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In this episode, your host and CEO Tamika Peters, MSM, sat down with Pauline Jean Simon, President of #BestInsuranceUSA. Together, they delved into a critical topic that affects us all: health insurance and its impact on your financial well-being. Best Insurance USA, a leading provider of insurance solutions in Florida, places its customers at the heart of everything they do. They are trusted advisors in the industry, tailoring solutions to best fit their clients' unique risk management needs. To learn more about their services, visit In this engaging conversation, Tamika and Pauline explore the importance of having health insurance to avoid ruining your credit. They also discuss various insurance vehicles that can protect you and your family, as well as solutions tailored for small nonprofits and business owners. This is a must-listen for anyone seeking financial stability and peace of mind. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to the #GrowYourNonProfit YouTube Channel for more insightful conversations and valuable tips. Your support helps us empower nonprofits and foster positive change in our communities. A big thank you to our podcast sponsors: #VaxTruths: #BestInsuranceUSA: #AHVED: #TrinityLifeFoundation: For sponsorships and advertising opportunities, please contact Tamika Peters at (239) 293-2009 or via email at Your support can help us continue to empower nonprofits and foster positive change in our communities. Stay connected with us: ūüĆź Website: ūüďļ YouTube: ūüďĪ Facebook: ūüéß Podcast: ūüõć Shop: ūüĒß Service: ūüďä Free Research: #fundraising #podcast #youtuber #youtube #millionaire #grants #nonprofit #boss #startup #entrepreneur #videos #content #nonprofitsuccess #HealthInsurance #FinancialWellness #Podcast #Nonprofitorganizations #Healthinsuranceoptions #Financialwellness #Nonprofitfinancialplanning #Employeebenefits #Healthcarecoverage #Nonprofitsector #Financialsecurity #Healthinsuranceplans #Nonprofitstaffbenefits #Budgetingfornonprofits #Employeewellness #Insurancefornonprofits #Financialhealth #Nonprofitmanagement #Healthcoverageoptions #Financialplanningfornonprofits #Workplacewellness #HealthInsurance #FinancialWellnessforNonprofits -

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3 months ago

hello hello hello this is Tama Peters president  and CEO of grow your nonprofit where we help startup small and stagnant nonprofits grow through  fundraising strategy strategic planning and so much more guys today you are in for a treat I  have my special guest here miss we'll talk about the importance of health insurance but before we  get started I'd like to thank the sponsors of my podcast Trinity life Foundation Naples helping  atrisk use through their enrichment program vax truth they recei
ved the Grant from the CDC to  raise awareness of Co 19 and vaccine resources in the black and broud communities Avid that  stands for the associations of Haitians living abroad they just open an amazing support center  right here in the beautiful Fort Meers where they will help you with immigration support utility  billing and English as a second language last but not least best insurance USA your local agency  provider through Florida Blue they will help you with all your family health care in
surance  business and so much more so like I said my special guest here Pauline how are you doing  Pauline I'm well how are you Tama oh I'm doing fantastic it is such an honor to be here with  you I know we probably recorded a podcast last year mhm where we talked about um one of your your  foundations which is AVID yes so Avid is a really great uh organization that's actually having an  event in partnership with best insurance coming up yes yes you're having a 3-day event can you share  with ou
r audience a little bit about your events before we get into our conversation about health  insurance all right Tam so the event that a going to have it's going to be three days Thanksgiving  bash so on the 7 we're going to be in the Fort Myers uh the 18 nap area and on the 19 anim Mali  so we do that every year so it's a day that we give back to the community turkey giveaways food  so people coming in that's a way for us to say thank you to the community and thank God we're  able to get partner
ship with the best insurance uh which is local ageny for Florida Blue Florida  Blue itself and also Sant plus Medical Center all this company come together in um Midwest food bank  so come together to see how do they say thank you to the community and now we expect that people  will be coming in and all the information will be available to our website Avet that's  where people will be able to find those location in the timing of all the events now A little  birdie told me that you're givi
ng away 1,000 turkeys is that right it is right that that is  amazing so you're mean to tell me me this holiday season 1,000 families will benefit from a turkey  on their plate on Thanksgiving Day yes yes we will that's what we'll do 1,000 turkeys not including  the foods all the the giveaways are going to have the kids uh uh play uh all this thing that we're  going to have we do that every year for the past I could say 15 years wow we always give away  turkeys on on these days and uh people lov
e it that's awesome that's awesome as I always say that  you don't have a business with your customers so you have nothing you have nothing without your  customers what the best way to say thank you especially on Thanksgiving Day you're absolutely  correct because you know I thought when I W walked away from Corporate America I would no longer have  a boss but I quickly realize that my clients are actually my boss are because if they're not  happy they're not going to patronize you and you're go
ing to be out of business real quick  so that's very important I believe businesses should always have a philanthropic arm to their  business and I see you do that well I see you I always admire you because you do so much in the  community Through Your your foundation Avid as well as best insurance so with that said why did  you start best insurance USA was there a need that was not being met in the community exactly so um I  always call myself a social entrepreneur I have to be able to serve pe
ople in whatever business that  I do but best insurance at the beginning I was an accountant I do taxes I help a lot of people  people with their uh business planning and stuff and when it come to uh opening um the Affordable  Care Act and I realize that they will kind of merge together they will kind of get in each other  because the money that the government give you for your insurance actually it's a credit from your  taxes they call it Advance premium tax credit so you claim that ahead of ti
me before you do your  almost a year not almost a year before you do your taxes so you get that money so so you can buy  your insurance so as an accountant I realize that will actually benefit my customers if I go into  the insurance and help them uh with that process so when they come to do their taxes nobody will  mess it up because it's actually a credit that you claim before people probably don't see that but  it's a credit that you claim before you do your taxes and personally for me Insura
nce give me so  great so much great joy because I experience I've been self-employed almost all my life so having  insurance was a struggle yes when I had my kids at a young age very married very early but um they  deny me insurance right after my first baby why because I had a csection because of the csection  my insurance come from $288 to $1,200 wow because they say now I have pre-existing condition  even it's the sem Insurance wow so when the Affordable Care Act come so I saw the law even uh
  pre law it was like it was a proposal I'm like God that's what we need we need that we need that  so people like me can be insured because since then my first child and was never able to have  insurance anymore because it was too expensive everywhere you go with pre-existing condition in  second my my kid at 4 years old almost died in the hospital they refused to even give him a shot  because we were not insured wow so for me helping people having insurance is personal because if  it happened
to me my child could have died the hospital because they didn't he didn't have we  were not insured so how many other people that would happen I was lucky yes the doctor said my  son was lucky she he was lucky when I brought him back on Monday to the doctor doctor say he  was lucky to me it wow well so we want to I want to make sure I made it my mission not only  to talk about health insurance how important it is and to make sure everybody have insurance and  they they stay with their insurance
because the consequences are too high you know that that's  very important because I know all my life I've had positions where I worked in government where  I had insurance I had penion and then when I was recruited to the nonprofit world that was the  first time I didn't have health insurance but I I took the risk because it was for me it was  a great career mode so I said oh well I'm I'm making enough money where I can just go buy health  insurance this was before the Obamacare Act and it was
just my son and I at the time and it was very  expensive expensive I think it was like $1,200 a month so it was not affordable to me even though  I made good money so the way I guess I fixed it if you will I bought a lot of supplemental insurance  for like Hospital you know emergency and critical I brought all of that supplemental so I said  if will something happen then we at least we have something but the entire time I prayed  that we never got sick because I always pay for our our our cuz we
're healthy we did our  once a year your annual physical that I just paid out of the pocket but but one accident we  could have been bankrupt yes one accident indeed so that's very important so the Affordable Care  Act through Obamacare really changed a lot of people's lives did it did and I I I every time I  see it I'm like I wish people could understand how it can change your life yes and then people from  uh the um minority communities most of them lose their credit to medical bills most peop
le lose  their credit to medical bills yes because they go to the hospital they think if they go to the  hospital they will see them but they don't know the fall back is your you got to pay back when you  don't pay back they send that to credit collection and that would hurt your credit so having health  insurance is extremely important just not only for your wellbeing but for your financial stability  M so if someone wanted to reach out to you and and learn more information cuz I I was checking
  your website you can reach people can actually reach out to Pauline and her staff for just for  consultation in a quote so how would how would they do that okay I call up I I'm interested I I'm  uninsured I'm I I'm entrepreneur I just started I don't have health insurance walk me through that  process the best the best way to do that am since it's really one in one you come to the office you  sit down with the person you ask the question and is very complex unfortunately a lot of people  becau
se they can use the internet because most of the the insurance part of the marketplace you  can go online and you buy insurance big mistake because what are you buying you don't know what  you're buying exactly what does it covered what do you mean when they say you have copay you have  deductible this is the network how do you know if that network is great for you so that's why  insurance agent they go to school they license and not only that they have very heavy training  from the carriers tha
t tell them about those planes because they have multiple multiple planes  out there that can be very confusing for someone so I can have a bone splain with a um that has  high deductible yes I can see my doctor I can go check my on my blood work do everything like I  didn't have a deduc and someone else have the same another Bones plan unless they spend $8,000 they  have zero coverage so they're not going to pay for the service ahead of time for them so if you go  online you just buy the cheape
st one and at the end of the day it might not be the the cor for so  what we do to answer a question tamama the person will call if the person call and agent will talk  to them say hey what is uh can you if you can pay it on your own you're not looking for government  help then we just quote you with your family your datea bird and information where you leave so we  tell you this is how much it's going to be we have different plan they have HMO plane they have po  planes it's going to base on yo
ur needs then you can choose but uh if you come to the office you  will sit down with someone one in one and then they'll go over with you the basic information  if you need help from the government the first thing to do is to apply for the subsidy people  don't know that it is twostep when you buying Insurance to the marketplace it's a two twostep  process first you apply give all your information to the government you give your finan insures and  they tell you how much money you qualified once
you know how much money you qualified this is when  you now go search for ins and then they will take your subsidy pay for it most people the good news  most people are more than 50% qualified to get it at zero cost wow yes yes the government cover  almost everything all the and and what I like about your company is that you actually educate  your your uh clients not just we want to sell a policy and I say that because I have first had  an experience one of your staff members signed me up at th
e time um I actually had someone sign  me up for a plan and I had a very high deductible I thought I was in I was covered but one of your  staff members took a a second look at what I had and they was like oh no you have a high deductible  this is all wrong and um you know he went on the the the marketplace and then really found me a  great plan that covered my son and I and guess what Z it cost us0 to to have yeah exactly  that's where the knowledge is a knowledge is power I dedicate myself to
educate the community  I go everywhere that I can through the radio uh to churches Community event to explain to people  not only why health insurance is important and how to buy health insurance it's not something that  you should go ahead and take do it yourself do it yourself you have to have knowledge on insurance  if you don't have knowledge you take a risk and at the end of the day the insurance company wins  because you have that is not going cover Bas that like say a regular physical for
the year your  blood work loan will cost you between $3 to $4,000 if you want to do a full checkup wow uhhuh just  a very basic visit and if you're a woman you got to go see your gynecologist and there are things  if you're in your 40s then you have you need your mogram there are so many other things that will  come in and that the cost will add up add up just preventing care yes not even you getting sick  just preventing care so to do preventive care only it will be uh costing you um so much m
oney so  the best thing is you find an agent you sit down us as best insurance we educate we tell you and  you don't have to even explain the good thing you don't you don't even have to explain your medical  needs or what what what your health situation is you can say I need a great plane I need a plane  that will allow me to go to my Hospital close to me I need a plane that will cover those  medications for me and then what pharmacy is in the network you need those information ahead  of time an
d your and your staff could help we do that yes even your medication some people don't  understand you might have a plane he covers uh uh certain ples cover this medic this medication and  other planes don't so because your friends have a plane all the medication covered that doesn't  mean you going to cover so it's not a one siiz foot fit all no no no that's what a lot of people  thinking that's what they get it one it's not one plane fit it all no you want to know uh um your  plan and what doe
s it cover you can have a plan Ona you can only use it at certain Pharmacy and I  have a plane that can be used with every Pharmacy in town so if I have an HMO plane I have a  PO plane that all make the difference right so people need to understand and know how to buy  health insurance and allow Health agent to right I'm happy you mentioned that because that was my  next question what is the difference between HMO and a PO HMO it's if you take it's the acronym  Health maintenance organization it
is really um a plane that is there very good plane they they both  cover the same thing PP and HMO the difference is is the freedom of the network the network factors  so HMO required it very uh uh uh uh sometime you have narrow Network mm when it come to your PCP  and requires you some hm requires you to choose the PCP if you don't choose care provider if you  don't choose one the carrier choose one for you and you can only go to see that PCP you cannot  just wake up and say oh my God I have a
Doctor by my house it seemed like it's always busy my  my neighbor say loves him I'm going to go to him no if he's not in your network even if he is in  your network if he's not the PCP assigned to you you can see the doctor oh but the great news you  can always call the insurance carrier say hey I see that doctor is in my network can I change you  can always sarch and change so the HMO plan the health maintenance organization if you are someone  who's looking for great care most of them actual
ly they aims to preventive care they really focus  on PR taking care of you make sure you don't get sick so that's probably a good plan that is there  because the doctors are obligated to take care of you to make sure you do certain test every year  but if you on a PO plan not really this it most of it are fif service you go you don't go to the  doctor don't really have to do much for you you go to the doctor in done but atmo plane they are  most likely preventive the doctor have to take care of
you but it can be annoying because of the  referal authorization every time that you have to see a specialist your parame need to approve  it some people can feel like it's a burden I need to see my doctor now some people don't have  patients they want to see The Specialist now but when you on an HMO plane it kind of help you too  you just don't want to go see you might go see the one specialist but the PCP on they see what's  wrong with you they will guide you to the right specialist a PO plan
e you don't really need that  you just oh oh my God I feel something wrong in my arm let me go see an aop let me go see a pen  doctor you just go see the pen doctor but most of the time that might not be the great right uh  choice for you so P plan give you Freedom you can use it in network out out Network HMO plane you  can only use it in network no coverage outside of network and this is why people have to be very  careful to make up for example we have we here in Fort Myers we have multiple i
nsance carriers  that are here in Fort Myers certain of them don't don't have uh um they're not part of the Le par  for example one of the biggest chain Hospital in our area Le Memorial they're not in the network  if they're not in network and then you go to the hospital and have a surgery they're not going  to C for it oh wow even when you have insurance so knowing which hospital especially that the  hospital that are close to you in your network extremely extremely important you need to educat
e  yourself so so your staff will will kind of walk them through to let them know and and and lay out  hey this is the hospital that is in your network if you needed to go to the emergency room this  is the yes yeah this is how much it's going to cost you yes and then e visit too education some  people think if I have insurance I can go wherever I want I would think that too that's not you what  about the cost for example you're not feeling well you have a headache you go to your primary care  p
robably you have no coopay or $10 copay or you go to a emergency they call them Urgent Care Services  you go to this Clinic probably $50 but you said no let me go to the hospital because it's going to  be faster no but your plane has probably $200 or $300 for ER visit Plus 30% Co Insurance oh wow so  one visit at the ER can cost you between $1,200 to $1,500 oh depend of your plane so if you have  high deductible then you cover that they don't cover it for you so you always have to make sure  eve
n when you have the insurance where where where uh the the places you take Services count some  places cost you more than others educate yourself ahead of time can really really really be H very  good for for your pocket so not only I'm going it's like an ATM card you can go wherever you  want yeah you can sometime but it might be um costing you more money yeah yeah yeah like I  said we're almost out of time but but I know we focus today on health insurance but there are  so many other different
prongs to best insurance USA there's also business insurance which is very  important life insurance I'd like to invite you back in on the show to discuss the importance of  life insurance because a lot of people especially in the minority Community when we think about life  insurance no one wants to touch that no one wants to touch having a will or a trust because no one  wants to die but guess what 100% of us are going to die one day exactly so with the life insurance  is it's basically it's
covering the income that's lost yes when that loved one um passes away say  maybe if you had a two income Family household or maybe the the wife stayed at home and the  husband worked you lose that income so it's income replacement and not only that leaving Legacy for  your family so that's very important it is indeed I would love to come back to make because this is  a long conversation especially for our community for them to understand and in life insurance  actually white night it's not only
about life insurance you can create wealth life insurance  is actually asset do you know if you have a cash uh life insurance with cash value on it and uh  um you can sell it at certain time you 20 years 30 years or 10 you can sell your life insurance  life insurance is actually asset what again what plan do you have and you need to be you need to  also be educated educated what plan do you have a Term Policy do you have a world life policy do  you have a um universal life is an index Universal
what plane do you we'll make a differ this is  Juicy this is Juicy as you can see uh Pauline is very passionate and she's a wealth of knowledge  so we're going to have it back so before we wrap up can you tell our audience how they can reach  you reach you and what's your website it'll show on the screen all right thank you so um the first  thing I'm going to tell them it's open enrollment open enrollment start as you all know maybe  November 1st it ends December 15 the tricky part is we have a
n extension until January 15 a lot of  people that wait at the last minute you know what they're going to do they're going to apply January  14th but remember if you don't have insurance you do that that's okay but you going to have it in  February you're going to spend one month in the year without insurance in January and if if you  already have it you don't renew before December 15 whatever changes that you made to your policy not  going to be in effect until February so the good practice you
R you you buy your insance before  December 15 so anything that you do can take effect in January for us you can go to our website  at ww. best insurance uh you can call us it's uh 1 1800 49971 we have seven locations  we're on the East Coast the West Coast Central Florida if you visit our website you're going to  see everywhere we are and for your convenience we have a call center you can call us and then we'll  be able to take your application over the phone if you do not want to take
the work and come to the  office I would love you to come at least we can answer all your questions so you can have the  right plan for you and your family but if you don't want to do that that's fine you can still  call so you guys you don't have any excuse either all sorts of ways that they could help you whether  it's on the phone in person how about virtual can do Zoom yes we do zoomo Zoom why not why not so  thank you so much Pauline thank you tamama for having me you're welcome so guys we
did something  a little different today I know we usually bring our nonprofits volunteers and philanthropists  but we felt it was very important to discuss the importance of health insurance because health  insurance and not having it you can go bankrupt but guess what there's more layers to health  insurance there's the life insurance if your entrepreneur the important to have business  liability insurance Professional Insurance and so much more we're going to get into those  conversations and
L later episodes so guys don't forget to like And subscribe to my YouTube channel  stay tuned for more grow your nonprofit podcast [Music] episodes [Music]