€ so we can be ready to cast it out


Wellā€¦ I never thought the words ā€œfamily-friendlyā€ and ā€œdemon summoningā€ would be used in the same sentence.


As the world gets more wicked, we must be more BOLD!!! Jesus Christ is Lord!! So many of these people are completely ignorant of the Word of God.


Please don't stop exposing the demons!! There is people who will listen and stop!! Thank you!!


I had a demon that came to me at age 11, from then until I was 72 that demon tormented and tortured me. Just remembering it makes me cry, but thank God for Jesus because last year He set me free. demons are not friends, they are not a joke, they are very real.


I've just recently started to become a Christian again, and your videos are helping me learn, so I just wanted to say thanks.