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Travel With Lahiru

1 year ago

hello everyone have a nice day I'm lahironita Singh I am a traveler I'm living in a paradise it's called Sri Lanka guys Sri Lanka is a paradise uh if you are watching my videos you will realize it there are so many videos in my channel but that video I have done in my language singhala language I decided Hereafter I create content in English also because uh I like to promote my country because Sri Lanka is a paradise and my ambition promote my Sri Lanka my target promote my Sri Lanka because as
I'm a traveler I am traveling around the country and I see how beautiful how nice my country how immersed in my country my country is very beautiful my ambition promotes Sri Lanka because I like to invite you please visit my country please travel to my country next holiday next vacation please try to come my country we welcome you loudly and you can watch my videos and stay with me travel with life [Music] thank you [Music] hello everyone good morning have a nice day sunny is rising we are movin
g forward and it's a great day it's a sunny day I hope we live from katunayak around 6 A.M to beautiful Village in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a paradise I I always say Sri Lanka is a paradise I gonna prove it because I am traveling around the country and today I selected to go nice Village in Sri Lanka there are so many villages in Sri Lanka but uh yeah going real natural it's called yes I'm a Target destination around 120 kilometers I selected the Wi-Fi and with my friend he is yes stay with me you
can get a real Village experience yes right shall we go forward foreign last night stay with me shall we go we selected with a healthy drink traditional herbal drink um I'm saying it it's a very taste drink and healthy drink it's called Kola Canada in Sri Lankan name Kola kander okay cola means leaf leaves Paula when we travel around Sri Lanka there are so many uh like these small shops selling some Pearl Roti coconut roti and boil corn like that there are so many Food Shops I love to having so
me food while traveling yeah it's my pleasure foreign yes garlic onion rice it's preparing like this it's on heat this uh already making coconut roti it's hot they are at string Hopper also string Hopper Fall Road it's coconut very taste coconut milky I love to having coconut fruit always now we are moving again Village but environment has changed therefore I am saying always Sri Lanka is a paradise we are passing nice patties Lake and uh it's really natural too natural because I came from town
area foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] you know foreign foreign guys how beautiful my country there are so many Paddy field here we are passing nice environment we are moving to nice Village but there are so many locations while we are traveling it's harvest rice I'm inviting you one day try to come to Sri Lanka your next vacation next holiday try to come to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a paradise I love my country so much hey guys we've done Crossroad from Main Road thank you foreign [Music] there y
ou go [Music] foreign very easy yes what a nice scenery I am really lucky if you like this scene therefore I try to show you every day foreign [Music] [Music] there's a peacock in that tree we entered another road it's not tar Road it's raw um hmm [Music] foreign foreign everything villagers are very happy because they are breathing fresh air they are eating fresh vegetables and fruits and they have everything but a little bit Countryside I'm living in town area I feel this Countryside but they
're everything there are no so much facilities I know Dave see Pizza Hut Domino's like that but uh well natural everything is natural Villages not need that fashionable things huh they are wearing very simple they are farming and they are doing a small business all our farming I feel I don't know so much today I'm not go back in my home today I'm staying here [Music] foreign [Music] foreign foreign [Music] thank you [Music] foreign wow what's the weather awesome again look at this rice wrapped b
y a Banana Leaf yum yummy uh Dal coconut sambal drify foreign hmm ings happy foreign foreign foreign [Music] guys we came our destination Village now we entered the farming area we entered farming area how beautiful how beautiful my country Miss man yoke coconut they are growing look this look this they are elephant this side therefore they block elephant like this current line um foreign look at this long beans hello huh right here nuggets look at the treehouse foreign [Music] foreign foreign [
Music] hmm look at this brinjal yeah [Music] ladies finger me bandaka choke me um visit them we hunger foreign foreign ah did you say anything hey um foreign [Music] look at that tree house uh no tree house it's a cabana because they are farming everything but uh they must protect their Harvest therefore they have to protect their Harvest and they are sleeping and some somebody's sleeping that house because there are a wild elephant here a day before yesterday 40 elephants have come this area th
ere's a tree house that one but it's abandoned now I think foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Laughter] foreign foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] and he's living in this house and protect Harvest Library Christiana um [Music] we win again love me foreign [Music] everybody again [Music] foreign foreign [Music]



සුන්දරයි වචන නැහැ කියන්න ලංකාව ගැන ...හොරු ට්කයි මංකොල්ල කාරයො ට්ක නැති ව ඔය වගේ හැමොම රට ට ආදරය කලා නම් වෙනම දෙව්ලොව මොකටද ?..චුට් ළමයින් දෙන්නා සොක් අනේ ..


good work 👍👍well done ✅ thank you for sharing this with us.beautiful video.I think we’re going to addicted to your channel ❤🇨🇦your very good lovely person lahiru


Congratulations Lahiru, wonderful and so beautiful video. Thank-you


Very, very beautiful 👍 our country. this video is very beautiful.thank you so much.


නියමයි සුපිරි සුබ ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරනවා ලංකාව ගැන ලෝකයටම හදුන්වා දිම ඉදිරියෙන් ඉදිරියට ම යන්න ලැබේවා ජේසු පිහිටයි ❤❤❤


දෙවෙනි like 👍 එක මගෙන් ලහිරු අයියේ 😋


Great Thank you ජයවේවා!


Great video and wonderful . Yes don't worry continue brother what you do. Your doing the correct thing by doing videos in English. We need foreigners to understand and come to our beautiful sri lanka 🇱🇰 ❤️. God bless


A nice video bro.. Go ahead.. Good luck


ලස්සනයි වීඩියෝ ටික 👍ජයවේවා


හරි ලස්සන යි මාත් ආසයි පරිසරය විදින්න


Supiri 🔥🔥❤


Oh my god.. congratulations aiya ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Kama eka dakkahama katata kelath inuwa kawada kanna weida ලස්සනයි aiye සුපිරි


ජයවේවා එකෙන්ම...නියමයි ...කියන්න වචන නෑ


Thanks for sharing 🙏


සුපිරිම සුපිරි චාරිකාවක් පට්ට ලස්සනයි එල 👍👍👍


නියම වැඩක් ලහිරු අයියේ .හැමදාම වගෙ නියමයි. බුදුසරණයි ❤


Great Idea. Excellent. Good Luck.


We sincerely wish the brother good luck in his efforts to rebuild the country by making some videos in English language and showing the beauty of our country to the world❤️❤️💪💪👍👍