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2 days ago

looking for things pepper and her family are in the kitchen Mummy Pig is making an apple pie is the apple pie ready yet mommy no Peppa it has to cook in the oven well it looks like we'll just have to wait yes what are you all doing we're waiting for the apple pie well it's going to take time to cook why don't you all wait somewhere else oh okay okay what do we do now well I was going to do my crossword puzzle but I can't find anything to write with we'll find you something Daddy come on George G
eorge we need to find something for Daddy to write with George has found Mr Dinosaur you can't write with Mr Dinosaur George has found a toy train and you can't fite with the train oh look a grayon daddy can bite with this come on George daddy we found something to write with oh a crayon just what I needed thank you Pepper and George H ah can we look for something else okay let's play a looking game find something that is the shape of a square a square yes there must be something Square shaped i
n this room can you see a square George George has found a clock h that's a circle we need to find a square that picture is a square very good you found a square ho what should we look for now now you must find something that makes a squeaky noise something that makes a squeaky noise try looking in the bathroom okay look for something that makes a squeaky noise George George has found a towel towels don't squeak towels are very quiet oh squeaky the rubber duck that makes a squeaky noise daddy da
ddy look what we found ho ho excellent now see if you can find something the color of blue something blue [Music] okay Peppa and George have found a ball that's not blue that's red oh Pepper and George look in mommy and daddy's bedroom a there's nothing blue here Pepper and George look in the office everything is not blue did you find anything there was nothing in the whole house that is blue H have you looked in the mirror daddy the mirror is not blue what is it George blue George is blue that'
s right Peppa George Mommy Mommy we've been looking for things oh I've got got something you can look for what is it mommy it's round a ball round and flat on top a bit like a hat a hat and it tastes yummy the apple pie yes the apple pie is ready hooray I love looking for things and I love finding things especially when it's apple pie it is almost lunchtime at Peppa's house what does everyone fancy for lunch today um can we have pizza pizza pizza good idea let's make pizza ho ho I'm a bit of an
expert at making pizza can George and me help of course to make pizza we need flour tomatoes cheese and for toppings we've got all sorts sorts of nice things sweet corn mushrooms olives pineapple George likes pineapple on his pizza pineapple on Pizza no that's just not right in fact I think pineapple on Pizza is against the law silly daddy it is actually not against the law to put pineapple on Pizza um daddy can we make funny faces on on top of the pizzas of course we can but before we start coo
king we have to wash our hands wash our hands wash them nice and clean bubbly scr scr bub wash nice and CLE let's wipe the table clean and put our aprons on right let's make pizza pizza pizza Peppa George could you please mix this flour and water together with your fingers it's all sticky and stretchy perfect I'm just going to need it we sprinkle a little flour on the table so the dough doesn't stick you need to be big and strong to need dough I am big and strong and George is big and strong too
okay that's enough needing let's make the dough into four balls 1 2 3 4 and we roll them flat with a rolling pin ah it looks like a pizza now but an expert pizza maker doesn't need a rolling pin watch this HLA Daddy has a pizza on his head this one can be mine Peppa George please smooth the Tomato over the pizzas I like making pizza it's lovely and messy good that's enough smoothing and splashing now for the cheese remember daddy we're making funny faces of course I'll use mushrooms to make eye
s and olives for the smile and I'll use onion for eyes and Basel leaves for the mouth I'm doing little tomatoes for the eyes and sweet corn for the mouth George is using pineapple for the eyes and cheese for the mouth I like funny faces while they cook we can tidy up all the this mess um you and Mommy can tidy up and George and I can do some playing Peppa and George like playing Mommy and Daddy Pig like tidying up Peppa George Lunch is ready yay mommy your pizza looks like you oh thank you very
much and your pizza looks like you Daddy it looks nothing like me I must say your pizza does look like you Peppa does it oh goody and George's looks like George these are the best pizzas in the world ever Peppa loves pizza everybody loves pizza fire station practice yes today is the mummy's fire station Practice Day hello mommy pig are you ready for action yes Miss Rabbit Mommy can we stay and watch you practice oh there won't be much to see Peppa it's mostly just sitting around and drinking tea
Daddy Pig we do proper fire service training here ready steady go is our motto and to get that right we need to practice yes yes stay and watch daddy pig might learn something this is the fire service control room time for a cup of tea I think what did I tell you we need a cup of tea to get ready for the day in an emergency we have to be ready in seconds this first practice will show you just how ready we are when I ring this Bell the tea drinking stops the helmets go on and everyone slides dow
n the fire [Music] pole into the fire engine and off they [Music] go follow me outside for the next [Music] [Applause] bit remember Ready Steady go you just saw ready now watch our steady you have to be very steady when using the fire hose mommy Ready Steady go Mommy dog fixes the hose to the fire engine mommy Pony rolls out the hose and Mommy Pig points the squirty end at the Target turn the water on water on steady mommy steady the target is hit and the fire is out hoay that looks fun it's har
d work daddy pig is it really yes just feel how heavy this fire hose is oh yes that is heavy and that's even before we've turned the water on turn the water on okay W sorry it is not easy to hold a Fire H steady that was hard work now you see why we need to be super fit yes and how do we get super fit on the fire station obstacle course this is the fire station obstacle course running through this keeps us fit and healthy so that in an emergency we can keep going we've shown already and are stea
dy now let's practice our go ready steady ready go the first obstacle is the inconvenient Wall go [Music] go next is the confusing crawling che where am I oh here I am go Mommy go across the seaa of General upset through the icky Tippy Toe tires one two one two one two up the sloping rope walk and down the yippe zip wire yippee yippee yippe oh dear Mummy Pig is stuck mommy are you all right I'm fine pepper actually this mud is quite nice stay there Mommy yippee yippee yippee Everyone likes fire
station practice especially when there are muddy puddles to jump in strawberries pepper and George are visiting Granny and Grandpa Pig come and see the strawberries I've grown Grandpa Pig has spent days in days growing strawberries I think you will be impressed perhaps we can make some strawberry jam yes please Pepper and George love strawberry jam may I present my strawberry one strawberry you've grown one strawberry it will be the best tasting strawberry ever why is it hiding in a little house
Grandpa it is hiding because the cheeky little birds have eaten all the rest ah you cheeky bird so now there are no strawberries and we won't make jam we can still make jam I know a place that has lots of strawberries it's a strawberry farm O so that's where we will go [Music] this is the Strawberry Farm hello there have you come to pick strawberries yes Miss Rabbit then you've come to the right place we've got nothing here but strawberries wow so many strawberries pick as many as you like here
is Pedro pony with his mommy and daddy hello hello Pedro have you picked a lot of strawberries yes but my mommy and daddy keep eating them oh is this the way out I never want to see a strawberry ever again how strange I suppose some people just don't like strawberries picking strawberries is fun I must say these strawberries do look lovely but the real test is if they taste any good actually that is rather good M yummy I love the strawberry farm mom strawberry strawberry juicy red and sweet str
awberry strawberry they're so nice to eat M scrumptious but remember everyone we're here to collect strawberries to take home and make jam put them in your baskets and try not to eat too many yes granny Pig I'll just have one last one I suppose one more won't hurt naughty granny naughty Grandpa right you are Peppa this really is the very last one I can't stop eating them hello birdies have you come to eat the strawberri the little birds do not want to eat the strawberries perhaps they have just
eaten too many Peppa yes I think I've eaten too many Peppa's basket is full George his basket is full granny and grandpa's baskets are empty granny Grandpa where are your strawberries oh in our tummies maybe it's time to go home here is Danny dog with his Mommy and Daddy they have just arrived at the Strawberry Farm hello Peppa hello Danny look at all these strawberries oh don't say that word what strawberries how strange I suppose some people just don't like strawberries I see you've picked a l
ot of strawberries where's the way out the way out is just through the gift shop what do you sell in your shop Miss Rabbit strawberry cake strawberry cookies strawberry cheese strawberry juice strawberry sweet strawberry anything without strawberries uh no I think we've had our fill of strawberries thank you funny no one ever buys anything from this shop Miss Rabbit look at how many strawberries we picked well done Pepper and George now we can make strawberry jam and George lovees strawberries e
veryone loves strawberries Peppa and George are at Granny and Grandpa pigs house they are painting pictures of poly parrot my goodness what lovely paintings Pepper and George look at my pretty picture Polly pretty picture Polly Polly Parrot copies everything that is said I'll put them up here for granny pig to see when she gets home but where is Granny Pig oh she's just out playing with her friends here is Granny Pig with her friend granny Pig hello my little ones have you had a nice morning yes
thank you Granny why are you wearing funny clothes we have been doing historical reenactment what's hysterical redact it's when you dress up like it's the olden days and sit around drinking tea we do more than just drink tea today we were being Romans what's Romans Romans were people who lived a very long time ago and I am the emperor the emperor was the boss of all the Romans oo goodbye see you next week granny Pig bye granny can we be Romans too yes Peppa here are some helmets now what do we
do we March around saying B V vichi what does that mean granny it probably means anyone for another cup of tea no it means I came I saw I [Applause] conquered granny Pig loves being a Roman Peppa and George love being Romans too Peppa and George have been doing some lovely pictures this morning my goodness they're very good they look just like Polly just like Polly the Romans like making pictures too you know did they yes they used colored pieces to make pictures known as mosaics here's one I ma
de this morning oo can we make a mosaic what a good idea you'll need some colored Pebbles follow me I've got a whole bag of pebbles in my shed this is Grandpa Pig's shed here we are lots of colored Pebbles George what shall we make a picture of Dina good idea George you find the green pebbles for the dinosaur and I will find blue Pebbles and make a lovely sky Peppa and George are making a Roman Mosaic of a dinosaur George adds some green Pebbles Peppa adds some blue Pebbles George the red ones c
an be the eyes finished well done Pepper and George my word you've got rather muddy time for a bath before mommy and daddy pig come to pick you up no oh dear George does not want to have a bath but George the Romans were very good at having baths and you're a Roman aren't you yes George let's have a Roman bath PE and George are having a Roman bath it's Mommy and Daddy here are Mommy and Daddy Pig ah Tempest fugit what does that mean it means time flies Tempest fuget a tempest fugit Tempest fuget
hello Mommy Daddy we've been playing Romans Tempest fuet oo and with these crowns of leaves you are both Roman emperors hooray Benny fyy Pepper and George love being Romans everybody loves being rans buried treasure Molly Mole and Freddy Fox have come to play with Pepper and George what shall we play Let's do digging um I'm not very good at digging I am squeak watch this Molly Mole is good at digging wow Molly's digging a long tunnel oh I found something what is it wow wow it's a pirate treasur
e chest I wonder how it got there it's a mystery we'd better tell my daddy my goodness where did this hole come from Daddy Daddy we found some pirate treasure at the end of our tunnel treasure how did it get there we don't know it's a mystery maybe we should call the police they'll know what to do this is the police station hello police station hello it's Daddy Pig here we found some pirate treasure pirate treasure you say we'll be right there H hello hello hello that is how the police say hello
hello hello hello I want to be a policeman when I grow up good lad so where where's this pirate treasure then under the ground we were just thinking this tunnel when suddenly we found this yes yes yes that's pirate treasure all right it's just like the pirate treasure we have back at the police station let's take this back and put it with the other one oh dear police officer panda is dropping coins along the way right back to the police station can we have Nina please why not n n n n n this way
to the Lost Property down here is where we keep all the lost things wow umbrellas shoes a lamp poost even a lost cupboard oh that's not lost Freddy this is where we keep the pirate treasure oh it's gone that's strange another mystery hello hello hello there's a hole in the wall and a tunnel someone has dug a hole and taken our treasure chest down the tunnel a criminal mastermind no doubt I wonder where it goes look there are coins on the floor uhhuh a trail let's follow the trail we'll soon fin
d out who took our treasure we're outside my house and the trail of coins ends now we'll never know who took the treasure from the police station it's a mystery I know who took it who we did hey follow me this is the tunnel we dug this morning yes it goes all the way back to the police station and we didn't know it was the police station but this is where we found the treasure so you found the pirate treasure that was in our Lost Property cupboard yes mystery solved well done Freddy that was exc
ellent police work yes I do believe you'll make a very good police officer one day just remember to keep your ears and eyes open who who left that lamp post there that's not a safe place for a lamp post I'll make a note dangerous obstruction in workplace environment ho ho you see children a police officer's work is never done and the Mystery of the buried pirate treasure is solved hooray the perfect day Peppa and her family are going to a shop shopping center today that's a big shop it's not one
shop Peppa it's lots of shops all under the same roof wow wow but we're not shopping today not shopping at the shops no mommy's here for a perfect day experience oo this is Miss Rabbit's Spa hello mommy pig are you ready for your perfect day experience yes I think I think so but what exactly is it oh lots of lovely things you can have a massage have your fingernails painted or have a herbal face wash oh that all sounds lovely do we have to do it too Daddy no Peppa we can go and find our own per
fect day oh goodie bye mommy see you later w we going to find our perfect day daddy H I don't know it's just shops and shops and oo magic moving stairs that pepper is an escalator can we go on it yes hold my hand here is Suzie Sheep it's Suzy hello hello Peppa where are you going we're going to the top where are you going we're going to the bottom Peppa has reached the top quick Daddy I need to go down to find Suzy I'm coming to find you Peppa I'm coming to find you Suzie ah you're going the wro
ng way Peppa and George are back at the bottom but Susie is at the top I think that's enough escalators for now but I need to see Susie then we can use the lift ooh I need to find Peppa then let's take the lift it's not working someone else is using it we just have to wait but I need to find Peppa suy and Susie are best friends Papa look what I've got little su's in boxes how did you do that in the photo booth I'll show you this is the photo booth you sit in here put the money in there and then
it's flashes it's not flashing I think it's broken oh I missed it there's more smile when does it Flash ah I missed it again you a funny face and the last one has it finished yet I think I might be in that one here are the pictures look at all of those funny faces again again I think it's time we pick up mommy pig mommy did you have a perfect day yes thank you I did Peppa did you yes we went up and down the magic stairs and we saw Susie and did some funny pictures that does sound nice home [Musi
c] time daddy pig did you have a perfect day my perfect day starts when we get home daddy what's your perfect day come and see daddy pig is jumping up and down in muddy puddles everyone is jumping up and down in muddy puddles it's the perfect end to a perfect day is a lovely sunny day Rebecca and Richard Rabbit have come to play with pepp and George Mommy can we play Happy Mrs Chicken on the computer please sorry Peppa I need to do my work today oh why don't you go and play in your room instead
but we don't know what games to play oh there's lots of games you can play you could have a tea party or do a jigsaw puzzle we've already played with those things mommy what about your marble run you haven't played with that for ages marble run Pepper and George love their marble run what does it do sque you pick a marble and you put it in here and it goes timble tumble all the way down to the bottom ooh I'll show you ready steady go again again bye-bye mommy you can go and do your work now oh t
hank you Peppa have fun can I have a go yes Becca you take this marble and you ready steady go that was fun and then you can add some more bits to the marble run let's make it the biggest marble run ever yay let's add this Wiggly bit and a windmill bit the marble will make it go round and round do you want to have have a go George Ready Steady go it's going down the windmill bit and the wiggly bit and there hooray let's add more bits yes let's make the biggest marble run ever wow that looks good
Rebecca now it's Richard's turn squeak marble one Richard has lots of marbles Ready Steady go look at all the marbles going everywhere I thought I heard your marble run pepper can I join in yes daddy oh goody let's make it bigger Daddy Pig loves building the marble run ah there are no more bits of marble run left in the Box oh never mind we can use other things like this jigsaw and this doll's house we want it even bigger Daddy I'll go and see if there's anything in the office we could [Music]
use aha look daddy we we've added some more bits and Bobs very good and I've found these tubes to make a tunnel wow the marble will go all around the room this is the biggest marble run ever let's try it out o can I go first okay Daddy you have to put the marble in there Ready Steady go the marble is going all around the room ooh it's going all around the world there it goes dinosaur where's it going now the marble has rolled out of the bedroom down the stairs through the hallway and into the fr
ont room the whole house is a marble run it's bouncing everywhere [Music] ah goie the fish got you hooray what was all that noise it was the noise of the biggest marble run ever made up musical instruments pepper and her friends are at play grp a today children we will be playing Musical instruments hooray I'm going to play the tambourine I'm going to play the recorder I'm going to play the triangle we are not playing those musical instruments today what we will make our own musical instruments
but we can't make musical instruments we're children I am not asking you to make a piano or a trumpet pepper we will be making musical instruments from all of these bits and Bobs bottles and rubber bands balloons and yogurt pots music can be made from anything that makes a sound a how do you usually make sound with a musical instrument you hit it with a stick you blow into it like this or you shake it yes now let's see what sounds you can make from these things the children are going to make mus
ical instruments this box sounds like a drum oh this is not a very good drum ah but what happens if you add rubber bands no it's the same try ducking those rubber bands instead of hitting the Box oh it's not a drum at all it's a twanger Susie has some bottles these make a sound if you tap them with a pencil yes and if I put different amounts of water into the bottles now try it the water makes the bottle sound different that's right suszie you can also blow across the bottle tops to get a sound
you're making music wow George has a bucket oh blowing on the bucket does not make music let's put some water in your bucket George here is a straw George is making bubbly music I'm going to make music with a Shaker some beans and marbles there oh wonderful shaking music Peppa it goes very well with George's bubble music Freddy Fox has a balloon very funny Fred what instrument will you make Madame Gazelle this is my favorite madeup musical instrument Madame Gazelle has a musical instrument made
out of drinking glasses do you blow them like my bottles no do you hit them with a stick no do you shake them no I play them with my fingers [Music] wow hello the parents have arrived to collect the children oh you are just in time to listen to our madeup musical Orchestra it's made out of bits and Bobs o children I will start and then you join [Music] in [Music] [Music] [Music] the parents like madeup musical instruments everybody likes madeup musical instruments the electric car Pepper and Geo
rge are in their bedroom George is playing with his toy car drive while oh the car is broken what is it George car car don't worry George it isn't broken it just needs new batteries there hoay Daddy's Home that's not Daddy oh it is Daddy hello have we got a new car no I'm just trying it out it looks funny it's an electric car it's a car that runs on batteries instead of petrol oo just like George's toy car Daddy's got a toy car just like George's shall we go for a drive yes please then let's [Mu
sic] go oh the car is broken does it need new batteries oh yes of course we just need to charge up the [Music] battery look the battery is charging up finished the electric car is fully charged up right is everybody ready yes daddy then let's go wow this car is so quiet yes electric cars are quiet until they start talking what do you mean talking it's time you met Roger hey Roger hello my name is Roger hello Roger hello Peppa Roger is very clever he always knows which way to go and he can park a
ll by himself wow wow I can even drive by myself really sit back and relax daddy pig let me drive okay if you say so o don't worry Daddy Pig I am an expert driver it's a magic car stop it is police officer Panda and police officer squirrel hello hello hello what's going on here then driving with no hands daddy pig I wasn't driving yes you were no I wasn't well if you weren't driving then who was car driving itself was it yes it was well I'd better talk to the car then hadn't I hello car Hello wh
oa what in the wide world was that he's called Roger and he's very nice yes he can even drive himself can you now well to drive on these roads you need a driving license oh so Roger do you have a driving license of course oh I see well in that case everything seems to be in order bye drive safely Roger the car is driving safely amazing Roger can do everything George's car can sing drive driveing while can you sing voger yes I can sing car car electric car traveling near and traveling far knows e
xactly where you are knows exactly where you are oh where are we we are now arriving home hooray thank you Roger At Your Service will you be all right outside in the night oh yes I'm used to it okay Roger sleep well thank you Peppa you too Peppa loves Roger everybody loves Roger the electric car bird spotting it is a lovely sunny day at Peppa's house Granny and Grandpa Pig have come to visit hello everyone I like your funny hat grandpa thank you Peppa today I'm doing a bit of bird spotting what'
s bird spotting it's Grandpa's latest little hobby I suppose it keeps him happy uh yes I look for birds and when I spot them I tick them off in my book look this is a robin red breast I spotted one in my garden o of course what I'd love to spot is a very rare bird like a cuckoo never mind Grandpa I'm sure you will one day yes in fact I was um actually hoping to do a bit of bird spotting before lunch if that's okay no problem lunch won't be ready for ages Grandpa can George and me go bird spottin
g too of course you can Peppa we'll call you when Lunch is ready the best place to spot bir Birds is where there are trees birds like trees um but there aren't any birdies here grandpa but I know a clever trick we pretend to be a bird then hopefully a bird will hear our call and fly here look Granda a birdie ah yes that is a sparrow a good start here are Mr Stallion and Mrs Corgi ah Grandpa Pig I see your doing some bird spotting yes us too we've just spotted one of our rarest birds in the world
a ribbon tailed bird of paradise amazing to find one this far north well done I spotted a sparrow oh yes a common Sparrow well done you see see you later bye now um let's do some more bird calls I can do a duck quack quack it worked uh I wonder if there's a duck in my book Mrs duck must be in your book she is very special of course she is ah here we go a duck and George can do a pigeon do your pigeon George look Grandpa pigeons uh they seem to have left pigeons out of my book how are you doing
Grandpa Pig spotted any it rare birds we saw a duck and some pigeons um and I have high hopes of spotting a cuckoo Peppa George Grandpa Lunch is ready oh goody bye a c you say how are you planning on spotting a cuckoo oh you know uh I was just going to call cuckoo my goodness it worked well done old chap goo it's inside the house oh that is not a real cuckoo that is Peppa's toy cuckoo clock sorry to barge in like this but Grandpa Pig has heard a c you're in here somewhere but Grandpa quiet every
one we don't want to scare the cuckoo away oh it's a cuckoo clock that means I can't tick it off in my book but Grandpa my cuckoo clock is very special it certainly is I think you should take it off I would if it was me uh what does everyone else think strictly speaking it's okay if everyone thinks it's fair Grandpa Pig loves bir spotting everybody loves bird spotting TV Land Peppa and her friends are watching their favorite television program super potato haoa a am I a bird am I a plane no I'm
a Potato I love watching super potato me too super potato is the best haoa fruit and vegetables Keep Us Alive always remember to eat your five always remember to eat your five we've seen this before I know all the words by heart yes they show the same story again and again and again brilliant isn't it yes and we will remember all of the words forever yes we remember all of the words forever everyone is so tiny on TV in real life they are big how are they big and Tiny and how do they get in our T
V it's some sort of magic it's not magic it's it's science Edmund elephant is a clever clogs would you all like to see how they make TV yes please okay let's go to TV Land This is TV Land stop do you work here um no then I'm afraid you can't come in but we are children and we want to see how TV is made oh in that case in you go thank you ooh wow wow hello there here is Miss Rabbit have you come to see how we make television yes very good follow me potato potato look potato hello everyone hello y
ou see he's not tiny he's big we're ready for you now super potato The Show Must Go On This is where the magic happens it's not magic it's science you're a bit of a clever clogs aren't you yes okay we're ready to go lights camera and action fruit and and vegetables Keep Us Alive always remember to eat your five and cut that was amazing the camera now turns all of that into magic bits electro magnetic signals that go to a thingy on the roof television transmitter the thingy transmitter sends the
magic bits across the sky to the TV area on your roof unless you have a cable or a dish and down into the TV Susie Sheep and her mommy are at home watching televis fruit and vegetables Keep Us Alive to reach your would any of you like to be on TV yes please we just have to put you in front of the camera okay action what do I do just say something something anything okay I'm Peppa Pig this is my little brother George wow pepper and Georgia on TV this is Mummy Pig and this is Daddy Pig hello Peppa
it's for you Peppa I can see you on TV am I tiny yes you are tiny this is fun can I be on TV again of course now we've recorded that you can be on TV every day hundreds and hundreds of times hooray Peppa loves TV everyone loves TV Mandy Mouse pepper and her friends are at playgroup they are drawing pictures children today we have a visitor o Mandy Mouse Hello everyone squeak hello hello Mandy mouse uses a wheelchair to get around Mandy is spending the day at our play group if she likes it she w
ill come every day see you later Mandy have fun bye Mommy hello Mandy I'm Peppa Pig hello Peppa hello I'm Danny dog and I'm Suzie Sheep we're drawing pictures I drew the sun ooh I drew a cloud ooh I drew the sky that's nice I like drawing airplanes wow that's a really good drawing thank you it is play time [Applause] that was fun wow you're fast all thanks to my wheelchair why do you have a wheelchair Mandy because my legs don't work like yours can you walk on your legs no I have my [Applause] w
heels see I get around fine I can do everything squeak let's play ball yes please sque okay Mandy you're a mighty suszie you're on my team Gerald Pedro Molly and Emily the children are in two teams how do you play this game the captain takes the ball and throws it over there no I know the rules and you're holding them I say do it this way is the rules because I said so what about the team who gets the ball through the hoop wins okay and they're off Emily Elephant catches the ball now Susie has i
t pass to Pedro and now to Peppa Mandy takes the ball pass to Danny to Molly and up high in the sky caught by Mandy Mouse to Gerald giraffe go Mandy you're good I know I'm brilliant children play time is [Music] over can I help you no I'll be fine I can do it by myself I like Hills it is a big hill yes it is a big hill maybe if you could help push okay thank you Peppa I could do it on my own but it's easier with two I'm not used to Big Hills where I lived before it was all flat everything is on
a hill around here my house is on a Hill the supermarket is on a hill Rebecca Rabbit lives inside a hill it's all Hills Hills Hills have we all had fun today children yes parents have arrived to pick up the children a is it home time already Yes Mandy it's home time hello my sweet mommy so Mandy you came today to see if you like our play group yes and do you like our play group yes I love it and would you like to come every day yes please hoay Mandy Mouse loves the play group and everyone at pla
y group loves Mandy Mouse bat and ball it is a lovely sunny day pepper and her friends are at playgroup children today we will be playing bat and ball oo first we need to practice our throwing and catching catch the ball Peppa to you Suzie to me Suzy oh don't worry I'll fetch it to me Denny thank you Denny but we are practicing our throwing too oh yes and now to you George oh George has dropped the ball George is not very good at catching don't worry George try throwing the ball instead to me Ge
orge throw it to me oh George has thrown the ball backwards George I'll fetch it Danny is good at fetching the ball I like fetching that's good because fetching is an important part of bat and ball too can we play bat and ball now yes Peppa will throw the ball I'm good at that and Susie will hit the ball with this bat I'm good at that the rest of us will all run after the ball and I'm good at that Susie you will run around the cones like this to win a point oo but if anyone catches the ball Susi
e is out and gets no points oh let's play everyone takes their positions for bat and ball are you ready Susie stand back everyone I'm going to hit at a million miles oo ready [Music] ready run Susie run oh yes wait get the oh get it I got all the way around I win one point well done Suzie now it's George's turn to bet Madame Gazelle I think George is too young to do bat and ball you're never too young to play bat and ball Peppa oh all right just try your best George George has hit the ball backw
ards run George get it get the ball I'll fetch it George has run all the way round and scored a point hooray very good George thank you Danny and now it is my turn to bet aren't you too old Madame Gazelle you're never too old to play bat and ball Peppa okay just try your [Music] best Madame Gazelle is good at batting you hit at a million miles and now I run catch the ball I'll get it C the ball hey that's one point the ball is going all the way to the school W I'll go go round again I'll guess i
t's going the other way round again get the ball I'm scoring lots of points get it here it comes catch the [Music] ball did you catch the ball no did you get it Suzie no who's got it I haven't got it I win I win I am the ch George caught the ball hooray I lose I lose all my points well done George hooray George loves playing bat and ball everybody loves playing bat and ball even Madame Gazelle Mr bu the teacher today pepper and her friends are at playgroup Mr Bull is cutting the grass good morni
ng children good morning Madame Gazelle today we are going to be learning all about what is so funny Madame Gazelle you made a squeak oh it is just a squeaky floorboard H I really should get it fixed hello oh I completely forgot I'll be right there she I must go to the dentist I will only be gone for a little while who will be our teacher oh um Mo I'll finished cutting the grass excellent Mr Bull would you mind looking after the children while I go to the dentist uh thank you so much children Mr
Bull will be your teacher I will be back very soon be good we will good morning children good morning Mr B today I will teach you all about numbers we've already done numbers have you can you tell me what number this is then five very good jany does anyone know any other numbers 1 6 42 oh you do know your numbers well do you know the letters of the alpha B yes C for cat D for dog e for elephant we know lots of letters so I see has Madam gazelle taught you any nursery rhymes Mary had a little la
mb days of the week Friday fruit and vegetables carrots gosh Madame Gazelle has taught you everything there there's nothing left for me to do what's that it's the squeaky floorboard Madame Gazelle once it's fixed does she now well I've just thought of something I can teach you how to fix a squeaky floorboard hoay a couple of taps with this Hammer will fix it hello hello Mr Bull how are you getting on oh very good I'm just teaching the children how to fix things ah that sounds nice I'll be back s
oon all right bye-bye that children is how you fix a squeaky floorboard it's still squeaking stand back I need to take a closer look there we go this was the squeaky floorboard but the floor is still squeaking oh it must be this floorboard there we go it's still squeaking there's only one thing for it what's that we dig up the floor ho he hello Mr Bull I am coming back now is everything okay yes yes it's all under control see you soon stand back children Mr Bull is fixing the floor Madame Gazell
e is back from the dentist Mr Bull what are you doing to my school Mr Bill is fixing the squeaky floor that's right look no squeaks now that is because there is no floor now oh yes put everything back how it was before please right you are Mr Bull is good at digging holes and hopefully good at filling them in again poem it is another day at playr good morning children good morning m purple woly socks are mittens for my feet when the days are cold they keep in all the heat that children was a poe
m about woly socks oh what about woolly socks a poem is a magical way of using words that puts a picture in your mind a picture of wly socks not just woly socks a poem can be about anything a lovely Garden on a hot summer day a young man a broken heart and Woolly socks yes and sometimes the words in a poem rhyme like feet and heat or cat and mat or dog and dog no Danny that is not a rhyme that is the same word oh yes Madame Gazelle I can't think of any words if you can't think of words you can u
se sounds instead listen to the wind it goes woo W wo w a playtime children look for something we can make a poem about what can we make a poem about a little bird little bird birdie bird you are very birdie that's good Peppa what about the Swing Swing Swing swingy thing swingy thingy swing thing making a poem is easy easy easy peasy lemon squeezy oh it is raining oh dear I must get the big umbrella spash Splash spash this is fun gather around children I have the big umbrella the big umbrella th
at is a big umbrella listen to the rain on the umbrella it goes p p better now it sounds like back to school everyone Madame Gazelle can we do a poem about the rain what a good idea Molly let's think of words that remind us of the rain uh rain Yes suie rain is rain but what other words does rain mean make you think of it's very splishy and splashy and it sounds like p p p p and yes those are all wonderful rainy words and how does the rain make you feel wet yes Danny anything else it makes me fee
l tickly and wriggly it makes me want to jump up and down in muddy puddles very go good put it all together and we can make a poem hooray it is home time and the parents have come to pick up the children hello today the children have been making up a poem would you like to hear it yes the poem is called rain drip drip drip drop drop drop p p p sh it is a rainstorm wet trickle wriggles making lots of Puddles very good to jump inish [Applause] spash rups love poems everybody loves poems super pota
to movie Peppa and George are going to see the super potato movie at the cinema super potatoes get your super potatoes here o could we get a super potato please daddy is it made of plastic Mr Fox it's better than that it's made of potato made of potato yes it's a potato well in that case I'd have two pleas would everyone please take their seats the film is about to start o now does anyone need to go to the toilet no good then let's go in this is the cinema where the film will be shown hello Rebe
cca I've got super potato I've got Mrs carrot help save me super potato super potato to the rescue shush Peppa the film is about to start super potato the movie hooray far away in the land of fruits and vegetables there is a problem help my foot is stuck we need a rescue someone call for super potato super potato super potato kid someone call my name hooray by the power of vegetables I am here you're my hero hoay Mommy I need the toilet okay come on then sorry excuse usato Miss Rabbit is in the
projector room is this the toilet no Peppa this is the projector what's a projector it's the machine that shows the film you're watching see oh yes there super potato I get to watch super potato six times a day wow I wish I was a superhero you are a superhero to us Miss Rabbit you do all the important jobs yes I have just cleaned the toilets you'll find them down the corridor on your left thank you Miss Rabbit hurry up Mrs carrots about to be rescued again someone call for super potato super pot
ato super potato did someone say my name I am on my way Ho What's Happening Now Mrs carrot got stuck in the mud the power of vegetables I am here you're my hero y I want to be a super potato when I grow up here comes the song bit fruit and vegetables Keep Us Alive always remember to eat your five ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to the stage super potato to by the power of vegetables I am actually here did you enjoy the movie children yes show us how you fly how do I fly like this am
I a bird am I a plane no I'm a Potato oh dear super potato is stuck in the cinema roof help call for super potato that is super potato quick call for Miss Rabbit Miss rabbit rabbit rabbit Miss Rabbit did someone call my name help oh I'm on my way yay help help Miss Rabbit to the rescue help wa Miss rabbit has rescued super potato wow when I grow up I want to be Miss Rabbit Miss Rabbit you are my hero Miss Rabbit is a superhero the sun Castle it is a lovely sunny day Peppa and George have come to
the side I'm going to make a sand castle I want to make a sand castle too and me okay George and me will show you how put sand in your bucket turn your bucket [Music] over tap it with your [Music] Spade good now now lift up the bucket Tada Tada T Peppa George mummy and daddy pig have made four Sand Castles N here is Pedro bony hello Peppa hello Pedro do you like our sand castles yes but it would be better if he had walls joining them together like this good idea Pedro yes lovely walls the walls
have joined the castle together now it's one big sand castle Wendy Wolf is at the seaside too with her daddy that's a good Castle thank you Wendy I like the walls nothing like good strong walls what are they made of straw sticks bricks sand excellent let's make something in the middle like what how about the biggest sand castle in the world yes we need a heap of sand Wendy Pedro Pepper and George are making a hill in the middle of the castle and on the very top T it looks great yes really good
now it needs the bubbly bits what a bubbly bits all castles have bobbly bits on top of the wall like this a Wendy Wolf is using Pebbles to make the castles bubbly bits and it needs Flags Pepper and George are collecting little sticks and some seaweed to make flags it needs Windows Pedro is using shells to make Windows there what a fantastic sand castle let's add a moat what's a moat you'll see we dig the moat all around outside the wall good idea everyone help dig okay and now we have to fill th
e moat with water let's get water from the [Music] sea [Music] the moat is full of water the Castle's finished hooray I wish it could be my home and I could live in it you're too big to live in a sand castle Peppa here is Mr Crab he's come to take a look at the castle hello Mr Crab do you have a home to live in oh a he looks sad I don't think Mr crab has a home he can live in our Castle yes in you go Mr Crab oh but how does he get across the moat he needs a bridge George has found a piece of Dri
ftwood George has made a bridge Mr Crab likes the bridge but he can't get inside the Castle we just need to make a little door Mr Crab is the king of the castle it's the best s Castle in all the world ever windmills today Peppa and her friends are at playgroup it is play time they niy children here is Mr Bull morning Madame Gazelle sorry about the noise what noise that noise we've got a big job on this hill uh thank you for your patience at this time Madame Gazelle what is Mr B building I don't
know Peppa let's watch and see if we can guess Mr Bull has a big drill he's digging a big hole he's making a swimming pool a swimming pool hooray no that's not a swimming pool it's a rocket a rocket hooray but it's got petals it's a big flower a big flower oh it's a windmill yes Peppa it is a windmill to make electricity Edmund is Right Edmund elephant is a bit of a clever clogs the windmill uses wind to make electricity how well the wind spins the top bit around and electricity comes out the bo
ttom Madame Gazelle is electricity good oh yes Susie we need electricity to power things like lights television and music ah back inside children can we make windmills Madam gazelle yes we will need paper and glue and some straws let me show you all how to make a little windmill first you fold a square piece of paper like so we make a little snip from each Corner put a blob of glue in the middle of the paper then we fix one side of each corner to the middle now all we need is a straw and a paper
fastener to fix our paper windmill there a windmill wow now it is your turn I'm going to make a green wind me I'm going to make a red one I will make a big one first we fold to the corners then a grownup can do the Snipping next we put a blob of glue in the riddle then stick it all down just one side of each Corner Freddy now we pin it to the straw maybe I should do the pinning pepper there [Music] it's a spinny windmill is everyone's windmill spinning yes mine's not Edmund has built a big wind
mill I can't blow hard enough maybe if we all blow together wow it's as big as Mr Boo's windmill let's go and see how he's getting [Music] on Mr Bull's windmill is finished wow are you making lots of electricity Mr Bull yes and we're using the electricity for something very important Mr Bull is boiling a kettle Tre break Lads all the electricity from the windmill has made a pot of te tea oh lovely that it's the spot Mr Bull and his friends like tea what a wonderful windmill Mr Bull and how usefu
l it is windmills are brilliant Peppa loves windmills everyone loves windmills please um thank you Granny and Grandpa Pig are having breakfast at Peppa's House mom may I have some juice please of course you may Peppa thank you well I never it says here that children today are very rude would you like some juice George please thank you it says children have no manners and never say please and thank you Pepper and George always say please and thank you don't you yes Grandpa I'm very glad to hear t
hat because please and thank you are very important words in fact they are magic magic oh yes nice things happen when you say please and thank you please please please no George you only say please when you ask for something and you say thank you when someone does something for you thank you thank you thank you thank you it's time to go to playgroup is everybody ready yes Dad Dy Pig then let's go thank you this is Peppa's play group Mr Bull is cutting the grass the grass is looking lovely Mr Bul
l oh thank you Daddy Pig good morning children good morning Madame Gazelle let me introduce you to the being nice tree what does it do when someone is nice I put a picture of them in the branches o oo how do we be nice there are lots of ways to be nice Madame Gazelle I know some magic words that are nice please and thank you oh yes the magic words please tell us about them if you want something you need to say please and if somebody gives you something you say thank you very good oh this is some
thing we can all practice with a little game I will need two children suszie sheep and Danny dog now Susie has an apple thank you Madame Gazelle very good Susie and Danny would like that Apple yes I would like that Apple okay Denny ask Susie for the Apple can I have that Apple yeah yes M yummmy let's try that again when you ask for something Denny you must remember to say the magic word Abracadabra no what is the magic word children please oh yes are you ready yes then off you go can I have that
Apple please no Suzie he's already got an apple this is not about apples it is about saying please okay here's another apple and now Danny what the other magic word oh yes thank you very good heads feet legs and knees I like saying please please please thank you so much for that thing thank you makes me want to sing heads feet legs and knees I like saying please please please thank you so much for that thing thank you makes me want to sing what wonderful singing children you will all go on the
being nice tree I finished cutting the grass Madame Gazelle very good Mr Bull goodbye Madame Gazelle what what is it you forgot to to say thank you yes how rude of me thank you Mr Bull for all your hard work it was my pleasure and thank you children for reminding me to say my Pleasant thank yous Madame Gazelle likes to say please and thank you everyone likes to say please and thank you ice cream Pepper and George are at Granny and Grandpa Pig's house today to me George throat to me Mr Labrador i
s here in his new ice cream van I hoay everyone is queuing for ice cream hello Mrs cat what flavor would you like as the vanilla ice cream nice oh I don't know I haven't tried it yet it is Mr labrador's first day selling ice creams oh it's delicious would you like one yes please what's the STW flavor like I'd better check oh that's nice as well I want a strawberry ice cream what do you want George ice cream than thank you is the mint ice cream good M lovely four mint ice creams please thank you
Mr Labrador it is Pepper and George's turn can I have a strawberry ice cream please ah hi seem to have run out of strawberry ice cream then can I have a vanilla ice cream please oh there's no vanilla left either actually I've got no ice cream left at all no ice cream maybe I tried to many myself yes maybe you did Mr Labrador loves ice cream don't worry my little ones let's make our own ice cream instead can we do that yes we used to make ice cream for your mommy when she was a little piggy oh ho
memade ice cream that sounds lovely POA board and I'll take it back home can we have the ice cream music please good idea [Laughter] Peppa right let's make ice cream first we pour some milk into a jug then we add some cream now what flavor would you like your ice cream to be we do have raspberries and strawberries from the garden yes let's make raspberry and strawberry ice cream in they go then we pour all our ingredients into a freezer bag now we need to make it very cold we'll put the ice crea
m back bag into this bag full of ice and salt and wrap it all in a towel now for the fun part we shake it up and down for 5 minutes you can start the shaking Peppa ice cream ice cream shake shake shake ice cream ice cream is what we make very good Peppa ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream shake shake shake ice cream ice cream is what we make one last shake for me and I think it might be ready did it work yes oo it's the best ice cream in the world yum yum granny can all my friends come for i
ce cream of course they can Peppa in that case we'll need to make a lot more ice cream hoay ice cream the best ice cream in the world all of Peppa's friends are here for ice cream hoay can I have banana can I have raspberry can I have blueberry please here you go thank you Peppa that's delicious have you got carrot flavor oh I don't think so yes we do made with carrots from my very own garden M thank you Peppa I love ice cream we all love ice cream Mr Labrador yes but I really love ice cream Man
dy Mouse's birthday today is Mandy Mouse's birthday as a speci special treat Mandy is going to cheese world with her friends Mandy what is cheese world it's the most fun ever there's a cheese River a cheese mountain and a cheese Sky wow and best of all is the Cheese Castle where you get to smell cheese you like cheese don't you Mandy yes Mommy welcome welcome to cheese world have any of you been here before yes I have oh hello Mandy nice to see you back again so as Mandy already knows everything
at cheese world is about cheese that's right and we start by sailing on a river of cheese this is the river of cheese All Aboard hold tight everyone this rabbit are the boats made out of real cheese no the boats are made out of plastic boats made out of real cheese would be bizarre ah the cheese river flows past Hills and trees of cheese this is the cheese Mountain ooh is this mountain made out of real cheese no but this is exactly what it would be like to see sail through a cheese Mountain if
cheese mountains existed H hello everyone welcome to the cheese airplanes wowow now has anyone flown one of these planes before I have of course hi there Mandy can you show your friends what to do yes if you pull the lever the plane goes up wow and if you push the lever the plane goes down oo while aboard your airplanes up up and away this is brilliant there's the cheese sun and the clouds are cottage cheese I can see the whole world and it's all cheese was that fun yes told you it was will be t
he most fun ever hello Mandy Mouse lovely to see you at cheese world again hello gry rabbit have you told your friends about my castle of cheese I told them the castle of cheese was the best bit to right it's where we get to smell real cheese no pretend cheese here oo Follow Me if You Dare into my castle of cheese [Music] let's start by smelling a mild cheese that smells good I like it too not much of a smell now for some decently strong cheese Ah that's more like it a proper stinky one o it sme
lls like my daddy's socks and now boys and girls we come to the strongest cheese in the whole world here [Music] goes That's What I Call cheese M it's the nicest smell I've ever smell you do so love cheese don't you Mandy yes Mommy I like smelling cheese and I like eating cheese even more funny you should see that because it's time for your birthday cake and it's a cheesecake happy birthday Mandy this is my best birthday ever Science Museum Peppa and her playgroup are visiting the museum this F
children follow me here is Miss Rabbit hello everyone has anyone ever been to a museum before yes good then you know that in a museum you can look but not touch because everything in a museum is very delicate oops yes these old things break easily but today we're going to visit the science museum here here you can touch everything yay buttons to press wow brilliant ooh spooky pull on that rope and try to lift the weight it's too heavy now try that rope with the pulley on it wow now it's easy y m
y goodness how does that work well it's uh the system increases the mechanical advantage proportionally to the number of pulley yes that's what I was going to say my little brother Edmond is super [Music] clever oh look a tube hello Suzy Sheep hair oh where are you I'm I am here where I can't see you let's find the end of the tube here I am hello Suzy Sheep hair amazing oh maybe in the future this could be used for talking to people a long way away you mean like a telephone oh yes telephones exi
st already don't they magic balloons get your magic balloons here are they really magic balloons uh no not really but they're still pretty amazing want to see yes please all we need to do is rub it like this and then the balloon is sticking to the wall magic no not magic but static how does it work no idea protons are said to have a charge of plus one electron unit while electrons have a charge which explains static what does that bang hello children here is grumpy rabbit now it's time for some
dangerous science don't be alarmed there is a responsible adult in charge me who wants to ride in this rocket pepper kindly jump in um are you sure this is completely safe of course it's safe Now Peppa put your hands against mine on the count of three push one 2 three push wow I moving yes that's called propulsion but real rockets use Rocket Fuel to blast off who wants to fly in this Ro pocket it has to be someone small there's not much room inside I'm small perfect and you get Edmund and uh thi
s is completely safe for children too yes the rocket just flies itself no I meant off you go oh my goodness woohoo wo lucky the museum has a high ceiling and that is how rocket propulsion works that was fun it was brilliant it was uh unbelievable Peppa loves the science museum everyone loves the science museum jukebox Peppa and George have been sailing with Granny and Grandpa a pig all a sh [Music] Captain I'm rather thirsty shall we have a juice in the clubhouse yes please uh the clubhouse is a
bit stuffy Grandpa Pig not much fun for Pepper and George that's all right granny we only want a juice it is very quiet in the clubhouse could we have four fruit juices please do you have a membership card sir of course very good sir here are Mr Stallion and Mrs Corgi P Grandpa Pig good to see you El Bean sorry what are all these people doing here granny I don't know Peppa mostly sleeping I think oh what's this it's a juke box it plays music I like music but it looks like this one hasn't played
music in a long time four fruit juices thank you Grandpa a jukebox yes but it's not playing music it might play music if we put a coin in uh we don't want to disturb anybody oh grandpa they wouldn't be a juke box here if they didn't want us to play it I suppose so let's choose some something quiet of course coin please thank you oo Now where's the rock and roll music here we are rock and roll this is rock and roll music come on George let's go we're going to roll roll roll rock and roll going t
o rock what's are this no I am so sorry yes here you should be disco music is what you want to play disco music I'll show you have you got a coin of course thank you here we go get ready to groove on down gr on down this is disco music what a record why don't you play something good so what do you think is good music then hip hop has anyone got a coin grandpa has coins okay here you go with a hip and a hop you got a hiop this is hip hop music with a hip and a hop you got a hip hop well I never t
his is brilliant with a and aop you got to H Mrs Corby is dancing like a robot wow look at that with a hip aop you got a hip hop with a aop you got a hip hop is somebody having a party it is Grampy rabbit excuse me sir but are you a member no but I'm with him uh hello grandpy rabbit hi there I heard music we found a juke box does he play my kind of music and what Dare I ask is your kind of music heavy metal of course and I suppose you need a coin thanks old chap this is heavy metal [Music] music
this is the only music to dance to Grandy rabbit loves dancing to the Jukebox everybody loves dancing to the Jukebox children's festival Peppa is going to a children's festival Daddy what is a festival it's a big outdoor party with lots to see and do I just hope it doesn't rain otherwise it can get a bit muddy don't worry it won't be muddy oh I like mud this is the Children's Festival wow wow wow welcome to the festival at the Children's Festival there are so many fun things to see and do here
is Suzie Sheep hello Peppa hello Suzie isn't this great it's brilliant there's so much going on what shall we do first we've got making things sand castles storytelling yes I like stories me too this is the story tent all of Pepper's friends are here hello children if you want a story about a pirate say I power a good once upon a time there was a pirate he found a desert island and he dug up some buried treasure the end what an adventure that story makes me miss the sea I must set sail at once a
nd find that desert island Captain dog loves The Sea it's just a story daddy you don't need to set sail oh yes no need for me to set sail ever again I like the children's festival yes and not a drop of rain we've been really lucky this year I told you it wouldn't be muddy a little bit of mud would be nice this way to the making things Tent today we're going to learn how to make something from the olden days who wants to make a basket okie dokie how about knitting an olden day hat how about a dra
gon all the children are making dragons wow those dragons are good almost like the real thing dragons are not real they are mythical creatures you're a bit of a clever clogs aren't you actually the correct term is child prodigy making things was fun and we've still got lots to see and do tomorrow tomorrow are we staying here tonight we certainly are yes I was hoping we could find a hotel nearby but I thought camping would be more fun yay camping great this is the camping area hello hello Peppa a
re you camping too we're not camping we're glamping what's glamping it's like camping but with lots of Home Comforts we've got a bathroom with a basin and a bath and a toilet and we've got a living room and a TV wow wow glamping looks great Daddy are we GL camping no we have our own little tent hopefully it's not too difficult to put up it shouldn't be a problem after all I am a qualified structural engineer mommy pig put the tent on the poles please that's it easy as pie hooray are you enjoying
the festival it's brilliant yes and it's lucky it hasn't rained too right when it rains this field just becomes mud we like mud but mud and camping don't go so well together ho ho it's not going to rain night night everyone night night pepper and her family are sleeping in their little tent at the Children's Festival oh dear it is starting to rain World Book Day pepper and her friends are at playgr children tomorrow is world book day when we celebrate the Wonder of books I love books me too me
too good please come to play group dressed as someone from your favorite book can I come a super potato is super potato in a book no he's on TV no it must be a character from a book can I come as someone from a fairy tale yes it can be any book you like remember your costumes for world book day tomorrow Mommy Mommy it's world book day tomorrow and we have to dress up as someone from a book that sounds exciting who are you going to be Peppa you've got lots of books to choose from yes I can go as
a sleepy princess from this book yes I love reading you this Story Once Upon a Time they lived them or maybe I can go as the red monkey I love that book too H I can't decide all the books are good why not go as funny onion from the book that Mummy Pig wrote no Daddy it has to be a real book not mommy's book thank you very much Peppa one once upon a time there was an onion called funny onion 4768 59 312 most of Mummy Pig's book is one big long number yes there were a few printing problems how abo
ut this book the tiny magic fairy yes I'm a tiny magic fairy and George what's your favorite book i s [Music] of course your popup Dinosaur book well that's settled George will go to world book day as a dinosaur and Peppa will go as a tiny fairy or maybe a duck quack quack it is nearly bedtime aha I'm the happy pirate from the pirate book Pirates are my favorite because they are funny and they sing Happy songs and brush their teeth yes brush their teeth are we all ready for world book day tomorr
ow no my favorite book keeps changing don't worry Peppa you can decide in the morning today is World Book Day oh my what wonderful costumes tell us Pedro who are you I'm the hunter from Little Red Riding Hood he's strong and brave and kind to old ladies very good and I am dogbeard the Sailor from The Adventures of dogbeard the Sailor and why is he your favorite because he's strong and brave and I think he might be kind to old ladies too excellent I'm an old lady so you are candy but are you not
also a witch yes so be careful or I'm I might turn you into a frog and you Edmund you have come as the big number from Mummy Pig's book 476 m859 312 oh what an amazing Choice ah George you are dressed as Ira but where is Peppa here I am ooh what book are you Peppa I am all my favorite books I have fairy wings a pirate hat a a red monkey tail and Quack Quack dug feet you're a fairy pirate monkey dock Peppa loves world book day everyone loves World Book Day the petting farm mommy and daddy pig are
taking Peppa George and Rebecca Rabbit to visit a Petting Farm mommy what is a Petting Farm it's a place where you get to meet tiny little animals you can feed them and you can stroke them oo I love IAL animals there's just one important rule at the farm before and after meeting the animals we have to wash our hands yes Daddy Pig this is the petting Farm hello there my lovelies I'm Mrs Badger the farmer hello now before we meet the animals there's one thing we have to do we have to wash our han
ds that's right first we use some soap it's all bubbly I love Bubbles and now some water wash wash wash our hands wash of nice and clean bubbly scrubby scrubby bubbly wash them nice and clean what kind of animals have you got here Mrs Badger we've got chickens here are the chickens it's time for the chicken lunch would you like to feed them yes please okay have a bag of bird seed each herey tick tick come and eat some seeds chicki what lucky chickens yes they certainly are well fed now who wants
to hold a baby chick me me me me me they're so little they're so fluffy they're so sweet it's true baby chicks are little and fluffy and sweet Mrs Badger what what other animals have you got we've got guinea pigs can we see the guinea pigs of course but before you see them you need to wash our hands that's right wash wash wash your hands wash them nice and clean bubbly scrub scrub bubbly wash them nice and clean here are the guinea pigs a look at their cute little faces and their fluffy little
bodies you can pick them up and stroke them if you like aw you are lovely adorable aren't they that's not quite the word I would use and they make excellent pets can we have a guinea pig Daddy please we haven't really got the space to keep a guinea pig you don't need much space uh and they probably need lots of looking looking after no guinea pigs are very easy to look after and I would do all the work but Peppa um you might not want to do that forever and then you could always look after it for
her uh look at the time I think we have to be getting home oh yes look Rebecca there's your mommy she's come to meet you here is mommy rabbit with the baby twins Rosie and Robbie hello Rebecca hello Mommy oh look cute little baby rabbits yes my little baby brother and sister really are cute can we cuddle them please mommy rabbit of course you can Peppa but there's something you need to do first wash our hands wash wash wash your hands wash them nice and clean bubbly scrub scrub bubly wash nice
and now you can cuddle Robbie and Rosie have you had a nice time today yes Mommy we fed seeds to chickens we held the baby chicks we stroked the guinea pigs and now best of all we're cuddling baby rabbits Peppa loves the petting farm everyone loves the petting f