Geneva International Motor Show 2024 | Opening Ceremony and VIP Day

"The Daily Show" Day 2 - Geneva International Motor Show Day 2 of the Geneva International Motor Show 2024 was the VIP Day. An official opening ceremony with national and regional dignitaries who joined us and celebrated the return of GIMS. A deep dive into 2 different car models, a visit to the Supercar Avenue, and a ride with the Microlino through the halls - all that awaits you in this episode. Stay tuned for more to come. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL : INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ► TIKTOK ► h General Information on our official website : ► @meg.kohler @CARLABELLE

Geneva International Motor Show

1 month ago

Hello everybody! Welcome Back To The Daily Show here at the Geneva International Motor Show. Yesterday was a brilliant day! Over 1,600 Automotive journalist from around the world came to enjoy the show. And today was VIP Day where some very special attendees came to enjoy the show before anybody else and do some all important networking. It was a very packed day full of activities and a brilliant program. Take a look at this. We started the day with our official opening ceremony where four very
important gentlemen took to the stage to officially open the show and cut the virtual ribbon. Let's take a look at the highlights! " (...) after 4 years absence." "Today marks a new beginning." "Let's make this an unforgettable show" "and look forward to seeing you in 2025." "The Geneva International Motor Show, as it is still known," "is part of Geneva's DNA." "On that note, ladies and gentlemen," "I declare this Geneva International Motor Show open." Meanwhile Megan caught up with our CEO of G
IMS Sandro Mesquita, to see what he thought of the show. Thank you Alexandra. Sandro Mesquita, which are the new attractions to discover? We've created five themed Zone. I'll start off with the Classics Gallery. The people can discover 40 iconic vehicles. The Adrenaline Zone which is foremost dedicated to car enthusiasts. We also have a zone dedicated to design, which we called the Design District. On top of that we also have a zone dedicated to innovations. We called this one the Mobility Lab.
And last but not least, we have a zone dedicated to the young which we called Next World. Thank you very much for all this information, Sandro Mesquita. Thank you. On top of these different zones, which Sandro Mesquita just described, you have the opportunity to experience different events organised by GIMS For example the After Hour on Thursday evening with an autograph session with several Swiss race drivers. And the live viewing of the Formula 1 which takes place in our Adrenaline Zone. Now I
leave you with Alex who will tell you a little more about the first world premiere, the new Renault 5. This is the Renault 5 E-TECH electric one of the most iconic legendary cars from the 70s and 80s is back. Redesigned, rebooted for the modern  era. This bad boy has a 100 KW DC rapid charger, 150 horsepower, 250 miles of range, and a not 0-60 time of less than 8 seconds. This bad boy accelerates faster than it's grandad and it looks pretty funky, doesn't it? Made a huge hit here at the Geneva
International Motor Show. This absolutely beautiful car is made by Totem Automobili. The GTA Modificata pays homage to the iconic Alpha Romeo Giulia GTAM of the 1960s. 3.2 L V6 twin turbo, 810 horsepower 730 NM of torque going to the rear wheels six-speed sequential gearbox it weighs only 1,095 kg thanks to the fact that the entire thing is made from carbon carbon fiber only five units sold oh, and a 0-60 time of 2.6 seconds. Can we all agree? This car is pure art. Absolutely, Alexandra, that To
tem is abolutely beautiful. I'm currently at the Supercar Avenue surrounded by 12 magnificent cars, one more beautiful than the other. They are set up in pairs, for example The Ferrari F40 with the Porsche 959 They all tell a very specific story. One of my favourites stays this fantastic McLaren P1, which celebrated its premiere in Geneva, as well as the McLaren f GTR Longtail and the McLaren Speedtail, which both are incredible in terms of design and performance. I'm lucky to be surrounded by t
hese great cars at the moment, but, something is telling me that Carla is with a very sympathetic car. Carla, can you tell us a little more? Before the day ends completely, I wanted to show you Microlino. Microlino is part of Micro and exists since 1999. And they present here in Geneva the new Microlino Lite. A very special moment for them, because they actually presented their very first model here in Geneva a few years ago. And, another special fact, they are the only Swiss car manufacturer wh
o is exhibiting here. And guess what... I've got the key. And I take you for a ride now. Okay, let's do this! I'm driving here through Geneva International Motor Show. I did know this car a little before already but I have to say, this is fun! This was a lot of fun! And you can actually test drive the Microlino as well. Not only the Microlino, but also the Silence. Just come to their booths, register, and experience yourself how much fun this is. Alex, I'm sure you want to try this out, too? Abs
olutely! I am very jealous! Well, there we go. That concludes our VIP Day. And what a brilliant day it was! But, I am particularly excited, because tomorrow, after four long years, the doors open to you, the public. Where you can enjoy so much for the next 5 days. You can enjoy all of the different offerings that the brands have to offer, not only that, but you can have a Classics Gallery tour, there's live music and entertainment all day every day. Or better still, grab your ticket come down an
d try and beat my time on the Grand Turismo.



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