From baskets and treats, tips for how to do Easter on a budget

Lifestyle advisor Veena Crownholm shares some DIY Easter hacks for baskets, food, and treats


1 day ago

well Easter is a week from this Sunday from decorations to food and new outfits Americans are expected to spend more than 22 billion dollar but you know what you can still celebrate on a budget lifestyle adviser of Vina crownholm is here with some great ideas I mean we are talking the best DIYs well and I love anything that's budget friendly right because that just it just takes that pressure off as a parent so I appreciate that so we want to start you want to start here yeah let's start over he
re okay so this is just a really fun way to do a unique Easter basket right cuz you know the conventional basket so these are actually two different bowls that I got at the dollar store both the bottom is two bowls stuck together and two more bows stuck together love that that's it and then I just got these cute little fun ears from Michaels you put them on there I put a little tail on the back nothing that you can see that but just stuff it full of all the things that you want it's just so cute
for your kids to wake up to that is really cute I like it this is cute for adults too you can put some fun stuff in there you know it doesn't just have to be for the kids absolutely so you've got decor and your basket in one yes love it love it so I did one that was less of a sweet treat just because not everybody does Sweet Treats so here I just took a bask or I guess an Easter basket that I got and I just spray painted it orange and I think it's fun to do a themed basket so Garfield the movie
is coming out in May which my kids are obsessed with Garfield so I went with this one but yeah you can put in a comic book like stickers a notebook little fun figurines a coffee mug whatever it is it could be something different so you could do that for the Barbie movie or or Wonka like there's so many fun idea so that is a fun Different Twist on Easter baskets you can really you know create it towards your child exactly very personalized which I love yes all right here is our go-to Easter brea
kfast that we do every year so these are just those pop cinnamon rolls that you get so I use one for the body of the bunny and then I unroll the other one to make the ears little heart-shaped strawberries make it fun you can do bow ties or bows and it's just a fun little themed breakfast for Easter that smells good and everyone's going to love it oh yeah those are always good no matter this shape they're always good but this makes it a lot more fun I agree all right here's another idea if you're
having like a little Easter party they're little bunny treat bags so this is just your standard lunch bag right here you're just going to cut some ears and then you just tie a bow on it I put a little tail on it very and these are so fun and easy so you can create your own treat bags I say on Pennies on the dollar yeah and so do you cut the ears when it's flat or okay so when it's flat you're going to cut the ears and then I just we can even take one apart but I just fold down the sides and you
just squish it together and tie it okay very very easy very fast and very cute op yes very cute I like that now we're getting to something very fun so you know we can make our own basket which is really fun so you can take your peeps over there these are sour patch kids whatever your favorite candy is get four of the same I've have a little piece of cardboard on the bottom I'm just going to hot glue that together and then you just fill it with all the things that you love put a little bow on it
over here I Ed some wired Edge ribbon with some card stock to make a handle and then popped a bow on it so it can be so cute and fun and I was going to say too like when you're Easter egg hunting don't feel like everything has to have candy in it we love candy in our house but we also like little toys so I was just at cleaire the other day and these are like little squish mellow like little mystery Squad guys and so my kids love these but you know you can find other things like this and you can
hide those as well so you know I just say think outside the box have fun with it yes you know I always put like jelly beans and some of the eggs and then maybe even coins you know quter in one I like that that's a good idea I might have to do that one Eddie would love that then they're really searching for gold or silver true true true so many great ideas thank you so much these are so colorful so easy to make and that's what I love that I can actually make a you can make any of these thank you
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