Joel Osteen speaks after shooting at his Lakewood megachurch.

'We're going to stay strong, and move forward.' We were in between services, it could've been a whole lot worse.

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2 weeks ago

first off thank thank Chief and the mayor and Chief penya and all of the the these men and women did an amazing job and it's just you you said it Chief it could have been a lot worse of course we're devastated I mean this is we've been here 65 years and have somebody shooting in your church but you know we don't understand why these things happen but we know God's in control and we're going to pray for that little 5-year-old boy and pray for the lady that was deceased her family and all and and
the other gentlemen but I don't know it's just um kind of in a fog but you know just believe that you know we're going to stay strong we're going to continue to to move forward and there are forces of evil but the the forces that are for us the forces of God are stronger than that so we're going to keep going strong and just uh you know doing what God's called us to do lift people up and give hope to the world again I want to thank all these gentlemen cuz you know I can only imagine if it would
have happened during the 11:00 service Serv we were in between Services going into the Spanish service so you know if there you if there's anything good of it you know what there they she didn't get in there and do a whole lot worse damage so we thank God for that he's watching over all of us and as the chief says we're going to keep going strong and bringing hope to the world but thank you again gentl thank you Pastor



He's devastated with a smile.......UCkszU2WH9gy1mb0dV-11UJg/KsIfY6LzFoLM6AKanYDQAg


How can you describe a hurting child and a deceased woman with a smile on your face?


Joel Osteen needs to recognize when it's appropriate to have a cheery disposition and when not. Now was not that time.


There's something awfully eerie about this guy.


This guy always reminds me of the old saying "the key to life is sincerity, once you learn how to fake that you've got it made".


The way the cop's eyes move and his expression when Joel is talking about being grateful for God's wonderful timing while positioning it as a relief that it wasn't in the 11 O'clock service when he mentions the Spanish service tell me everything I need to know about this situation.


There's something about Olsteen that just strikes me as wrong.


Praying for the little boy 😪🩵 Also for every person who was /Is traumatized by todays shooting in Church ❤🙏


He does not seem concerned for the victims and their families, much like him refusing to help after Harvey. Thanks for using half of your time bootlicking the police, and spending 3 seconds on the victims


We're devastated as he stands there with a grin on his face.


Joel Osteen lacks knowledge of when and how to display empathy. The guy was more cheerful than empathetic in this video. Praying for the families directly affected by this incident.


I don’t understand how so many people are so confused about how and why he has a smile on his face intermittently throughout this footage. Is it really that hard to understand? “In times of uncertainty we will revert to our natural instinct”. His “natural instinct” (when he’s in front of a camera) is to revert to his natural state of an enormous smile while speaking with a cheery tone. He does this without thought. If you really actually think about it, it’s kind of heart breaking.


Why on earth does he have a smirk and a smile while pretending this wasn’t a horrible event?? To say he is out of touch is the understatement of the year. When you are so fake you can’t even act like an actual person during a tragedy.


The moment he starts off by saying it could have been a lot worse just comes off as completely inappropriate coming from someone in a leadership position. The dynamic of this whole statement comes across as a rehearsed presentation and not something that comes from the heart at all. This man does not seem to show any empathy for other people. He seems to treat this like a photo opportunity rather than a real life tragedy. Most noticeable is his complete failure to say that he or anyone else actually needs to do anything about what has happened, and he never mentions the importance of avoiding similar events in the future.


Can’t believe Osten so smiling in such a situation.


Prayers up! We all need God's divine protection these days. I encourage everyone, believers or not to say "PSALM91".


He barely spoke of the victims especially the dead victim! He just kept saying he’s going to keep going strong and giving hope to the world. He barely expressed an ounce of empathy . Super weird


Thank God there were men trained and ready to stop this from getting any worse. Prayers to the families impacted by this terrible event.


He’s devastated, but still smiling because he knows the money will continue to roll in! This is the same guy that shut the church down when Houston was flooding and people had nowhere to go, all because he had just put new carpet in the church…..😮


I hope this preacher repents of his teachings and tells people the truth about eternal life, about death, about sin. May God comfort the family of the child that was critically injured.