FURINA NEEDS THERAPY (Animation) | Genshin Impact Meme

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4 days ago

Guys shhh Furina is talking.. (Laughs in crossaint) also i randomly thought of Arlecchino carrying Hu Tao in my head cuz it thought it was cute. Look LOOK AT THIS LMAO



omg my watermark just vanished oopsie, im so careless aha tehee


The trauma and fear towards Arlecchino is catching up to Furina


Furina dosen't need therapy, she's perfect the way she is... that being said id be her therapist


Arle attempting assassination on Furina with no remorse and traumatizing her to the point of constantly being scared for her life everytime anyone even mutters Arle’s name, and Furina had to hold it in the entire time to avoid potential diplomatic discourse is exceptional willpower…Props to her for holding strong


that laugh is insane omg why is death and grim reaper together anyways


I can’t get over how smooth all your animations are holy


French speaking Furina is…. Strangely something I didn’t know I needed


Arlecchino holding Hu Tao like that is pretty cute, I agree with you 100%




now that crunchy laugh is all i need to like furina again lol (also get down hu tao, its my turn for arle to hold me 👹)


Furina needs and deserves therapy more than anyone else. Maybe Ei, but Furina's ahead. Speaking of which, I volunteer to be her therapist


How can a french sound so unhinged? They usually are so refined.


Her being nearly expressionless when laughing is such a Furina thing to do.


Thats what i call a heavy smoker laugh. I wonder what brand would Furina smoke.


We need Arlecchino Holding Hu Tao 1 hour version!!! Just skidding :v


bro thought of arlecchino holding hu tao and just made it. The Indomitable Human Spirit...


Why is she holding her like a cat? Like one of those doorbell cat memes 😂


I wanna hold Hu Tao as well... Also, I love how she's acting like a cat when she's being held


Me looking at Furina: I can fix her...


When the 500 years finally hits