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The Toy Guy, Chris Byrne, shows off his favorite board games that are perfect for your next game night. #newdaynw

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2 days ago

so let me ask you a question what are family game nights like in your family somebody ends up crying or is it a sweet night of silly laughter or maybe something in between well the toy guy stopped by with his picks for family game night for all ages hi Chris so nice to be back with you you always bring the best games and I'm so excited to see what you have for us today starting with this Pyramid game right it's called canoodle pyramid now canoodle has been an internet sensation this is one of th
e newest versions of it and essentially there are more than 200 puzzles in here so my the object of the game is to match all the pieces I don't even know if I can do this and try to complete the puzzle I love that oh look at that I didn't get I didn't get it right but so you can do it and then you can get when you get those done you can actually start building up in three dimensions a threedimensional three dimensional pyramid so it really is great for thinking it's part of a whole line of canoo
dle games uh from educational insights and if you really want to have fun you could each give the kid won and give him a timer and see who Absolut absolutely see I think you I think game night's a little competitive in your house a little all right what's this fun game so this is called math path monster and essentially it's a Cooperative game for kids so you start with these four number Di and we're going to we're going to uh roll them the goal is to have your guys work together to beat the mon
ster to the H Hill of the cave so if I'm going to do four plus one for my guys that's four plus one is what five five um and then if I go 3 minus 0 is still three so five beats the monster so I move five and you only move three so we're ahead oh and so it goes back and forth trying to come up with add subtract do other kinds of it's from think fun uh it's really really fun game what a great great my son is is at that point right now with with math this would be a great game to play with him alth
ough I me his sister he I could see him her being like no no this is the right one but this is still fun and education it's really fun and it's it's just it's just a great way to play now Monopoly has been around for almost well over 70 years so this is a new way to play this is so fascinating y'all look at this board what I I'm like how do you even play this it's called Monopoly knockout it's kind of like when you get too old to play regular Monopoly you can just play shuffle board uh but but i
t's kind of shuffle board Monopoly so on your turn you actually throw your guys up and you so I made $250 200 and then you could try to knock me out oh it's like it's like Shuffle barder like bot ball exactly so now you you knocked me out of chance so at the end of the turn the green guy gets the 250 so it's just super fun just a really simple way to keep the sort of Monopoly fun going free parking you get all kinds of prizes it's just a really great way to play that is fantastic I love that bec
ause you know also Monopoly it's a commitment and most of the times with game night with my family we've got like an hour to 45 minutes before bedtime so you can play this several times okay now have you ever tried to keep a balloon up in the air because you know kids love to do that well this is the bluey key keepy upy game it's from moose up so you're going to you're going to exactly you're going to have them and I'm going to have this guy and so the idea is to keep the keep oh oh keep that up
so so so see if it if it knocks your if it knocks your keep knocking it back to me right but the whole idea is you don't want to the first person to lose all their coins all their coins uh loses it's just it's just really I'm hitting it too well that's the fun thing oh this is fun this is fun keep I could play this all day but it's true if you if you really you know cuz it'll get competitive and if you really whack it you know it'll come back on around to you there you go really fun it's from m
oose games really great oh I love that game that's a hoot the kids would love that too I like the games when there's there's not a lot of skill or thinking involved and therefore you can really um you can have anybody join the fun exactly and and that's one of the important things about game night is that it's multigenerational and that people can play together and feel confident this one actually is really you kind of need people of different Generations this is called hster from Jumbo games so
I'm going to uh work up Spotify now what you do is you pick up a card okay and and you scan it with your with your uh QR code to scan Spotify there's a cute what's the song um uh Rocky Mountain High wait is that Rocky Mountain High by John Denver it's John Denver but that's not the song um Country Road taking home yes exactly you got it right so now you you turn now I would ask you where does this fit in the timeline okay so I would definitely put it o it would definitely not the 60s so 70 I'm
going to put it before if you leave me 71 and you're right you so you got it right in the in the in the thing it's what's great is you've got the Beetles you've got things up to right now today so it's really fun it's like Taylor Swift and and The Beetles so it's a great way for families to share memories about music as well my competitive spirit is really flowing I like it well we've worked you up so now let's work out some of that energy which is one of my favorite stupid hilarious games it's
called Throw throw burrito okay so I have seen this and I'm sure all of you out there have seen this at like Target and and all the the stores too what is it what's the premise of this game the premise of the game is you're trying to match three things so if I get three floaty goaties I can put them down and score and then and that goes into your pile I pick up the cards are going around the table around the table but if I get three burrito War things and I put them down we have to grab a burrit
o and throw it at each other and the first person to get hit with the burrito is out there you go sorry Chris no no it's fine I it's a squishy burrito don't worry about it but it's it's so fast and it's it's so fastpaced and then when you win on the first round you get to have the fear me the burrito so it is just a super silly fun game they have an outside version as well with a big inflatable burrito oh my God this is so fun all these games I would absolutely love and play with my family thank
you so much for always bringing the joy and the fun with us