FPL GW28 PLAYERS TO BUY | Double Gameweek 28

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FPL Focal

1 day ago

welcome back for another video today we're going to discuss the best transfers to make for double gami 28 and Beyond some of us are planning to free hit game 29 some of us AR so we're going to cover both approaches for the next few game weeks let's get into it starting with the goalkeepers so it's Neto and Kaminsky with a double game this week and they are the top two in the projections Neto on 7.9 points and Kaminsky projected 6.2 Neto is going to have two home games against shefford United and
Luton while kin is going to have two away games against Crystal Palace and Bournemouth so it's undeniably a better double gamei for Netto but if you aren't planning to free hit gami 29 and you need a keeper that plays then kin is the no-brainer pick this week he also rotates reasonably well of ariela and de Brava who are two very popular Keepers there's a good chance that you've got one of arola or de Brava I've cut the rotation graphic off for gamei 34 here after which point you might be looki
ng to activate your wild card if you still got it I suppose there is potential for Bourn to be a little bit weaker following the injury to sessi but not one to overthink really beyond the double gami bour still have a really solid fixture run after BL gami 29 they've got Everton Palace and then Luton another Overlook Factor when buying Bournemouth players assuming your free hit in gamei 29 is the potential double gami 34 for Bournemouth this graphic from B krin's got the predicted doubles and bl
anks for the rest of the season and in game we 34 Bournemouth Palace Everton and Sheffield United are the four teams who a likely double gameweek however it's not guaranteed at this point and it could end up in game 37 instead but bourn's potential doubling 30 forward be Villa and Wolves Away which isn't too bad Arsenal faced brenford this week so as a reminder Ry is ineligible to face his parent Club while on loan from brenford so Ram's third on the keeper projections to 4.3 obviously not one t
o transfer in this week but something to keep in mind if you've got Rya he's going to be red flagged to next game we only I know very few of you play Draft but it could be a good transfer for the draft mode for one week only if you're on a wild card this week and you're looking to avoid free hit in gami 29 then the Kaminsky and Johnston PE could actually work out well one to consider given the predicted double gami 34 for Palace moving on to the Defenders for gamei 28 Smith tops the table of 7.5
points zabani 7.3 and kirz 6.9 following s's injury methin also makes the table with 4.4 with low predicted minutes until we've got further news on s's injury and whether he does indeed miss the double game week he was holding the back of his leg when he came off injured so it could be a hamstring injury in which case there's a good chance he's not going to be involved this game we so which Bournemouth defend is the best one Smith tops the table here and he's nailed for the time being aons is h
is competition who is currently sideline of injury zaban is completely nailed K is this as well while Kelly sidelined so in a nutshell aens could share minutes of Smith later in the season and Kelly could share minutes with kirz Once he's back so Saban is The Logical pick to save yourself the potential headache down the line as we said Bourn could doubl in gamei 34 so the last thing he won is a player coming back from injury at some point over the next 6 weeks before gami 34 and putting your dou
ble gami asset at risk so Saban is the most sensible pick of the four T's projected 5.2 points and although there's low clean sheet potential he has got an attacking return in him with a sheer number of crosses he pumps into the box he takes some set pieces as well some of you might feel this double game Mak a trap which is perfectly fine in luton's case it must be mentioned they're actually the only team not to keep a clean sheet in in away game all season Bou have kept three clean sheets in ho
me games this season so to summarize if you want a double G Defender zaban and Dy the two best picks Smith and Kirk is in fullback probably likely than zaban to get an attacking return but longer term they could share minutes with their competition here and there in terms of defensive underline numbers Bournemouth have conceded 42.3 s expected goals which ranks mid-table six clean sheets 47 goals conceded Luton on the other hand are the worst in the league for expected goals conceded with 58.82
XGC if you were looking for a super budget looting Defender like Bell don't expect much and probably worth avoiding Arsenal home to brenford next game Mi so Gabrielle CRA and white make the table as well if you're looking for a Defender that plays in game 29 then adog is an option for 4.9 mil returned from injury last match in a 3-1 win over Palace porro didn't make that game but he does have a chance of returning for the Villa Game coner also returned from injury for Villa and he started in rig
ht center back in the win over Luton moving on to the midfielders and tavanir tops of the table 8.4 points this week followed by Christie and then CL none of these three have actually done much of note this season tavanir has got two goals four assists Christie's got two assists and cl's got four goals it is a very good double though so it's a type of fix is where they could get something but there is obvious potential for these to be a trap tavanir has been out of form lately he looked very was
teful with some of his shots last match he's not looked his best for a while Aroda loves him though and he seems to be a regular starter not out of the question for him to start one as soon as sta starts the other though sakers projected 6.9 points against brenford Barkley 5.9 points again if you're building towards a non-free hit 29 team the barkle is a good pick for any five mil he's been bossing the loot in Midfield All Season though just three goals and four assists as far as returns son pro
jected 5.6 points this week and Madison's another one to consider if you're building towards gamei 29 oddly richison said he might be back next match which is a total opposite what POA CLE said to the Press when he suggested three to four weeks out Bowen just barely misses out making of the table this week he's projected 5.5 points for the West Ham game home to Burnley this week it is a perfect entry point to buy Bowen if you're not looking to free hitting game 29 if we haven't got the budget fo
r Bowen the kudu for 6.8 mil is a great option as well and an awesome differential about 3% ownership Aston Villa players are going to be popular for the gamei 29 free hitters and this week Bailey's projected 4.1 points Douglas Lise 3.9 it's very close between them in my eyes Douglas Lise still the better pick of the two as it's he's now to play night every match he's onset pieces and penalties lots of roots to points for him Bailey undeniably the more explosive but after 27 game weeks he's only
made it to 90 minutes twice all season with theb waiting in the wings and often subbed on for one another during games moving on to the forwards and of course it's salanki top projected 11.7 points this week if you've not got him it's worth looking at buying even if you're not free hitting in game 29 and you have to take a hit or two Elsewhere on your team you'll be the most Captain player this week by active managers and it really doesn't get much better than Sheffield United and Luton home in
a double game week he did have a pretty quiet game against berley last match he only took one shot all game but unless there's news over the course of the week that the knee injuri is causing major issues he's hands down the best Captain this week 4.5 mil forward seeno second on the table 7.2 points as far as the 4 and a half mil forwards he's having a great season with five goals three assists he started five the last six games so he's not completely nailed if we have a look at expected goal d
ata for the season bourou rank about mid-table again with 37.927000 ranked second among all Strikers only harland's got higher this season so when B have scored there's a high likelihood that's lankes involved Morris is just behind projected 6.2 points and again if you're building towards a gimick 2019 then he's a great pick a popular strategy for those looking to save the three hit is to dead end your team into gami 29 and then scrape through gami 30 and then wild card into gimmick 31 ready for
the rest of the season ogbeni makes the table with 4.7 points but he's in AV void he was actually benched last match and he's rarely involved in the goals we're still waiting to hear when Ed is going to be back from injury it's looking unlikely it's going to be involved in the double game week sadly he's been a huge Miss for Lon the sank captaincy this week is helped by the fact that man city are way to Liverpool as such harland's projected 5.6 points at anfield let us know in the comments if i
t's a straightforward sank captaincy for you or if you're iring up another double gami player or even a single gami player like Harem Watkins or sacka thanks for watching if this was helpful consider subscribing it's completely free and you can always change your mind see you soon for the next one



What's everyone's transfer plans?


Eyeing up a "crazy" Haaland and Foden -> Morris and Bowen this GW. Then WCing them back in for GW31. Hoping for some stale Man City results in the coming gameweeks against Liverpool and Arsenal🀞


Solanke my captain, and I think I'm just rolling the transfer.


Can't believe senesi got injured. Just lost out on so many points and a transfer. Bullshit.


I've never clicked on an FPL video faster πŸ˜‚. I have two transfers and not sure where to spend them.


I had planned Turner to Neto this week, and it's been my plan for weeks. Still watched the entire video in case there's something I missed πŸ˜‚


Thought of doing Haaland to Morris before my wildcard in gw31, but because I'm free hitting in 29 is probably a waste looking by these expected points and Haaland still being so high.


Big up FPL Yakuza Finger ! Oscar works while Injured .


I went with Emerson from west ham looks like a good option to me


Is Kerkez a good option cuz he attack more than zabarnyi


In a week like this, when projections are flooded by DGW players, i think it'd be useful to show a graphic without the DGW players to help with who to transfer out


Might be possible for me to field 11 players in GW29 with a -4 if richalison and Porro will be fit saving both my FH and WC. But I will have to sell haaland for Solanke and Solanke for a forward that plays in 29. Selling haaland is the crazy part but he has Liverpool and arsenal next.


Thanks Oscar.


Nice one Oscar πŸ‘


This is a fascinating week for transfers. Still on the fence about FH29 though at this point, it’s probably a foregone conclusion. That said, pondering one more DGW player. Estu to Zabarnyi or Dubravka to Neto/Kaminski. Outside chance of going for Udogie if I try and avoid the FH29. I don’t want to wildcard this early. 30/31 at the soonest. Will be really interesting to see what the β€œexperts” are doing. I’ll be waiting til closer to the deadline for sure. I’m a little concerned about Solanke’s fitness. He’s my captain for now.


@FPL focal, can you do a video on one or two WC team drafts for those who naively used their FH earlier in the season, please? I am at that crossroads 😒


Currently only have 3 players for GW29. I had originally planned to FH but the more I think about it the more I’m not sure it’s worth it! Instead I’m thinking of saving FH for GW34 and using these transfers to get 7 players for the blank: GW28: Haaland > Morris (free) Dubravka > Kaminski (-4 but has DGW and plays in blank) GW29: Estupinan > Udogie (free) Gordon > Maddison / Bowen (-4) Then I’d WC out of it in GW31 to get key players like Salah back in. Anyone any thoughts on this?


Triple Captaining Solanke... Y'll wish me luck!


I wildcarded last week, 40k OR. Tried to cover this double and blank nicely and reaching a good team for 30 onwards with FTs. Was looking at Haaland to Morris this week, but think it might be a trap.. think I’ll roll and reassess with Neto Barkley doughty and Solanke for the double


Triple solanke! Pray that his knee holds up for two matches