"Gill on Gussets & Galaxies" with Caitlin Gill

Brighter than Vega, as necessary as the dark sky, science communicator and crotch gusset enthusiast, Caitlin Gill joins Daniel and Laura to ruminate on the Horseshoe Theory, fenced compounds, Pluto, Uranus, star leftovers, Angelica Houston, the way you pronounce “antennae” says a lot about your identity, Angela Lansbury, Daniel’s puberty greets the apex of his mother’s menopause and Caitlin answers a ten-year-old astronomer’s question: Why are we here? X: @ROBOTCAITLIN Insta: @caitlinistall Sky Watcher Star Tours Caitlin's alum, "Major"

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hi everybody Welcome to what we thought would happen Our Guest today has reached the stars as an astronomer as a person as a comic as a brilliant writer and she uh she we were both in a uh a musical review um together called dogs dogs dogs and she brought the star major hulahan is with us I did her writer was pretty extensive thank you for providing the bone broth sure sure and the the nebor and kibble um not to be named because they don't sponsor her but um just a preference they will after thi
s I'm hoping yeah I am but Major's Handler um I kayin Gil have brought the true guest major Margaret hot tahan with me today Major jeez Kaylin I didn't even say your name I so transfac by the dog with us I stepped on your intro no is the incomparable Caitlyn Gil Y and and a Frontiers woman Caitlyn is out Caitlyn and Kelly are out near Joshua Tree re building a home building their own home me and the sweet lady um are on 5 Acres of of desert goodness um there is a a home on it that needed a lot o
f TLC um sure so I have been in working working on that getting those is getting my car heart dirty um you know I still go for the the the what poor people think is Rich name brands but I do actually work in them wow but that's rewarding building your own home she's breaking rocks out there I am so the place we got um I mean if you're thinking of moving to Los Angeles um let me tell you that my mortgage on 5 acres is less than my rent on a studio in Los Angeles but uh and that area out there is
beautiful super gous do you have to immediately I should say I don't live in 29 Palms I live or sorry I live in 29 Palms which is outside of Joshua tree and that is a dist that is an aster you know it's One does not simply like live in Banning and say they live in Los Angeles but it is uh nonetheless uh in the Joshua Tree area and phenomenally beautiful I'm just a couple miles from a park entrance so wow remember saying I was from New York and people thought oh you know like you think New York C
ity and it's like no it's might as will be the south from near Buffalo New York so it's like I found the interest I feel like atoria doesn't count I don't live in New York never have so it's difficult to exactly when speaking to people of an international ilk I found that saying Texas instead of the US had a lot broader appeal yeah California also works that way that is its own country any a planet um wait are you serious about the astronomer thing are you an ason really yes so um I know you fro
m ears performing stand-up comedy which I still love it occasionally dust off but these days I spend more nights under literal stars in Joshua Tree in the actual Park I do astronomy tours do you really yes so when I'm feeling fancy I work in science communication and when I'm feeling honest I'm a tour guide amazing both amazing either way I have applied to the observatory oh so cool in any shape or form and they see right through my [ __ ] I just want really I didn't even know that was something
you could do I just figure like scientists are just PL there science teachers just showing people I think they want someone with some credentials and not just someone who can do a tight 30 I don't know it turns out uh that science communication is a whole job I can't do the science part don't scratch the surface here I cannot do the math I will never be building equipment I will never discover anything about a star but when somebody does I can tell people about it so that's fantastic you know i
f you like 2020 happened everything changed we just kind of let it um I started looking for actual jobs do you remember that you have to like do the you go and like work at the same place over and over with the same people I did that recently and hated it yeah it's it's notoriously awful plus like I you just don't assume that 12 years in standup translates on a resume really I kind of thought I was just going to be explaining a 12year gap in employment uh but credit to the folks I'm working with
out there they were looking for somebody with a background like mine um which felt incred lucky because they've worked with scientists and they are not as excited to make hot coco night after night and talk about the phases of the moon like you got to meet people where they are on the last T I did last week and you're a people person you have to be you like to be you know and Caitlyn also is one of the few people who was always an amazing host which I think is the hardest job Aaron Foley I had
a terrific conversation just yelling in a green room about uh how hosts are terribly mistreated it should never be the greenest comic it should always be like the people working at features as features flip it have them open the show get it really hot for a new local comic to come do a few minutes and then give it back to the feature level talent to then bring on the headliner we're just screaming in agreement so loud the louder and louder the more we agree Aaron is a sports fan Aaron is a sport
love so lineups are a big deal yeah oh she's the best we were at at her birthday party she we went to her birthday thing at the didn't she have like a birthday show it was a birthday kind of there was a little celebration little at that tiny little bar yeah um something anyway yeah go ahead are you okay so wait do you like planetary Astron are you Stellar we uh Joshua Tree National Park is designated dark sky so it's super super dark there's just no City Lights um for lots of miles so there's a
dark sky movement yeah it's important yeah um it's good for our mental health it's good for our physical health it's good for the physical health and well-being of animals like really good for them mods have a reputation for being kind of dumb because they spit around light but no friends mods keep the moon on their left so they there's just thousands of moons around there around them to get confused by oh my God so they're just spinning yeah they are just spinning they're not you know designed
to have sources of artificial light all around can I tell a quick moth story we are in Victoria Texas which is whatever uh and so moth country it's moth country and we were it was night time and you know like a like a yellow SEC like a flood line like one of those it was a of my friend's elementary school so there's the shadow cast by the by the light and there's a moth and we're it's just sitting there right and so we are like creeping up to it and we're looking like right here at this moth an
d then we realize in the like umbrella of the Shadow is an even bigger moth wow it was like the size of a football it was so big and it scared the [ __ ] out of us yeah it was moth it was Mo we scared I said hello um wait that Moon fact is yes so the the night sky is just good good for us it's so easy to disconnect from it's so easy to be surprised by like the moon up in the afternoon and just be totally removed from that cycle that's very consistent it is very easy to just ignore the sky um esp
ecially if you can't see it but the dark sky is worth preserving yeah because that's maybe that's why people can't sleep yeah that's a huge yes um that it's just disconnects us from our place in the universe a little bit most humans who've been humans this is what I find and I'm surprised by and I think it's kind of a a neat conundrum uh most people live in places so bright they've only seen the Milky Way in astrophotography yeah so they've seen the Milky Way but it's like purple and blue and to
rn open and it look like Grand them all but that's not what the Milky Way looks like to your eyes it looks milky it name is it's like a smear yeah it's like um because what you're seeing is a a band of stars close together but far from us so about 33,000 light years out roughly fact check yell at me on the internet um there are uh Stars close to one another too far away for us to resolve there are so many of them their light just closed in the sky so your eyes could easily tell you that's fog or
Cloud but when you you know that it is Starlight in myth that's that's her's milk that is that's queen of the gods Mill that is the lactation of the top to dogus so this was why I took Stellar astronomy not for the physics culus of it all I was like wait wait wait wait wait just blow my mind with facts that's all I want the facts are like and knowing how to communicate the facts is apparently a whole job so the have you heard about the recent Moon missions that have sort of been thwarted that h
appen I mean I feel like those are really easy head like headlines big budget projects like that are difficult and bound to not go right but that isn't good press so right um but I still have faith we'll we'll oh I have I'm sorry I just wanted to ask um Caitlyn the last time we spoke you said there was you were um doing your your job as as um I'm can I say astrophysicist yeah uhhuh yeah doctor of astrophysic sure and there was a a little kid who kept asking you the same question or whatever do y
ou remember that about the what you said oh you were or just that it was actually fun or oh um yeah he so we asked question after question about like the Earth's size and where we are and like what so we're rotating around the Sun it like he asked all these questions about elements and with like a 9 to 10 year old brain so he was kind of soaking up some answers but he got pretty deep and to a place where it was very natural for him to just look up at me and go so why are we here oh no oh my swee
t friend and and his parents were there exactly so I'm just looking at them like let's see I don't see a visible cross's wearing I don't I have an answer I don't to give it to your CH it's like Suddenly It's like are you a creationist is this CRT go so many ways um what was your answer uh we are as as inevitable as we are unlikely oh I love It O Beautiful um right Mage hi major the we have been here since the Big Bang banged it just took a really long time for all the steps MH to happen the univ
erse is really big but that is the size of the factory it takes to make our ingredients so our size isn't an opposition yeah to the size of the universe our size is just right chef's kiss that's just what we're supposed to be I wish you were my mom I know I'm learning so much it's not too late for us will you adop me will you adopt me or at at least when you homeschool us like this is great you know what I mean you're brilliant pull the drapes and get some severe Lighting on us like I'm absorbin
g I wish all kids could hear that and know that there isn't anything to be frightened of or or to act a certain way because of you know because of God or punished or because we're unimportant it's all it all comes back to big and small at the same time kids are great guests um yeah you think they yes the opposite of the comedy environment kids are wonderful guests on a tour because adults are cool um they are trying to be too cool so they don't get excited because excited and sincerity is not co
ol well also because they're probably stupid that too and they feel like they're stupid um I've worked in retail environments like this before if you're doing anything high-end where people don't understand what you're talking about but they did pay for it they are in aird weird head space so you've got to like you've got to massage that very gently that's so funny I feel that way about speaking of you know massages if you paid for something you'll you'll you know you'll go along like I had a ma
ssage and I and afterward I had a bruise on my neck you know it's $300 so she could have just beaten me to death yeah without me saying anything my neck hurt and I was like for $300 you want to be hospitalized I was like broken by this is that a massage or the most embarrassing fight I've ever been see I want to be hurt and a massage I do there's a place I go to in uh in Studio City and the the youngest person they have to walk on your back is 900 years old and I want I want her mother and she b
eats the out of my neck and I love it yeah walks on you what is that ashiatsu smart I love it yeah you never think a heal would be so are they looking for anyone size 12 230 61 looking for are they in the market I like it Ru I really do and it's like every time I ask for a man [ __ ] mint I'm telling you but it's like it makes me look too we could go we could be Dom in edx's up on the table let's get this on table I have a friend who's a Dom I have a friend who's a Dom and it's mostly older like
white guys who want to get like their ball smashed with their that's theet yeah older white guys geez all these people with evolution of it all with Maga guilt have to go have a woman beat the [ __ ] out of them she which reminds me also you know um Daniel Caitlyn and I were on stage in 2016 at The Improv lab yes when all hell broke Liv question real fast was it just the sheer confidence we all had that you thought I know I'll do a show that night like really oh yeah I was terrified my genuine
surprise at the result um feels I'm still surprised me too I think I blocked it out of my mind it's why I'm scared this time because I feel like no way and I'm like no that feeling you've been so wrong so desperately wrong before 100% yeah I was surprised um and we're backed into a corner because of Biden it's also my show was just on Tuesdays it happened to be a Tuesday it really wasn't that I love that show crab apples yeah crab apples Kayla Gill Bobcat gowe thank you Hollywood improv great sh
ow it was it was so much fun to do that's where I met um you and and also Bobcat um but debor did youan that was the first time I was nobody [ __ ] funny I met her at Tower but that was the first time I was like on a show with Deb and was like like the way she crushes is crazy it's one of those comics where like you know how sometimes the audience laughs in the back of the room titters or the back of the room explodes and the audience is like I guess this is good uh de just like back to front au
dience to Comic it's unreal just you'll watch the outside of a comedy club clear like everybody will be out like doing goof just goofing around sorry I hit your camera um and like you'll hear Deb get announced to hear her voice and you'll just watch the whole creep back in yeah she's canceled on us um she didn't want to do the show you know she deserves it let let Divas Diva she had to cancel on us because the audience was still laughing had they were still applauding they wouldn't let her off s
tage would let her off but that was brilliant show loved it yeah yeah oh was so much fun I always want to um talk about like the planets and the stars but that's you can't help it when you're out in R roll and you can see all that [ __ ] like you can literally see it's in my yard how about building a club in your yard come out I don't know what I want to do yet I miss stand up all the time I haven't even touched it yet I don't even know how to like I don't I yeah you do um I mean I know what you
're mean we're I processed could you stop you know what I mean like what would happen if you stopped what would happen if the last time you did stand up regularly was like three years ago yeah it's hard I perform 10 hours a week you know 2 hours at a in front of tiny audence audiences that are riveted I get to do 2 hours at a time playing with telescopes goofing off being funny and St and I'm still thirsty for like three unpaid minutes I wait hours for at a garbage comedy club like I missed yeah
why can you try out your stuff in front of the people a little bit uh I don't tend to cross over in that direction I would probably go the other way and do some silly Spacey comedy but yeah I miss comedy all the time I think so I had a breakthrough that's not what you were asking but I miss comedy all the time okay no I'm saying let's start a club in your in your backyard RuPaul had a had a realization about being late all the time and how they were addicted to the adrenaline oh really and to m
e I really recognize myself in that but I also there's weird adrenaline stuff involved in like performance and standup specifically and I find myself cuz me I sweat and I'm like nervous and I don't want to talk and I'm C you know I'm not hungry I'm why am I addicted to that but I am so hooked more also the performance I remember feeling so even I before a show uh I would just be like quiet focused kind of calm like definitely in reserve and then as soon as I get off stage I'm just Sparkles all t
he nerves came after so I'd just be like just insufferable bubbly and nuts for a couple analyzing everything going over the so I had this reverse like I would be so kind of hungry for what I knew was coming after that I'm just like you murderized on the post set feeling yeah but I do think that's part of the like craving of even when you like bomb you still want to do it again that's what feeds that is the only sets that make me uh that I didn't like were good I want to kill or die like let's ki
ll or die here let's I want to put it all out I don't want a set where I don't know why I didn't kill it yeah like yeah that was fine you should you should like or not like this like I'm not I'm serving pistachio and I know it like I'm for you or I'm not if everybody's like that was fine I did something weird but when you oh no I was just going to say say that um like when people say they're only comfortable on stage yeah um I realized like I'm not comfortable anywhere and I might as I might as
well be on stage yeah I did I had to do a special in front of cars it was during Co and no but and it was like which was a Gamble and to do an hour in that space and I'd be like okay just pretend like you're totally alone and and that they're never going to laugh right there's going to be zero laughter for 60 minutes which is basically what it was but it really was and I was like the Breakthrough was I was like oh but that's how I feel all the time yeah even when you're killing it's like well I
am just kind of here alone you're still with me yeah yeah yourself no matter where you go you're still with yourself but it was one of those things I was like yeah you always are like Maria banord doing it her special at home in a living room I was like special nothing so so so so when you were in the park were you in a parking lot was it the thing was it behind the magic club the the poster says the Rose Bowl but but technically it is the parking lot of the Rose bow oh [ __ ] okay so the sign i
s in the background so you can see great broadway it was but the my favorite was they had miked the cars so you could hear the L but you could also hear the chips crinkling and the like and yeah is there a bathroom like you can hear all that and the monitors as well understand that uh Tammy Joe who's a great comic and also she's helping us produce this she I didn't understand she was trying to say cuz we did the parking lot behind the um comedy magic club is it like a drivein yeah okay good that
's what I I wasn't sure I said is that stupid to ask in Co especially that show that was like the only show and somehow worked I think if especially if you're like not a performer and you're trying to get the out of the house in a global pandemic uh I think from that lens it it sorted did the trick yeah but you know I was never a fan of like Sonic car hops unless you're on roller skates like I'll show up and watch you but you're [ __ ] better be on Wheels ohz I mean we should have done it on Whe
els the whole thing and guess what I'm great on in skates I believe that you know if it was a yes or no is Danny web good at skating it would be like yes it's just these legs the length of it all yeah that's truly it ironically we stand at the same height and it's pretty clear I am not good at can I tell you how enamored I am with your height because I just never I I rarely get to make like eye contact with a person I stand up straight sometimes and I realize my posture is bad but I've uh had to
adapt the world is built three or 4 inches too low for me so I've started touching things with my fingertips not my hands oh you know I used to reach for objects on a counter and it's like I want my whole hand on it but that's hunched so now I just sort of navigate with my fingertips around the that's amaz you know I realized my mom didn't realize like how tall I was getting and she used to say because every time we went to to a restaurant I'd knock over something i' knock over the water I knoc
k over something I'm not taking you out again until you're 21 but it was oh yeah it's going to improve then longer a full grown like a boxer we're like yeah but that's true it's like your depth of perception has to change and it isn't built for us and it should be by now it should be well I've said this every F I've made this so boring now I want just sleeves that fit oh my God sleeves pant legs yeah both please there's an Oprah trick for standing up and I constantly have to I'm a piano player s
o it makes me I feel like I have to but it works better standing up but essentially it's you just sit with your arms at your side and you point your thumbs forward and then you take your arms and you roll them out and you drop them and that's where you're supposed to be which is kind of a horny way to say really yeah it tits out the whole thing but that you can feel it with your heart when yeah it's all that like [ __ ] first but it's a it feels right first is better leave with your hearts a lit
tle soft I might go [ __ ] first was that was that your slogan when you were running for Senator of uh [ __ ] first no but I did just walk on stage in the past and just go uh what a God was it [ __ ] or vagina I just used to yell one of the one of the two uh both great words yeah I think I just uh I can't remember my own old opener I can't remember very specific in San Francisco forever there was like it was just the right time in the 2000s for us to be like we do shows with women can you believ
e it this show's got GS GS gals ladies with Smiles for Miles just would always get introduced as like are you ready are you ready girls so I just used to go and like yeah [ __ ] just yell yeah um didn't make as much money as when I worked clean but it was really satisfying wait did you were there was there a time when you would work like my album that still helps keep life easier is all CLE wow thank you USA for continuing to support my work with the maor we're going to say it again and put a li
nk to it named after my sweet dog major she's on the cover honestly where your volume is Major is just yep she she's like she's any stranger to me yelling yeah she said okay mother if you must take the stage I got a little uh especially after touring I toured uh with Bobcat thank you Bob and just realized it's you know okay so it's a little easier like you know yelling about knobbing or throwing in a bunch of dirty words does make things a little bit easier so I like the challenge but if I'm goi
ng to be a lesbian in St Louis like you know uh why don't I like I just wanted to try to make things less easier I could be more honest if I was not pushing buttons that didn't need to be pushed wow so I was able to be a little bit more able but still maybe push an audience in that whole like I'm gay and you're going to like me anyway thing which is no big deal here and then you leave and it's a big deal everywhere please talk about that because I feel it's like everyone it got so much worse and
you don't especially if you're not a known name you the first 10 minutes are for anyone trying to explain yourself but then it's like oh my God please don't think you're Hellbound just because I'm in the room yes oh my God and trying to get people over that so aside from opening with a [ __ ] and then just yelling at I can't really sell it anymore I used to just say like you know you know I'm gay cuz you can see me and that was the easiest way to just get this out like let's just get this done
because if I don't you're going to spend the first 10 minutes doing the math yourself F waiting for me to mention some partner in one way it's just like for a minute not a minute for years my whole opener was like I'm from Texas I'm in the closet which every gay man does every gay man either does that or says I Crush [ __ ] like they do one or the other but it did you say that again no cuz it's someone else is lying but it's like but I it worked it totally did the trick yeah but then at least pe
ople are like oh they have a sense of humor about themselves or at least let's them know that you know you're going to hell I remember I was laughing about these I told these guys I was writing on the show and I told these guys that I would had a date with this guy and then the next day they go so did did you turn his dick to dust and that made me laugh so hard just cuz I never heard heard that did I turned his dick to dust wait a minute I have osteoporosis anything's going to be dust he's going
to be poking into dust that's amazing does that mean you made him gay or that you're just like such a good oh like I guess like grinding I don't know until I turn somebody's dick to dust I don't it could have been a compliment it was a compliment yeah like yeah really let's see if you turned his dick to Ash you'd have that fire [ __ ] or something right I don't know that's that's the problem with working with men you have to understand their language you don't cousin you don't you just ignore i
t I think when I was like a teenager and still there would be okay it was like environmental right you're like a chameleon if someone's super Butch man are you trying to do that too which is humiliating but I'll never forget I gone to college and my cousin actually why did that get an airpl because I was I was I was doing mean college with a K like we don't know how to spell it I was taking Stellar astronomy among other flights of fancy but um it I came I came home and my cousin I forgot he's so
broy he was like you got a skirt and I literally thought he meant like did you buy yourself in fany yes I was like as a matter of fact I do and it looks great but I didn't know what he meant I was like what like trying to be a bro was like a girl some strange which I was like who uses strange which is one my favorite strange is great I love it it's a great word but it's like using Kleenex or SAA you my friend in New York we used to go to this we is Kleenex out it's just a general yeah but it's
ages clinex yeah wor 42 Winters you have to tell me these things same don't worry I'm right there with you my friend and I used to go to this Deli and and the guy didn't speak English that well and we had and we' been we hadn't been there in like a couple weeks we were there every week and instead of saying hey strangers he'd say hey strange to us and I said we have to write something called Hay strange our novel hay strange just know it works for the gays both ways if girls are like Girling if
girls are like oh my God I was looking up my ring and I did my registry and I I'll be like yeah I know what a square cut di I know what that yeah cut out yeah girl right destination wedding that's Primo I have an older sister so I know what like a princess cut it I want a destination death you know what I know what a crotch gusset is how it improves my step it's incredible a crotch Guss oh a gusset if I don't buy a garment unless it's got gussets are you kidding I don't know what does it do I ca
n demonstrate a gusset do you see how the seams on the armpit of the shirt are are engineered for movement yeah so it's not just a single seam there's some builtin space and maneuverability you want that in your crotch yes you got to look for a crotch gusset cuz if you're going to do floor drops if you're going to pop your ass at all if you're if you're going to install FL ing you're going to pop in some Bas boards I love this this is getting both sides yeah honestly the same pants work for both
because I can slide knee pads in my we pants and you need that you need that so we should exchange some shopping lists different purposes but same SE can you do I'm really in an overall Z so if you need any recommendations there let me know I love wearing just yeah I like wearing the um it's called five rock it's a it's a one piece oh yeah yeah yeah I have a coverall that I just bought now I have like three of the same ones and that's just what I look like I tell you I love those I had two gran
dfathers and they are both dead that is normal and one of them each one died and I got um I got I and I always wanted more uh cuz they had good stuff each one died and I got a Dicky's work suit out of both of them so one is gray and one is Navy that's the whole lineup uh if I if I've had a day where i'm haven't been productive I just put one of those on to look productive exactly to the door um I do I don't miss um I don't know this is like me doing therapy about missing standup as much as it is
a podcast so redirect me anywhere you want me to go but the um I don't miss dressing for anybody else um I was terrible at it I still like so many looks so many like weird ideas of what I should be wearing there was like a dress phase there was a tights phase there was a boots phase there was like different I landed on makeup pretty early with like black eyeliner bold lip that's like all I need um I tried so many things to look like a girl but look like the right kind of girl but not like that
and not like that either and like in the last few years especially since I'm work I'm literally working with my hands and myself like I never been my fashion is on yes this I am like living in my overalls like my bandan is tactic like I have you know I have always enjoyed fashion with like utility in mind I want it to look good and like have be built to be worn um and so there's this whole world of clothing where I'm like if it doesn't have a cargo pocket on it I don't need it like I am not on s
tage right now what is in the Western Wear there's the thing that so the water washes off your shoulders yeah that little it's like on a duster but I can't remember the word for that little flap uh sometimes a work shirt has just like if I could find a toddler carart can I send it for major oh yeah she doesn't wear it will this dog I so I finally put a sweater on her um she Weir it's really cold in the high desert uh and I put her out of the car I put the sweater on in the car I took the dog out
of the car and I put the dog on the ground and the dog would not move she would not pick up one leg she was just staring at me like get this the off of me I tried when she was younger she'd give into it for a short time but uh seven-year-old major has no patience for that she looks great in that red check the red and black check she looks so good but she wasn't having it she'll never know it uh yeah I but it is a slippery slope when your dog does love a costume then you're spending money I can
see myself dropping more cash on I I'd buy the dog Patagonia and car heart before myself for sure my dog loved it it would change the way he walked and it was just like and then the thing the stupid thing would fall asleep in a costume like you're a Bumblebee and you don't even no and you're just ay Little Bumble bumblebe so cute um the high desert that makes me think of uh Coast to Coast did you ever listen to Coast to Coast oh yeah because it would artbell or Geor would be like from the high d
esert because they are in the high desert so that's super UFO territory there's a couple other companies that do Star Tours in Joshua Tree and um we're not the ones that do the UFO tour so if you want to come see my tour look for the one that's not about UFOs uh we can talk about UFOs if you want do you delve into it I mean I kind of love it yeah sure sure um if the question is their life is their life out there oh yeah sure I mean astronomers talk about it and I with some level of certainty tha
t we'll have some answers to that question conah was wrong and contact and Jody Foster was right I feel like there's no intelligent life here fa yeah that's why they're not stopping so that's the star Vega in the book contact just it's like just out of the sky it's hard time now where Vega is one of the summer Stars so in summertime at the sunset when you look East Vega is one of the three big bright Stars you see veg Vega V so this time of year it's like when the sun sets Vega is way over on th
e western Horizon you can barely see it but uh Vega is where aliens were contacting us from in contact so it comes up a lot when Carl San wrote contact the premise was like it's absurd that Dr settler is so brilliant and yet spends her time looking for extraterrestrial life that's just so silly what a science mind and now there's nothing we do in space that doesn't have that search in mind nothing like everything we're doing is wrapped up in that sort of waiting for that Discovery cuz two is jus
t so much more than one in science so if we can find any other example anywhere in samples on Mars of Life beginning billions of years ago but not continuing like it changes the whole picture but if there is if there I I let's say there definitely is life on other planets who they I think they wouldn't want us to know about it cuz look what we've done to this one how we've [ __ ] this they know that I think they that's why they're like keeping it back if you take a if you take make a map of wher
e people in the United States see UFOs and you lay it over a map of US military bases you are looking at the same mapow and that could be because us milit and I live in 29 Pals largest Marine base there it Marine Military craft don't fly like airplane you're used to so is it that you're just seeing military crafts and you're thinking it's UFOs likely is it that aliens are peing at our military technology and being like [ __ ] no these apes are crazy I'm not going to take that off the table I wil
l not my mom saw a UFO and she's just not a Believer you know what I mean I mean she now believes but it was like she's not the kind of person who was just walking around like assuming there's life out there until she saw one on her way to work wow literally in broad daylight and was like is that you I mean she doesn't sound like that but like she full on had like G and what did she say it looked like she said it was just this like gray cylindrical thing and they were CL there she was like that
is a cloud that is not a cloud and then she said it just went wow and was gone um and then she turned left and went to work yeah I just feel like that's life right that that's exactly as uh so just like we are inevitable and unlikely that's interesting and deeply insignificant like we are just here the idea that there's something else out there only is radical to us I like it's not a it's not a big de like life is just a chemical reaction it's what happens when water gets soupy like it's just no
t that unlikely to us it's a big deal but the fact that there would be a great cylindrical ship that can just disappear into the clouds it's like cool yeah I got to get to work though have you seen the man who discovered oh he's dead but the man who discovered Pluto oh yeah which I believe was an accident uh uh God turnbo it's like Clyde turnbo say he and he's Southern uh Iowa is it that yeah you can correct me on the internet he might be like an Indiana guy somebody's going to be like he's from
my to I'm not going to take him away but I saw a photo he's just old man with a bolo tie he was fully a farm dude but there's math that said that Pluto should be there oh 100% uh was discovered Neptune uh I might again yell at me on the internet um Neptune and Pluto are both the movement of the other planet says that there's something else pulling on them just past that so they were discovered on paper before we saw them in the sky Pluto's just tough to see it's super far away from the Sun I fo
rget the number of billions of miles even though that is something I've known in the past boy I'll look that up again and feel embarrassed I can't remember it right now but uh it's just so far for light to reach it's so you'll probably know this of course Pluto was degraded as a planet but then it's too popular so Pluto's what is a planet is a more rubbery definition than we might expect we kind of want that to be nailed down it's not um if one of the things you kind of have to have if you want
to be a planet is a clear orbit around your star so when the earth travels its little course around the Sun there's kind of nothing in our way we're sort of made out of all the stuff that was in our direct orbit uh the Pluto on the other hand is out in like belt which is full of all this stuff that just like didn't keep going the solar system started there are objects out there that have been largely unchanged for billions of years they just Kyper means Daniel's comedy career keep going they jus
t didn't finish but they're in Pluto's orbit so Pluto's got like an Entourage um that hang that is in the same orbit around the sun with it and that is enough to be like Planet status is like you brought too many we can't let you in the club your own club is already the club yeah it's crazy it's way more complex than we thought it would be though there's like convection happening um you know the surface is icy but there's obviously heat coming from the core that's making stuff bubble underneath
it creates all these like hexagonal shapes that connect Pluto's like uh all those distant planets I mean they're distant from us right this is our neighborhood that is so close by in Spacey terms um but we didn't know Uranus was a looker Uranus looks [ __ ] good if you thought Ur oh Saturn Saturn's our girl Saturn's the one that's like that's the that's the king of Theus was just waiting so cool rings toe to tip we we're starting to get better at taking cool pictures and Pluto is also just like
and what about V overrated um I mean goddess of love She's it's a little vicious Venus is interesting um hotter than Mercury even though it's farther away from the sun it's just wearing too much atmosphere it's gassy gassy business this just hot we the first craft to go to Venus um were designed for a splash land we were like sci-fi sure that it was like warm Earth we like going to be like tropical we got to be ready there's going to be cool bugs and snakes totally y the the detris of yeah um I
mean it is kind of you know the origins of of Venus and Aphrodite I don't know if that's how you want to be made as a planet um glob of godc come hits ocean becomes Planet but uh no it was not ready for a Splash Landing those craft lasted like minutes they were like the acid like ate them right yeah they just were instantly corroded and burn and Dr Gil love right looks gorgeous you get there and you're not sure you should have come you know right it's exactly like life but Dr Gil I wanted to kno
w if I wore like tinfoil antenna would I have a better choice a better chance of of really connecting with an alien I mean you will have less of a chance connecting with other people and that really clears the way okay okay that it does open up other channels yeah tin what if I said it like you know tin tin foil antenna yes the anten oh that's my favorite like the dumb and yet I know that no I feel like that used to be like uh that I'm kidding by the way I don't really think the way you said ant
enna was how how gay men accidentally outed themselves and all do you know what I mean if you've ever pronounced the antenna people looked at your wife desper that's so or you just have that peculiar which is one of my favorite and I'm such a I go to the church of Angelica Houston but she has a peculiar she grew up what's a place in Ireland uh kill Kenny she I don't know like what's a like a lands we grew up in the hill some [ __ ] like that but she grew up there in the Groves or something like
in the Dan or what is is that a place anyway the [ __ ] has an accent sure and she says things like how have you been right have you I thought she was I thought she was from I thought she was from London like like grew up in well she had a house somewhere in the Irish Countryside I had no idea a long time ago but she says things like Renaissance love it right and I'm like that oh my God on Murder She Wrote if you're a Murder She Wrote Watcher like I am a little drinking game for yourself is ever
y time she says rol I'll say this Luc wow Angela has a little restaurant thing going on she's not going to give a hard consonant anywhere in that word she started as a French maid in a movie which was oh no oh I know I don't remember ang Angela Lansbury Angel lbur was a French made in I don't remember I don't know I don't either I don't either see we're hearing mindblowing facts about the universe and then we're getting zero information I'm bringing it down more I am honestly more intrigued abou
t the film debut of Angela Lansbury wasn't she like 19 I feel she was beautiful but the distance she might not have been French either but she was definitely a maid and a you know the number of bazillion miles that Pluto is away from us that you couldn't remember is the exact amount of distance between Angel lbg's Eyes make that's why are you kidding me that's why she's such an easy shot in uh the meruan candidate are you kidding me easy target um but she was gorgeous when she was that's a mean
thing to say but when no she has that aristocratic face you know it's not fancy and if it's coming from the stump but when it's from a family tree then it's just fine it's very Clinton esque though do you know what I mean like Hillary sort of has that my eyes are pretty far apart too no there something about that blue blood just push some farther blood down blue um I also owning a house on like a large land expanse is a fantasy of mine um oh do you want to talk do you want I want to talk mineral
I we're going to come out and can we do you think we could come out me and yeah we could could tape oh I would love to do that and have actual I had a friend in Austin Texas who owned his house and my favorite thing it was like and he was he was a prepper and I'm sure and he he was old school conspiracy theor so we have found and this sorry I'm go right back but um yes those are our neighbors your politics should you f follow them far enough will lead you to the same place uh left or right if y
ou go hard and far enough you will both be on fenced compounds in the desert one another it's that's the best way I've ever heard it pronounce yeah it's called The Horseshoe Theory and I love it there are horseshoes on all our property the Horseshoe theory is the name of your next special oh my God nailed it so you say that's how you can find someone with like a a Maga flag and a rainbow flag being NE right to othery neighbor mhy neighbor that the Horseshoe Theory so that's what I was going to s
ay I was like Po and not we were not even political friends but it was like one of those yeah honestly he could have gone to either end of the Horseshoe and went up there but it was after we were having sort of a similar conversation just about getting away getting out owning property and just like being on your own uh he goes can you keep a secret and I was like of course I can so he moved his television and then he rolled the rug up that was under it and showed me where he had been illegally m
ining under his own yes where there was a fullon room with a TV and like lamp light and all that [ __ ] so he actually found like gold or something or oil he had a he had a man cave or whatever the you want to call like a oh mining I thought you meant like he was actually found like no he was aing spoon was like digging a shelter oh I uh what do you call it a safe room what do you call a bomb shelter type situation 100% um and honestly I've never been more envious in my life I was like I want to
be able to move some furniture aside and have like secret room crap yeah but when you're in the country in like the end of the world happens you just kind of stay right you just you don't have to go anywhere yeah I mean the end of the world doesn't come that far does it ended the world hasn't started yet so I guess it's only a you have things to give up it's like do it's wherever 5G I don't I mean I have five acres with a zip code I still get UPS Amazon you know deliveries I still have a mailbo
x like I'm six minutes away from aater Brothers like I am not like ready for it all to end yeah and I don't fancy that I'm so important that I live in the era where everything truly will actually fall apart but part of what Co changed for me is just like I don't have the same level of comfort with kind of the safety net for lack of a better ter that like that we have around I just don't feeling safe is such a big umbrella term but like I don't feel like there's as much to depend on as I'm travel
ing around and it's so it's like the little things right it's like take it from what it feels like to get on an airplane to like what it feels like to leave that right you get on an airplane you're walking by people in minimum wage terrible jobs my dog's upset about this I Know M are you also feeling this pain um you're nobody's happy to be there you're like shoved in deeply uncomfortably you get out with your deep Vin thrombosis you're in another airport where everybody's miserable to be there
you get in a car that nobody wants to be driving you in you go to hotel nobody wants toing you in there you eat a red robin you know you're going to get F poisoning from like it's strained it's the system we have is strained socially and realistically and I just was feeling like raw about it um and being poor in La sucks yeah it's a great place to be poor and it's the worst place to be poor and I delivered food here like you know it didn't work it so two Mansions literally with people I had pitc
h meetings with i' had gone back to Studios I had conditioned in with food no I lift drove Comedy Central producers oh my God oh God and that's the I mean that is not to like but that is this is Nightmare I drove by a billboard for the first show I work on and I couldn't stop to take a picture because I had hot food in the car oh the joke on stage is a lift ride cuz that's the better joke but the reality is like somebody's Ramen was stinking up my Hond to fit and I couldn't stop to take a pictur
e like because this $3 tip might get rid you can the dream but you are Wide Awake the whole time I can tell you that's true for homesteading too and I'm not a homesteader that's a big term I have bandana on um how do you feel about chores you know I love I love if I'm not told to do it I can nail a list of them I hold about a half ton of lumber before I came here this morning I also used some deck screws to get a 4x4 onto a concrete post because I really want a new mailbox put up I uh used a tru
ck to pull down a sh I yeah there's the chores are endless I don't even I can't yes it's endless I don't even dust I like chores cuz I like an honest night's sleep like I you know what I mean like that never bored I'm into that yeah um I have a purpose I'm never bored I uh work really hard I learn things I feel really satisfied and I miss stand up every day but you you nailed something stand up is easy compared to what you're doing before we took a break you touched on something that I thought w
as really interesting and it was like the feeling of Co taught you like necessarily the feeling of security my whole thing that really did my brain for Loop was I was like oh I sort of thought when the [ __ ] hit the fan there would be some element of like we'll all get through this and when I realized it was couldn't have been more opposite of like not only every man for himself but every man for himself lose your brains first and then we all make our own radical was and to me I was like well I
don't really know how to move forward in a world where things are getting worse and that reliability is shot right um which is to me that's why you get Ro roll and you just start like growing [ __ ] yeah you know that was definitely like part of the plan you know like let's leave the city and get more in touch with the land and like the general like social consensus is like yeah right City Mouse like you can't you don't know what you're doing and that's true like M we don't know what we're doin
g like am I on a sustainable Farm yet no everything I planted died like that's you know what I did hear about a garden is first year stall or first year stalls seconde crawls third year sprawls and I think that's a pretty good like rule of thumb for your knowledge and development in pretty much anything so yes we're getting better at being sort of less reliant on the systems that feel more fragile around us but no we're not fing Farmers we're a million miles away from doing that we're at 3,000 f
t in the high desert like I don't you know my end times like plan now is I'm just going to become a fortune teller which Segways into candle making yes yes just right right I mean my plan is a fence and a well and I've got both of those so i' got to tie a rope to the fence and jump in the well that's my plan too mying plan I'm kind I'm tipping my toe into the jewelry making phase of my career perfect yeah cuz it's all it's the trade of it all I did make t-shirts I learned how to screen print in
the last few years step TOA corre yeah I did a bunch of tease for Steph and a few other folks I mean the astr tour job kind of hotted up a bit and I when I say we remodeled our house like I put in new floors I put in new cabinets I put in new baseboards and when I say I I mean I I I did uh so I painted I hung drywall I like replaced a shower replaced vanities replaced kitchen sinks replaced washer dryers replaced rotted subfloor replaced found like uh that's so amazing it is though insulation it
is all of those things and it's gross and hard and you know like so when something goes wrong there's no one to blame and there's no I don't know how I don't know how I would do that I've always had a landlord I mean part of Ral living part of why you DIY is like who the [ __ ] are you going to call like how many people or you think it's do you think there's like there's not a plumber for every situation there just isn't like you know there's not a market for it and there's not the resources an
d in the Joshua Tree area in particular it is a really popular area for vacation homes and for rental properties so if an investor has five or six properties in the area why would a contractor who's good work with anyone else that one person has projects for them for a whole career everybody good at their job is working so there's not a lot of people to call to come replace your Outlets so can you can you take the sink out while you're here I put it g put it in and he's like no I'm not going to
even deal with that ever again I sanded and I restained a dresser well done and I thought I was like who wants me to build a [ __ ] rocket look how good I am and that was all to and I used fing sandpaper too I didn't use like or that [ __ ] F but I I felt like I could build you a house the next day which is I guess how people ignorantly start I don't know it's trial and error when you're [ __ ] with your floors though Everything feels less mysterious like I used to sit on a toilet and go like I
wonder what's happening under here where's it go and now I know exactly what's fing happening under there I had to return a toilet to Home Depot that's how deep in the life I am wow um because the tank didn't match the base it was like previously I got like a you know what I mean I just I had uh stripes on the bottom plaid on top in a toilet form so I that's bring it back to Home Depot and open the box explain I swear I did crap in this toilet I couldn't even put it together if I wanted to whene
ver I see a toilet it's a long drive back to Home Depot whenever I see a toilet on the side of the road you know what I mean I just want I curl up next to I go tell me all your stories tell me everything can we talk about how amazing it is to know your way around Home Depot oh I know my Home Depot like the back like the Y Valley Home Depot I can zero in on whatever you need a drywall you need a Molly bolt let's go what is a m is that a Molly Bolt's how uh one of the good ways to hang stuff on dr
ywall it sounds like ecstasy I was just reading an article about Molly bolts and drywall tacos this morning I don't even know what you're talking about i' like I've had to check out what's I heard something that sounded like Molly I heard Molly ball too that's where I went Molly Ball s away to screw in drywall uh and hold objects that are heavier than a standard screw can accommodate yeah see I'm into that though it's you get into that i' like to learn that I have such firm opinions about screws
now yeah like really hardh held beliefs uh that did not exist can you so if you took something off if you took a a painting or anything off your wall there aren't five under it like guy had no I've definitely made my fair share of oops that's in the wrong place but it's the right screw in the wrong place so I have evolved there's a lot about my life where ignorance is truess um and as I say all the time one of my biggest fears is structural failure oh um of any interpretation but one of them is
I don't want it's like The Wizard of Oz and all that kind of thing I don't want to know how things are built because the minute I see something wonky I'm going to run like I don't I don't want to know the spine of a building it may I you I'm going to say the opposite is true once you actually understand the weight limit of like you know uh 2x 8 it you can look at like I understand why my house stays up on joist space 16 inches apart I understand why the studs in my wall work at their spacing I
understand how my house is standing up I get how weight is distributed like you know I have a manufactured home sitting on a concrete block so I can crawl on concrete blocks I can crawl the way under it so I can actually work on and level the joists and stuff which I've done I get it now like it's not a mystery to me where the Poo goes when I flush like I know where the tube heads and I can fix it if I need to oh my God a very important thing I want everybody to know really fast is if you're if
you're buying a home or even if you're going to rent in a home particularly if it is a two-story house or anything is that you need to stand in the social areas kitchen living room and you need to have that person go in every flush each toilet yeah make sure you can't hear that hear it because and they don't live there anymore but my poor parents I could not it broke my heart every time Christmas Thanksgiving how ours is downstairs you're just sitting there having a lovely family moment and some
one's like excuse me I'll be right back and then you and then you hear the flush and then theing [ __ ] go and you just watch it across through the you know what I mean it's like you can basically see it vital mistake it's a good thing to know about the bones of your home yeah I know the lo you know if a wall is loadbearing I don't even know if it means wood or the wall if a beam is load bearing it's holding up the structure so a beam yeah so I don't consider myself a loadbearing person because
I'm I'm not that important like I could go anytime I like to say like it doesn't make any damn difference I mean I was more loadbearing in my 20s and 30s but I just can't bottom anymore at this age 42 I am a 42y old lesbian I just got my Subaru Forester I've never borne more load I'm at my full loadbearing potential right now see okay here's the thing can we right in The Sweet Spot when I just got a Subaru before I need a knee scooter these are the prime years of a middle-aged lesbian's life tha
t's so funny are are there that's like getting a license to be a lesbian us the KNE scooter oh the knee scooter list that's graduated that's your 25 year anniversary my it's like my mother's menopause just headbutted my puberty right we just all that and right when like I my friends were driving and would come over to the house maybe unexpected would also had a head-on collision with the era where my dad had a sun hat knee pads and the knee scooter and he would just be with some shovels gardenin
g when all your new popular friends are coming up's not touching your face [ __ ] no and he look like Linda Evangelista with scar for crying out loud but I working with your hands is so satisfying it really is uh and learning that stuff I did not know how to do any of that you can learn you can learn how to do stuff that's been the last few years for like you know what I can't even touch for what I miss about standup I've gained a ton like you can learn stuff yeah I like to Garden at night cool
you're it's full moon right now go Garden yeah because G and Garrett because I'm not awake during the day and Garrett likes to drive by if I'm in my pajamas or whatever whatever I'm out doing in the middle of the night and he'll say is there anyone I can call it's true though I got what time I'm going to check right now where I got a 2 a.m. email from you last night which is typical I texted you at 10:30 when I left and as soon as I did it I was like what are you doing she not up that was so rud
e I realiz Jes I'm the California has a new state or one of many state animals which is a palad bat okay which is a white bat oh and that's me a little white bat I think so you think you look like a bat yeah I look like a bat it's a very it's got a little piggy fa I think it's adorable but I wouldn't say I'm that cute but a palet bat it's a white bat full- on look like a horse yeah I do I had a shirt that said save America's horses with a picture of a horse on it and but you couldn't tell the di
fference you be like you couldn't it was the same but we all look like an animal I'd rather look like Monte I know that I look in the rodent category I'm already yeah I got like hamster meets rat face push little you guys are nuts well wait till you see the pallet bat I guess I don't look exactly like it but but I have the same characteristics you have the same vocal range yeah pale we can't get any color no matter what we do no matter how much blood we suck we can't no but you I was envious I'v
e been to Alaska my friend always worked up there and that was like a place to disappear and things like that but you see and it was in the summer still or the end so it wasn't Perpetual sunlight the sun does set for a minute and then it comes right back up but even in that whatever kind of a dusk Twilight thing you see shooting stars all the time cuz he also had no indoor anything so you had to take a piss and [ __ ] outside so at all those moments which was somewhat be embarrassing you're stil
l seeing this like crazy Stellar display it's that's happening all there's always stuff smacking into our atmosphere happening all the time what was the thing Elon Musk committed to he wanted to have so many Star what's this thing starlink I see the launches crazy committed to having some insane number like 5000 10 it was somewhere in the thousands of satellites he wants to put up there there are thousands of satellites up there and there are hundreds of pieces of space junk and it will be so lo
ng until we have millions of pieces of space junk and no satellites we'll see um I don't know the most optimistic thing I can say about space junk is that the people who are going to fix that are studying to do so right now and they're going to have crazy cool careers it's a problem we made we can fix that problem but yeah Elon throwing up thousands of satellites for like a communication Network that might work I guess um is a lot I like the thought of that too because I like to I like to always
like look at junkyards and and Thrift and stuff so I'd like to look for junk and space in space so it's there so the first satellites are still out there and they look like mod furniture from the 50s they're just like silver balls with sticks coming out of so cool favorite is the Voyager crafts which are still going still going that's the only thing that we've made that left our solar system yeah that actually left but they put the sounds of Earth on a record yeah it's like I forget what it's a
ctually made of gold so it's a gold it's the golden record because gold has a very slow rate of Decay so if Voyager takes a really long time to get through space the the record will still be fine and there is a cool illustration there's a little stylus like a record though charmingly dated is a great method for sending out all you got to do is spin it with a needle on it and if you are something that can hear you know the concept of spinning is universal to space so that helps you know everywher
e it's not a vacuum there's sound so we're on our a good track uh had we done it in the '90s and sent a CD I'm not sure it would have translated but there is something kind of beautifully practical about a record um but yeah the golden record has a bunch of sounds you can listen to it it's a really good compilation of them yeah uh it's both on YouTube and I want to say Spotify the whole golden record and there's music from all over there's all kinds of things from all over the world um yes it is
a good listen enamored with that what's your favorite planet I love wer my favorite planet Jupiter why Jupiter and the so the thing to Google for better scientific information that I will yell about right now is the grand Tac Theory but Jupiter formed first closest to the Sun ate up a bunch of sun leftovers that's what planets are made of star leftovers which was more sciency than that it's not um Jupiter eating up a bunch of the food in this neighborhood as part of why the Earth is the size it
is and the Earth's size super helps us out uh it helps biology Thrive here when we look at other stars with other plan planets almost every Star has planets we see other Rocky worlds but they're big too big to host Life as we know it for a bunch of complex reasons so the Earth being the size it is super helps us out and Jupiter influenced the size we wound up being just by gobbling up a bunch of material here Jupiter moved after Saturn's formation less sciency than the actual explanation but th
at's kind of the timeline Saturn formed just past the iceline it got big fast and it pulled Jupiter through the inner worlds to where it sits now so Mercury Venus Earth and Mars were all influenced by that movement but what models say about what happened to Earth is crazy so as v as Jupiter moved I know it's exciting major it offgas a bunch of stuff came off of Jupiter one thing that came off in abundance was water water vapor Earth passed through that Vapor we drank it we couldn't understand ho
w we got liquid water until we modeled that out so Jupiter gave us water um it's kind of marauding through this corner of space messed up the orbit of another planet called Thea they wound up coming right toward the Earth collided with the Earth as someone explained it as though they Collide but they more move through each other it's like a sidelong collision so it hit on the side and that was enough of an impact cuz Theo was 10 time one tenth the size of the Earth Thea just got obliterated and
about a third of the earth came Rippling off just was Shor off but in space right debris doesn't go flying away gravity keeps it there and cleans it up into a moonh so it was I know major it's very exciting it was the movement of Jupiter that gave us water and the moon and those two things are pretty key to our biology mhm plus Jupiter has a ton of moons like 87 uh a lot of those are so ganam Kalisto IO and Europa are the four really close to Jupiter see through uh Europa has the ocean IO has th
e volcanoes um so we can see those through telescopes but there are a bunch of other ones that are space potatoes they're not even rounded out um and they're just stuff that was flying by that got caught in Jupiter's gravity but when Jupiter misses objects come moving in toward the inner worlds and can collide with us it sucks as the dinosaurs yeah so Jupiter like manages to Corral these objects that could change the destiny of planets in the inner worlds just with its gravity so it's got like s
trong big brother energy to me it's like you know it gave us like a little leg up with all that water and it stops like little bullies for messing with us so there's like kind of no Earth as we know it without Jupiter uh if you want to feel connected to space I feel like or connected to something bigger I feel like story lines like that really do the trick for me and there's learning about the grand scientifically scratches itch I think it's very but then I remember the myth MH right the myth of
how humans came to life to the Greeks Zeus asked Prometheus to make them some little dollies that came to life Prometheus does make some cool figures uh Prometheus says to Zeus cool if you want him to dance in Boogie we need some of your life Essence we need to bring them to life with you we're going to bring them to life with Spit with water from Zeus water from Jupiter brought humans to life thousands of years later whatever the time we figure out it was water from Jupiter that brought us to
life the myth was right and they already knew it that one closed my that one folded my brain a little bit [ __ ] aliens yeah isn't that weird that was somebody got a message somebody got a note yes um and Jupiter galileia looked at Jupiter and saw those four moons and realized like wait that thing's close and like us and the stars are different and far away can we talk about when we nuked Jupiter because it was was it Cassini spacecraft uh that we it was it was observing the moon sorry that was
me hitting the microphone if you just heard my chest so was around Saturn and Juno was around Jupiter yeah okay so but it was the spacecraft was observing one of the moons oh and they didn't want to Nuke the moon with the plutonium rods so they opted to let it die body of the planet right yeah if we had asked so we didn't know that we would encounter a world like Europa when we sent Juno out to Jupiter and should there be anything on Europa that we'd want to discover later it we would egg on our
face right if we land a a craft that has life from Earth on it and then we go back and discover those right you know uh so the safest thing to do for the craft to preserve what could be there on Europa was to send it into Jupiter which as you know as we measure life it can't exist there so okay but really fast as we measure life so if we're looking for life we got to look for what we can measure what we measure is biology okay but this is so theoretical hypothetical but as we measure life which
I think is important how do we not know that there's not like a gas ghost why not I actually fully if your planet doesn't have a ton of gravity why not be smart clouds if your planet has too much gravity why would you have limbs why wouldn't you just be a smart puddle there are all kinds of forms life could take but we can't look for the fiction right we believe it I believe it's there I think scientists who are excited about space don't limit the idea of what life could be to just biology but
we have to look for what we can observe and measure and we don't know if there's alive clouds or puddles we know that if you put water with a bunch of complex stuff in it something that breathes air and is made of carbon might pop out um one of the most inspiring but sometimes disappointing things is like you know judge shudy just wants the cold heart facts she doesn't want she doesn't want the fantasy she doesn't need the backstory she just really needs to know what happened when why not even t
he why uh but that yeah I do find that cuz it's like I love the universe so much but I also I'm like at the end of Dark Crystal where they merge and they are just these Vapors I'm like that also makes sense like somewhere sure I I feel like Star Trek does a pretty good job of that and I'm I the Tre I'm a treky yeah I'm a Next Generation Girl Picard's my captain yeah I want to get that's the next like uh thing I want to get into in life is Star Trek it's so warm it's a really generous fanhood it
feels good it's a warm embrace have you seen things to come O I haven't ancient old movie it's from the 30s we got to watch it it's so fun and of course it's in the future which is like 2036 yeah uh but it's beautiful and it kind of show it's war and space travel and all this stuff but yeah it's h like 50s 60s bad sci-fi is like my favorite but rolling back the clock to good Sci-Fi I'm on bored but it's legit from the 30s it's an early cuz I think HDs was still alive to work on the script or som
ething like that I might about that part but um no it's it's really like it tries to tell how you tell at the whole story you end up right back at the beginning yes um such as like that's create well so that's creation of the Stars right stars are made of gas crushed by gravity like their F gravity pushes so hard on the gas the gas it pushes atoms of gas together atoms fuse Atomic Fusion that releases a proton we experience that as light and heat but what's left behind is new helium or two hydro
gen atoms smash them release a proton you get helium stars make elements they run all the way up the periodic table it gets sloppy and cool from there but our ingredients are made in Star we're we're truly made of star stuff so Stars create the stuff but they're they don't live forever so they cook up a bunch of cool stuff they collapse or explode or whichever way they're going to go if they're not too so big they become a black hole they'll leave behind a cool nebula they'll leave behind all th
e stuff they created yeah that dissipates cools and is formed into the next generation of stars and planets so keeps getting more complex in this age of stars because Stars create the complexity it's a long timeline the age of stars isn't permanent it's not the inherent state of the universe we're kind of in a firework show that we get to see a cool part of but is there a moment in the life of a star and I think it's in the death where there obvious there's a huge expansion explosion but then do
esn't it shrink back down really small for like a for like a millisecond is that the is that the red star or the what is it called but I mean small yes to all of those things different red stars are almost done the next they've expanded um that's why they look red they same amount of fusion is occurring but it's a larger area to make hot uh blue stars are hot like the flame on your stove red stars are literally cooler like the flame on a candle so if a star is big and red it used to be smaller a
nd blue it just has the same amount of fusion occurring in a larger star the next thing that star will do if it's a big one like Beetlejuice in Orion if you look East after Sunset right now you'll definitely see it kind of wherever you are beetle juu is a M you say one more of Beetle Juice So then it'll appear in your Sky uh but that's the next thing that star's going to do is go supernova if you're large enough as a star when you collapse there is a corresponding explosion because the collapse
is so intense it just Kabooms out um stars smaller than that don't go out with such a bang but they do leave a cloud behind and we can see those clouds so like the Ring Nebula the dumbbell nebula these yeah yeah these are all clouds left behind by stars um yeah if a star is really big like 10 times the size of our sun or more when it's done being a star it doesn't explode it collapses so entirely all its mass collapses down to a point finer than an atom I don't understand black holes but luckily
nobody does have you seen Daniel oh sorry I think we have to we have to wrap up because I want to find out Caitlyn where can people see your stand up from also the stuff you're doing now stand up from before still uh available everywhere online look for the major um named after my beautiful dog she's on the cover um still love it uh Give a listen whenever you like and if you're in the Joshua Tree area come check out a tour with skywatcher uh two telescopes two hours Milky Way lots of cool stuff
and the brilliant Caitlyn Gil showing astrophysical Dr Caitlyn kill ex exactly amazing to have you thank you so much was just such a pleasure to see you guys I miss you both so much thanks for out of the desert yeah come do an episode yeah that would be fun please pleas pleas St finally it's just getting ready to invite people to I had to pull out the piss floors I had to get rid of the gross Cabinets Now The Terror sheds are coming down and it's going to be well listen the pis fls are coming b
ack break out the tarp um thank you K yay yay that was great thanks so much kisses