Real Doctor Reacts to CELLS AT WORK (Hataraku Saibō)

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Doctor Mike

4 years ago

just the other day I was doing the little netflix and chill' with bear and what do I find cells at work I promised that I would do a review of this probably like a year and a half ago and I sort of forgot about this but now that it's on Netflix I have no excuse so I popped it on season one episode one is right here it's called pneumococcus I'm ready let's get started noona can you uh yes Santa Ana to commence a voltage gain connected [Music] [Music] shake it kill him Abu Radi yo Kefka mechanic I
get shaky Junkanoo they certainly Sampath ah so that's it it so funny alright so I'm already starting to piece it together from the intro here that each one of these characters represents the cells and each one of these characters is like an employee or has some sort of job and if they're wearing red their red blood cells which it just gave it a great explanation that they carry oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body the fact that they're doing it in packages is even funnier because that
has a medical meaning so the vascular endothelial cells are the cells that line your blood vessels if they get injured guess what happens bleeding oh that was bloodier than I expected the irony of this though is that there's a red blood cell person there and they're killing the germ and the germ is bleeding red blood cells Juuko choo-choo Cola you okay so this is interesting because this gentleman here is a white blood cell part of the neutrophil division means that he's attacking a bacteria be
cause neutrophils primarily work against bacteria don't know what you won one for sixes maybe that's his code name white blood cells and red blood cells exist within your circulation at all times you need both to function the red blood cells obviously the most important for the oxygen the white blood cells are part of your immune system in fact when I do something known as a CBC which is a blood test that's a complete blood count the two main numbers that we read on there are the hemoglobin and
the white blood cell count if I'm looking to see if you have an infection that white blood cell count number can be low or high that's important to know I'm not gonna lie these bacteria look pretty badass I don't know why she's so lost once the heart pumps you should be able to just go into one direction that it pumps this is really funny because co2 is carbon dioxide and when you deliver it back to the lungs your body exhales it which is a form of waste [Music] that's true this is very accurate
that strep pneumo is one of the most common bacteria for respiratory infections and sometimes ear infections actually in children we give the pneumococcal vaccine in order to decrease the rates of infection and if they are to get infected hopefully it's a less severe infection we also give the same vaccines to those who are over the age of 65 in some cases also for that same purpose decreases rates of pneumonia hi you know Megan a cockatiel kyousuke-shi no three marathi moushmi hi can you eat a
slice you take any couldn't figure you he's talking about meningitis that's an infection of the meninges which surround the brain that's the padding that surrounds the brain obviously very dangerous not only because of infection in the brain is not a good idea but also because that swelling causes increased pressure also quite dangerous these consider this you will see you tomorrow email kono karada make you've not taken Yogananda la única she would I wonder why this body is immunocompromised i
mmuno compromised meaning that their immune system is not functioning well this usually happens as a result of a medication that they're taking other illnesses that they have for example those who have HIV or AIDS those are immunodeficient States meaning that they're immunocompromised to infections very commonly if someone's getting an organ transplant they take medications to make them immuno compromised there's all sorts of situations for that but I wonder which one they're using here it's fun
ny they're using almost like the lack of policing resources as a representation from you know compromised I love that [Applause] [Music] platelets are so cute in this which is kind of funny because platelets are supposed to be big platelets are the white blood cells that actually clump and start the clotting process they actually clump together and start the clotting process so if you ever get a cut its your platelets that are responsible for stopping the bleed oh the killer T cells are here the
immune mediated responses are coming through the lymphatic vessel I love that this is so much pathophysiology right now this is like above my paygrade right now the fact that pneumococcal bacteria are hemolytic in nature that they're gonna go after the red blood cells is something I haven't studied in ages this is amazing so capillaries are so thin that they only allow a single stream of red blood cells through in order to have diffusion between them and the alveoli I have a feeling she's gonna
run into him [Music] oh no he got a little cuckoo mother hot comb dickly oh no the much blood shall help them get there all the capsule blocked in he's an encapsulated bacteria cool look so returning our erupting I'm gonna make a little prediction right now that all three of these are gonna get coughed out in the mucus toxin yeah you have to get pumped out this means he's about to get sneezed out platelets are just by you by you Kindle you know it's funny germs actually have hang time so when y
ou sneeze and they're outside of your body they actually can hang around in the air so you can walk into a room that someone sneezed in they're not in there anymore you could still get sick are we getting a Grey's Anatomy moment inside cells at work come on now MA well not a sick idea how that I dunno each guys now I understand why you guys have been pushing me to watch this it's well done it's entertaining it's funny for nerds like myself who love learning about the human body and refreshing so
me of their knowledge from medical school in the in college days this is brilliant it's creative you gotta give them that if you want me to watch another episode of these maybe you can recommend like the best episode and I can watch that one as you know I love watching all sorts of TV shows and dramas and all that stuff in fact I put a special playlist together for you right here right not right here right here click on that bad boy we're gonna watch it together while staying happy and healthy w
here's bear [Music]



When your Asian parents wants you to be a doctor but you want to be an animator.


The creator of this anime is like “And that, parents, is how you motivate your child to become a doctor.”


Mike-“Thats a lot of blood” People who watch a bunch of anime: “Welcome, this is very normal”


The reason why the platelets are tiny is because they are called 血小板(kesshouban) in Japanese and “小”means “small”.


“If you want me to watch more—“ DO IT WATCH ALL OF IT


She gets lost due to a disease known as “main character quirk” in which a main character gets lost easily to be cute


This show taught me more about my body than normal health classes, and I think all subjects should have an anime like this and it should be played in school.


I loved that he was confused as to why the red blood cell was lost, because there's actually an explanation to that.! Our particular red blood cell-chan has a fun little detail of the hair curl (cow lick) in her character design. It's actually a cute little clue that she's actually a sickle cell, which explains why she gets lost so easily.


"I was doing Netflix and Chill with Bear" Me: That ain't right Chief


“Whoa, they curse in here too!” “Wow, that was bloodied than I expected.” .....Welcome to Anime


The way Cells at Work crams so much information into itself, trying to be as accurate as possible, while still being fun and interesting is just incredible. This is how subjects should be taught, at least at a base level.


Soap: Kills 99.9% of bacteria the 0.01% bacteria be like: 3:27


Dr. Mike: watches the sub version Weebs: “Ah, you’ve chosen well.”


"why don't you recommend the best episode" watch all of them 👁️👄👁️


I'm a lab technician myself, and I have to say this is possibly the most scientifically accurate anime as far as biology goes that I've seen, if you accept that everything here is a stand-in.


If you're looking at a blood smear (used to perform a CBC) then white blood cells>red cells>platelets. So the heights of the characters are actually proportional to their real sizes. Platelets come together to form large clots, but individually they are the smallest thing you see in blood normally:). This show has so many great nerd facts built in.


Doctor Mike: (Watches anime) Anime fans: Ah, you're a man of culture


It's so funny how in this anime he is like "THIS IS SO ACCURATE", but in the Tv medical shows he always is like "ACTUALLY.." hahaha


The reason given in the anime for the platelets’ appearance is because platelets have such a short lifetime compared to other cells and they’re constantly being produced so they’re all like children all the time


I love that medical schools in Japan recommend watching this show. I've also gotten into arguments with my cousin about potential shipping in this show. I told her it was like the eyeball being in love with the spleen. It doesn't make sense!