Jesse Watters: This is destroying the Democratic Party

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3 days ago

so some Democrats and the media trying to portray the horrific murder of young lakan Riley by an illegal immigrant as just one instance that Republicans are seizing on but it's not true there are many terrifying cases that are adding up across the country in Maryland a 25-year-old illegal Salvadoran migrant was arrested in connection with the shooting and killing of a 2-year-old child in Virginia a Venezuelan migrant charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Louisiana a Honduran mig
rant was arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year-old and stabbing a man during a robbery Americans are taking notice and today there was a stunning moment in Athens Georgia where lak and Riley was murdered now the town's Democratic mayor is getting shouted down by residents who are Furious over the sanctuary CI Sanctuary City policy there watch this who voted to to make Athens Clark County a sanctuary City sir who what's their name they're a liar we're here to listen liar Li you are guilty and g
ot blood on your head you need to go sir we don't want to hear from you no more you're not defending us you're not upholding your o of office sir you are Lawless so he then uh asked for that man to be taken out of the room Jesse I watched this this morning and I thought to myself he came out he talked about how much money they were spending on safety initiatives now in Athens in order to you know make people feel better about this problem looking into the future and then he went through a bunch
of Statistics saying you know when you look at college towns we're actually safer than other college towns I don't know how this makes anybody feel better about what happened to Lake and Riley and shortly after that you heard people basically lose their minds because the country sick and tired of being lied to they tell us there's no inflation there's no crime wave they say there's no evidence Biden's corrupt they're sick of it and they're just going to start yelling at politicians it's the only
way you can get their attention one of the reasons he can state that there's no correlation between illegal immigration and crime is because all of the cities in the country are Sanctuary cities so they don't report any of the illegal alien crime to the FBI so at the end of the year they don't have the statistics not only that most of the time they label all of these illegal aliens as white so it's still doesn't show up in any of the data this guy's a liar two years ago he was on TV talking abo
ut ice is bad and Trump is demonizing aliens because of his comments at Charlottesville and we're going to protect the illegal immigrant population of this town I looked up his little law on Sanctuary cities it's riddled with loopholes there's this is a sanctuary City County they popped a guy for shoplifting didn't tell ice same with New York popped them for illegal endang of a child didn't tell ice again they caught him released him at the border Georgia and New York this is destroying the Demo
cratic party you know Harold you look at a lot of cities across the country run and mostly by democrats who basically told ice they had no agency in those cities they weren't able to deport people not able to kick them out now mayor Adams is saying we have to go back to the way that it was because if it was that way in New York when this per this individual who is suspected of killing this young woman um endangered the life of a child he could have been deported immediately your thoughts on that
well I couldn't agree with you you more I think what mayor Adams is trying to do uh he should be supported on um I'm not a big believer you go to town meetings you just yell at people and yell at politicians I understand what you're saying you want to get them to listen but the way you yell at a politicians you unelect them um um but that's beside the point I think what you're saying is absolutely right if I were in Congress and the majority uh I'd probably be doing something a lot different th
an what people are doing now in the Congress and if they don't want to pass the bipartisan agreement that's been reached in the Senate why not pass a law and send it to the Senate saying that any City that adopts Sanctuary a sanctuary law postor we will deny you federal funds for law enforcement and other things if you don't do this if they feel that strong because I feel strongly about it I mean I'm passionate about this I think this issue the stories that I hear here in New York City uh from F
riends uh both parties is not really the issue at all uh the fist fights and the knife fights I had a friend that told told me about a knife fight as she was going to work on the subway yesterday early in the morning uh between two people whom she believed were migrants um no one should be subjected to that so I think that that the idea of yelling is great but we have an opportunity to bring about some answers here the White House could sign a reinstatement of some of the Trump uh uh border poli
cies that were executive orders and the Congress should pass laws that give more money to how more cops law enforcement and change the assy process at the boorder we do that we'll get closer to not allowing more of these awful human beings into our country J um harald's acknowledging what's happening in cities President Biden came out today and did not acknowledge it he was in the room with a whole group of um police Chiefs from around the country and talked about how much better things are now
that the homicide rates are down didn't mention Lake and Ry gas lights us again he said today and I wrote it down he said that violent crime is down he said that uh we should be happy basically and feel good that they're they're bringing all these police Chiefs together and you know violent crime is down and that police are able to confront the viol that's a bunch of hogwash okay it's more lying to the American people we are at a very dangerous intersection right now in this country the intersec
tion of crime and immigration and what we are seeing in all of those cases that you identified Venezuela Honduras El Salvador uh and uh uh what was the other one Honduras Venezuela El Salvador the one guy from El Salvador there's an MS-13 gang member and I used to prosecute these people I know them well okay what this guy had was a red alert on him your red alert is when Al Salvador issues a a a national International Alert saying anyone who finds him hold him we will come and get him that's Al
Salvador saying that well where is he he's in the United States committing crimes we Deport them and they come back this one guy came back four times in one of those cases you talked about we Deport them even if we get to the point where we can and then we let them right back we're like a bunch of wimps who don't know how to run a country and you know the idea of feds denying Federal funding We There was talk of this during the Trump years and the problem with that is whether it's a burn Grant o
r any other grant that I got when I when I was Da is you can't deny funding and say you're a sanctuary City because that funding also involves protection for children it involves fighting car theft it involves child abuse it involves violence against women it involves all kinds of things so it's not but then doesn't that force that City to say okay we're not a sanctuary City that's the idea put pressure on here is the point the problem is some of these places are Sanctuary cities not because of
the federal government not because of the Governor New York City is a sanctuary City you know why because cotch said it was a sanctuary City and then Blasio came in and said it was a sanctuary City they were going to make it even more loose okay so mayor Adams you know I don't buy a thing he says all right he comes out and he says well we can't help it we're a sanctuary and someone says to him well what are you going to do about it he says I don't know can we he was interviewed he said he didn't
know now he's all out against it no put it on the city council's uh calendar and get rid of New York City as a sanctuary City allow them to come in the and the American people have a right to fight this and they have right to be angry and I think that's why they're emotional at that meeting and standing up and saying so Greg what do you think well okay um I'm just curious how the AP is going to report these other crimes uh an illegal alien rapes a 14-year-old girl are they going to talk about t
he risks of reaching puberty it sounds gross right but that's exactly the uh the the mentality it's that it's on you for living your own life I love how whenever you listen to uh liberals they always begin each convers ation with one sentence we need to have a conversation it's time for a conversation and then when you have the conversation they accuse you of pouncing or seizing but if you don't pounce or seize you never ever have the conversation in terms of crime rates if you never talk about
crime until it's immigration that's a bit odd I would call that political but Republicans talk about crime all the time consistently when whether it's citizens illegal aliens Mass theft looting arson man it's our wheelhouse we scream it every day and the media doesn't listen it's not pouncing or political if you're passionate about both illegal illegal crime who's not passionate Biden he's going to the Border tomorrow not because of bad people but because of bad polling that's the only reason wh
y he's going there it's disgusting that we have to come to this and that because you care people question your your mindset go f yourself I'm with you but but but she still should go right who president I I but not to Brownsville if he wants to see what's going on don't go to Brownsville go somewhere where you can actually see what's going on there's no need to yell at me we need I want to yell yell at you everyone's yelling all right hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News
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How anyone can vote Democrat at this point is absolutely insane


Hold these evil politicians accountable


Bravo to that young man shouting down that lib mayor.. We are all tired of the sanctuary city lies from these politicians..


Start enforcing the immigration laws already on the books.


"They're not sending their best and brightest." ~ President Donald Trump


Blaming the Democrats is all well and good, and deserved. Sadly though, a fair part of the blame belongs to the people themselves for voting these people into power.


I pray the girls' parents sue the mayor for not protecting their daughter and putting peoples lives in harms way 😢


Get these democrats out now!!!!


What happened to Laken Riley has ripped everyone’s hearts out I feel so terrible for her family!!!


Okay Harold.....unless it was your kid right? Were tired of keeping our mouths shut about this disgusting leadership


We need Judge Jeanine for Supreme Court🇺🇸


Harold acting like this is not a solidly democrat produced crisis, direct result of their policy, is outrageous. Go yell at some politicians. Then, vote them out.


"This is destroying the Democratic Party" Well, something needs to.


No Harold. You yell their lies down and then you kick them out of office. Never remain silent.


These politicians think that the average American citizen is blind FJB !!!


We have been yelling about crime for years! Now it is hitting everyone and finally it cannot be denied. What a sad state of affairs that it took this horror for anyone to listen. There are many people with blood on their hands, but unfortunately we Americans will suffer for it. Stand together and do NOT let them divide us. We will make it through one step at a time but it isn’t going to be easy. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Harold it's unrealistic to just un elect politicians! If it was that easy Biden would have been gone following Bagram Air Base !


So according to the Democrat there is no law to charge any illegal except US citizen ?!


If Joe's going to Brownsville, it's for the ice cream.🍦


The citizens should recall these Democrat mayors.