How to Make Money While Traveling – 3 REALISTIC Ways (Personal Experiences)

Do you want to know how to make money while traveling? This video will show you the top 3 ways on how to earn money while traveling. ✔️Best way to learn affiliate marketing: 👈 ✔️More about FlexJobs: 👈 ✔️Full list of the best freelance sites: 👈 I have tested hundreds of ways to make money online. And many viewers have asked me how to make money while traveling. And I have done that myself. Therefore, I decided to record this video where I will share my experiences and share with you the top 3 ways to make money while traveling. In this video, you will learn about the top 3 ways to a sustainable source of income that will also allow you to travel whenever and wherever you want. From building your online business to becoming a freelancer, this will allow you to travel and still earn a living. Just be aware that there are platforms that will end up wasting your time and money. The options that I will show you are based on my experiences and are actionable strategies you can use to start making money online. Overall, if you want to make money and have the freedom to travel when you want to, there are decent options. All of it will take time and effort. But if you do everything correctly, this will give you the flexibility to travel around the world while still earning a living. If you want to learn more about the methods I mentioned in this video, check out the links at the top of this video description for more information. 👆 0:00 Intro on how to make money while traveling 0:37 What to expect 1:44 Things to consider 4:37 Ways to make money while traveling - Option 1 8:37 Option 2 11:41 Option 3 13:31 Final thoughts ================================ Subscribe: 👉 ================================ Learn the Best Way to Build a Full-Time Income Online: Get the Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online with Free Methods – the email course is 100% FREE: 👉 ================================ Share this video: ================================ The information on this YouTube channel and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only. Do not see it as financial advice. ================================ Affiliate Disclaimer: While I receive affiliate compensation for some reviews/promotions on this page, I always offer honest opinions, relevant experiences, and genuine views related to the product or service itself. My goal is to help you make the best decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are mine only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making any kind of decision. Clicking links recommended on this page may generate income for this website/channel from affiliate commissions. ================================


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Do you want to know how to make money while  traveling? Then this video is for you. My name is Mikael and I've been able to build an income  that does not get affected whenever I travel. And I do love traveling and that is really a great  freedom to have. And many viewers have asked me how can you actually build a business and  income so you can travel when you want to and where you want to without it affecting  your income. So therefore, in this video, I will share my personal experiences about
the  three best realistic ways to do this. So personally I'm a big fan of having a  flexible income because that means that you can travel whenever you want to. You can work when  and where you want to. However, I also want to say that you don't have to travel all the time. I  don't travel all the time. I do love traveling and love traveling with my family. And the past year,  for example, we've been to like Dubai, we've been to Thailand, we've Been to Spain, we've been to  India and I do love
going different places. But you don't have to. And I also love that flexibility  that you can also sometimes just stay. And I also love staying longer in one place for sure. But  overall, what I just love about making money online is that when you find a proper setup, then  it truly gives you flexibility to live life on your own terms. But of course when you're looking  for ways to do that, just be aware that there's a lot of fake information out there that will just  end up wasting your time an
d your money. So based on my personal experiences, I will here share the  three best realistic ways to create a setup like that. But first I just want to go over a few basic  things you need to consider before you find the right method to do this for you. So first of all,  I recommend that you sit down and actually write down a few things. First of all, how much do you  need to earn to be able to live a life that you want to live like the advantage of traveling, for  example, while trying to bui
ld an online business, is that some places you can live extremely cheap.  So you don't actually need much to be able to try to commit full-time because of course the more  time you put into creating an income, the faster it will go. And the problem is if you live in a  very expensive country, then you need to have a lot of money here and now. And when it comes to  building a real sustainable long-term business, which is what we're talking about here, then it  will take time. And that's something
you need to be aware of. So having a good idea about how much  do you need know to to be to do this, how much time do you have, for example, if you are right now in  a position where you do have a full-time job, how much do you need to do, how much time can you then  commit now to build so you reach that level so you can start living on your own term. So you can put  more time into also building your online business and that will then increase your freedom. When  I first started I had a lot of
freelance jobs uh to help pay for the bills. And then the more I  started earning online, the less freelance jobs I took. And now I only work for myself online and  then then you have reached the level where you actually truly can decide when and where you want  to work. And the second thing you need to consider is of course also a budget. Because if you want  to create a full-time income, it can be done of course uh for free. It depends on the methods  you're choosing. But realistically, if you
want true flexibility like what I prefer, then there  will be some investment. For example, for some basic education and for some basic tools. But it's not  necessary. But I'll talk about both both kind of approaches. But it's just good to have an idea  here and no matter what, it's good to be aware that creating a full-time income online, it will  take some time, dedication, and effort no matter the methods you're choosing. And choosing the right  method is of course crucial for your success a
nd not just necessarily uh the overall right method  because the best method for me might not be the best for you. It needs to be the right one for you.  Personally I do prefer and recommend methods that give true flexibility so you really can work on  your own terms. And when you want to travel, you can just do that and all that. And now I'll talk  about my three top recommended options for this. And you could actually say there's more than 20  different options and I've seen some videos you kn
ow make like uh 25, 20 ways to make money  while traveling things like that, and I could also do that because that maybe would look better  in the title. But I'm just divided into three top categories, main categories where some of them  have the several options underneath there. But I just wanted to simplify it a little bit to give  you a better overview instead of just trying to make it look good in the title. But anyways, let  me now start going over these methods and then that can help you d
ecide which route is the right  one for you. So the first I wanted to talk about is affiliate marketing. And this is actually my  top recommended method. This is what I do myself for a living. And the reason for that is that it  really gives true flexibility. It does take time and effort to build up a good affiliate marketing  business, but if you do it the right way, you can actually help people. You can create quality where  you help other other people and make really good money yourself. And
that gives you true flexibility  because once you build it up, you will even earn money when you are sleeping or when you are on the  plane or whatever you are doing and even if you take a complete day off. And the earning potential  of it is really huge. But in case you don't know what affiliate marketing is, then the basic idea  of this is that you will find a topic that you're interested in that you want to build a business  around, a direction for your business you can say. Some people also
call this a niche and this can  basically be any topic. And then the second step in my opinion should be that you actually need  a website. You don't need a website to make money with affiliate marketing, and there are many ways  to make money without it, but no matter what you choose, that is something that I recommend. Because  having a place to send people uh to to actually earn from it and to can collect email leads to,  you know, just in general also get traffic from Google there if you ran
k the website, but overall,  no matter what your method is then any business, real business online today you will see they have  a website. And that is because it's just a great place to send people. It gives you also credibility.  So that's something I recommend. And the great thing is that with the tools available today, this  is not something you need to be technical. You don't need to spend weeks learning it or months  or anything like that. It's something you can do you know with no experie
nce. You can have a website  up and running very quickly, just a basic website sometimes in the matter of minutes if you use the  right tools and then you can adjust it from there. So you don't have to worry about the technical  aspect. You don't have to do that step. But that's what I recommend. Then the third step is that you  need to have traffic to that website or if you don't have the website, you just, in general, need  traffic. You need to build an audience that can be through Google traf
fic on the website itself  through search when people searching. It can be YouTube, it can be Tik Tok, it can be Instagram, it  can be Facebook. There are many sources. There are many sources that are not so valid and then can  just end up wasting your time. Some of the ones that I just mentioned here are some of the best  that can really scale. Of course all like Pinterest, you know, there are many options. You can also do  like paid traffic where you pay for traffic but if you're a complete be
ginner, that's not something  that I recommend you start with because you can burn through a lot of money while testing that  if you're complete unexperienced and don't really know how to do and all that. So these are just some  of the methods. And you need to uh to find this, where do you want to build an audience, what do you  feel passionate about, something about like writing. Do you want to create videos? Do you want to be on  Tik Tok? And then you need to focus on that and put in time and
effort. This will not happen overnight  but it can give really great results long term. And then the fourth step once you have an audience you  have traffic, then there is a ton of ways to make money for example through affiliate marketing. And  that means basically that your recommended product and services that you truly believe in. And that  can truly help your audience and then you earn a commission. Because the companies that are behind  them, they're willing to pay you a commission when yo
u recommend it to others. So you're basically the  middleman. You connect audience that is looking for specific things with a company that provide that  based on true and honest advice. And then you will earn a commission. So it's actually a win-win-win,  everybody wins and it's ethical good way to make money and it can really scale and increase and  make huge earnings. So this is my top recommend way that truly gives uh freedom. Of course it will  take time and effort. But if you're willing to
put in that time and effort, and also a bit of money  for educating yourself and some tools, then I do have some information about my exact steps  that I have taken to do this on my website. I'll leave links to that below. But if you don't  think affiliate marketing sounds like something for you, then let's move on to the second category  I wanted to talk about. So the second category I wanted to talk about is remote jobs. And there are  many platforms where you can find remote jobs. But this co
mpared to what I just talked about means  that you will still get hired. So sometimes you need to work on a set schedule but it's remote  job. So in many cases it can be done from anywhere which of course gives flexibility, just not the  same flexibility because you're still working for someone else. Sometimes you do have shifts or you  do have certain deadlines that others are telling you about. But if that's what you're interested  in, the advantage of this is that once you get hired, of cours
e you need to find the jobs first, but  once you get hired, you will start earning right away you know. What you will earn with affiliate  marketing the potential is huge but it takes time before you start earning. So you can also you  know combine it in different ways if you want to. So find something like this part-time while  building an affiliate marketing business and then you know, do it like that that's also an option.  So each of them have the pros and cons depending on your preferences.
But one great platform to find  is FlexJobs because the job platforms, in general, there's a lot of scams on on job platforms. You  can end up like having a hard time finding legit jobs. But FlexJobs they have a vetting process. So  you know, whatever you find here then it will be legit jobs, real jobs, real companies and then they  also have different tools you can use to actually apply for these jobs. You need to apply, so you  have to go through an application process. They do have a small f
ee it's like like super low like  below $10 I think for the first trial or so to get a subscription because you get access to all that.  And they charge for this because they actually making sure that it's legit jobs. So in my opinion,  if you are looking for remote jobs, paying a tiny fee for making sure that you get real tools  and that you get real access to real job posts, that can definitely be worth considering. But  you can also use other platforms. This is just one of my preferred platfo
rms and you can see the job  categories and you can find jobs no matter the country you're actually from. And they are you know  flexible, it's called FlexJobs so they are in in general a lot of remote jobs here. You can see all  the categories here you could go for here. So you can just see anything like okay uh you wanted to  do you know call center jobs or communication jobs, what do they have here/ You can go here, you can  also search for location, career level. education. all these things
here. And then scroll through  here and find them. You see some of them there specific locations, some of them you can just see  here also remote, it's actually found remote here. So they are probably remote there. So go through,  find them and uh then you have to of course go in there to get full access to the job post and apply.  You would need a membership there and go through the whole application process and you need to  get hired. So it's not something that guaranteed you will get it. But
this can be a really great  place to find flexible jobs. And in overall, you know, finding remote jobs can be a way to start  earning faster and also get the flexibility to in many cases sit where you want to do. Just  be aware that it'll still be an employer that controls what you do. And if you want to know more  about FlexJobs, I also do have a full review of it on my website. I'll leave a link to that below  so you can go and check that out. But let's now move on to the third category I want
to talk about  also. So the last option I want to talk about is to become a freelancer. And I'm on Fiverr right now, but  you do not have to use Fiverr, I want to say that. But this is just one of the most popular freelance  sites. I wanted to show something here for you to make a point. And that is how many different  types of freelance jobs you can do and this is where, I mean like I could have you know made a  title that said like 25 different ways to make money while you travel. And then I
could say  like oh graphic designer, logo designer, social media marketing manager, or whatever you know. But I  just put this onto one category and that is being a freelancer. And you see it basically no matter  what your skills are, you can find freelance work. But of course be aware something like Fiverr or  Upwork, some of the most popular ones, there is huge competition. So just because you join doesn't mean  that you necessarily get hired. You need to take the time to build a proper profil
e. You need to set  your prices correctly at first, start getting those first few people that are hiring you that gives  good reviews. You need to reach out to people, they give them offers. It takes quite a lot of time  and effort. And you are of course dependent on continuously then getting hired and doing the work  as fast as you can because that's a part of people, you know, if they are hiring something. I know that  for myself if I go to a freelance platform, the ones that are replying the
fastest are often the  ones that I end up hiring if they actually can offer what I am interested in. But the great thing  is that it's still very flexible. You can do it from anywhere. People that are hiring on freelance  platforms they don't care where in the world you are sitting as long as you do a good job. And as  you can see, basically no matter your interest and skills, there are freelance opportunities. I also  do have a list of the best freelance platforms you can join because it's a go
od idea to also have  profiles and different ones. And then you can check that out through the link below if you think this  is the right option for you. So as you can see, if you want to make money and have the freedom to  travel when you want to, then there are quite a few options. All of it will of course take time and  effort. That's how it is to build a real income and a real business no matter. Whether it's online or  offline, some of the options I showed you here have more flexibility tha
n others. Some will let you  start earning faster and some just have a bigger earning potential than others. But overall, all of  these options are valid ways to make sure you have an income that let you work more on your own terms  and that let you move around when you want to. Which of the options are the best really depends  on your personal preferences. You can also combine it. As mentioned, when I first started an affiliate  marketing business, I did a lot of freelance work because I had so
me bills I had to pay. But then,  I put as much time and effort into building the online business. So I didn't work full-time just, you know, so I could pay the bills and and then put a lot of time into building an affiliate marketing business  because that just has bigger earning potential and more freedom eventually. And then when that goes  better, you can scale down on the others. That's one way to do it. That's what I personally done. So  you know you can consider that also. But the exact b
est options really depends on your preferences.  I'll leave links below to more information about the exact steps I've taken to create an affiliate  marketing business. I will leave a link to Flexjobs so you can learn more about that if you think  remote job options is for you. And I also have a list of the best freelance sites uh that you can  join to find freelance jobs. I'll leave a link to that below so you can check that out if you think  that's the best option for you. But no matter what,
I hope this video helped you and inspired you.  And if it did, make sure to hit the like button, and also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube  channel, and hit the notification bell, so you won't miss out next time I release a video with tips and  tricks about different ways to make money online.