How to Convert Image to Editable text

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2 years ago

In this video, We’re going to see how you can convert an image into text Let’s say you have an image with text like this and you want to get the text from this image So to convert an image into text Just click the link below this video This is the site which will help us to convert an image into text Now click select file And then select the image which you want and click open Then select the language you want And here select the format in which you want to download the file I am going to selec
t this And click ‘convert’ As you can see we have got the text from the image Now to download the file Click ‘download’ And the file will be downloaded to your computer Now if you open it You can see that the image has been converted into text This is how you can convert an image into text



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The way u talk, only informative, no nonsense ❤


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Hi, What an amazing video! I am a marketer, and I have a blog as well. The recent covid crisis has affected my business, and I have been taking up some freelance writing services. Sometimes my projects include editing the content of an image, and I think this video will help me a lot. I will be using your method and tool to convert my images into text and then edit it. I am sure it will make my work easier. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it was a great help.


This is what I am looking for Thanks you so much


Wow sir ..,,, Amazing it's really works I tried it once .after seeing ur video and I succeeded.. When I saw other videos it was fakes bt ur vdo is useful and it's legit in our practical lives also . ❤❤


Will there be a video in full details of drop shipping?


Informative video 📹 thanks 😊


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Great!!! Please upload more n more videos on such little skills.


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Hum zyada image em sth kesy kr skty hyn es trhn image zyada hon to ek.ek image krni prti h


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