NEW PACHIMARCHI EVENT!!! #overwatch2 #gaming #shorts

A post regarding the new Pachimarchi event was put up today letting us know of the items we can receive during the event and the name of the gamemode!!! The event goes live tomorrow. Tuesday Mar. 21st Overwatch Playlist!!!: Thanks to projectmono on Instagram for the background music Follow my Twitch (i stream sometimes): My Instagram: My Twitter: METAL POSTERS!! Check out my Ko-fi: #gaming #overwatch2 #overwatch


11 months ago

Hello everyone so today we got a post  updating us on the PachiMarchi event which is going live tomorrow. It says  new Roadhog's Catch-A-Mari game mode, group up with friends, complete challenges  and earn, epic skin, name card, charm, and profile icons and log in to earn hogamari  player icon. The event seems quite nice so I am kind of excited for it to come out. It'll  be a nice little thing to wrap the season with it'll be good to log in and get yourself those  rewards make sure you subscribe
to my channel to get all the latest updates check out my socials  as well and yeah that's all I gotta say see ya