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Chapter#1: The story starts off with the main character defeating the demon king. He says that if you are  foolish, you will be grabbed and if you are king, you will be used which is pretty deep. The world  is finally peaceful now but the main character is hung up on a cross. The crowd around him are  all shouting to finish him off and the princess of the royal family says that he should not have  rejected her and should have become her puppet. She tells him that it is a crime to reject her  and
because of that, they will finish him off. The main character laughs like a crazy man and  the slaughterer chops his head off. He is still laughing and curses everyone in the crowd and  shouts that he will take everything and burn them all and eliminate the woman who tricked him  and all the traitors. Later the main character is in a white world and someone is hugging him from  behind. The goddess of love who hugs him calls him Raul and he pushes her off of him. She begs him to  torture her mor
e so she can give him more strength and calls him the hero. Raul tells her that if she  really loves him, she would let him live again so he can eliminate everyone in the world. One year  later, in the Kingdom of Kurz in the Auerbach Castle, the princess is getting ready. All the  maids around her compliment her and her clothes, saying that the dress was high quality and made  for her specifically. The princess is holding a paddle and she gets very angry and slaps one of  the maids with the padd
le. Blood comes out of her mouth and the maid apologizes but the princess  just keeps attacking her. She screams at them, saying that her appearance is not good and that  she has something better than the dress she is wearing. THe maids say that the dress was given to  her by Emil for the wedding but then the maid that the princess was attacking stops moving. The  princess tells them to get a different dress for her to change to and to clean up the body  that was on the floor. The bodyguard that
is standing behind them thinks back to a month ago,  when a lot of bad stuff happened. A month ago, the soldiers protecting the kingdom’s gates were  defeated even though it was a clear day. They all mysteriously disappeared and with the huge pool  of blood, there was a large pool of water as well. The Royal Order of Chivalry has been investigating  the incident but they have not found anything at all and do not know if it was a demon who did  it or not. The bodyguard, Commander Sandler, bows d
own to her and gets excited at seeing  the princess in her undergarments. She wants to protect the princess even if she makes her  angry and tells her to not hold the parade because of the bad incident a month ago. The  commander does not want something bad to happen to the princess and the princess then says if  there is even a single scratch on her body, she would eliminate the Order of Chivalry that is  responsible for protecting her. The commander says that the gatekeepers at the front lines
were  defeated easily and preparing for the worst scenario is her job. Other bad incidents have  also happened with the leaders of the country dying of a disease that no one knows about and  says that they are basically cursed by something. The princess says that she does not care how many  old people are not alive and it has nothing to do with her. The commander says that before they  give in to the disease, they become crazy and have a high fever and say “Bless her highness, the  princess” ov
er and over. The princess likes this because she enjoys the attention and her ego is  so big. The commander says that the massacre of the gatekeepers and the stuff that the sick people  are saying happening at the same time means that something bad will happen and wants to move the  parade to another time when they get the person who attacked the soldiers. The princess says that  the demon king and hero are not alive anymore so there is nothing to fear and during the parade,  they have a lot of
shields anyways, the knights and the parade lookers. Since she is the country’s  sacred treasure, everyone would protect her so she does not fear anything. The commander thinks that  she is too cruel but that is why she protects her because she likes her. During the parade, the  parade lookers all congratulate the princess, Victoria, for their wedding with Emil. She waves  to the crowd of people and feels happy because of their cheers and Emil says that there is a  lot of support because everyon
e is hypnotized by Victoria. She says that all the citizen’s love  her and Emil is just an extra but Emil likes this and calls her beautiful. Princess Victoria has  no complaints towards marrying Emil but Emil keeps talking about his mother. Emil says that  his mother was very happy that he is marrying the princess and wants to follow her advice. He  talks a lot about his mother which the princess does not like a lot because it is disgusting how  much Emil likes his mother. The only reason she i
s marrying him is so she can have a son and  put him in the throne so she can control the country while using her son. She thinks that Emil  is useful enough to use because he is stupid and the only good thing about him is how he looks. If  she had an ugly boy, she would hate it and would probably get rid of him so that is why she wanted  someone good looking but preferred the hero that she eliminated a year ago. In the past, Princess  Victoria remembers when Raul bowed toward her in the castle
and told her that he would defeat the  demon king and bring peace to the world. She liked him because he was a simple, kind, and stupid  man but his eyes were powerful. She wanted to spoil his eyes and she is one crazy woman. Raul  was her favorite but he was eliminated too fast and it was too harsh and it was a waste for him to  die. She wonders why he did not become hers but he probably knew how weird and crazy she was when  no one is looking. During the wedding ceremony, the people are cheeri
ng for the princess while  the Royal Order of Chivalry are standing guard and pledging their allegiance to the royal family.  The people are praising the princess and asking the princess to look at them and when she does,  everyone is cheering for her. The princess thinks that the country and the world is hers because  everyone is congratulating her and wants to take everything. The priest who is waiting for the  princess blesses her marriage with Emil while the princess waits for them to say th
e words she wants  to hear the most. She waits for them to announce her queen status so she can have all the glory  that she deserves but they say the same words that the old men who caught a disease say. “Bless  her Highness, the Princess”. When she hears this, she wonders what that was but suddenly the priest  in front of her explodes and blood goes all over her. The princess remembers what the commander  told her about the old men going crazy and wonders if it is just a coincidence but when s
he looks  around, she sees someone with black hair and red eyes, the same one as Raul. Raul reveals himself  to everyone and asks how the princess is doing. The princess screams that this is impossible and  saw his head being cut a year before but Raul says that he has been resurrected from Hell so he can  get his revenge on everyone with a crazy face. Chapter#2: Raul tells everyone he got resurrected so he can get his revenge. Before  he gets resurrected, the goddess of love asks him to scold h
im for not doing anything because she  enjoys it and Raul thinks that she is an insane goddess. Raul told her that he would become  the savior and bring peace to the world and she supports him even though he would not do that just  because she is the goddess of love and Raul being her lover. Raul asks if the gods wished for this  to happen and the goddess says no because they did not think the humans would eliminate their savior  but Raul grabs her head and tells her that this is what the humans
they wanted to save are really  like and to not forget the fate of the savior. The goddess tells him that they made a mistake and  will not help the humans anymore and Raul asks if she loves those people as well. The goddess says  that Raul is the only one she loves and describes how strong he is and how special he is to her.  Raul then gets a plan and thinks she would be useful and asks her to help him with her powers.  He asks her to resurrect him and he can eliminate the humans. The goddess
is surprised and tells him  that once a spirit has already left, they cannot return to the ground and gods who disobey the law  cannot be a god anymore. Raul does not care about their rules and says that she does not really love  him if she cannot do it but the goddess quickly says that she does love him. Raul tells her to  resurrect him then and she thinks for a bit before finally agreeing. Raul thinks that the cause of  everything was the gods and would do anything to get revenge and that beca
use of the gods, he went  through something bad. The goddess says sorry and Raul tells her to give him the other powers that  have been sealed but the goddess quickly says no. The power that he wants is the power of darkness  which is used to destroy everything and if he uses it, his soul will be destroyed by the darkness.  Raul gets angry and thinks back to the bad stuff that happened when he was younger and that when  everything important to him was taken from him, he stopped being a human. Th
e goddess asks him  to live with her in paradise forever but Raul says that if he wants to be happy, it would  only be when he can see the humans suffer for what they did. He tells her that since he is the  savior, he would help them from the world that has demons but eliminating and cleaning the world. The  goddess asks if he will be walking on the path of destruction and Raul says he will get rid of the  bad stuff from the world. The goddess gets excited and tells him that even if he becomes e
vil, he is  still beautiful and Raul thinks she is just some crazy goddess. Raul tells her to grant his wish  and the goddess kisses him which gives him his original powers. He tells her to quickly revive  him and the goddess does not want to be away from him but give him her blessings. The goddess tells  him to go and begin his new legend and Raul gets ready to clean the world. He reaches the kingdom  and the gatekeepers stop him from entering. They say that since it is a month from the princes
s’s  wedding parade, they are limiting the amount of people coming in and suddenly Raul disappears. He  attacks all the gatekeepers and eliminates them all at the same time because he remembers how they  attacked and violated his friends in the past. Back to the present time, the princess screams  because of the blood on her body and says that it is dirty. Raul laughs at her and says that other  people’s lives are the same as dirt to her. The commander stands between Raul and the princess,  read
y to defend her. She says that Raul is a demon that looks the same as the hero because he  is already dead from long ago. The commander calls the priests the messenger of gods but Raul looks  at them like they are dirty because of how they act. They take money from believers and eliminate  the people by making false stories like if people cannot pay, then they are brainwashed by demons.  They torture the people as well and the commander, Sandra, hesitates a little but the princess  screams at he
r. The princess screams at Raul and tells him to show his true form but Raul just  says that it is really him but the princess says that he should not be alive. Raul says that if  they do not believe him, they cannot talk and tells her to look at him carefully and grabs  her hair. The Order of Chivalry quickly get in position to attack Raul and while they charge at  him, Raul laughs and eliminates the knights fast. The people all around him see this and quickly try  to run away, running over eac
h other and pushing them out of the way. Raul looks at them and laughs  because the princess’s subjects are fighting with each other and tells everyone to stop and look at  him. He starts a show and tells everyone that it is more exciting if more people are looking  at them and grabs the princess by the hair. Chapter#3: Raul tells everyone to watch him because they all enjoy stuff like this  but the people are shouting at him to free them and they are ordinary people so they have nothing  to do
with this. They ask if he will eliminate them as well and ask him to stop but Raul just  laughs at them. The princess screams at them to be quiet and tells them to not panic because she  does not fear the monster who only looks like the hero. Everyone quiets down and Raul tells her  that he has been reborn and to accept what is happening. The princess tells Sandra to eliminate  Raul but Sandra says that she cannot move and that her legs are frozen with magic. The princess  does not care and tell
s her to cut her leg but Raul tells her not to do that because this is  his stage and not to change the script. Sandra tells him to shut up and Raul knows that she is  a nice and pure knight but knows what she really is. Raul walks with the princess and takes her in  front of Emil, who is crying and pees in his pants because he is scared of what will happen. Raul  tells them that since it is a marriage parade, the husband should join as well so he uses magic  to pull Emil towards the princess an
d the both of them are stuck together. The princess asks what  he is doing but Emil says that he is not doing anything and asks his mother for help like she  can do anything to save him. Emil starts crying harder and calls for his mama and the princess  is embarrassed by this. Raul laughs and says that Emil, the husband of the princess, had a  mother complex. Emil keeps crying and grabs the princess and Sandra screams at him to let go of  her. Raul says that all the actors are ready now and star
ts the play. Raul walks towards the  princess and asks why she is not wearing a white dress since this is a wedding announcement  and that the blood would not look good on a red dress. He rips the princess’s dress off, revealing  her body for everyone to see. The princess screams and the people around him smile at this and get  excited but the princess becomes very angry and asks what Raul is doing to her. Raul asks if she  wanted children and the princess becomes scared and asks if he will touc
h her. The princess  screams that her body is not something that someone like him can touch while Emil is behind  her, screaming for his mama again. The princess says that if he does touch her, he would be  attacked at the cross again like before and Raul asks if she finally understands that he really  is the hero and the princess tells him that she will forgive him if he apologizes now. Sandra  shouts at him and says that he is a coward for taking the princess hostage and to fight them with  ho
nor but Raul looks at her quickly and asks her if they have forgotten what they did to capture  him before. Before going to the demon king, Raul and his party were at Macaulay village to rest  for a while. The people there greet him and ask if they are leaving already after eating. Raul’s  party members, the great sorcerer and the saint, tell them that they are fully prepared to go  finish their mission to restore peace to the world as fast as possible and thank them for their help.  A child in
the village gives Raul some bread and he asks if he is fine with giving him bread and  the child says that it is as long as they defeat the demon king and to come back and play with  him again. Sandra and the knights are kneeling in front of the princess and tell her that the hero  has eliminated the demon king and the princess tells them to capture the hero immediately. She  tells them to first search the village that the hero was friendly with and Sandra asks if they  will be taking them hosta
ge but the princess says no and tells them to eliminate them all as badly  as possible. She tells them to attack the women and children as well and Sandra agrees while the  princess wonders how Raul will react. When Raul goes back to the village after defeating the demon  king, he finds all the villagers eliminated with claws coming out of their body. Everyone is  eliminated and the knights around him quickly capture Raul while the great sorcerer smiles  at him. Raul tells Sandra that eliminatin
g the knights was for her and Sandra says that it is not  her fault and what she did was not a crime. Sandra screams at him saying that she is just one of the  princess’s knights and she was only following her orders. Sandra says that it is fine to commit a  massacre for justice and the princess is surprised at what she said and tells her to stop. Sandra  says that the princess’s orders are correct and all lives are trash and nothing compared to the  princess’s and everyone is willing to die for
her. Everyone hears this because Raul uses his magic  to make her voice louder so everyone can hear it and thanks her for saying what he wanted her to  say. Raul says that the princess’s crime has been revealed and the people around her wonder what she  actually did if the villagers being eliminated was not the hero’s fault. The princess screams at  Sandra for what she said and Raul laughs while Sandra apologizes for it. Raul uses his magic on  Sandra again which makes her punch the princess in
the face which breaks her teeth while she starts  bleeding from her mouth. The princess becomes very angry now and shouts what she did to her and why  she punched her beautiful face. Raul laughs at this and keeps using his magic on Sandra to hit  the princess while Emil keeps crying and shouts for his mama to come. The princess’s face now is  puffy because of Sandra and Raul tells her that her face is a mess now. The princess tells him to  only attack her face but Raul gets a better idea and te
lls her that she has to make up for what she  did for the sin of eliminating her older sister. Before attacking the demon king, Raul meets his  pregnant older sister at a church and tells her to worry about herself now because she is getting  a baby soon. She says the church was built by a saint who got the money from the war so it should  grant them protection and Raul tells her that she cannot speak for others. His sister gets a bit  embarrassed but they both laugh about it. Raul touches her s
tomach and says that the next time  they meet, the baby should be born and his sister says that they will be waiting for him because  the hero needs to carry the baby in his arms. She kisses him on his forehead and tells him  that she will be praying everyday for god’s protection and Raul leaves. After defeating the  demon king, we see that the knights brought Raul back to the castle and put him in front of the  princess. The princess asks how he is and did not expect that it would be easy to ca
tch him.  Raul asks why they are doing this and what he did wrong and the princess says that his crime  is just for being alive. They only needed him to defeat the demon king but now that he has been  eliminated, they have no use for him anymore. Raul asks why they attacked the village then because  they were all innocent but the princess says she did not do it and it was the heroes' fault.  The princess tells him that if he becomes hers, she can save him but Raul spits the blood in his  mouth o
nto her face and tells her that he hates the look in her eyes. The princess tells Sandra  to take him away and Raul asks what she is going to do to him but Sandra takes him to the church  where his older sister prays. He smells the blood around him and sees his older sister in the middle  of the room with swords in her body. He remembers what his sister told him about him carrying the  baby in his arms but he cannot do that anymore. Chapter#4: Raul tells the princess that she will make up for el
iminating his older sister in the past  and the princess asks what he is going to do. He uses some magic which activates a magic circle on  her chest and Raul says that he cannot get rid of her yet and to keep abusing her more. He activates  his magic which explodes something in her body and the princess screams in pain with blood coming out  of her mouth. The princess says it hurts a lot and Emil screams what is happening and again keeps  calling for his mother. The princess lays down on the fl
oor with blood around her and screaming  that her stomach hurts and Raul says that if she keeps screaming, she will be gone from too much  bleeding. Raul stops the bleeding because he wants to keep abusing her and says if she is gone now,  it would be boring. Raul asks if it still hurts but the princess just shouts at him saying that  what he did is unforgivable and even though he was just a tool to her, she asks what she did  wrong. Raul says that he is doing this because of what she did in the
past and getting karma for  her bad deeds and he is just copying what they did to him. He then turns around to do knights and  tells them that they should be excited because they will also be getting a chance to be gone as  well and he snaps his fingers. The people in the crowd are scared of what will happen and some of  them scream while the princess shouts at them what they are doing and to attack Raul or else they  will be punished. Raul laughs at her and the fact that she is still angry is
funny to him. THe  knights start attacking Raul to save the princess and put their sword into Raul’s body. Everyone is  surprised that he got attacked so easily and the princess laughs at him and tells him that this  is what happens if someone goes against her. The princess tells him to regret what he did to her  but Raul looks a bit upset and tells the princess that the hero is not going to be defeated by  some swords and looks cool, just like a main character. The princess is shocked at this a
nd  Raul takes the swords out of his body and tells her that he will be back soon once she gets her  face back so he can destroy it again. He throws the sword toward Emil and he screams like a baby.  Raul leaves the stage but before he disappears, he says he forgot something. He turns back and  congratulates the princess on her wedding with a smile and while she is crying, he says “Bless her  highness the princess”. He then leaves and goes to the church where his older sister used to go  and put
s some flowers in the middle of the room where her body used to be. There is an old, fat  man in the church wearing no clothes and crying and Raul leaves the church. When outside, he uses  his magic to burn the church, saying that he will not return again and sees his sister’s soul coming  out of the church. Raul laughs, saying that his body can even see ghosts now and says that a sane  mind is not good for revenge. He talks to his sister like a crazy guy and says that the Royal  Capital is in c
haos now and the people there are almost starting to rebel against the princess  because they are suspicious of her. The people who believed in the princess before are now scared  of her and because of that, they are hunting Raul. There are multiple healers that are healing the  princess because of what he did to her but her stomach would not be healed anymore because it  is too damaged. He also put a barrier around the capital just in case some people try to escape so  he can go back and get re
venge. The old, fat man in the church was a priest who sold his sister  out but he already eliminated him before the parade started. After that, he disguised himself  as the priest so he could be right in front of the princess and surprise her and the face she made  was very good when she noticed him. The priest that he eliminated was named Gustaf who lived  in a huge mansion because of the money he took from the poor people and commoners. When Gustaf  saw Raul, he was surprised and revealed his
true self. When Gustaf was wearing no clothes, he asked  what Raul wanted and if he wanted money and how much. He said that he would give him the money he  took from the believers and give him women as well because with his status, he can give him anything  he wanted and to let him live. Raul got angry at that so he eliminated him with a punishment that  Gustaf loved doing to other people. He says that he was not doing it for his sister. This is not  a proper cause and he hates justice a lot an
d he will get his revenge on everyone for what  they did. No matter what happens, he will get rid of every bad person and will not show mercy  to anyone ever. The church is still burning and he says it is time to go start the second part  of this comedy while looking like a crazy demon. Chapter#5: In the Auerbach castle, the commander of the Royal Order, Sandra,  is in the underground prison and chained to the wall and covered with cuts and scratches. The  princess is attacking her for not cutti
ng her leg when Raul used his magic to stop her from moving.  Sandra tries to apologize but the princess whips her and says her apology is not worth anything.  Sandra tries to ask her to stop but the princess tells her to stop talking and gets even angrier.  She tells her that ever since Raul showed up to the parade, she could not leave the castle and  eliminate people or do anything she wanted as if she was cursed. She tells Sandra that if she  cannot leave anymore, she should just keep oinking
like a stupid pig. The princess keeps attacking  Sandra but even though she is covered in blood, nothing is happening to Sandra and the servants  tell her that this must be because the hero used his magic on them and did something. Even though  the princess tried to use a sword to get rid of her head, it did nothing and the princess tells  them to go capture the hero immediately. She changes her mind and tells them to just eliminate  him and to bring back his head as proof instead. One of the k
nights is riding a horse as fast as  possible to reach someone who could defeat the hero and is their ally. He is trying to deliver  a message to him secretly before someone notices but suddenly the horse stops. He asks what is  wrong with it and a few goblins come out of the forest and the knight says he has no time to  attack the monsters. Suddenly, behind the knight, a goblin king appears and attacks him but before  he does, someone shows up to save him and blocks the attack. He asks the knig
ht if he is alright  and the knight calls him Your Excellency. More goblins show up and the mysterious guy tells him  that the whole pack followed him. He tells the knight to stay close to him and eliminates all the  goblins in one attack. The knight is surprised at how fast he took out the goblins and the guy  asks the knight if he is injured. The knight tells him that he is one of the greatest swordsmen  in the country. The person tells him that he will not be hunted by the goblins anymore bec
ause he  is here now but smiles at him like a crazy man. Chapter#6: The guy who saved the knight is sitting with his family and eating some food. He tells his  sons that he will be leaving for the Royal Capital the next day and his sons ask if he will be going  to hunt down the hero that has come back alive. He laughs, saying that the news spreads fast and  tells them that a messenger from the Imperial Guard camp came in the morning to give him a  message which said that they wanted him to handl
e the hero. His sons tell him to eliminate the hero  as cruelly as possible. They say that they could have been brothers in arms if it happened six  months later and his younger brother says that it would be a year for him. Their father tells them  that a year will pass by fast and tells one of his children, Connie, something. He is bringing a new  toy when he comes back from the Royal Capital and tells him to focus on training for now. He becomes  happy and thanks his father. His wife tells him
that he is too soft on Connie and tells his other  son, Adam, that he is looking forward to the day they can fight together and his wife laughs. A  servant comes out and asks his master what they should do for the messenger’s meal and if they  should start preparing but a butler comes out and apologizes to their master. The butler tells  him that he just started working there recently so he does not know how they work but their master  says it is fine. He tells the servants that the messenger a
lready went back because he was worried  about the Royal Capital and they do not need to make a meal for him anymore. He then tells them  to leave and they both leave the room quickly. A maid then enters the room, moving a cart with the  main dish for them. The master becomes happy when he looks at it and the maid removes the cover. He  smells the dish which he says smells very good. He says that there is nothing better than having some  good food before leaving for battle and his sons ask if th
ey can have a small bite but he says that  they cannot. If they want it, they must hunt it themselves and the food is his because he hunted  it himself today. He takes a bite of the food and says it is very good and it tastes like victory.  He then thanks the messenger for his hard work but something feels weird. What a weird and crazy  family. The next day, the father leaves Oberth Castle and goes to the royal capital on his horse.  He takes a few knights with him and his sons wave at him, tell
ing him to bring the hero’s head with  him when he comes back. The two children say that they should practice hunting with a toy and they  both fight off a monster. While the kobold is being defeated, it is screaming a lot in pain  and Adam says that it is very noisy to which Connie says that it is because he is attacking the  monster's throat. Connie says that their father will be bringing them a new monster for them to  play with and they do not need the kobold anymore. The kobold attacks one
of the brothers and injures  him and Connie says to eliminate it quickly. Adam attacks it using magic and the kobold tries to  run away but is not fast enough and Connie tells Adam that he wants to finish it. Adam says no and  attacks again using magic which almost eliminates the kobold. Adam says sorry while laughing and  they both go and run up to the kobold. Connie asks if it is okay now and Adam says sure so  Connie starts using his magic to finally get rid of the kobold when suddenly, Raul
shows up  behind them and calls them stinking brats. Raul smiles at them and tells them what they are  doing is fun so he wants to join in as well. Chapter#7: Raul is lying sitting under a tree and says that the weather is nice when one of the  kids shout at him and say that their father is not going to forgive him for doing this. They are both  tied up with ropes so they cannot move and tell Raul that they are the sons of General Brown and  tell him to quickly untie them. Raul tells them that i
f they have that much energy, they should  help the servants out and help them dig holes and tell the servants to keep digging them faster.  Raul says that he will give the kids a special duty in a while so they should just be quiet for  a while. One of the servants tells Raul that they found something in the hole they dug and Raul  gets happy. Raul goes over to the hole and sees bones of people in the ground and says that for  the bone digging game, Enrico the stable boy has one point. Enrico t
ells Raul that these are all  the bones they have and there is nothing more but Raul tells him that he should not lie to him and  grabs his head. Raul says that this is not enough at all and that Enrico knows how many people were  eliminated in this castle. Enrico asks him to let go of him but one of the maids comes over to him  and tells him that she found some more bones as well. The body in the ground is the same as one  of the knights that General Brown saved from the goblins and Raul tells
Enrico that there is more  evidence now. Raul asks if the general ate some meat yesterday and Enrico gets scared and says no  but Raul twists his head and tells him not to lie. He knows that the servants made money from taking  the victims apart and cleaning up by hiding their bodies and says that the servants are just as bad  as the general. The kids shout at him and tell Raul that his pride is temporary and that once  their father returns, he will be eliminated and will be going to the underwo
rld. Raul tells them  that he already called the general to come back home so he should be back soon but the children’s  mother is hiding behind a wall, getting ready to shoot an arrow at Raul to save her kids. The arrow  is covered in poison which is enough to eliminate the goblin king with one shot and says that their  dinner is decided. She shoots the arrow and the kids’s notice it and think that they do not need  their father to get rid of trash like him. Raul smiles at them and tells them t
hat it is time to  untie them and for them to start their special duty he told them about. When the arrow reaches  his head, Raul’s magic activates which makes the arrow go back towards the mother which hits her in  the stomach. She is surprised but cannot dodge it because it is too fast and the kids get surprised  and scream for their mother. The mother falls down and starts scratching her neck which makes it  bleed and the poison starts attacking her. The kids start crying while Raul smiles li
ke a maniac.  Raul says that they should start carrying out their duty before their father comes back home.  In the forest, the general and his knights are camping out and resting. He tells them to get  some water for the horses as well when suddenly one of the knights screams out and asks what  is that. They notice a large light coming from behind the trees and the knight says that there  is something strange there. They see that it is the messenger that they eliminated yesterday and  the knigh
ts think it is a ghost but the general thinks that it is crazy. The messenger tells the  general to return back home now because the hero, Raul, and his children are waiting for him and  the general is surprised and asks what he said. Chapter#8: Raul is resting against a tree and says that time goes by fast when you have a good day. The holes  that the servants dug are now filled with the bodies of the servants and Raul says they deserve  it for what they did. Raul says that dark magic is very u
seful and you can use it to see a person’s  past and use it on one of the servants. Something comes out of the servant which says that attacking  people is the best and how good it feels to become strong. Their master is amazing and gives them a  lot of money just for getting rid of the bodies and wonders when the next time they can do it.  Raul says that humans are very dark because even though the servants are commoners working common  jobs and are weak, powerless people who he risked his life
for, they all have rotten souls that  would easily attack and get rid of others. He says that he had no idea about the humans and thought  that these types of stuff could only be done by demons and says everything is their master’s  fault. Suddenly, the general shows up in front of Raul and is very angry at him for what he did.  Raul welcomes him and says he came back faster than he expected and stands up. We can see that  the general’s wife has her insides coming out and wrapped around her bod
y and is hung up on the tree  and tells the general that they have been waiting for him to come. The general screams at Raul  and Raul says some french words but basically, he says that this was done by his sons. The task  that Raul gave them was to take the insides of their mother out and said they were pretty skilled  at it. The general takes out his sword and attacks the ground and asks what he did to his sons  and where he put them. Raul tells him to calm down and that there is something mor
e important  but the general just attacks him but Raul easily dodges it. The general starts attacking again and  tells Raul to answer his question and throws some sword slashes at him but Raul easily blocks it  with his magic. Raul tells him not to worry and that his sons are still alive but asks the general  if this reminds him of something, with his wife's body on the tree. He asks if it reminds him of  what he did in Baden village and we see a younger Raul standing in front of a tree with som
eone's  body hanging from it and flames all around him. Chapter#9: A few years ago, when Raul was a child, he was in his village,  Baden village, gathering some mushrooms for his family. He finds some and takes them to his big  sister and his sister congratulates him on finding them. They go back home and grill the mushrooms  to eat and when Raul grabs one of the mushrooms, his mother comes behind him and grabs them both  and asks if they washed their hands carefully. She tells them to go wash t
heir hands and Raul says  that Baden village is a small village located in the western end of the Kingdom of Kurz. He was  born and raised in the village and lived with his mother and older sister peacefully. On the day  of the incident, Raul and his older sister were playing in the forest and trying to catch a rabbit  but it was too fast for them. Raul would not let it get away because it is their dinner and rolls  around on the ground to catch it. After a while, they notice someone coming out
of the bushes,  covered in blood. It is uncle Hans and he tells them that the village was attacked by some  demons and they both run towards the village. The village is on fire and none of the houses  are safe but Raul needed to save their mother so he jumps into the fire and tries to run to  their house but his older sister tells him to look behind him. He notices a body hanging  on the tree with their insides coming out of their body and Raul gets scared. Some knights  appear to help them and
the general asks if there are any survivors. He heard that some  demons attacked them and noticed Raul’s older sister on the ground. The general looks towards  Raul and sees the body on the tree and says that it is very cruel. He asks if the body is their  mothers and notices Raul is standing under it, glowing with a light. The general shouts at  Raul and goes up to him and Raul is crying, but gets surprised at it. The sadness and anger  in Raul awaked his heroic powers that were given to him an
d the general tells him that the light  is a sign that he is a hero. He says that he is sorry for what happened and could not make it  in time for the demons’ attack but he is glad that he could save him at least. The general asks  if he wants to come back with him to the castle to defeat the demon scum but Raul does not know  that he was the one who attacked the village and is a bad guy. Raul agrees and entered the capital  with the general and started training in the Royal Capital as a hero. H
e did not know that the path  he was walking was set up by the humans. In the general’s garden now, Raul says that he was under  the wrong impression that demons love setting things on fire, that demons attack villages and  take people's lives. His younger self was foolish and believed what everyone told him because he  was young and did not know better. His younger self did not want anyone else to go through the  same painful thoughts again and would get rid of all the demons for mankind. The g
eneral says  that he knew what all this was for and that Raul wanted to get revenge now for what he did at the  village. The general says that Raul is right and he is the one who burned the village and it felt  very good to do it because you do not get a lot of chances to commit genocide by the King’s command.  The general says he could not forgive not being able to eliminate him when he was young and asks  what part of him is a hero even though he is the strongest person in the kingdom and he s
hould be  the hero instead. The general goes crazy and tells Raul how tasty the blood of his mother was. She  was trying to save a child from the village who was attacked and begged for his life. She told the  general to eliminate her instead and let the child go. The general said that he cooked Raul’s mother  in front of the child that she was trying to save and that her body was very tender and prime for  a country girl. Raul does not really care and the general is surprised at this and Raul s
ays that  even though he is bored, he already knows about the story of the general eating his mother and  that is why he did the same thing the general did to Raul’s mother and did it to his wife. Raul  says that even though he says he is the strongest, he has been saying the same thing over and over in  the past. The general gets angry and says that if Raul did not have the title of hero, he would just  be a lowly child and would not be able to match the strongest man which is him. The general
says  he will be judged now and Raul thinks that the general’s way of thinking of being strong or being  the strongest is what makes him move forward. Raul then says fine and will break apart the general  and ends with an epic main character one liner. Chapter#10: Raul tells the general that his sons are chained up in the dungeon in his castle and he can  save them if he can defeat Raul. The general gets excited and says that after he beats Raul up, he  and his sons will eat his body and enjoy h
imself. The general attacks with his sword and Raul dodges  it easily but the general destroys the hole where Raul gathered all the servants that committed  crimes by attacking other humans. Raul gets a bit upset but the general attacks him again but this  time Raul jumps up and lands on his sword. Raul tells him that there is no way the general can hit  him with such a small attack and the general is surprised and Raul summons his sword and starts  to attack him. The general gets angry and trie
s to attack him but Raul jumps and attacks him with  his sword. The general says that it did not do a lot of damage and says Raul’s attack was weak but  suddenly he gets pushed into the ground because of his attack. The general is surprised at this and  Raul gets happy and tells him to do his best. The general gets angry again and uses magic to create  fire and tells Raul to burn to ash and covers Raul in flames but Raul steps out of the fire with no  damage. Raul gets excited and says that it w
as a good attack and then starts attacking the general  over and over with his sword. The general and Raul both end up with no damage and Raul notices that  he is tired and says that the general got tired pretty fast and gets ready to end this battle.  The general gets angry and shouts at Raul to not look down on him and that he is the strongest so  he runs straight at Raul but Raul easily blocks his attack and pushes him away. The general hits  the tree where his wife is hung up on and takes a
lot of damage and Raul wonders why he is so weak  when he keeps saying that he is the strongest. The general crawls on the ground and says that there  is no way he would lose to someone like Raul and Raul asks if he can still fight even though he  is already losing. The general keeps saying he is the strongest as if Raul had not heard him  the first ten times he said it. Raul then lets the general reach his sword and encourages him  to keep going but just before he can touch it, Raul kicks him i
n the stomach hard. The general  is sent flying away and coughs up blood and Raul tells him to try again and lets him keep  trying to go to his sword before kicking him over and over. The general keeps trying  but he keeps losing blood and after a while, Raul says that he played around too much and it  is time for them to eat dinner. The general asks why he cannot beat Raul even when he thinks he  is the strongest and Raul smiles while using his magic to destroy the general’s sword. The  sword g
ets destroyed into pieces and Raul tells the general that he lost to just a kid and  the general becomes disheartened. Raul uses his magic on the general’s hands and destroys it  because he does not need it anymore since he destroyed his sword and the general shouts  in pain. Raul tells him that he prepared a special dinner for the general and that he will  love it and tells him that they should head for the feast while the general’s hands are laying  on the ground beside him with blood everywhe
re. Chapter#11: The general wakes up in his castle sitting on the table with his sons and his hands missing.  Raul asks if he is awake now and the general’s sons are also woken up. Raul is dressed up as a  chef and did not expect that the general would pass out just from the pain of losing his hands.  The general notices Adam and Connie beside him but both of them look like they have been poisoned  by something. The general asks Raul what he did to his sons and Raul says that he only did what th
ey  did to the other people that they ate. Raul says that they have been poisoned by something that the  general’s wife’s family made at their family home and found in the cellar which he entered when he  was planning to tie up his sons. When he entered the underground prison, Raul was wondering where  to put the kids and noticed a couple of people in the cells who were moaning. The people in the  cells were the servants that worked for the general and they looked like they were poisoned  by the
general’s wife. The kids that Raul brought with him were still crying about their mother and  Raul thought they were useless and was going to throw them into the prison when he noticed a small  glass bottle with poison in it and got a better idea. Raul said that the general’s wife created  a poison that is shocking even though his wife’s family is noble and created many healers in the  nation. Raul told the general that he was planning on going to his wife’s family next after this so  if he has
a message for them, to let him know but the general gets angry and tells Raul to screw  himself so Raul said that he will tell them to go screw themselves. Raul notices that the hotplate  to heat the food is ready so he starts the carnival feast and prepares the ingredients. Raul  says that he has two lambs and a bull ready to eat but the general is upset and tells him to stop  but Raul says that to enjoy the freshest meat, he would cut them on the table in front of the  general. The general te
lls him to stop but Raul’s magic would not let him move around and Raul takes  out a knife with a curve in it. Raul peels one of the son’s shoulders in front of the general and  he screams at him to stop but Raul puts it on top of the hot plate. Raul says that the oil  looks creamy so it is fresh and sprinkles it with salt and pepper. He serves it to the general  and puts it on his plate but since the general has no hands anymore, Raul forcefully opens his mouth  with magic and feeds it to him.
Raul forces the general to chew with magic and asks if it tastes  good and the general tries to throw it out of his mouth but Raul stops him and says it would be a  waste if it spills even though it is his favorite dish. The general finally swallows the meat and  the general gets angry at him and shouts at him, calling him something bad. Raul asks if he means  himself and tells him that he is only doing what the general did to him before. Raul then cuts  off the thighs, ribs, tripe, and tongue o
ff of his son and feeds it all to the general. Raul  says that the general enjoyed himself because he finished eating all of it and prepared the bull  meat for his other son to eat. Raul asks what part would the general like for him to eat and starts  off with the shoulders with a crazy look in his face while laughing. The general screams in pain  and feeds the meat to the general’s son but he is too poisoned to notice what he is eating and  what is going on around him and enjoys the meat he is
eating. Raul laughs and tells the general  that they are both the same because he is eating while happy but the general asks Raul to save him.  The general says that if Raul is doing all this, he should at least let him and his eldest son go  and does not care about the younger son because the eldest son is the heir to the castle, what a  bad father. The general begs for forgiveness and asks Raul to let them go but Raul says that this  is how his mother felt when she begged for the kid’s life be
fore the general ate her. Raul steps  on the table and tells the general to remember what he did to Raul’s mothers body because  he will be doing the same thing the general did to his mother to him. The general screams for  someone to save him but no one is strong enough to beat the main character, especially someone like  Raul. Raul goes outside and sits under the tree again and rests and says that the show is over  now that the whole family has been eliminated. Raul says that bodies do not giv
e off feelings and  the only ones who eat their anger are the ones who Raul gets revenge on while they are alive. Now  that Raul defeated the demons of Killer Castle and got something handy as well, he gets ready  to play with his next targets for his revenge. Chapter#12: In the past, at the Pharmaceutical Research Institute at Altman Resort National,  there were people screaming to let them go and asking someone why they are doing this to them.  The female doctor says that it is a good question
and wants to know how much body can a person  lose before passing away. The female researcher, Rinne Beneke, slices off the feet of the patient  and blood goes everywhere. She says that the feet look good and adds them to her collection and then  wonders what would happen if you replace a human’s brain with a monkey’s. A child patient comes into  the room on a bed cart asking where her mother is and the researcher wonders what to do with the  brain while the child keeps screaming for his mother
. Renne goes to another building and there  is a knock on the door. A person enters the room, Lucas Eckhart, who is a military commander advisor  and came to collect the waste. Renne says that he came early and Lucas asks if there are more bodies  and Renne says there are two more. Lucas opens the box and sees that it is filled with heads of  people and smiles. Lucas asks Renne if she will pay him more for the extra bodies added and does  not mind how much she adds as long as she pays him more.
Lucas asks when he will be getting  the payment and Renne says that he always asks the same thing and that he would be paid today.  Lucas says that he always asks because he cannot trust her unless she says that she will pay him  and Renne thinks that the only thing in his mind is money. Renne is talking to Lord Dha Costa, the  research institute supervisor, who wants to create immortal soldiers. He wants to make them so they  would not be eliminated so quickly after a painful fight just from a
single monster. He asks if there  is anything Renne can do about it and Renne asks if it would be too annoying to deal with them  when they become immortal. Lord Dha Costa asks what she means and Renne says that no matter  how immortal they are, once their body rots, they would not work anymore and instead would make  a drug that would make them destroy themselves after a set amount of time after they raise  their strength and then destroy the enemy. She would also make a cure just in case and L
ord  Dha Costa says that it is a good idea. Lord Dha Costa tells Renne to start immediately and Lord  Dha Costa’s son, Johannes, is looking for injured soldiers at a hospital. Johannes asks the nun if  there are any and asks him what he would be doing with them and he says that he will be taking them  to the lab because Renne created a cure for them. He says that the drug will cure any injuries and  gives it to everyone. Later, at the lab, Renne, Lord Dha Costa, and Johannes see that the soldier
s  who took the drug turned into monsters and start eating each other. Renne says it will take more  time to fix it and asks for more subjects and Lord Dha Costa asks his son to bring more. After more  testing, there are some kids who are in the lab and ask Renne that if they will help with the  experiment, would they be able to live at the noble’s house. Renne says that it is true as long  as they take the drug and all the kids are happy because they can eat now. Renne smiles and starts  the ex
periment but the kids turn into monsters that are thirsty for water. Renne says that they  turn to people too quickly and Lord Dha Costa brings in more people. They ask if they do not  need to pay him back the money Lord Dha Costa gave to them and because of that, they volunteer to  become subjects to the experiment. They all agree and Johannes and Lord Dha Costa smile evilly, and  the people turn into monsters again. Renne says that their strength is fine now and the duration  of them turning i
nto monsters is also good. Renne finally developed the drug that turns into  monsters and called it the Berserker. Lord Dha Costa congratulates Renne and tells her to give it  to the useless soldiers immediately. The soldiers are transporting goods to Nor village as their  first job and Raul is fighting on the front lines now and wants to be useful to him by delivering  supplies to him because he rescued them from the slums. Johannes stops the soldiers and tells  them that they have reached the
halfway point and tells them to put their stuff down. Since they are  entering the forest now with many strong monsters, they need to take the drug to protect themselves.  At present time, Raul is sitting in the room of the research building while it is raining and  gets ready to start the fun and exciting game of his revenge. Behind him is the general who  killed his mother and he now fights for Raul. Chapter#13: At the pharmaceutical research institute, Lord Dha Costa is walking around the man
sion while there is  a thunderstorm outside. Lord Dha Costa is nervous after finding out that his daughter’s family, the  general's wife, has been eliminated. He swears at the general because he always showed off his  strength and said that he is the strongest person but does not know what he did. Lord Dha Costa  does not want to spare soldiers from the research facility to send to the Royal Capital because  he would lose a lot if something bad happens and gets angry. He is talking to Johannes,
Lucas,  and Renne, and Johannes says that his father is right and they should give the military commander  some money so they can send soldiers to them so they can experiment on them. Johannes is scared  because he does not want to be eliminated like his little sister was. Renne says that they do not  need to be scared of anything because as long as they have the drug, the hero cannot do anything  and that the drug will help them. Johannes asks how she would drug the hero and Renne tells him  to
use his head. Johannes gets angry at her and starts to fight her but Lord Dha Costa tells them  to stop because now is not the time to fight each other. Lucas tells everyone to calm down and tells  them to think about everything carefully. Lord Dha Costa thinks that Lucas was sent to guard them but  he came alone and Johannes whispers to his father that there are stories of the capital sending  Lucas alone to the battle field which is better than sending 200 soldiers. Lucas shows them a  warnin
g letter he got from the Royal Capital which makes the threat of Raul coming to them much  worse. Everyone is shocked at this and Lucas asks if they are aware of the revenge that the hero is  talking about and Renne says she has no clue but Johannes is surprised and wonders if the hero  is getting revenge for something that happened before. Renne gets angry at Johannes and Lucas  asks what he meant by that and figures out that there was something Johannes and Renne did that  would make the hero
angry and try to get revenge on them. Johannes tries to explain but Renne tells  him to stop. Lord Dha Costa says that there is no correct reason behind the hero’s revenge and that  he is just a traitor who went crazy. Renne tells him to be quiet and tells him that the hero could  possibly hear them talking. Lucas smiles and says that Renne is right. The hero is just a stupid  person who does not know how the world works and even if he became someone crazy and attacks  everyone for revenge, he i
s not someone they should be scared of. Lucas asks them again what  they did in the past and tells them that if they do not answer, he might not be able to protect  them from the hero. Lord Dha Costa tells him that it might have something to do with the drugs  that they gave to the soldiers during the war in the past but Johannes says that it should have  been a secret. Lucas tells them to calm down and that they have him to protect them. Lord Dha Costa  asks if he is not lying and Lucas says he
is not. Lucas says that someone like the general only has  physical strength and someone like Lucas is the only one who can beat the hero on the same level.  Lord Dha Costa remembers what Johannes said about people sending Lucas to the battle field alone and  tells him that he trusts him. Lucas tells him to leave it to him and he is looking forward to the  payment later and Lord Dha Costa says he would pay him anything he wants. Suddenly, a lighting  strike hits the building and a dark shadow i
s right outside the window which looks like the  body of the general. Everyone gets scared when they see a skeleton outside the window and Renna  and Johannes scream in fear. Lord Dha Costa shouts at the skeleton wondering what it is and Lucas is  quiet. The skeleton is trying to say something and Johannes gets scared and cries while Renne tells  Lucas to make the skeleton go away but Lucas tells them to wait because he can hear the skeleton say  something. The skeleton tells them that they have
been locked inside the facility and none of the  humans inside the facility will be able to leave and only those who can escape before midnight will  be allowed to leave. He says that the game of hide and seek now begins and tells them that the game  will begin in 10 minutes. They can run or hide or fight as much as they can. Johannes gets scared  and hugs Lord Dha Costa but his father tells him to get off of him. When the skeleton leaves, Renne  tells Lucas that the hero is just controlling a
body with magic and Lucas tells them that the  enemy wants them to be in a hurry. Lucas asks again what they did to make the hero angry at  them and that the hero always followed a rule of “an eye for an eye” and probably will stay  the same. Lucas asks them if they eliminated the soldiers who took the drug and said that they  were the hero’s favorite men. Lord Dha Costa tells him that all he did was only giving the supply  soldiers a drug to make them a bit stronger and they developed it at the
research facility. They  were eliminated because of the side effects of the drug and they were worthless anyway and calls them  unimportant losses. Johannes says that his father is right and they eliminated all the monsters in  the forest as well. Renne tells Lucas that if it was not for her drug, they would all be eliminated  anyway because of how weak they are and that they should be thankful to her. Lucas asks if the drug  is still in the research facility and Johannes screams, thinking that
if the drug is stolen, then  the facility will become a monster facility. Lucas says that he will ask for more details later and  asks them to show where they stored the drug and Renne guides him to the area while Lord Dha Costa  tells them not to leave him. Johannes and Lord Dha Costa follow Renne and Lucas while Lucas asks  for more details. He asks if the drug is only just for increasing strength and before Johannes  can answer, Lord Dha Costa tells him that he cannot tell them because it is
a top secret. Lucas  then tells them that there is no point in saying that now because all their lives are in danger.  When they reach the store room, Renne opens the door and they enter the room and notice that the  shelves that were supposed to have the drug are all empty now and notice a letter on the shelf.  The letter makes fun of them and has “first come, first serve” written on it. Lord Dha Costa says  that the hero is making fun of them and Renne opens the window, saying that it is too
dangerous  for them to stay there and tries to escape outside but suddenly, a magic circle activates which  blocks off the way to leave the facility. Renne notices that it is dark magic and Lord Dha Costa  is angry and wonders if there is no way for them to escape now. He screams that there is no way  to escape the ogre who is followed by the dead and Raul is walking around the castle happily  while the skeleton body is playing the trumpet. Chapter#14: Raul and the general are walking around the
facility, throwing some  papers around while the general is playing the trumpet. Raul says that it was a good idea to  bring the general with him because he is very useful in carrying the heavy glass bottles for  him. The people in the facility notice the papers everywhere which have the rules of the hide and  seek game and they say that they should tell all the other researchers about it. Raul walks around  the corner and scares the researchers who start running away from him. One of them says
that they  should tell the other three people but the other guy says that there is no point and they should  just leave. They have no time to tell the other people because the conference room is on the  highest floor and they are currently on the first floor and it would take too long to get  there. Raul claps his hand and gets ready to start the game while the researchers stand around,  waiting for something to happen like a bunch of chickens. Raul says they should play together and  tells the
general to attack the researchers as if he is a Pokemon and he almost finishes them all  instantly. Raul tells him that he is too violent and he needs them alive and to pile them in the  corner of the room. While the general is moving the bodies by using his floating hands that Raul  removed before, Raul goes up to them to talk to them and the researchers get scared and tell him  to help them and they will do anything for him. Raul asks them for his help and they happily  accept but Raul tells
them that he has a drug with him and asks them if they can drink it for  him. The researcher gets scared because he knows what the drug does and Raul grabs his mouth and  opens it to force him to drink it. When he does, the researcher’s body becomes black and turns  into a monster and the other people get scared when they see this. Raul looks at the monster and  understands what happens when someone takes the drug and the monster shouts because his throat  is dry. Raul knows that when someone tu
rns into a Berserker, they get thirsty a lot and that  is what happened to the monster. The monster attacks a wall and becomes very powerful and the  other researchers are scared because of what is happening but the general grabs one of them. Raul  says that the place has a lot of monsters and one of the other researchers tries to run away while  he has the chance but the monster is right in front of him and asks for water. The monster grabs  him and the researcher asks for help so Raul uses his
magic to explode the hands of the monster.  Raul asks him if he is alright and they are happy that he saved them and Raul tells them that they  should not kill them because he will have all the researchers take the drug as well. The researchers  get confused and Raul forces them to take the drug. Raul says that he should have dressed up  as a nurse because he is basically a doctor, giving people drugs. The whole floor is filled  with the researchers who turned into monsters and they are all thi
rsty. They attack Raul  and the general stands in front of Raul and protects him but the monster is too strong and  eliminates the general in one attack. The blood makes them all thirsty and they try to drink it  but Raul is more worried about the blood that is going on his clothes. Raul says that he finally  got a useful servant and tells the general that he did well even though he did not last long. He  makes fun of the general, saying that he thought he was one of the five strongest people in
the  country and understood that the drug is very good at making people stronger and they have finally  made humans into weapons. The monsters are asking for water and Raul says he will take care of them  all and tells them to come to him and attack him. Chapter#15: The monsters attack Raul but they cannot hit him and Raul dodges their attacks.  Raul notices that they are very fast and lands on their back. The monsters try to go on top of  each other to attack Raul and Raul says they are very w
ild. Raul kicks one of the monsters and his  head comes off with blood going everywhere. Raul is worried that his suit got dirty again and the  monsters keep chasing him and attacking him. Raul asks how they feel taking the drug that they made  themselves and now he finally has the chance to play with them until the end. Raul uses his dark  magic to push them all away and the monster that Raul was standing on attacks him while thanking  him for his service and pushes him away as well. Raul check
s his clock and says that there is  about five minutes left and that the researchers who turned into monsters are the same as beasts  the way they are now. Raul researched the bad stuff they did while he was inspecting them. The  researchers were saying that the people were crazy for risking their lives on the battle field and  that all they have is a useless brain that does not even understand what is happening to them and  the way they are being treated. The researchers all laugh at the soldie
rs, saying that they  are just useless pawns for them and it would be annoying if they are smarter. The soldiers should  use their life for the researchers and that the battle in the front lines is not decided by them  but by the researchers because of how smart they are. The researchers want to make the Kingdom of  Kurz better and make it the supreme ruler of the world when they finish making the drug. All 231  researchers who worked at the facility were all trash who say the same thing over an
d over. Not  one of the 231 researchers had a decent soul and were all corrupt and evil. ALl the researchers'  ego was high because they think that everyone that is less smarter than them should be eliminated for  being useless. Raul thinks if humans are like that every day or if the citizens became crazy after  the country has been in multiple wars over and over. Raul does not care though because all he  cares about is his revenge and says that it is time now. All the monsters suddenly rip thei
r head  off and scream in pain and Raul laughs at them, telling them to show more pain. The drug that  they made makes them into monsters right after they take it and then they transform again 10  minutes later. 15 minutes after taking the drug, the monsters all self-destruct and all their  bodies explode. Raul laughs at them and their body parts are all over the walls and floor. Raul  thinks back to the time when he saved the supply soldiers who carry goods to a safe camp away  from the front l
ines. The soldiers thank Raul for saving them and want to join his army because  they admire him. Raul eliminated all the monsters in the front line because he did not want them to  be hurt but the enemies were not at the front line but within. Johannes made them take the drug which  transformed them into Berserkers because they wanted to test the effect of the drug and they  were all eliminated. Raul mocks the researchers when they said that they are prodigies who bring  victories which is stup
id because the only reason they can fight with their brains is because the  soldiers are protecting them on the battle field. Now, the facility is a battle field and Raul  gets ready to go to the second floor to make the researchers there drink the drug as well and then  finally go to the top floor for a medical exam. Chapter#16: Raul uses his magic to prepare for something and uses it on the doors. On  the top floor of the facility, Lord Dha Costa says that the whole thing is dumb because they
have  to free the soldiers from the research facility to send to the Royal Capital and they would lose  a lot if they do that. Johannes agrees with him and tells him that they should give money to the  military commander to send them soldiers and does not want to be eliminated like his little sister.  Renne says that they do not need to fear because they have the drug and if the hero shows up, they  can use it on him. Johannes asks how they would do that and Renne tells him to use his head and 
they start to fight but Lord Dha Costa tells them to stop. Raul saw everything from the outside and  wanted to laugh very hard. Lucas tells them about the warning letter he got from the Royal Capital  and Raul thinks that they should calm down because if they do not, he will laugh out really loud.  They have been waiting for the hero to come for two hours and did not figure out that they have  been locked in but their experience will be very good with his illusion magic. Raul then starts  the ma
in event on the top floor where everyone is and uses the general’s body to scare them. When  everyone gets scared, Raul enjoys their reaction and says that the real general was already crushed  on the first floor and that he just used some of his flesh to make his current body. The mask that  Raul is wearing was also made from the same flesh as the general. While the whole group is arguing,  Raul starts the game and begins to enjoy himself and wonders what they will do next. Johannes says  that
if the drug gets stolen, the whole facility will become a monster house and Lucas asks them to  show where the drug is. When they reach the room where the drug is supposed to be, they notice  it is not there and Raul leaves a message for them and makes fun of them. Raul already stole the  drug when he arrived at the research facility and already used it on the lower floors. When Renne  opens the window to escape, Raul’s magic activates which does not allow anyone to leave. Raul says  that going
outside is useless now since they can only play hide and seek inside the facility. Raul  wonders what they will do now and Lucas says that they cannot escape now. Johannes gets scared  and tells his father that they need to hurry and hide and Lord Dha Costa tells them that they  need to find a good place to hide and to find it fast. Raul wonders who will be the first one to  be found. Lord Dha Costa locks the door first and remembers that Raul said that they can leave  if they can escape by midn
ight. Lucas asks him if he really believes that and there are still 6  more hours until midnight. Johannes says that they should still hide because it is the safest option  and Renne says that they should move to a room that the hero would not be able to find. Lucas  asks if there is a room like that and Renne says that there is one. Lord Dha Costa asks if it is  true and to show them the way to the room as fast as possible and Lucas tells them to calm down.  Renne thinks that they are idiots an
d says they should have some coffee and Johannes says that  now is not the time. Renne wants to take a break before they move and starts making it. She thinks  of a plan and thanks them for being idiots because now she has a chance to escape. When she finishes  making the coffee, she shares it with the group and Lord Dha Costa, Johannes, and Lucas start to  drink the coffee. Before Renne drinks it though, Lucas asks her to switch cups with her and  Renne asks why. Lucas is suspicious of her and
says that she might have added something  into the coffee because she made it for them, especially when they are in a research facility  with drugs that change people into monsters. Johannes and Lord Dha Costa spit out the coffee in  surprise when they hear that and Lucas says that she could be trying to drug them and turn them  into monsters to fight the hero and knowing her, she would do something like that. Renne laughs  and says that she did not add anything to hers or Lucas’s cups and Lord
Dha Costa and Johannes  are surprised. Lucas asks her to explain what she means and Renne tells Lucas to stop his  acting. Everyone is surprised and Renne says that they have been fooled the whole time.  When they were talking in the conference room, Lucas said that the hero always followed the  rule of “an eye for an eye” and Renne asked where he found that out. The emergency letter  that he got would not have written something like that and Lucas understands the hero well.  Renne says that Luc
as is trying to be someone he is not and that he talks too much which ruins  his plan and tells him to end it and call him the hero Raul. Johannes and Lord Dha Costa are  surprised and Renne laughs at him and says that the intelligent one is the true victor because  she saw through his plan. Lucas, or Raul, claps his hands and smiles and congratulates Renne.  He says that he would be sad if nobody noticed anything so he gave a hint to help them but that  it was too simple and smiles like a crazy
man. Chapter#17: Renne gets angry at Raul saying that he is acting like he has the freedom to talk even though  he lost the hide and seek game and since they won, he should let them go. Renne says that he  will be eliminated by Johannes and Lord Dha Costa and the two of them get surprised at that.  Because they drank the coffee that Renne made, they will turn into berserkers in 1 minute and  the drug she put in the coffee has been made stronger and is a hundred times more powerful than  the usu
al drugs they gave to the soldiers they experimented on. Renne laughs at Raul and asks  how it feels like to be a loser and Raul asks if that is all she did. Renne is confused and Raul  says that it cannot be the end of her reasoning. Renne shouts at him saying that he is just acting  like a loser because he lost the game but Raul does not really care. Renne thinks about what  Raul means by that and wonders if she is being tricked by him but he might just be wasting time  so he can think of what
to do next. Renne calls him stupid and says that she will gain more the  longer he wastes time because soon Johannes and Lord Dha Costa will be turned into monsters.  Renne tells Raul not to regret accepting his loss and points to Johannes and Lord Dha Costa,  telling them to eliminate Raul, thinking that they already turned into monsters. When she looks  at them, she sees that they are still humans even though some time has passed and the two move away  from her but they have not changed at al
l. Renne is confused and does not know why they have not  changed because she did multiple experiments and all of the people who took the drug changed into a  berserker within 5 minutes but nothing happened to the two of them. She knows that the drug she  made is perfect and does not understand it. Raul then tells her that no matter how much time  passes, they will not turn into monsters because the drug only works on living human beings meaning  Lord Dha Costa and Johannes are not alive anymore
. Renne is surprised and Raul tells her that she  was too confident in her way of thinking just because she solved a puzzle that could only trick  children and he thought she was smarter than that and feels disappointed in her. Raul removes his  magic and changes his appearance from Lucas to his real hero appearance and tells Renne that she  lost the game of hide and seek. Johannes and Lord Dha Costa’s skin turned black and Raul says that  he made them look alive by using his illusion magic on t
hem and by the time they were in the  conference room, they were not alive anymore. It took a long time controlling and disguising  Johannes and Lord Dha Costa but Raul says that he had a lot of fun doing it and tricking Renne.  Renne is shocked and sits on the ground and Raul tells her that even though she was confident in  figuring out his plan and probably thought that there was only 1 enemy between the 4 for them  but she was actually all alone between the 4 of them since Lucas was actually
Raul and Johannes  and Lord Dha Costa was not alive anymore. Raul laughs at her and mocks her when she told Johannes  and Lord Dha Costa to finish him and told her to make sure they turned into monsters first before  ordering them to do it. Raul asks her how it feels like to be a loser now but Renne starts crying and  Raul says that her secret drug was all wasted now and tells her not to cry because he has a stage  prepared for her to perform her experiments on. Raul grabs her head and tells her
that they will  have fun together and takes her somewhere else in the facility. Renne cannot see where they  are going and shouts at Raul to let her go but Raul says he has a surprise for her and binds her  hands behind her because she was struggling. Raul says that even though she did bad things as well  and asked how many people she eliminated to get enough subjects for her experiment to test her  drug on. Renne says that he is wrong about all of that and that it was not her plan to do all  t
hat but she was just following someone's order but Raul says that Johannes and Lord Dha Costa  said the same thing and blamed Renne when he was going to attack the two of them. Renne calls them  liars and Raul says that they were correct because she thought of the idea and Johannes and Lord Dha  Costa just helped her out but since they are not alive anymore, there is no point in putting the  crime on them. They arrive at another floor and Raul pushes Renne onto the floor and she lands  on some w
ater. Raul removes his magic on her and tells her to look around her first and she sees  the bodies of the researchers that turned into monsters because of her drug. Renne gets scared  and screams out loud and Raul laughs at her, asking why she is shocked at this even though she  was the one who made all this. Raul says that she can reach the underground lab if she enters the  door at the end of the hall and tells her that she can probably reach it if she swims all the way  there. Raul tells her
to swim because he wants to see her be desperate to live and starts having  fun with her while Renne is still screaming in fear. Renne crawls all over the monster's body  to reach the end of the hallway while still being shocked and Raul tells her to go faster  because her experiments are waiting for her.





I actually know this story I can't remember the name exactly but when this guy said he wanted exact revenge on them that did them wrong he wasn't getting. 😰


Part#2 Please!


Holy fucking shit. Love the gore


May I can already just tell by the cover photo on the look on that face with somebody else that already has been permanently gone there's no longer among existence or even if Humanity or even the Gods can I even predict where he's going to


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Spoilers in my comment, but if y'all think he's going too far, later in the story he literally goes to Hell by his own choice just to exact his vengeance on another, and then proceeded beat the devil himself at his own game, make a deal with him in his tired state, outsmart the devil at their own deal, plans to use a God killing weapon with some help from a goddess, and kill the devil. It wasn't just the people who he thought were his allies in the past who he intends to take revenge on. The gods could've shown him some mercy before he died while he was still somewhat a hero, but they just decided: "Nah, forget him." I'm sure you can tell where the rest of the story will go after that.