Motorsports racing school in Tooele expanding

The Ford Performance Racing School in Tooele is expanding, and the school’s president Dan Mckeever said keeping the expansion in Tooele was important. FULL STORY: More Utah news: Subscribe: Like Fox 13 News on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Follow on TikTok: Subscribe to Fox 13 Newsletters to receive breaking news, weather, and daily headlines from around Utah right in your inbox:

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8 hours ago

a racing school in tuilla is expanding Fox 13 anchor Dan Evans went out to tuilla to find out how the elite program highlights the city's growth and the lore of Thrills in Utah's unique terrain when we looked to potentially relocate there was no way we could recreate the kind of terrain that Utah has the Ford Performance Racing school started in what was the Miller Motorsports Park in 2006 with Ford Mustangs on the road track now it's shifted to teaching owners from across the country how to dri
ve their off-road trucks off-road the train in Utah is perfect for the Ford Raptor so as we we look to kind of continue the off-road programs this is the perfect place to Showcase that vehicle it's a partnership with Ford to provide this racing school program taught by professional RAC truck drivers for owners across North America who buy these Elite Vehicles because we use the trucks in an offer for an environment continually uh we work a lot with the engineers and provide them some some sort o
f after development feedback so there's a number of changes that have been made to the trucks based on some of our feedback T's mayor Debbie wi says the facility helps the city's image coming and building this new beautiful facility in t city is something that we're very grateful for they are going to bring thousands of people here to see the beautiful Valley that we have and to be able to enjoy the recreation that we have here and keeping the school here for years to come has a Snowball Effect
the economic benefit here is we'll have employees here we have this beautiful building that is going to bring uh more buildings more Economic Development to our area which is very important to us mayor W says even as the city has changing and growing she cherishes a small town field they hope to keep I rode down here on my motorcycle too because I cannot see now my house where I grew up because of all the other housing these were all Fields um and yes they were and I think that now people are re
cognizing the benefits of being in a smaller Community although we're much larger than we were when I grew up here Fox 13 news anchor Dan Evans reporting there the racing school also includes 200 Acres of desert land in toilla county for putting the trucks through their Paces so it has a large footprint in the area



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