Sonic Babies

Sonic vs Eggman never relents. Whether the Blue Blur is by himself, or he’s enlisted the help of his Sonic Superstars pals, his ongoing feud with Dr. Robotnik seems to rage on and on. Well, all that is coming to an end, folks. And not because Dr Eggman has made Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Tails, Amy Rose and Big the Cat go Sonic BOOM. Quite the opposite, in fact. The moustachioed madman has turned the Sonic dream team into Sonic babies. If only he’d thought of this idea back in the ‘90s. With the help of Orbot and Cubot, Ivo plans to take his former foes and mould them into some super Sonic prime variants that will do his bidding. And the best way to create some nasty so-and-sos – we don’t need to tell you – is via the classroom! Sit down kids and start taking notes, because school is in session. 🟣 Support Mashed and become a Mashed+ member today! Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael Written & Animated by Painter Seap ( Visual Development, Storyboarding & Colour by King Gonzalez Additional Animation by Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz ( Backgrounds by Baubalti ( Voice of Robotnik by Alex Walker Smith Voice of Big by G Chadwick Cook Voice of Orbot by Ed Templer Voice of Cubot by Painter Seap Voice of Amy, Tails, Computer & Babies by Eileen Montgomery Edit, Sound Design, Compositing, Music Edit & Mix by Jason Alan Dewey WATCH MORE MASHED CARTOONS! Sonic: Clone Chaos Sonic: Clone Chaos (Part 2) 🔴 Subscribe to Mashed now so you never miss a new video! Keep in touch & stay up to date on all things #Mashed! 👻 Mashed Snapchat: 📘 Mashed Facebook: 🐦Mashed Twitter: 📸 Mashed Instagram: 🎵 Mashed Tiktok: 📧 Mashed Email:


4 months ago

show's over egg face maybe for you orot status on my death ring all systems prepared to fire on your call boss oh fogy get back here yeah it's an ambush I don't think we should be in here froggy my love sang such chonging total vaporization what orot don't activate it with me inside H oh dear no need to worry boss I'm shutting it down as we [Music] speak I'm alive and they're dead what baby oh you know they're kind of cute like this and much easier to squash to think this is how it ends after al
l the trouble you lot have caused me with your pesky strength and cunning super speed such incredible power wasted on preserving the weak if only I could Harvest that [Music] potential orot change of plans I've decided on something far more Sinister retrieve my graduation cap welcome students to your first course in the evil science curriculum my name is Professor Ivo Robotnik I realize that for many of you it's your first experience dabbling with evil so our starter activity will be writing you
r new evil names on these worksheets how exactly is this more Sinister than grinding them all into Gerber meal times Well Orbot it's one thing to outright crush your enemies underfoot and to be clear I certainly could have but I realized why destroy my enemies when I could be molding them into everything they've sought to destroy it's brilliant I like that it turned their clothes into babies too what no iPad and class five little hedgehogs jumping in a bin one fell out and broke his skin y actua
lly this should mess you up pretty good and you've finished your work let's see here huh Miles Tails Prower no your name is Nile nails asan and you get back in your seat BR stop stop chasing him get that out of your mouth all right CL that's in we can just begin the next time I'm giving you all to the count of freak before I I run to by children that's enough I've had it here with you rockus rodents it's time to say good night [Music] Dad you are just so adorable very touching loss but if you co
uld just take a look not right now no more professoring no more doctoring from now on call me egg [Music] dad [Music] isn't fatherhood wonderful no I can't take a lot out of you good night my little spawn night Daddy You're My Greatest creations [Music] boss [Music] Pig I kill [Music] you



🎶 Sonic Babies, they'll make their dreams come truuuuuue Sonic Babies, they'll do the same for youuuuu 🎶


That Tails iPad joke was pretty effective. Always remember everyone, technology is NOT a parent!


2:34 The “YAY” always breaks me 😂


I love how the colors get softer after they get turned into babies, it just adds to the cuteness!


SONIC BABIES!!! Thanks for watching, everyone! It's a pleasure to be working with Mashed again, as usual. Hope to make more!


This was actually sweet and adorable. In an alternate reality, I think Egg Man would be an amazing father.


Honestly, it's really refreshing seeing sonic fan animations actually having a story and likable characters and not turning them into an edgy Dush bags that are complete asholes for no reason. And even with the adult humor present in it, it never feels out of character. It really reminded me of a Sonic X episode.


“Smelly ugly rodent” eggman really did it 💀


2:34 that youtube kids reference though 😂😂😂


The detail on Amy’s outfit turning back to the classic one is a nice touch!


I love how amy is still obsessed with sonic even as a baby


🎶five little hedgehogs jumping in a bin, on fell out and broke his skin. YAYYY!


Ever since Sonic Frontiers, this is surprisingly accurate.


2:34 This was so on point 😂😂😂


3:55 he’s trying to eat hotdog at 3am be like:


I love how with sponsorblock the main point is the funniest point (2:33)


I love these Painter Seap Sonic episodes. They feel less like parodies and more Sega's legitimate attempt at making a Spongebob-like Sonic cartoon.


I always knew that Eggman was not so “rotten” inside. And thank you for another portion of AMAZING content mashed :D


0:26 i love the detail of the plushes on eggman matching the positions of Sonic and friends on the death egg robot, very clever


3:30 Student: SHUT THE F-