[ || RABBIT HOLE* ラビットホール || Animation OC ] Original by DECO*27

OH GAAWWDDD, this was hard to make istg.. my AM lagging as hell btw this took me almost 2 days- 💀 don't let thiz flop i'll cry Character made by me!1!1! Catz (she/they) she's a nekomata (a cat with 2 tails) main character in this video. Used Alight Motion for animation and IbisPaintx for the art ___ Original animation: Original music: Inspired: on TikTok (basically alot) ___ tags: #trending #animationmeme #deco27 #animation #rabbithole #alightmotion #ibispaintx #silly #foryou #recommended trending, animation meme, rabbit hole, Deco*27


12 days ago

this took me a years/j tbh its beena long long time i made a oc animation 💀 petah am i the only one that thinks the audio is kinda loud... catz who the hell is that (idk) eepy :3