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Onion and bread | horror story animated | #horrorstories #bedtime Title: "The Haunting Tale of the Onion and Bread Witch | Horror Story" Description: In the dead of night, amidst heavy rain, a man encounters a mysterious old woman at a bus stop. She demands only onion and bread, refusing any other help. Little does he know, his act of kindness unleashes a terrifying curse upon him. Watch as Adam's seemingly innocuous gesture turns into a nightmare of supernatural proportions. As Adam grapples with the consequences of his encounter, strange occurrences plague his life. From unexplained marks on his body to inexplicable illness, it becomes clear that the old woman harbors dark powers beyond comprehension. Driven by desperation, Adam seeks guidance from a village astrologer, uncovering the truth behind the old woman's identity and her sinister intentions. With the help of ancient rituals, he embarks on a perilous journey to break the curse before it consumes him entirely. Join us on Myth Mingle as we unravel the chilling mystery of the Onion and Bread Witch. Subscribe now for more bone-chilling horror stories and tales of the supernatural. Don't forget to like, share, and hit the bell icon to stay updated on our latest uploads. Mail if you have such a terrifying true horror story- Gmail I'd- channel link- myth mingle Hindi channel- telegram channel link - #englishstory #bedtime #hauntedstory true horror story scary animated story horror movies that were based on true story true scary stories horror stories stories based on true story horrifying true story horror animated stories English true horror stories animated horror stories horror stories animated bedtime stories scary videos learn english through story english story listen english story horror movies full movies best horror movies scary stories animated english story for listening scary pumpkin khooni monday thriller teller

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it was the rainy season it was raining heavily at  around 1:00 in the night a man was waiting for the bus at bus stop suddenly the man hears the sound  of dogs barking then he sees a shadow who slowly comes closer to that man that shadow is of an old  woman and she says to the man standing at the bus stop I'm very hungry give me the onion and bread  Son the man says why only onion and bread come to my house I will de feed you the old women says  angrily I only want onion and bread thean thinks a
little and says okay you come to my house I  will give you onion as soon as the bus arrives he puts old women on the bus and takes her to his  home after reaching home he tells old women come inside but the old lady flatly refuses to come  inside the man goes inside and brings onion and bread from inside and gives it to the old lady as  soon as the old lady takes the onion and bread in her hand she disappears from there after all who  was that old lady and why was she asking for onion and bread
only where did the old lady suddenly  disappear and today today story we will see what is the secret of this story and what happened to  that man who had given onion and bread to that old lady if you are new to the channel then don't  forget to subscribe because we need your love and support the most right now like it and share  it with your friends those who are afraid of ghosts this story is about a man whose name was  Adam Adam had come to the city from the village a few days ago for search
of a job Adam stayed  at his uncle's place and he used to leave home every day to look for a job but due to his lack  of Education no one would give him a job he was very disappointed due to not getting a job one  day when he came out after giving an interview he got a call Adam was happy as soon as he picked up  the call because he had already got the job happy Adam went and sat on the bank of a lake Adam was  so happy so that he did not realize the time then it started raining heavily when Ada
m looked at  the clock it was 12:00 Adam quickly picked up his bag and came to the bus stop Adam started waiting  for the bus it was around 1:00 in the night Adam suddenly hears dogs barking then he sees a shadow  which was slow coming closer to Adam that shadow was of an old woman the old lady comes to Adam  and says I'm very hungry give me the onion and bread Son Adam says why onion and bread come to my  house I will feed you the old lady speaks angrily I just want onions and bread Adam thinks
for a  bit and says okay you come with me I will give you onion and bread as soon as the bus arrives  Adam puts Amma on the bus and takes her to his home after reaching home he tells that old lady  to come inside but the old lady flatly refuses to come inside then Adam walks in and brings  onion and bread from inside and gives it to the old lady as soon as the old lady takes the onion  and bread in her hand she disappears from there seeing this Adam starts trembling very badly and  goes inside
and closes the gate Adam stays awake all night and that's what he keeps thinking about  the next day Adam's health started deteriorating when he looked in the glass there were strange  marks on his face and the whole body was being pulled from inside Adam went to the doctor but  he even the doctor had seen such marks for the first time when Adam came home that evening he  started vomiting blood now Adam understood that the old lady was doing all this the next day Adam  left for his village an as
trologer lived in the village Adam went to an astrologer and told the  whole thing to an astrologer an astrologer told that she was a witch who would go to people's  houses and take onions and squeeze them a little every day whoever gives her onions and bread his  body also gets squeezed as much as an onion every day Adam asked the astrologer there is no cure  for this the astrologer told that you have to take that onion back from that witch then that  onion will have to be buried with full ritu
als only then can you be free from that witch Adam  went to the witch in the guise of a monk and said I know you are a witch and you take onions  from people and kill them if you don't stop all this I will incinerate you with my Powers the  witch said no no I will not t onions from anyone now let me go saying this she disa appears from  there Adam takes the onion and buries it with full ritual if you want to see this story in  Hindi then you can also subscribe to our Hindi Channel link is in des
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It's really scary😮