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2 days ago

I'm so glad you asked I'm wearing Christian Serano thank you Christian syan last year check it [Music] out all right welcome in all of our beautiful models all of our fashionistas all of our fans we're kicking off 24 hours of non-stop fashion and boy do we have the dress for you this is the it dress this is the must have dress there's only one dress this season that will be a very big today's special and you're looking at Sea wonder by chrisan Serano off-the-shoulder dress it's got flounce it's
got flare it's got Ruffles it's got a beautiful soft drape it's got your favorite super soft jersey knit but boy do we have new colors new prints a new style all of that at the same price that we launched his brand exactly a year ago today so one day only price on this beautiful dress $44.99 enjoy five flexible payments on allfashion all day long the colors the prints they're extraordinary they're beautiful they're Vivid they're fabulous and that's what you expect by Christian Serano he's the cr
eative director of this classic American Sports Wear brand you get wearable beautiful Unforgettable Styles and boy you are getting red carpet designs tonight you have seen his designs on the Oscars the emys the gramys the Met Gala every Runway every Fashion Week from New York to Paris to London this is an iconic designer and boy are we giving you a chance of a lifetime to have a Christian Serano dress for $44.99 we've got two different sort of beautiful prints to choose from and each one of thes
e prints comes in three different colors so we've got six different choices for you we have extra small through 3x we also have three inseams yes allinclusive sizing yes universally flattering on all body types so we have petite average and Tall lengths our first beautiful print this one is called our garden floral it comes in a teal we'll walk you through all these colors here in depth throughout the presentation also our garden floral comes in this beautiful bright and vibrant pink which has b
een very popular I decided to go for the black it's got this beautiful kind of really cool kind of rustic red and a soft pink accent color then we're going to get to our Wild Flower a slightly smaller scale print a little bit more Botanical this one comes in not only our beautiful blue but we have it in a lilac and we have it in a marold you're going to choose your size you're going to choose your length you can wear it off the shoulder you can wear it on the shoulder you can wear it with the ti
e belt that's included or we also have a matching belt you can add to your order but without further Ado I want to introduce you to the man the myth the legend when he's not designing for celebrity stars on the red carpet we've got his exclusive collection here tonight Christian Serano welcome back to HSN happy anniversary congratulations on your amazing debut one year later and still you're bringing us one new design after another tonight great to see you my friend Christian we're going to just
double check your mic we just lost you however let's go ahead and take a look at our model so you can start to decide what color is it going to be I will tell you you can order true to size on this one I'm wearing the extra small in the average length the three lengths are petite average and Tall it's either 41 1/2 in length 44 is the average or the tall is 46 and 1/2 a whole new year a whole new style all new colors all new prints but the best news is it's last year's price you can get it home
for $9 I know if you've already fallen in love with sea Wonder here at HSN you have discovered his beautiful brand his signature style I would say this is quintessential Christian Serano you can build a wardrobe you can get more than one that beautiful flounce across the neckline gives you sort of a beautiful gorgeous drape it's flattering whether you are small busted whether you are large busted you can have a lot of fun with the belt you can wear it with or without the belt and then the wonde
rful fabric is so soft it's so stretchy it's so accommodating and it has a beautiful sort of drape and flow it just has this kind of easy breezy look notice how it's a little bit higher in the front that hemline and a little bit lower in the back well we're getting creative because I'll tell you what Victoria couldn't decide what shoulder to show so she did one shoulder up one shoulder down there's our beautiful model Victoria she's 5'11 what size are you wearing Miss Victoria she is wearing the
small and she's wearing it in the tall length and as well she should she's 5'11 all right let's go next to our beautiful Sue Sue is in the Lilac and uh Sue are you about 53 and are you wearing our petite I am medium petite she's in the medium petite and you can see how pretty Sue looks in that beautiful lilac that's one of our most limited Colors by the way that's a beautiful wildf flower print uh let's go to Vonda next vond is in let's see she's in our beautiful pink in that Garden floral uh t
hat's a stunning vibrant pink anything and everything pink from Christian Serano you've been loving so that's outrageous and bond you're wearing it in the in the small all right Christian let's pretend that we're going to do this all over again the one and only Christian here there he is I'm here I'm back I'm back this is what happens I just I was just saying five minutes ago I was like what happens it's live we're here I'm like what what what do we do if the if the internet doesn't work anyway
we're here I'm so excited to be here one year can you believe it I feel like I've been here for like 10 years but I'm here one year we love this dress so much I hope everyone is I I've noticed that everybody already is loving it that's why we did so many colors so many moments the Fabric's luxurious $44 you're getting a whole look for $44 this is a great deal absolutely Christian we're having fun I hope you're loving it you look gorgeous too look so stunning everybody I mean Gorge the black is a
ctually one of my favorites because I think it's really bold and really graphic so I'm glad that you picked it I think it looks really beautiful on you oh thank you so much Christian walk us through the colors cuz you you've been very Hands-On from the beginning with all the prints all the designs let's start with the black and how how you put it all together and what's so great about this I hope that you can see that all the prints they really do have this idea that moves around your body so th
e placement of the print is very important and if this is if you're going to wear it off the shoulder if you're going to wear it up if you want to wear a bra you can um but I think what's great about the print is there's a lot of tones in here so whichever color way you pick I mean this kind of lavender is one of my favorites but there's so many tones in here so with your the one that you're wearing in the black you get the pink you get the red you're getting corals you're getting elements of ye
llow and Peach and I think that that was very important because I feel like I want people to really live life in these dresses and feel like you're getting bang for your buck here that you're going to have these forever you can wear them with different things wear them with different accessories you can throw different handbags depending on what you have we have to talk about though that you're getting this dress which is Chic high low head bias cut flounce around the Hem here you're getting a s
elf belt with it this could be off the shoulder or you can wear your bra with this and wear it up high on the shoulder for $44 what are we doing here Sarah you tell me I don't know because when they tell me I'm like listen I just do the sketches and then I'm like what is happening but I think that's what's so exciting because we were we had such a fun year and we just wanted to give everybody a really fabulous dress you get this home for $ n yeah I don't I don't think anybody is wearing Christia
n Serano and the red carpet for $44.95 so you can't even get a manicure these days for under $45 let me introduce you to two of the matching pieces which you are definitely going to want to add to your order and you will see our beautiful models wearing we have a matching floral belt and this will be an incredible value if you add it to your purchase of our today's special let me go over all the colors that we have in the belt I'm wearing it in the pink we also have a peach we have a sailor blue
we have it in a lilac we have it in a black almost every designer is doing big floral belts I'll tell you what no one is doing it for $26.95 it's not going to be $26.95 if you add it to your purchase our today's special you can take $5 off the price and it just simply ties in the back you don't have to worry like oh what size am I ordering it just has a nice long beautiful gr grain ribbon so the belt is available there's also a great little jacket which I'll just show you very quickly over here
if you do want a Topper uh whether you have sort of a more versatile wardrobe you can wear this a little bit in a chilly evening or a cool morning we have this available in the beautiful sailor blue the lipstick pink we do have a great white and we do have it for you in the black there's also matching pants but just want you to see what we're going to Showcase tonight so you can start building your wardrobe and putting the whole look together uh Christian I love everything about that beautiful
black and and the fabric I know it's so soft it's so accommodating it's so stretchy and cool and comfortable Isn't it nice that the hand is kind of cooling I felt like listen it's a spring dress we want you to have this like all spring all summer we wanted something that felt really fresh on your body I mean even just me holding it here next to Black like look how vibrant and exciting this is so I think anybody that's kind of like I don't know it's been a kind of a dreary winter I was like we ha
ve to go for something bold and elegant and feminine this reminds me of kind of like those summers in the south of France and I feel like I wanted everybody to feel that um so I think that's just what we wanted to do this is that classic jersey that we've been doing with the sea Wonder brand so anybody bought anything in this jersey this beautiful gorgeous soft it feels like butter it's so soft so Supple um I'm kind of obsessed with it I just think it's very flattering too it really hugs the bod
y in kind of all the right ways which is really what we want you know what I mean yeah and I love that you're very big into all the inclusive sizing finding a dress that's universally flattering for women of all shapes all sizes all Heights is also very very hard to find you need a red carpet desire right and you've did it in three different lengths so it doesn't matter if you're petite if you're tall if you're somewhere in between it doesn't matter actually how tall you are you just pink the le
ngth of the dress if you're tall but you want a shorter dress go for the average or the petite I'm 56 could wear the average which I'm wearing right now or I could even wear it in the petite length so come on in and take a look we're already very very busy happy anniversary Christian Serano a new dress but the same price as last year let's go through our beautiful models on this side uh we've got simy over here she's wearing it in the marle talk about this print listen this panicle in the yellow
I mean I I have to tell you I always say that this is my my drewberry more yellow because that's my my Drew she loves her yellow moment so I always have to give you guys a gorgeous yellow dress I think it looks great on everybody look at the colors you get that beautiful gorgeous green that really really light pink and a little bit of white I just think it looks so fresh and I think this looks really great on a lot of different skin tones don't be afraid of yellow I promise you try it for $44 y
ou better get three of these dresses everybody I mean come on and did you notice that simy is wearing the belt as a choker necklace you could also wear it around a hat you could also put it on a bag does this not look amazing Christian what a great idea it's one of my favorite pieces I'm really really excited listen I really wanted this piece I did so many rosettes in my collection on the runway I did so many flowers and this is really really hard to do it's really really intricate and unique we
did on a grow gra ribbon so you can wear this in your hair you can wear it on your belt wear it as a belt I love it as a neck piece I think it's kind of fabulous I don't know I think listen if you're on a zoom call and you're wearing this for work even better I even better uh how could you not get noticed uh the beautiful marold is a rich kind of gorgeous almost golden tone with a little Peach a little green uh simy and I are both wearing it in the extra small and then we've got Jamie over here
uh Jamie is wearing it in our beautiful Wildflower blue and Jamie are you in the 1X she's in the 1X she's got the blue matching belt on many of you are adding the belt by the way it's only $67 if you want the dress and the belt believe it or not because you're getting of course a big savings $5 off the belt when you add it to your order tonight let's talk about your Blues I know you're huge fan of Blues and greens I love the blues the blues and greens is like kind of like something I do listen
I I'm sure my mom is watching because it's late but this is something that growing up my whole life um my mom loved these blue Botanical so I just always put it in my designs I don't know it just reminds me of her and I love it I mean I still will say that the lavender this is probably my favorite print um I'm kind of obsessed with this colorway right now we just made Oprah a really beautiful lavender suit that she wore on her special the other day if anybody noticed um so it's just one of those
my favorite colors but the blue I love because look I added the lavender in this blue print so you're getting all these different tones again like you said that you get this if you go with this flower and this dress for $67 under $100 look at the look that you get look how expensive you look and I think that's really hard to do so I hope everybody's feeling good about trying this dress I mean if you're going to do this on flex play for $9 I don't want to hear it everybody come that's nothing te
ll all all those red carpet stars all the movie stars the celebrities the talk show hosts the opras zandia lizo Michelle Obama Lady Gaga You Name It Sarah Michelle Geller Billy Porter they're all wearing these red carpet designs there is not a red carpet event without someone walking around in Christian Serana Sarah Jessica Parker all you have to do is follow his Instagram feed and see what we're in we're in great company and now when people ask you who you are wearing you can say Christian Sera
no let's talk about the beautiful teal uh the teal is in the garden floor which is a little bit of the larger print the larger print I love a big bull print look how this is styled though see how it's one up on her shoulder you can do this I love this asymmetry so you just really get even though this dress is very simple and I it's simple it's elegant but look how versatile it can be you can wear this different ways styl you know style it however you want to do it and I even like like this all t
hey all come with their own self belt um which I do think is important when you ever have a little dress like this but you can you know put your own belt put our flower belt you know have fun with this dress but I think it really cinches in the waist it does have a little elastic in the waistband um so you'll see that that's because it's I mean the stretch is to die for because you need it and you're already getting your three lengths so don't forget about that the three length is very important
because I felt like I was reading reviews and a lot of people were saying I'm I'm so appreciative of people that are petite a lot of women in my life are very petite and it's very hard to find clothes that are high low that you can wear so that's really really important here so remember when you're when you're shopping for $44 for this dress you could if you're petite you got your length girls okay and that's why if it's so hard to find the right dress in the right fit and that Universal flatte
ring silhouette I hope you're getting more than one because this is only one day at this price this is only one day this is the same price as a dress that we launched his brand last year so we kind of rolling back the clock and you get to take advantage of this amazing anniversary special here's our lilac I think it's our most limited it's the wild flower print tell us about the Lilac by the way this is the petite just you can imagine this at home it's not going to be overwhelming Sue you're 53
and you're wearing it in the medium right tell us about the Lilac Christian gorgeous so at the lilac just think I just think that that feels so fresh I mean for me if you're going for something that you want to feel that is your spring dress right I mean I love Blues I love the turquoise I love this tone too but for me I think the lavender is really beautiful this also I I don't know I'm very into corals right now I don't know if anybody's noticed but like all these beautiful Citrus corals are k
ind of having a moment on the runway so I I think that that was very important to bring that in with this with this print too um getting something bold so you're just getting all the tones here so it's whatever you like I think that's what's so great we have six options I mean if you don't find one option that you like what am I don't know what I'm doing I might as well retire because there's something for everybody here in the room hanging out with us at whatever time it is what time is it midn
ight who know already very popular already very popular I think we're more than 400 gone I can't see the counter from here uh if you want to have first dibs on your favorite color and your favorite size and your favorite length order tonight and that way you can rest easy you can enjoy the rest of the day let's talk about this amazing pink it is almost like a fuchsia with a little bit of coral and a little bit of sort of a golden shade it has those orange undertones it has the fuchsia I love thi
s color way I think it's so gorgeous this is this is going to be one of I think the most I think people will get this color the most I just think it's really Universal look look at on the different skin tones you know what I mean seeing on a really fair beautiful body gorgeous dark skin I think is so rich so elegant look how expensive this dress looks I mean for $44 what are we even doing here I don't know I just think you're really just getting such a fabulous dress and I'm so glad that we got
to do this again I remember last year when I first launched I was so nervous and I was like this is like so new but now that we're here I feel like I feel that we wanted to bring you something that felt easy breezy you pull this on there's no zipper there's nothing you tie the belt you get in the dress you pick the kids up from school they're like Mom you look great and you're like duh and then you know you go to lunch with the girls and you have fun with your life I think that's what this dress
is it's fun it's flirty it's playful the movement's gorgeous I'm kind of obsessed with this dress I don't know why I love it so much but it's just cute and it's $44 so come on it's $44 uh remember if you're adding the belt uh you are getting a universal fit on the Belt they're so beautiful and and the the florals are threedimensional we have the black we have the teal we have this beautiful pink most of you were adding the belt it's $5 off with your purchase there's the Lilac and then we also h
ave it for you in that beautiful peach so I'm going to I feel like I'm holding a bouquet and I'm ready to walk down the aisle but I want you to see all the different florals that you can pick with each one of these choices there's also a great beautiful jacket that's available for you as well I will say right out of the gate it's the black that is in the lead right is our number one bestselling color you look stunning in it oh thank you and Then followed by our beautiful pink so you've got a lot
of options here if you are picking up on our beautiful teal there is a teal belt that would look beautiful and then we've got look at the the teal with the black the teal with the black belt because I want people to see I think black look really look how rich that looks I think this with the black belt look how rich and expensive it looks so if you wanted to take this and make it a little bit more evening that's what I like I think you throw this black belt and I think that makes it feel a litt
le bit more evening a little bit more elegant so have fun with these belts mix and match them they don't have to be it's not D to mat you know we're not doing that it's not mother the bride here right we want this to be cool and fashionable I know don't judge me all the mother of the bride listen if you want to wear this for your mother the bride dress you rock on girl because you're going to look amazing and I mean it's one of those things but I felt like the flowers I love mixing it you know I
like something that feels really bold and graphic with these because I think that makes it feel like you have a personal style here you're putting your own touch on it I'm just giving you ideas here but I think it's nice to mix it up I think you did an amazing job if you're doing the pink uh you could either pink the Lilac belt you could do the Peach Belt you could do the pink belt uh and again it comes with its own self tie belt you see it on our beautiful model Sue I love the flounce across t
he shoulders I just think that's so flattering uh by the way I don't want you to feel nervous about wearing an off thee shoulder style because it has a nice elastic it is very secure and it's actually not revealing at all I mean I've seen other plunging necklines or spaghetti straps or one shoulders uh that you feel a little self-conscious in I feel very secure wearing this slightly off the shoulder or you can go ahead and and pull it up and cover your bra straps if if you wish yeah I mean look
how cute it is with our little jacket that's this jacket when we talk about this in a little bit it's so amazing and gorgeous and one of my favorite pieces but I think that's what's great about this dress I think shoulders I think on a woman are so elegant and gorgeous and I know so many like I mean at least so many women in my life do like a little bit of sleeve coverage so I think when you wear this off the shoulder you're just getting more coverage on your arm so it just depends on how you wa
nt to wear this um and I think what's great is you pull it up and you can wear any bra you have and you're good and safe to go so it just depends on what you know what you have going on that day maybe you need to be more secure or if you can be a little more easy breezy and this is one of those dresses that it's light enough that you can throw this over anything like I don't care if you roll this up and put it in your beach bag I mean how cute for spring all the way into summer and you just have
a great beautiful Botanical dress it's just comfortable I mean this feels like pajamas girls but you look glamorous right yeah and you know what um the fact that you just said you could literally throw it in your beach bag honestly all you do is kind of shake it out it's not going to be like a cotton or a linen where you look like a hot mess it's machine washable you can just let it hang dry uh you can also just kind of let it steam out when you're taking your shower you're getting ready to run
out the door you're at your hotel your Resort this is your travel dress and you mentioned mother of the bride Christian I'm thinking you know what we are getting again invit now to go to weddings right special celebrations we've got Easter we' got Mother's Day it is the the schedule is packed in Spring let me tell you I feel like I don't even know where to go I was like oh my God it's Easter this weekend we have so many events we have Mother's Day we have so many weddings so many women in my li
fe are like what do you wear to a beautiful spring wedding this is what you wear if you're a guest this is something that's comfortable you can wear it you can dance in this all night long you can party in this have fun and it's just something that you know you feel good in this dress because it's flattering no matter what like you can be really busty you can be very petite it doesn't really matter and I think that's all about all this silhouette that we are giving you here this is I love that y
ou can see so we pulled this up she's wearing her bra with this and then again look at this bias flounce hen there's a lot of movement in this skirt so look at the fabrication I mean we're not skimping on the fabric so you're getting a lot of beautiful sweep here and that's very signature me I was like this has to be a full buas cut circle around the Hem so you're just getting something you can dance in I don't know I think it's so fabulous and I'm really glad that we were able to give this to y
ou for this price so you can get this home for under I mean you're getting this home for under $10 if you want it's kind of mindblowing if you're just tuning in you're like okay first of all just to find any dress for less than $45 any dress at any store from any designer at any retailer and then you're like wait a minute but it's Christian Serano I'm getting a red carpet award winning designer who's designing for the Stars designing for the celebrities designing for the red carpet designing for
the Grammys and the Oscars and the Emmys and wait I'm I'm wearing Christian Sano for $9 add the belt that's $5 off it's $67 tell anybody you're going to spend more on your shoes should we tell people you'll probably spend more on your manic one strap on your shoe is $9 let me tell you come on no but I think listen I hope that everybody really this dress is just so Chic it's so elegant I think that this is going to be one of those things that you have in your wardrobe for a really long time um I
think it also is one of those pieces that yes the prints are really you know you have to love these prints right you have to pick which one is really your Vibe but I think there's Every Woman here right there's all my friends are in these dresses um and I think that that was really important here I mean look how cool with a really black cool patent jacket or you could do this with a long beautiful duster and a beautiful boot if you if it's still chilly out you can wear right now um there's just
so many ways to wear this dress uh so I hope that you're picking up at least two it's cool it's comfortable it it covers your knees if you're someone who is looking for that perfect kind of midi length let me just remind you about sizing go true to size on this one it's got lots of stretch it's very accommodating it doesn't matter where you carry your weight you can adjust the belt you can wear the shoulder on or off or up and down you can have a lot of fun creating your very own look at home y
ou can add a belt we're we're adding a lot of belts here tonight but you can wear your own you could wear it without the belt you got options so extra small through 3x here are the three lengths petite average tall 412 average is 44 tall is 46 and a half there's Victoria in our longer length and then we've got our beautiful simy she's wearing it in the average length I'm wearing it in the average length but I could also wear it in a petite so it's just really up to to you how much leg you want t
o show you will never be tripping over yourself in this dress Christian because of that high low hem so it's actually quite wearable and practical yeah and I think that that was kind of important here we wanted something that I think was a bit more easy breezy cool comfortable um and I love what you said about this like you know remember here there's an elastic waist in this dress there's no zipper so you can do you don't have to use the belt at all if you even want this to be even more relaxed
and just effortless very Bohemian I think this dress does have a little bit of that Bohemian girl to it um a little 7s glamour which I really really love and that's kind of having a moment um in fashion right now so I think it just depends on who you want to be or you throw this on with your cool leather jacket and and it's a totally different look so it just depends on like like see if I put this with just a great black jacket I mean how cool and beautiful and graphic is this print so I think t
hat's what's nice about this dress and I hope that you're seeing that and you can mix and match it with things that you have in your wardrobe already if you're only going to get one thing tonight for our today's special moment and I know we have a we've got lots of cute things coming up but if you're getting one thing you got to get this okay I think I've got a couple more minutes on the dress I just want to remind you of the colors we have teal we have the pink and we have the black in the larg
er print we're calling that the garden floral see how the wildf flower a slightly smaller scale print also beautiful there there there isn't one that you wouldn't want to love we've got got it in our blue we've got it in our lilac and our beautiful mirold be sure to add the belt it's about $5 off if you add the belt to your order and then of course we've got a matching jacket for you so we're going to give you the whole wardrobe it's all new tonight all in big celebration of sea Wonder Christian
serano's amazing one-year anniversary here at so here I am and just to kind of make a point I'm wearing the petite in this video I'm wearing the petite on 56 it's not too tall it's not too long it's not too short wear a big hat wear your sunglasses Wear It Outdoors wear it indoors take it on vacation stop and smell the roses it is the easiest dress you will ever own you will love wearing it remember you can wear it with the shoulders up as well so you can really sort of create uh the pe
rfect silhouette just for you but so flattering and remember you're wearing Christian Serano new prints new style new colors last year's price that's we're loving about our today's special thank you for all of your orders stay there this is the best hour to get your favorite color and your favorite size in this dress the black might be gone by morning uh that's the update that I'm getting the belt the belt the belt we've got it in some beautiful colors Christian tell us about the importance of t
his like signature floral belt right now I know it's listen we did this in our collection on the runway we did so many beautiful big big floral belt moments and I think it's just happening in fashion this is what you know sometimes Trends they they come they go and they stay but I love this fashion statement I think that's what it is it's a statement what's so cool about this is that you can just wear it however you want to wear it like this can be any anything you want to do with this but this
is a grow grain ribbon they're really long so you can tie this you can double knot it you can let the sash hang on the side there's no rules here just have fun with these belts right we did in so many colors for that reason but like see this beautiful long strap so you know you're really doing it however you want um I love the idea of this satin rosette look how intricate this is so hard to do I can't believe we could even do this I how did we do this guys okay we're g to talk about it but I thi
nk what's so crazy is because when I make things in life you can really see how do close up I mean it's so amazing this is all satin so how beautiful and intricate that is already hard to do hard to create and what's so great about it look how saturated the colors are you know they're not you're really getting such Rich colors here look how many we also gave you I can't believe we did so many options we love you all here you'll want one in every color now you don't have to buy the dress to get t
he belt you can just go ahead and grab the belt and I think it's about $26 but it's even less when you add it to your purchase of our today's special so $5 off with the today's special these will probably not last the day I don't think we have nearly as many belts as we have dresses uh you can see they are very long there's about 3 feet of that grow grain ribbon on each side so you can really create the perfect length you can tie it do you like it off to the side do you like it in the middle do
you like it around the neckline I know I love it everywhere no but I love what you Des there I like that you put it on the side I think that's really beautiful I think what's great is that you can tie this and you can let these hang in the back and I think they just look really rich I mean grow grain ribbon is also a really beautiful luxury and it's really something that I felt like was very important to do this ribbon on um I wanted it to feel rich and luxurious but look how great they look on
the dress mix and match these this this just on any if you if you're just bored with your wardrobe but you can only get one thing today just get this belt because this you can put with anything you have I just want to quickly go over all the colors and tell you what belts go with each color let's start with the marold you could do the peach or the heel on the marold that we're showing you right there if you get the Lilac you could do the pink or the Lilac and of course you can do the black on an
y of them depending on sort of what colors you want to pull out so there's the Lilac pink or Lilac or black of course here's our beautiful blue so you could do the teal or you could do the black or also with the blue there's a bit of that lilac you could do that one as well uh black and pink go with our black then of course we've got the peak or the pin uh pink or the peach that go with the pink color or you can mix it up a little bit and then of course we've got the blue teal that you could do
with the teal or the black so uh we're selling hundreds and hundreds of these tonight you do not want to miss out on the Belt you do not want to miss out on the dress So now you've got a great outfit $67 that's the entire outfit that's not on Flex Pay that's the entire outfit no one is doing Christian Serano for these great fabulous prices he's designing exclusively for us here at HSN and boy you're going to feel like a celebrity you're going to feel like a Hollywood movie star because it's so p
retty nothing is clinging nothing is showing through it's soft it's lightweight it's wearable and there's just so many beautiful ways you can wear that dress throughout the entire season we've got occasions coming up and we want to make sure you are getting the perfect dress it's the dress of the year and I'm so glad you're watching because we will not have another today's special dress from Christian IO this year this is your moment okay let's talk about an amazing value still to come for all o
f our Fashion East is out there I just want you to know this is now the lowest price ever it is a f length faux patent leather trench coat we just marked it down to $49.99 it's exactly 50% off big deal big savings we have it in the blush we have it in the black we have it in the Mojave Desert extra SP through 3x I just want you to know that is coming up and I don't know how that happened uh but it is pretty amazing that we can uh pass on those big savings for you today also we're on five Flex Pa
y so you've got the next five months to pay off everything interest free you can also order online because we're so busy you can use that little QR code you can just scan that QR code and boom that link will take you right to our HSN page and it will tell you exactly how to order our today's special or just about anything else that you have in your mind now we've got a fabulous cropped crepe jacket it's $59 it's brand new it's also soft and lightweight it's got a stretchy fabric so it's very acc
ommodating and beautiful gold tone buttons little darling Ruffles down the front and then a little ruffle right here on the 3/4 length sleeve a lot of designer details comes in the Sailor blue which is like a teal blue comes in the pink comes in the black comes in the white uh tell us about this one Christian you know I love a jacket I like have to have jackets in the collection it's so important for me I think it's like one of those pieces that I feel like sometimes I like designing the jacket
more than I like designing anything just because I think it really finishes the look we have it in a full suit you can get a full suit moment here but look how gorgeous this white jacket is for me this is something like it screams this is the new season this is spring this is summer you throw this over anything that you have in your closet um there's so many details here there's beautiful princess seing there's gorgeous Ruffles down the front but they're not too big just subtle um our little sna
p button so this is really easy to throw on you're just throwing this on your shoulders if you want if it's a little chilly but you want to look Chic I think it's one of those things that you want to have a great jacket this is probably I think our easiest jacket that can be so wearable for everyone I mean look how gorgeous it looks it looks I mean God it looks so expensive I I love the length I'm just uh isn't it great admiring Sue from every angle okay the length is perfect it's 20 in it's not
too long it's not too short it's not too boxy it's the perfect kind of ladylike perfect little feminine touch extra small through 3x you can also machine wash this it's a poly spandex blend but a stretch crepe it's got some substance to it it's got a little bit of texture to it how would you describe it Christian yeah I think that's really what it is it has a little more body something that I wanted this jacket to actually feel a little more luxurious something that you're going to have in your
closet for a long time to make it feel expensive look expensive um because I think that's what was really important here you know to get this for that price is pretty amazing we did also my gorgeous French cuff look how beautiful the cuff is but it's 3/4 so you're getting that you can still do your jewelry I think it's important to have that especially spring we wanted that feeling so I love the length here so you still get my signature French cuff that we're doing kind of throughout the whole
collection but I just think that this jacket is so so Chic White's my favorite because I think you have to have a gorgeous white jacket you just have to like please here's what we'll do we'll uh show this with all the dresses and you can figure out uh how to find the perfect match already uh black and white very very popular you'll also love the darling little gold tone buttons I'm going to just walk over this way this way here we go yeah here we go great okay Garden floral teal you could either
wear the blue or you could go ahead and do the white with our beautiful garden floral and then we get to that pink and and you tell me what do you like with the pink Christian you could do the pink or the white I really like I love how fresh the white looks over the pink I think it's really beautiful and then I think you do that beautiful pink fuchsia over the black because you already are going to do this black jacket over any any color here so why not go with the fuchsia over if you have that
beautiful black dress I think it looks so gorgeous with this little jacket um I'm showing you here with just a great little white rib tank and that makes it a bit more casual and cool but I think it's really nice to have all the different layers and the tones and that's what we wanted we already have this great beautiful dress and now you have a really Chic cool jacket to wear with this something that like looks great with this dress but it also just looks great with jeans and a t-shirt and you
r casual and cool it has it has structure to it but it's still very stretchy it's still very very very soft and it also doesn't show a lot of wrinkles it's substantial it gives you kind of great coverage uh so if you love this jacket I have a feeling uh the White's not going to be long for this world remember you're watching the very first hour of his anniversary shows uh these will not last the colors the sizes your choices so I think you've got a great option here if you want to sort of put yo
ur whole look together but one great jacket that you could wear with pants or with other dresses in your wardrobe look in your closet right now Christian I'm thinking you know a lot of us have sleeveless dresses we haven't worn in a while because we just wish we had the matching jacket and matching jackets can be expensive out there at retail and I think look at this jacket too look at all the tailoring elements here there's gorgeous seaming we did this beautiful top stitching everywhere you're
getting a beautiful band around the Hem so there's just a lot of really gorgeous tailor details here I do a lot of tailor jackets in my collections I think it's very important to have um so we really wanted that I love the length on this jacket too if you want this to be a bit more foxy and oversized you could go up a size too if you really want that look um I like that it feels a little more petite and sexy and fabulous um I just think that that's a bit more modern right now but look at also th
is turquoise this beautiful teal it's really deep and Rich but for me don't sleep on this color because this with gold jewelry turquoise jewelry those beautiful tones that I think I love seeing in the summer um I think this is a really beautiful color so look how gorgeous with the blues H I love you holding up with the blues I just think it's so rich I just think this it's not a color you see every day it also kind of dresses it up a little bit from a jean jacket you can always wear this dress w
ith a jean jacket go a little bit more casual but it's kind of fun if you want to sort of mix it up a little bit uh the Lilac you could do with of course all of them go with the white you could even do it with the pink cuz there's pink inside that lilac color uh the white might be the best fit if you're doing the mar gold but right now the best bet for those of you that are picking up on our today's special which has been very very popular by the way how many are gone now in the today's special
uh okay very very popular we'll give you updates here I know the black has been the best seller each one of these is so dreamy that it's not hard to add the jacket when you're saving so much on the dress and that's what you did in such a brilliant way Christian you created a whole outfit for us that will feel very smart very put together but it didn't cost us a fortune I know I feel like for me it was really important now that I think when you're shopping when you're getting a look that it needs
to be in that $100 world right we don't want to go much above that anymore right so you could get this dress and this jacket for that and I feel like look how cool look how expensive look how Chic you look and when you guys get this jacket home please you know give us your feedback because I think the fabric this crepe is so Lux I actually have to get this crepe from my own collection jeez um you know what I mean it's like it's one of those Fabrics that it feels so beautiful and expensive um we
did the snaps all the way down too so those gold Sea Wonder buttons are very signature um it snaps really easily all the way down the jacket so you can close this up and be you know fully tailored and just have a little tank top underneath this um if you want to do that I think it's very chic look how in all white with the pan done I know I think that's very elegant s very chic it looks over uh super super expensive by the way I want to show you the stretch on this one uh because it's going to
be the same fabric that's in this next pant that's coming up ready for this this is not this is not like sort of so structured that you can't move this has tons of stretch I mean look at the stretch go ahead you can sort of really move about your day you can get in and out of your car you can you know get the groceries grab the kids so that's amazing and we have the same fabric in a matching pant and the pant also comes in the same great colors we have it in the black we have it in the Sailor bl
ue we have it in the white and we have it in this really pretty pink so now you can go ahead and think about building a wardrobe a lot of you are already picking up our very best value of the day our today's special but when you add the jacket then you might want to wear the jacket with a pant you've got sort of the perfect combination the pant comes in numeric sizing 0 through 24 29 in inseam same great fabric that's So Soft accommodating stretchy but still substantial you cannot see through th
is white thank you for doing that Christian and it's a true kind of like five pocket style it is it has actually almost that denim kind of style you're getting all the pocket details you're getting that beautiful back gorgeous yolk theme with the pockets which we love um I love this cigarette shape I think it's really cool it's very 50s 60s um I I love that Vibe um I just think that she looks very modern really special but still feels very fresh the stretch in this pant is wild you know we do th
ese pants and let me tell you when I see these and I'm like looking at the leg and I'm like what is happening I'm like how can we do this and the return is so beautiful they don't stretch out like there's no creasing I just think that's fabulous like look how Chic look how expensive this is a great pant actually I think this is one of those things even if you don't get the jacket you could just get these if you need a beautiful white pant for the season and I kind of love it look at the booty ok
ay girl she's I love it when my girls give a turn and you know what I mean I love to see it because I just think like it's it just depends on your silhouette too you know how you want to wear your look look I love it with little off the-shoulder top you wear these wear it tucked in wear it with your blouse over it what however you want to style this this is a great little pant and they're really like a trouser they look very pretty they look very tailored they look obviously dressier than a jean
but you're not sacrificing Comfort they also don't show any wrinkles and the fact that they're super easy to clean you can machine wash you can tumble dry they won't pill they won't fade uh they're not thin they're not flimsy sometimes when you wear a stretchy pant you can feel like you know you're wearing tissue paper these are very substantial they give you full coverage you don't show any lumps or bumps and they're not a legging they're like a true straight leg which is so flattering Christi
an yeah it really has more of a tailored leg to it it is that beautiful kind of straight shape but look at it in the black a I mean for me if you need a great suit for work look how Chic in the black it's elegant it's beautiful you're actually going to be very comfortable in this pant so I think that that is very important that this is one of those pants that you're really living your life in every single day so I think if you for and I think that's kind of hard to do sometimes spring summer we
hot we're fussy but this is that great pant that you will want to have it's very breathable very light but still has that beautiful textured crepe quality to it it's not a jersey it really is more of a crpe fabric so you're getting that feeling there I mean I white is very popular white white white you got to grab the white white P everybody does also maybe you just need a great black pant to wear day in and day out you can match it back to the jacket uh but those are going very quickly it's all
new everything's on five Flex Pay and did you know that you can customize your shopping experience by signing up for our when to watch emails hm what should I watch and when should I watch it you'll be the first first to know when your favorite Brands will be live on air maybe you never want to miss another sea wonder by Christian Serano show ever again uh this will give you all the details and you can do so when you go to your profile go to your account on but we are so thrilled we are
with Christian Serano named one of Time Magazine's most 100 influential people he is an American award-winning designer he designs for the red carpet and not only will we have another look at us today's special we've got some brand new designs that you will see right after [Music] this Global Chic is all about fashion Freedom new Fabrics pattern and soft Silhouettes with spicy details so be free Iman Global Chic only on HSN travel is one of the few things we have in our lives that Mark a fresh
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n welcome to the party I know a lot of you are already loving our today's special my name is Sarah welcome in and we have a brand new top I don't know if you're watching be report uh but Amy was wearing this in the yellow it looked gorgeous we also have some brand new colors the second color is going to be called I'll just double check is This Kiss Meadow bouquet kiss Meadow bouquet these are amazing we also have it for you in a pure white this is brand new you just have to see this on the model
s because this hanger is not going to do it justice when you see a woven stretch poplin that has like a smocked neckline you can wear on or off the shoulder but it's really got this really fun exaggerated sleeve everything about this top is so pretty it's glamorous it's fabulous Christian Serano is with us tonight with this amazing red carpet designs uh this is so fabulous I love that what you did with this top oh my God I love this top this is now one of our more tailored pieces you're getting
a gorgeous cotton look at the fit because you're getting that beautiful smocking in the back so it's all smoked in the back so it's super stretchy I hope you can see that so that's what really gets a fit here but it's very tailored in the front and you get my classic gorgeous balloon sleeve this little elastic here in the shoulder I love this blouse I just think it's one of those things I don't know I wanted to do something that was more Bohemian and a great top that we can throw on with any Jea
n or any white pen or anything that you have just a really cute cotton Little Summer top and I think it's so pretty so sweet I love the fabric the sming uh check it out on our models so you can see how this fits because it has a lot of structure to it and that's the cotton right the cotton gives it the body the cotton gives it the body I mean that's what's so great about it but like look how great I love this top I think this is like one of those things this is for my fashion girls this for you
you want to have a moment with this cool print top the balloons s it might not be for everybody but I think it's very stylish very cool um I love the idea of this you can wear wear this off the shoulder but again you can wear this and pull this up if you want to wear it with your bra um it's a really really great easy throw on look that makes you kind of already elevated in your wardrobe you know what I mean you kind of look and feel cool in this top it looks so expensive it looks really expensi
ve and uh you would know because you're designing and of course uh incredible levels we are so thrilled uh we're here with Christian Serano he is one of the most in demand designers he's one of the most well-respected he is one of the hottest American award-winning designers that you're seeing on the fashion week and on the red carpet that you will see this year we're so thrilled because this is such an exciting opportunity Christian for for anybody who's ever admired your designs this this is a
chance for them to own something from you at home that even the celebrities are not wearing these pieces these are designed exclusively here at HSN I know I love we've had we're having so much fun here and designing for you guys and really you know playing around trying new things new Silhouettes I hope that we're people are are getting pieces that you feel like you don't already have in your wardrobe we really really want that I want people to feel stylist and fashionable um and I think you kn
ow I'm trying to bring things that are pushing you just a little bit you know maybe a little more volume in the sleeve that you normally would try but trust me I think people will stop you and be like where are you getting these clothes what's happening where are they from and I hope that you tell them where you're getting them and being like being proud of all these fabulous moments look at the shape of this neckline look how beautiful this gorgeous scoop is I think that is so elegant and so be
autiful on so many different shapes and sizes um remember this is a stretch cotton so it is going to fit it looks more tailored it has beautiful princess seams but because you get that smocking in the back this is going to fit and this is one of those things you can throw on and feel I want you to see the stretch here look at that so I mean it's very accting like the top on the dress you are not going anywhere you'll feel very confident very secure you could wear it up you can wear it down and t
hen I want you to see sort of the construction of the sleeve talk about that it kind of it it has like almost like a balloon type construction where it has a little extra volume and the fabric kind of wraps around and inside so that just gives it sort of a pretty almost petal-like appearance here's the smocking in the back so that also adds to the very beautiful designer details and the stretch it's very forgiving and then of course you just throw it on and go it's got princess seaming three col
ors are yellow is called daisy daisy meadow is the yellow here's what would can happen this this top could sell out tonight I just want everyone to know if you're watching this live do not hesitate place your order right now for the today's special for the matching belt the matching jacket the pants and now the top that's daisy meadow the lilac shade is called kiss Meadow k i SS that one has the Lilac and a little bit of the beautiful Blues you could wear that with just your blue jeans it's got
a little Peach it's got a little pink uh but you can never go wrong with a great white top if you love our jewelry collections here at HSN if you love turquoise a white top and a turquoise necklace uh would be amazing right this is so simple so elegant so crisp I like this because if you think about this this is as your your white blouse of the season so it's almost like a cotton shirting something you would normally see in a white button- down blouse right but we're doing it in a more Whimsical
more romantic way um for me this is a bit more feminine and and I love a beautiful cotton blouse but I just love the silhouette that this can give you um and I love it if you want to just wear it over your jeans you don't have to tuck this in you can just wear it like this you throw it on and this is like kind of one of those pieces if you're not in the mood to wear a dress which I get um we still want to give you that fashion statement so this is a statement top right um I think the white is v
ery very fresh very crisp very be just beautiful um and again I hope that this is having that little balloon sleeve gives you that little kind of extra fashion moment um that I hope we're all taking the those risks and if you've never tried a little bubble balloon sleeve this is your chance why don't you try it you can get it home for $10 it's very flattering too to have a little extra volume on the shoulders right cuz it kind of balances out the hips too right it is and I think with keeping thi
s elongating in the body you that seaming really helps look how the cut of this blouse is very important so those little details actually make it really really flattering here um and then that smocking in the back is why it's so easy there's no zipper you just pull this on and you're done pull it on and you're done and then uh go ahead give them the cold shoulder right simy yeah exactly talk to the shoulder look how cute tucked in they are you can wear it tucked in uh we only have a couple hundr
ed left now in each this is this is going to be gone thank you so much for all of your orders congratulations you are now wearing an award-winning American designer he's red hot the Fashions are non-stop tonight and we've got a lot of beautiful values coming up in fact I've got one more just extreme buy I don't even know how to describe it but somehow you're getting this next faux trench coat at 50% off now this is not my size but I just want to throw this on so you can see how dramatic how fabu
lous perfect for spring in fact I was just reading in a big fashion magazine people are wearing leather and faux leather year around this season Christian well this is kind of one of those things I actually love that this we have a few of these left still because this for me this is spring this is right now this is you could this is your new fabulous raincoat I mean you throw this on your shoulders and you're good to go what's funny about this jacket is most of my New York girls all bought this
jacket this is actually very stuff very on Trend I think it was so interesting that so many of my fashion girls loved this jacket so much that I felt like it was something that I was like oh I really surprised but I think look how it makes you I don't know it makes you just look cool I mean this is Bianca dragger right here which is like my muse who I love um I just think it's really stash really cool I love this beautiful blush pink um I think it's very Fab so for a spring kind of cool version
if you need a trench um I think it's really really cool listen I'm bringing you the fashion I'm giving you the moment look at in the black patent I mean come on where else are you getting it's a lot of coat for less than $50 uh first of all it's hard to find coats a that are pretty that got Splash if you want the pink it's called blush it's a very light pale blush color also this one is called Mojave Desert it's just a beautiful sort of light cream almost like a tan you'll see that they're on Ja
mie on Jamie we have extra small through 3x it's 50% off so you have to order this right now it's the first time it's gone on sale it's the lowest price we've ever offered and they're going to be here today gone tomorrow 84656 is your item number make sure that anything that you're ordering this hour you check out don't leave it in your cart someone else could grab your color your size and then you might miss out if you order tonight you'll be sitting pretty all day tomorrow you'll have so much
fun everything's on five Flex Pay so you can take the next five months to pay it off interest free but that is one sharp and sexy coat Christian amazing isn't it cool can this I think this should be everybody's kind of like spring rain trench coat something that just feels really stylish and really cool like I love it in the pink the Mojave Desert look how beautiful with white so if you want to throw this on with your gorgeous white pant I mean I just think that that is very Divine really really
special really Chic I know this is listen this is not going to be for everybody but this is for my girls that want to be stal want to be cool want to have a fashion moment I think this is one of those things too if you're getting this for $49 right no one ever in your life will think that this is a this is at least a $4 $500 jacket I couldn't even make the buttons for $49 come on uh it's 42 and2 inches in length it's double breasted it's got that Notch lapel it's got the beautiful gold tone acc
ents and then of course the nice big flat Pockets here on the side it's pretty amazing that we're doing that at 50% off I hope you love it I hope you order yours tonight you can get it home for $10 uh black is very popular you probably will not see it again today because we're down to our final quantities but what are you going to wear Easter Sunday what are you going to wear to Mother's Day uh it can be cool and it can be very cloudy and it can even be a little snowy going into April and May if
you're in one of the northern states so this is kind of like that perfect kind of yearround throw on and go Vibe and just have that kind of uh City Chic look I think you're going to be so