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Squid Game: The Challenge finalists Mai Whelan, Phill Cain and Sam Lantz talk about winning the show and share how they got cast to participate in the show, and the winner reveals her plans for the prize money. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Stream now on Peacock: Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35ET/10:35c Get more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: JIMMY FALLON ON SOCIAL Follow Jimmy: Like Jimmy: Follow Jimmy: Follow Jimmy on TikTok: THE TONIGHT SHOW ON SOCIAL Follow The Tonight Show: Like The Tonight Show: Follow The Tonight Show: The Tonight Show TikTok: Tonight Show Tumblr: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show, including comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives. GET MORE NBC NBC YouTube: Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Instagram: NBC Tumblr: Finalists from Squid Game: The Challenge Dish on Competing in the Show | The Tonight Show #FallonTonight #SquidGameTheChallenge #JimmyFallon

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2 months ago

-Come on. Come on. I'm so happy you guys are all here. -We're happy to be here. -But before we get into things, I don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't watched the finale yet. So if you don't want to hear a spoiler, plug your ears now. Okay? No. You guys know what happened. Yeah, yeah. Mai, congratulations. You won "Squid Game: The Challenge." -Thank you so much. Yes. -This is fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] What does it feel like? What has today -- What has today been like for
you? -Liberating and I feel like... -Is it liberating? -Yes. It's like -- Because the burden has just lifted off my shoulder. -Because you couldn't tell anyone what happened. -Exactly. Yeah. -No family. Nothing. -Except my husband. -Yeah, just your husband. Explain to me what goes into this because I know "Squid Game" comes out, it's a giant hit on Netflix. Love it. And then they go, "We're actually going to make that show into an actual reality competition." I go, "How is this possible?" And th
ey did it in a fantastic way. It was so good. But you get the -- Do you see an audition somewhere? Do you go, "Hey, I want to get into this"? What'd you think? -Just saw an ad online and applied. -And you thought that, "I could do what the show..." Have you ever seen "Squid Game"? -So, I'd never actually seen the show until after I got casted. -Is that correct? -Yeah. -How about you? Did you see the show before? Did you see it? -I saw it. I was a huge fan. Um, I clearly don't value my life. -No,
I mean -- Seriously, obviously, no one's going to die, but I mean, like, they did it so well. When you watch, you'll see how they did it. It was just perfectly done. Do you go into it and go, "Okay, I got to start working on some strategies"? Is there strategies? -Um, there's no real strategy. I mean, a lot of it is luck. I got casted three days before I flew out, so there was basically no time to prepare. And a lot of it was just friendships. -Really? -Yeah. -For me, it's, uh -- There's a bala
nce of 50/50. There's chance, and there's strategy. And I did not prepare for it. But I did watch the show twice, you know, just to get the idea of the games and the mentality of the players on the TV show. -And what'd your husband say? He said you should do it? -Yeah, he's the one who encouraged me to do it. -Oh, my gosh! Did you -- I would -- -he apparently doesn't love me. -No. Yeah. He's so... Well, he definitely loves you now. Okay? Yeah. Hello! I mean, it's a lot of money, by the way. -Yes
. -It's one of the largest in the history of reality shows. $4.56 million? -But do you know Uncle Sam? This is not Uncle Sam. Do you know Uncle Sam? He's gonna take half of it. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's still a good... What are you gonna do with the money? -I want to do my cause, you know. I believe in the passion about charity work. So the three things are climate, animals, and underprivileged. And I want to expand that horizon. [ Cheers and applause ] -Good for you. That's awesome. I mean, y
ou're all great people. You're also -- You're in a band. -Yes. Uh, my new band, Six Ways to Saturday. We just dropped a single today. It's called "Fantasy." Check us out. -Yeah. Alright. Good. It's out today? -Yeah. Out today. -Yeah. -And I can't help but notice, but you have a beautiful beard. You're going into the beard kind of business. -Yes, yeah, I have a gender-inclusive beard-care brand, uh, caring for facial hair, that anybody can -- anybody can grow facial hair. They don't have to ident
ify as, you know, a man. And a lot of the beard-care brands out there right now are just -- kind of narrow focus to, you know, a Viking, you're a lumberjack, you're a warrior. And, you know, beards are beautiful. Beards make you beautiful. -Yeah. That's fantastic. Very good. [ Cheers and applause ] -It makes you want to grow a beard now, right? -It does. Yeah. I wanted to ask you -- Because out of all the games that you played, of course, they're ones from the show. The red light, green light on
e, which was the first episode, which was frightening. And then the last game, it was rock, paper, scissors that you won all this money on. Rock, paper, scissors. -I know, right? -That is how you won all this money. Out of every game you played, that is the one I go, "Oh, my gosh." -I couldn't ask for a better game. -Did you know that was going to be... -No. -No. No one knows that. But do you have a strategy when it goes to rock paper, scissors? -Well, I have a concept of just playing throughout
my childhood and my adult life. And so I have a statistic of what men would do, women would do, or kids would do. -But you knew this going into "Squid Game"? -Yes, yes. -And what is the -- -And I also -- You know, I'm older than him, so I have an advantage... [ Laughs ] ...of experience in life. -Like, right now if I played you, do you think that you could beat me? -Yes. Of course I could. [ Audience oohs ] [ Laughs ] -Do you want me to know your strategy? -You already know my strategy, but I'm
gonna modify that strategy. -Alright. So what is the strategy? -I'm not gonna tell you. [ Laughter ] -Okay. You ready for this? -Yeah. -You ready for this?! Rock, paper, scissors! Yeah. This is the "Squid Game: The Challenge" super champion. Ready? -Okay. -So how do we go? One, two, three, right? -One, two, three, go! -Aah! -Ohh! [ Cheers and applause ] I'm so happy you won. Congratulations. You guys were all great contestants. -Thank you. -You were all great contestants. Congratulations again.
-Thank you. -That was fun. The finalists from "Squid Game: The Challenge," everybody. All episodes of "Squid Game: The Challenge" are streaming now on Netflix. We'll be right back with more "Tonight Show." Come on back.



Mai thank you for nominating Ashley to be eliminated after she did Trey dirty. She tried to play the victim afterwards and got canceled anyways, I loved it.


Mai was the only one who called out Ashley. Everyone else suddenly got amnesia


Ashley did EVERYONE dirty on the bridge! How did everyone selectively forget that?! Hats off to Mai for holding Ashley accountable when everyone magically forgot.


Mai was the only one who have the guts to hit player 278. Congrats!!!


I really like Phil. Such a sweet guy. I think Mai deserved to win, but it was nice to see such a nice person make it to the final.


That “Circle of Trust” game was brutal. Mai was so good, some ppl may have disagreed with some of her decisions but y’all telling me you wouldn’t do (or say) some shady stuff to win 4.5 mill


Was rooting for 301 but then because of 278’s stupidity and selfishness, I started rooting for Mai. So glad she won


Mai is the only one who remembered what Ashley did to Trey. She’s the best for avenging him


Mai deserve to be the winner no doubts about it, she is so smart, a surviver and a fighter to the end


I was so happy when Ashley got eliminated she has the guts to say that karma is a bitch but in the first place she is the one who Didn’t follow the plan 🤣 Good thing Mai won 😘


So glad someone mentioned it, but it was CRAZY how the all let Ashley do them dirty, and then acted like Mei was wrong for standing up for what’s right.


Mai is so smart ,and deserving of everything!❤


I was rooting for Mai because of her position against Ashley. Glad she won.


I’m just happy 278 did not win. I can’t believe everyone in the group forgot what 278 did. MAI WAS RIGHT TO TARGET HER.


I used to work with Mai lovely lady it’s insane the amount of people coming out of the wood work asking for money from her Mai don’t give anyone a dime you earned it very happy and proud of you ❤


Mai went into the game playing it the right way. I’m sure Mai will be the most supportive to the contestants that were on her side.


Besides being super happy that Mai won, I’m also so glad Ashley is now exposed for the snake that she is loool. I can’t believe people turned on Mai for that dice game and even got her to apologize to Ashley, when Ashley literally was the one that wouldn’t be a team player at the glass bridge and caused 301 to get eliminated. She gaslit the whole crowd and made them think Mai is being shady when Mai is just calling her out on her own bs. She was the only one who saw Ashley for who she really was. Karma is real 😚


Phil is a great guy


Kudos to the casting folks for giving us compelling characters— this could have gone 456 different ways!


Phil was unbelievably spot on outstanding in the circle of trust game. I don't know how he did it.