Showstopper (Ep 2)

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1 month ago

Welcome to Showstopper powered by EquiRatings. Each week we're going to take a deep dive into the stats numbers, movers, shakers and in-depth  stories that drive our sport. We will provide analysis and a breakdown of not only the highest  ranked or the current winners but give an outlook on past and future performance so we can track  the progression of horses and riders across the sport. As discussed last week on Showstopper we  use the ELO rating system because it is highly correlated to jumpi
ng clear rounds taking into  account the size and quality of the field while horses gain and lose points based on who they  finish ahead of or behind. To reiterate the top 1% of show jumpers on average have an ELO rating  of over 775. The majority fall in the 600 range while horses that are rated below 500 fall in  the bottom 3% of show jumpers. To clarify even further this means that the top 1% of Grand Prix  show jumpers jump clear 58% of the time while the bottom 3% of show jumpers jump clear
only 7% of  the time. As 2024 is just getting started we wanted to take a look at the upcoming Superstars as they  begin their 11th year in the sport. As we saw last year there wasn't a single horse in the Top 10  rankings under the age of 10 and historically exceptional performance as a 10-year-old is a  huge indicator of future success in fact two top rated 10-year-olds of the last decade both  became Olympic Champions. Explosion W who reached an ELO rating of 806 as a 10-year-old back in  20
19 and Big Star who reached a rating of 776. As you can see every single one of the all-time top  10 year olds had tremendous ratings and the older ones all went on to become household names. So the  question becomes will James Kann Cruz currently at 774 or Julien Epaillard's LGCT Global Super Cup  winner Dubai Du Cedre at 770 maintain their form as they enter their 11th year and become the young  Challengers for the Olympic stamina test this Summer. Their compatriots did it and I believe at  le
ast one of them is certainly a strong contender and the data backs that up. This particular  crop of 10-year-olds is truly exceptional and with the top six on the list already able  to call themselves either five star meter 60 Grand Prix Winners, Championship medalists and even the  reigning European Champion himself it's certainly an exciting year coming up and we can't wait to  see what the young crop of superstars will do