Multa le costará millones a Apple y están furiosos

Comunicado: Esta semana Apple lanzó un comunicado de presa sobre la reciente multa que impuso la Unión Europea sobre sus prácticas monopólicas ante la plataforma de streming, Spotify. Te cuento todo lo que comentó Apple en el video. Capítulos: 00:00 Introducción 00:30 Historia 02:35 Problema 06:35 Spotify en Apple 09:55 Conclusiones 10:03 Peace! Mis redes para ver detrás de las cámaras! ▶Suscríbete al canal para más videos de tecnología! ▶ Apoya el canal y obtén beneficios al hacerte Miembro de Tech Santos! ▶ Compra la playera oficial de Tech Santos y apoya el canal! ▶ El MEJOR VPN que yo uso todos los dias y recomiendo: ▶ La mejor herramienta para proteger, limpiar y optimizar tu Mac: CleanMyMacX - Música: Toda la musica de fondo es de mi proyecto de musica 100% original, gratis y libre de derechos! Esuchen en Spotify y Apple Music se llama "Musi Libre" Saludos desde Mexico ✌🏽 Peace! *** Productos en los videos pueden ser prestados por empresas, para mas informacion consulta **Ligas/Enlaces/Links a productos o servicios en la descripción pueden ser afiliadas. Si haces una compra a través de una de mis ligas me dan una pequeña comisión. El precio sigue siendo el mismo para ti y estas apoyando a Tech Santos =)

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yesterday apart from announcing new macbook airs Apple did something historic at least in my time covering the brand I had never seen Apple angry to the point where they released an official press release in which they announced that they are going to challenge the decision of the European Union to fine the almost 2000 million euros which even for Apple that is a lot of money but more than money Apple presents solid arguments about this decision but How did we get to this almost 5 years ago in 2
020 Apple filed a complaint about Apple demanding that it was not fair that they could not promote your payment plans and offers within your application on the iPhone as part of the App Store rules if you have an app on iPhone you cannot promote offers and send people to pay outside the application obviously Apple has this rule because If you would not be evading all of Apple's commissions, Spotify also argues that Apple did not let other music services grow on its platforms and that they intent
ionally did not let them do things and that Apple, by having Apple Music, could do certain things, according to Spotify, they are considered monopolistic practices. or anti-competitive and the European Union Apparently agrees because it has already made the decision to fine Apple and it is not the first or the last time that someone sues Apple for a similar issue. Apple even won almost all the lawsuits for Fortnite and Epic games ago. very little but after 5 years of investigation by the Europea
n Union they concluded that Apple was abusing its dominant position in the market and that European consumers in their opinion did not have a free choice of where how and at what prices to buy subscriptions of music And this affected the consumer in the eyes of the European Union and Spotify this is a big case not only for Apple But because under all these new laws of the European Union this fine towards Apple is the first fine of the European Union towards it one of the large technology compani
es in the United States, the exact fine is 1.84 million euros, which apparently reached that number because it is point C of Apple's global annual turnover. I think I would also be angry if out of nowhere they wanted to take away the point. 5% of all my income for the year, as I said, I had never seen Apple angry and that's what's interesting because they sound angry in their official press release, I'll leave it down here in the description if you want to read it all, but here it goes The most
important thing that Apple answered and my favorite parts first Apple says that the European commission has no credible evidence of consumer harm and that it ignores all the realities of a market that is prosperous competitive and in Rapid growth Apple says that the biggest beneficiary of these new rules and fines is Spotify and that coincidentally Spotify and the European Union They met more than 65 times during the investigation they did all this together and apart Apple argues that Spotify ha
s 56% of the music streaming market in Europe Spotify is the definitive leader in music streaming, the closest competitor has more than twice the market size of that competitor. And apart from that, Spotify does not pay anything to Apple for the services that have helped make them one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Apple says that A large part of its success is due to the App Store along with all the tools and technologies that Spotify uses for free to create, update and share its
application to millions of users worldwide, that is, Apple is kind of cool, and practically thanks to me Spotify exists and It has existed for many years without paying us almost anything, that is true, there is no way for you to pay for Spotify Premium within the iPhone application and it has been like this for many years. If you want to pay for Spotify Premium, you have to go to their website to register. pay with them and then enter the app inside the iPhone Spotify does this to evade all Ap
ple commissions from the beginning and Apple is arguing that now they want more practically saying you Spotify are the music streaming monopoly and you are not even paying me nothing to me and now they want me to give them more. We have seen this personal vendetta from the CEO of Spotify Daniel Elk complaining many times. Over the last few years he actually released a video of this whole situation if you want it. see is there on his Twitter Speaking of his perspective he says that he believes in
a completely open internet and that it is not fair that Apple puts up barriers and that they have to pay commissions to use their application he also says that it is not fair that Spotify would have to pay 30% if they charge for the application and Apple music does not have to pay that 30% and it is their competition in my opinion obviously Apple music does not pay that fee because it is from Apple and Ob obviously have an advantage because they created this robust ecosystem 50 years ago of tec
hnology products that millions of people like and enjoy and buy. I have always been of the opinion that if you want to sell something at Apple's house, then you have to give them their commission and that's it, and if you don't like it, then don't put your application There if you want to get closer to the Apple customers that it has cultivated for the last 50 years you have to pay them some type of commission In my opinion Yes there are arguments that there are many Apple users and the iPhone h
as been monopolized a little but in In reality, Apple is still a private company that created an ecosystem that many people use and if you want to sell something to Apple customers, I think they should pay some commission. It's like if you want to sell tacos at Walmart and by selling them at Walmart, Walmart gives you It asks for a commission on each sale. It is logical for me but for Spotify it is not enough, there are other companies like Twitter or Ox that simply decide to charge more within
the iPhone application and on the website they make it cheaper and they let the user choose now. There are millions of other apps that don't complain that they are happy with reaching the masses of people and give Apple their 15% or 30% depending on the size of the company and in my opinion the CEO of Spotify says he wants an internet free but the iPhone is not the internet the internet is something else and iPhones are physical devices that connect to the internet But well enough of my opinions
Here goes What Apple published in total the Spotify application has been downloaded re-downloaded or updated more than 119,000 million times on Apple devices in more than 160 different countries and that apart from distributing its application massively, Apple creates value for Spotify at no cost to its company. What I am going to read is translated from English, they are not Apple's exact words but basically it says our engineering helps ensure Spotify apps can work seamlessly with Siri carpla
y Apple watch airplay widgets And more aside like all developers Spotify can access over 250,000 Apple APIs and uses 60 of our frameworks to make their apps can connect to Bluetooth send notifications Play audio in the background of a user's device and more Spotify has used our Beta test flight testing tool for almost 500 versions of its app to experiment with new features and capabilities another thing Apple says in its words our app review team has reviewed and approved 421 versions of the Spo
tify app Usually with a change on the same day and frequently expedites reviews at Spotify's request also Apple argues that it takes continued effort and a lot of investment for run Spotify they use all their technology tools and the market that Spotify uses every day additionally Apple says that there is no evidence of harm to the consumer citing that in the last 8 years they have gone from having 25 million subscribers to 160 million subscribers with more than 300 million active listeners and
that in this market Spotify is the clear winner of the market argue that there is no evidence of anti-competitive behavior since investigations have been done in the last 8 years and have never provided results or viable theories of how Apple has stopped the competition in a prosperous market because it is nothing more Spotify is dieser and Pandora and YouTube music and tidal and others but to me What scares me the most about this press release is at the end the section where it says what is nex
t from Apple explains that have been in Europe for more than 40 years and that have created two 2.5 million jobs on the continent and that have helped thousands of companies and markets to prosper promoting competition and innovation and then Apple puts its bows here saying that its team works to maintain the dream of aspiring entrepreneurs and its ecosystem that promotes applications to be successful here is the only part where I think Apple is exaggerating a little or Yes, it's fine that you w
ant to help small businesses but clearly there is an economic incentive. Also apart from the $2 billion fine, if Spotify manages to place payment methods in its application without giving Apple a cent, it's basically like someone living in your house and you don't charge rent. Of course it will affect Apple if these laws change and if you find a way to charge without giving commissions to Apple. At the end of the day, everyone can form their opinions on this topic and it is very fun. discussion
I think there are valid points in both cases but in general I agree more with Apple we live in a capitalist world whether you like it or not and Apple is a private company that is very successful they sell Hardware and Software and they have every right to put their rules in their products and services Spotify only makes software, they have to put that software on some of the hardware of other companies and therefore, in my opinion, they should be paying commissions for having their software on
other people's devices. I don't know if maybe 30%. Yes, 30% is a lot but they definitely have to pay something. In my opinion, I literally believe that Spotify would not exist Or at least it would not have the success it has today If Apple did not exist, the iPhone and the app store Now although it was very interesting to see apple angry in an official press announcement that is somewhat unrecognizable from the brand too I think they look a little desperate The pure fact of bringing this up is t
hat they are already afraid of the European Union and want to fight back we saw this problem with the Apps Store alternatives and there are other D ma laws of the Digital Markets Act that are greatly affecting Apple and other companies and in the coming years these types of problems are only going to get worse, for example a law has already been approved for 2027 in Europe that says that all smartphone batteries are going to have to be removable by the user right now almost no phone has a cover
on the back of the battery to be able to remove it that would remove the water resistance durability the phone would feel worse surely worse materials is a horrible law in my opinion and I don't think Apple will release an iPhone with a removable cover so you can remove the battery, it doesn't feel Premium, it doesn't feel Apple And like with other companies, I can't imagine a Samsung, a Samsung s24 Ultra, what It's so cheap to feel that you remove the cover and you can remove the battery. Maybe
there are people who do like it, but in my opinion the closed system creates benefits such as water resistance and optimization of spaces and other things. Maybe there is another way other than having a cover so that the user can remove the battery but I don't think that Apple will release an iPhone with a user-removable battery, that's simple, what they mention that Apple has been creating jobs in Europe for 40 years sounded like a slight threat to me. If they continue those of the European Un
ion pushing new laws with Apple of this type with which they do not agree, it may be that Apple simply stops operating in Europe, which would be a tremendous shame for everyone but I am flying right now Apple is angry with the decision of the eu in agreeing with Spotify and fining them and they are legally appealing the decision, we will see what happens if Apple is really going to pay this fine or not or if they can present evidence for the case, these are things that continue to take shape and
will surely be It will take a couple of years to see what happens But what I am sure of is that we are in very interesting times in the world of technology. I want to know your opinion below to see if we have different perspectives or things that perhaps I did not mention, different angles would be very Interesting to read you here below. Thank you for following until the end. I hope you learned something and see you soon.