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3 years ago

Wel Come to all her another wonderful day with peaceful morning Travellers FM program telecast on Fernandos Vlogs YouTube Channel presenting by Jehani Wickramasuriya we decide to telecast this program after a long vacation , that is only for your also we Coordinately Invite professor Mr. Kalagola as usual Welcome Mr. Kalagola we would like to Welcome you full of wishes with Good Morning Good Morning Jehani Ayubowan After along we met Mr.Kalagola.. yes Jehani we have been
postpone the program, I received the Invitation from you then I accepted. Due to the Current situation in the country we have to postpone the Program. due to the current health rules & regulations we must postpone this program for certain time period. and I am really happy with that again we met again with the same program Now only one thing I have to ask from you " Are You Happy now...." So, Sir what you do last few months? stay at home. Jehani I also do the same things like others help to h
ouse work help to wife, Cleaning House do the work with my writing, overlook of my kids work The Current situation of Our Country how it effect to you? Same way same like other people it effect to me also how fast time runs still the rules of the program not changes still same like those days. we will discuss with you five different topics which is related with current popular topics in the world, there was pandemic situation we everyone face in the world. that we all know its Covid 19, it make
problems not only Sri Lankan Community but also world community . it effect to lots of people , lots of industries so badly. what is Covid 19, How it effect to people how we have to prevent from this? what are the Precautions we can take to stop this.. what is your idea on that we'd like to know about that from you ,yes Jehani I believe that Covid 19 is the Major pandemic situation in the world, but as per my knowledge I know most of countries re start their work as normal Procedures during this
pandemic situation. But Sri Lanka is not ready to start their work so far. I dont know where is the problem in. need to find the solution but I really dont know how to find that. still I do have doubt that whether we are finding a solution for that. Because Sri lanka Airport is close still, they cant come as they have the Job over there. But Indians Pakistan , Bangladesh People they can travel any time , Sri Lanka is still not ready for that I really dont know the reason for that, Nothing is o
ngoing according to the system I dont think so in future also will be work according to the proper system. Sir, this Covid 19 Virus create huge tragedy not only to Sri Lanka but also all over the world. its feel sad to hear those issues Daily Death Percentage is increasing, Number of Patients count is increasing, I really Don't know whether still any medicine found for this or not, it is a big problem as I feel, another thing is if some one had positive and healed after that there is a possibili
ty to be a positive person again, not only that Sir, due to this Covid many of people lost their jobs in different areas. As an Example if we take the the people who work in the Tourism and Airport industry they have lost their jobs. what is your idea on that Daughter Jehani, there are two areas that we can talk about this. one is when the Business go down it means the owner do not have ability to pay the wages to their employees, Am I Correct And the Other thing is without any Salary or any Ben
efit employee cannot work to the Company These two are the main and Major reason as per the my point of view. It means Owner must have the Income and the employer need the Salary as well. Then only the company will run smoothly. Unfortunately we do not have the solutions for both still. Some Countries Pay as an Incentive like America, Europe, Canada 50% - 60% government pay to the Employees. But in Sri Lanka we do not have that facility still I know that we cannot beat that economy an
d also to be fact our Economy also not stronger like that, But think that what we have done for our self. Example You know Jehani I dont have a Job now right... because of Covid I cannot do my job but I do have Savings where i can use in future purpose at least for a six month we do have savings, if in case we lost our jobs what we can do.. need to pre plan for this yes you are right I agree with you But to have the savings for that also the person must have the proper income/ salary against of
their life expenses when the Cost of living became high human needs become more then how the people can do the savings if they do not have enough income. that Is my doubt, its not practical as I feel Daughter, this all during the current situation what we faced. hope you remember we used to survive with 3500 Salaries in 1990s, I dont know which year you born. We must know how to manage our expenses with our income. then only can be survive. for me also my sister only teaches me how to mange expe
nses according the income what we earn due to this Covid tragedy not only us lots of industries stuck with their work. tourism,music, teledrama people are some of them. they have to postpone or cancel the scheduled program due to that it was a huge lost for them. hotels closed due to the Airport close lots of people lost their jobs, Some of the day to day workers also lots their own jobs; I have seen many people survive their life as they do not have ability to manage their needs and wants. we
have seen in many areas. what is the Idea and what is the proposal that we can give for this issue yes Jehani, Your question is clear, you know that IPL played in Dubai. in these days in Sri Lanka they start LPL, do you have any idea how they doing these? They use Air Bubble. with the help of that bubble they do like that. Indians will use that bubble to go Dubai to play IPL, if they can do why we cant implement to our country. as per my knowledge there are 24 countries in that bubble. why Sri L
anka cant join with that? if we can join that then Airport also can be open, in those countries Airports are already open. I dont know whether Sri Lanka has got invite to this or not, i believe it must invite, if we accept that all the things will work smoothly inside of this bubble we keep the decision for a while where the people can take. what is the solution to be taken for this, will go for our second topic I do have one more thing to tell Jehani, always try to maintain the distance between
two people, keep maintain the Distance always to use the mask then only we can get secure from this tragedy. As Mr. Kalagola said we must make sure that we maintain the social distance while we talking, always use the mask Sanitizer then we can easily fight with Covid tragedy we always try be clean, wash our hands, if we decide one by one person to maintain all these things then this tragedy will move from our country soon. LPL is also one topic that we are going to be discuss today What is thi
s LPL what is your Idea on that LPL means Lanka Premier League, you might be not aware with that, I feel this time it should be done. why because, we cannot stop all our work due to this Covid, we have to go beyond the world. we have new cricketers we have to give the experience for them, for that matches should have I think world cup is coming on next year. so this LPL will give the good experience for them, Sri Lankan people love to watch match, even my self also. Last government plan that a
nd this government make it real As per your point of view it may be good idea, but I feel this is not the situation and time to have LPL we can invest that amount to other thing where we can develop the country or make solution for this tragedy. I feel that is much better in this time if we can use this for others then I feel that we are able to grow up our country what you think? we have the budget for the whole year expenses. what ever the budget have for the sports we cannot utilize for othe
r purpose we need to utilize the budget for cricket but my question is do we have only sport is cricket ? and why we ask foreign cricketers to come and play in LPL as we have the local players.? we do not spend for the cricketers we do only organizing part. the people who do the sponsor to the Match they are the person who pay to the cricketers. foreign players must come to Sri Lanka, then only we can get the ideas of them, I do not agree with you Mr. Kalagola, I really dont understand why peo
ple are running behind with Cricket only we will stop talking regarding on this topic and will move to our next topic Our Next topic Donald Trump, the President of USA about the Election in USA what happen to Mr. Donald Trump in that Election.. we heard in the Media channel that how he face to that situation and all.. what is the Idea of that you can tell? Mr. Donald Trump is Still America President and he will hand over the work by Next year. and I feel only there is no different between the po
litical parties in Sri Lanka and America all the people behave like same Our Next topic is Road Accidents, these days in Sri Lanka we heard lots of accidents through social medias what u think why this things happen? people do not careful when are on the road.what do you think why this accidents happen? what is the main reason behind that I think its lack of education is the main reason for this. hmm really why you think the lack of education is the main reason to accidents to be happen yes Mr.
kalagola Lack of education i also feel it cause to main for accidents happen Education mean not only book knowledge, it can be various way. what you think that we can do for stop this accidents, as an individual way or by country wise how we can minimize the accidents? What is your idea? only we can discuss like this that is all drive safely and all .. all the things should have to start from School Education that is what I feel Now we came to last few times of the program before that I like to
come up with my last topic last few day we heard from media channels that about hurricane call Burawi, What is this Burawi.. most of people who lived in Coastal Areas excited. What is your Idea about that? so far burawi not effected to Sri Lanka luckily if it effected no one is there to look after people the main thing we have to accept that if that burawi comes we are not in the position to face it we must protect the the environment we must love to the environment then it will also protect us
definitely I also totally agree what Mr. Kalagola said, we must love to the environment protect the environment then we will also get the return from them with positively. now we came to the end of this program, I would like to kindly invite you to stay tune with Fernandos Vlogs YouTube Channel, if you still not partner of this channel press the Subscribe Button (red Color) Subscribe us if you like to get more updates more videos of our Channel Click the Bell Icon then you will be able to get m
ore updates on this Channel not only that you can like to our videos share our videos with your friends we'd like to get ideas from you about that channel how need to be improve.. at last not the least Thank you so much for your presence today and share with your valuable thoughts and spend your precious time with us Thank you Jehani to invite me also to this program, I too enjoy with this. I shares what i feel what i thought, it may be right or wrong as per you.. if you feel its right you may d
o experiments we really appreciated your thoughts professor Kalagola. I feel that I am so lucky to spend my time with you . we will be meet every thursday same time with Fernandos vlogs