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Our contestants must bring in the most cursed thing, spell their fanciest word in their favourite colour, create a celebratory personal theme tune, paint an accurate map of Australia, and transform their face into an Australian icon. ------------ Follow the show at Become a fan at Buy Taskmaster merch: ------------ In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians. Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion. #Taskmaster #Comedy #GregDavies #AlexHorne


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[Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the best day of my [Music] life yes hello welcome to task master Australia for months I have been setting tasks for my little underlings watching them squirm stumble and very occasionally Triumph tonight we do it once more and in only two weeks we will be awarding the best of them this beautiful Tom gleon shaped head perfect for taking home putting in your spare bathroom and occasionally practicing kissing on they're all in it to win it it's our season one cast
Danielle Walker Jimmy ree Julia Morris Luke McGregor and Nama with me as always is my right-hand man the loyal Deputy behind all my sneaky backro deals it's Tom Cashman all right enjoy the spotlight for a moment and introduce the prize task how contestants have been asked to bring in what they consider to be the most cursed thing the winner will take home Five Points second best four points and so on and the winner of tonight's episode will take home all five cursed items uh let's start with Da
nielle what do you have it's a tiki my guy made that's and um that's a real chicken bone in its mouth and it's two front teeth my wisdom te is there a curse on it of any type well I mean aren't Tiki mugs like sort of a bit spooky dookie I mean that one is yeah Luke what did you bring in that's cursed well with social media sometimes you get tagged in photos that you don't want on the internet and uh this photo of me I wish it didn't exist and I hope I don't look like this anymore but um do we do
we do we have to leave it up or can we take it down I'm not sure if the photo is cursed or maybe it's just your head that's cursed well I guess either way I've brought in something that's cursed so that so I still win it is a Savage curse that you have to live with there Luke I'm walking around with that all day so Nina what have you brought in that's cursed uh I have brought in a rotten vegetable from my friend fridge um so that was a zucchini at some point and now it's like a sea slug I don't
know how science works I I don't see where the curse is you you just brought in Old food that you can't be bothered putting in a bin I think there's too there's like curse and then there's cursed which is like mispronouncing cursed uh Jimmy what do you got H just um I bought my fishing rod doesn't catch fish this might be another situation you might be like Luke's head it's not the photo it's the primary product that we're worried about um Julia what did you bring in uh I brought in my engageme
nt ring when I was still engaged uh 20 one years ago I knocked the ring on the side of the sink and the diamond broke I had it remade a year and a half ago and my marriage broke up so when your engagement ring was broken everything was fine as soon as it was repaired everything fell apart not ideal okay well I need to hand out some scores um I think it's pretty clear that Nina's there on one two points to Jimmy for the fishing rod cuz I'm a little bit worried maybe he's cursed not the actual fis
hing rod the more points I get for this one the worse my head is um and I'm thinking Danielle's ticking back again are you kidding me you did that just so you could say Luke's head is the worst thing also um I'm going to give Four Points to Julia for the engagement ring cuz it clearly is cursed but I think we can't argue with the most cursed item tonight is Luke's head five points are you ready for a real task mean Tom ah yes don't you know it all right this one's easier than a spelling be and h
arder to spell than the word [Music] be a beautiful day may I step up please thank you sir oh oh hi Daniel hello so Danielle crazy question what's your favorite color oh would that' be red purple green maybe green what's the fanciest word you know lus encyclopedia I do love the word palava Aces thanks do I open the task I'm sorry didn't ask you any questions correctly spell your fanciest word using items that are your favorite color fastest wins am I allowed to step out of the Caravan oh your ti
me starts now Tom I don't know why I keep refusing to say that having a more complicated favorite word is not an advantage no quite the opposite they have to spell the fanciest word they know using their favorite color shall we watch some words get spelled why not they may smell fancy but can they spell fancy here's Jimmy Nina and Luke yes I don't how to spell it can you tell me how to spell it palava does it have an r on the end palava God why did I pick purple it's such a stupid color get some
red things let's go keep up this could be a good y That's a good l i mean I could just ride it out with a red P but I feel like that's cheating Aqua aqu oh my God isn't that the thing to know what left is I thought it was like which way does the L go no it's to know which way left is and to know which way left is you have to know what an L looks likea palava pal okay I'm going to give you a couple options I'll do one with the c as well oh my God these are like so cute these little buttons what'
s the cutest one maybe this one that little wow look at that I can't even spell the word maybe I'm actually making a pava of the word pava [Music] [Applause] [Music] so Luke you couldn't find anything green while standing on a square kilometer of grass I thought I was a genius by remembering that there was a green crayon upstairs where where the genius stopped is I couldn't spell Aquas well you gave three options in yeah I have typed in all three of your spellings of the word Aquas none of them
even know that it's close enough to acas to even suggest the word Aces so Jimmy you had the easiest word to spell why did you not know how to spell it actually feel that I got a little mixed up with Pavo Nina you spelled encyclopedia correctly oh yeah I don't think we're used to things going well for you um so we just need to take a moment just to I don't know readjust Nina spent 4 and a half minutes showing me how cute different buttons were Luke for 4 minutes and 34 seconds to write three inco
rrect words down with a crayon Jimmy took 9 minutes and 14 seconds to incorrectly spell palava Nina took 30 minutes and 29 seconds but she got the word correct yes he did wow we got time for any more do we ever this contestant has me Spellbound that is I was bound by the Taskmaster to make her spell it's Danielle Walker oh actually this is so easy lus I think it's I don't know I learned this from a child this word as well what child I used to Nanny the little girl she called me lbus one day and
I didn't know what it meant but I think it means like sad or disdainful so the person you were responsible for nannying found you sad I was a living nanny I lived there for multiple you're allowed to be sad sometimes good boy I hope this is correct if not oh well you happy with that yeah yeah I I did it thank you goodbye okay when the child described you when you were nannying as lugubrious uh was it it but yeah I just moved from Townsville where it's sunny every day to London and I hadn't seen
the Sun and I got very depressed and then the kid was like you're [Laughter] gopr how long did Danielle take Danielle took 2 minutes and 41 seconds okay we're going to sit in this room in silence for 3 minutes while some ads play see you back soon [Music] welcome back to Taskmaster I'm Tom gleon and we're making comedians spell words using inanimate objects and somehow they put it on TV that is correct our contestants are spelling the fanciest word they know using items that are of their favorit
e color so far Danielle has done it fast Nina's done it slow and Luke and Jimmy have not done it that means there's one left what's her word and color again we still haven't seen it's Julia Morris what's your favorite color s what's the fanciest word you know anti- disestablishmentarianism come on Tom let's find some s stuff Tom would you do me a favor how many letters yes are in the word anti- disestablishmentarianism 28 oh God help me hey how many letters to go Tom 27 get your [ __ ] together
lady J let's do it there's your N I want to do that as a tea in what way is that a tea in no way Tom if we're going to get technical here's how long the damn word is I can't believe I'm just not allowed to sticky tape that to the front of the desk and he dis degree of difficulty surely the Taskmaster will take that into effect it's fastest wi how dare you I don't have a lot of regrets in my life who would have thought that this task was going to be one of them all right I'm going to the second l
ayer now okay cuz I'm running out of space and interest anti s a b honestly if I start crying I don't want you to see that as a bad sign okay that's just what I like to call emotional processing I think I've only got about another 5 hours in me Tom I wonder if my stomach could be the bottom part of the E and I can do that when we when I got to present the whole word actually we're hurling through it B what did I do can you tell me where I'm up to cuz I just I'm not sure where the M comes into it
I don't know either can I just say I've never wanted to kill myself before we're back to a again this is a real thrill it's like a modern a woo woo look we're so close now mate are we we got another 18 letters to go so rym is that what I've got no we I've just got ISM I can't go around the table again I can't spell it all again I can't do it you want have to Du no whatever was left of my sanity is burst it's like an aneurism of insanity emotionally this is where I'm up to that's an eye yes do y
ou feel like that's an eye then you already have an eye where's the other eye I've already done the eye MH does that feel like a is no here we go are you s oh oh God stand by Tom so you got your s I'm the E here's the M okay na it and I think 3 hours standing I fail to see who could have done it better or quicker juliia Morris not only is your chosen word a long word it is the sixth longest word in the English [Applause] language did Julia actually spell the word cuz I couldn't quite make it out
I mean we looked at it we digitally put it all together and it was correctly spelled what's a shame the tasks about time oh I mean what we was 19 hours wasn't it Tom how long were we there for 53 minutes and 2 seconds okay so do we have final scores for that task we do Luke and Jimmy receive zero points having been disqualified for incorrect spelling Julia receives three points clearly uh behind the other two times Nina gets four points but Danielle wins with Five Points how about the overall s
cores for this episode the winner at the moment is Danielle with eight points okay we go again more task please lesser Tom we agreed I would sing this intro but I'm simply too [Music] nervous it's me Luke hi Love Bug hello oh snacks oh boy this is going to be a musical challenge I can feel it in my Willies create and perform a celebratory personal theme tune oh I see it's a keyboard the best theme tune that celebrates you wins you have 45 minutes your time starts now let's get some instruments T
om okay thank you Tom useless get out of here I like how you made even that musical thank you okay it works did you have a genre that you think um yeah maybe could we go for like a like a Rock ballad trying to think of like the task Master's favorite genre of music I think that's the question H as if it won't be like some Gregorian chant or something he's so grown up you think the Taskmaster is in into Gregorian [Music] chants this is like the emptiest my brain has ever been in my entire life wh
at about a him she's quite sleep but she hang [Music] on she [Music] what's your favorite theme song of all time I like Seinfeld that's a trick question it's this one oh Julia for the record Gregorian chant is not my favorite music a what what is it I like ambrosian chat okay whose dolet tones are we hearing first she's the only contestant whose first name rhymes with her last name it's Nina royama 5 six seven eight yeah congratulations congratulations you did it you raped all the odds you raped
all the evens because you are very brave didn't you know it's a feet of strength that you even survived because you are so very weak all of the time yeah you know don't even know how to play most instruments Nina I'm singing to myself [Music] [Applause] [Music] actually congratulations you did it you braved all the odds you made it through that recorded solo you didn't think it was going to end and it's the end of this song [Music] yeah well the crowd seemed to like it maybe you should release
it yeah totally man do you practice often well I actually used to be in a recorder quartet okay all right until they kicked out who have you got for me next it's MC Gregor I.E Luke McGregor maybe spit that up a tiny bit I will remind you of the time is ticking I don't know how to okay that's fine oh here we go oh no no okay that's fine that's fine real song Here We Go his name is Luke McGregor he's never PUK I have Tom all the time he comedy is not a [Music] fluk he's against nuke Leo wall he's
a reading my first should check his pubes he's one greatest person on Earth and other planets he's to twice a gazillion do trust me how much he's worth and that's not enough I reckon Luke you're the best he is very blessed I agree you should go on a quest you totally should to find out if you're actually the the best actually I checked the end of the quest and he he is the best L you cool danam St everyone Dro when they look at loot he supports Renewable Fuel that's really nice saving the planet
and he [Music] [Applause] r [Music] okay I feel like you celebrated yourself really well there um thank you I was worried at first like obviously you rhymed your name Luke with fluke puke and then nuke Leo War yeah I remember your contribution Tom don't worry some of your achievements as listed in the song were being worth a gazillion dollars yep and being the greatest person on Earth Yep and um also visiting Perth twice I actually visited Perth three times but I feel like I was getting too arr
ogant all right who's next she came fifth on the mass singer and she's guaranteed to come at least fifth in this task it's Julia [Applause] Morris I'm Julie Morris and I'm somebody very special let's get to the song here goes a five well she's a [ __ ] she's the best in town she used to be with them now she's round she's round but she's also around 75 years in the F she calls all the shot she used to be a m now a miss that makes not attach now I've got a red f cuz I was sling really hard that sk
in so loose but I kind of like it now it's like a goose it's kind of hairy sided you take the hair off and I'm my legs are quite smooth but no one sees them cuz I'm not handing anything over 2 any1 again I'm single I think that's one of my best s for now I think that's the best that's going to get so I'm just going to just go now I might be wrong but I feel like all the others uh wrote down the lyrics uh in full and then performed the song to The Best of their abilities as it was written on the
page I feel like you wrote down one or two sentences and then just add lib from then on Julia experimented with 17 different genres before deciding to write one line you wrote one line I even that took it out of me then you completely improvised while making full eye contact with me but you were celebrating yourself you celebrating being single yes were you trying to invite attention maybe from viewers no you know I would like to word this in a different way but I have my last who's next if only
his last name was Barnes Hendrick or Paige it's Jimmy Reese this is a celebratory um interpretive theme song of a moment in my life um where I first appeared on TV I was chilling at home in my house what age you ask I was a teen I was was mildly pimply eating chips playing Nintendo and I had a dream I suppose I better tell you about that said dream or this song wouldn't really go anywhere and it' be rather obscene or speaking OB scene that's what I waited in my dream I seen on the small screen
I saw myself so Backle up I'll tell you how I first was seen on said small [Music] screen this is what I dreamed of when I first walked into the TV I dreamed that I'd be you know be faffing people be faffing about all around me I I they' be hair and makeup and the and the costume Department dressing me in all kind of groovy attire and they'd be faing I already mentioned faing didn't I because I love TV and it's always been my dream I was on road live there's a look Alik I didn't even know caught
by surprise it was a bit of a gotcha I was like what the I was on Ro life was a look alike didn't even know go by surprise it was a bit of a gotcha and I was like what the stop that's it that's the end that's the end stop stop stop that's the end stop stop stop Tom that's the end stop Tom stop stop Tom that's the end that's [Applause] it a bit hard to watch at times I was sort of hoping that this was like the voice um but this chair was in Reverse but I must say I'm very proud of you always dre
ssing up this time you just relied on your talent maybe you should dress up again J I think I should yeah it was missing something wasn't it we have one left she's a 12-time granny Award winner those are the madeup awards her grand gives out at Christmas it's Danielle Walker [Applause] [Music] my name is Dan I am sick as hell I'm cooler than cold room in June where you keep all your beast and latches are my favorite food and I can make a mean Rago I am pretty good with dogs and I can pick up the
ir poo cuz I'm desensitized to their poo I work to take dog hotel for a number of years over my teen years and I canot smell poo anymore my mom said I'd be a great nurse because I don't smell but I have a fear of vein so I cannot do that I've got the voice of an Angel and the ass of a demon but the sexy ass of a demon not one that would be gross and covered in ws and PFF like the best ass youve ever seen smooth like a marble but soft like a glob babies no not a baby don't say we don't say baby n
i so I feel like the lyrics were really the star of this performance um voice of an Angel ass of a demon I think that really stood out for all of us if you work with dogs for long enough you become desensitized to the smell of poo when I first started working at the dog boarding candle I'd get [ __ ] on my leg and wash it off by the end I'd just be like I wash it off at the end of the shift yeah for you it was a highlight that you put into song why is that that was my favorite job I've ever had
and if you got paid more than $10 an hour cash in hand I'd probably still be there okay we're going to need some scores here so on one point is Jimmy the Highlight you like being a look Alik on Ro live I can't quite abide by that I love the song but I'm giving two points to [Music] Danielle that's really going to change my mind n armor I'm giving three because the song was very catchy we had it stuck in our head unfortunately for a very long time I'm giving Four Points to Luke McGregor because o
f his political NS but I think we have to give five points to the improvising Genius of Julia Morris all right I think it's time for another task would I be right Tom it's like you're reading my mind or a q card life imitates art but I I sincerely hope life does not imitate what you're about to [Music] see hi Tom hi Julia hello Tom well this is a bit of a setup isn't it what have we got here what are these pains I assume okay on the canvas below paint an accurate map of Australia the canvas cann
ot leave the ground all painting must be done from the balcony most accurate map of wins you have 13 minutes your time starts an hour have be the camp Rio here we go pretty simple task here our contestants just need to paint a map of Australia using the most Australian tool of all gravity go on there can they paint down under from up above it's Luke Jimmy and Julia okay let's see if we can get a bit on there no okay this some yep also completely missed Tom can you move the canvas closer to the b
alcony please okay oh not there oh come come on get The Living Daylights out of it mate I'll start a constant stream and then you move it to paint Australia yep that's looking good there we go I want to get one of my favorite places in the whole wide world on this map which is where New Zealand so you're going to start by painting New Zealand yes oh look it looks beautiful going to just going to Fashion a just I need a bit more finesse Tom okay here comes tazy a I love you tazy so this is for th
e Finesse Yep this is for the Finesse yeah is L here comes the middle of Australia but I still need to get that East Coast right there's no way to tell her that I drew it we have to sign my name did you do it oh I guess it was a team effort I'll sign your name as well l oh don't ruin New Zealand Julia no oh I think throwing paint at the thing is more accurate okay sorry that was a Miss what's the idea there I was trying to smooth it out it's I was just yeah thank you very much take those off wha
t if I did this splodge painting of Australia L flat that's Australia judging New Zealand that bit of orange straight across there so that bit on the right that's just judgment yeah I guess we'll just go like a week on week off whose house it stays at maybe like an annual thing I just say you have a for a whole year it's the shipping cost of a a weekly arrangement who goes first you could have it okay and you know what do a tiny little Australia here just to show myself that I can and I think wh
at's happening there is I definitely cannot yeah Julia as everyone knows when you want to do a painting of Australia the first thing you paint is New Zealand when did you give up during that task I can't oh we all know within the first minute is when I Jimmy what were your hopes when you decided to use an ore tied to a rope I just thought a line like a finger painting but with an a with an a from the balcony from the balcony attach to a piece of rope yeah yeah yeah yeah after seeing Luke just sa
y hey Tom can you just move it a little bit closer it I kind of felt a little bit stupid all right now Luke you actually had a really good map of Australia there thank you I've been using it to navigate around ever since let's have a look at the paintings I think we have them here um see I think with Lukes you can't actually make out Australia I think you could claim with Julie as that maybe that's an emotion about Australia trying to what about you Jimmy how could you justify that being Austral
ia well if you take certain sections of it away the bits that are left is a map of Australia oh don't you think that maybe if you stared into that and just unfocus your eyes for a while you'd be able to see in 3d your regret maybe it's quite possible I'm ready for some more balcony art Tom who have you got Australians all let us rejoice these two are young and free it's Danielle and Nina let's do orange that is a fun color so you started with Northern Queensland obviously I'm not a psychopath so
I feel like if I just do a small drawing of Australia you think small helps with accuracy yeah I think so I don't know if this looks much like Australia you don't think this looks much like Australia no you are absolutely insane it's a bit minimalist minimalist yeah what is wrong with you I reckon you should add a little bit more detail as well you reckon more detail I mean yeah well that's is what I'm doing I have stuffed up my mind in what way I think I really mucked up the state L it was loo
king so good such a at all and then there's actually a lot of oh no that's the shark [Music] G good thanks Dan thanks Danielle no wores happy with this yeah I won't know till I see everybody else's you know but um I think it's colorful which is nice I think you'll have fun seeing the other people's thank you I think I'm going to winz I'm genus would you like to look into the camera and say to the others I sucked in I win hey everyone um I just want to say that I've already won this task give up
if you if you had to go because this is clearly the best thing that's ever happened to this canvas okay well maybe we should compare with the others so first up let's have a look at Nina and Danielle's canvases as part of the task it did say paint on the canvas below wasow us material was canvas all painting must be done from the balcony and we were on the balcony the canvas the canvas saying it together doesn't make you sound smarter it just it just makes you sound dumb in unison all right well
that's pretty easy to score then I I think I have to put Danielle and Nina at the bottom both on one tied cuz they equally bad and then with the other paintings Jimmy and Julia both did paintings that were quite abstract but I feel like there was a bit more energy in Julia's so I'm going to give Jimmy three Julia four and the best map of Australia was done clearly by Luke McGregor Five Points to Luke what's that done to the scoreboard for this episode Julia is currently in the lead with 16 poin
ts oh so for the scores over the course of the whole series we've got Danielle and Julia both tied for first place on 122 points I feel alive tasks coming along let's go upstairs what's happening Lessa Tom Jimmy could you please choose a suitcase okay Nina please make a selection this one Danielle Luke you know what to do by now and Julia sucked in open your suitcase and use the contents to transform your face into an Australian icon the case must stay up until you are asked to reveal your face
you have 100 seconds best transformation wins your time starts on Tom's whistle Ready Set oh okay all right all right oh my gosh this is a disadvantage I've never used any of this stuff before Julia has a fruit platter Jimmy has a bunch of makeup Luke has stationer Nina has pasta and Danielle has art suppli oh my gosh this is so hard hey you do this every day that is undoubtedly the easiest suitcase to have no it's not really isn't Tom can we get a 10c time check 10 seconds left oh my God dear t
his is not going to go well I need red I need a red lip please put down the items Danielle reveal yourself um what icon are you I'm the big pineapple Nina please Reveal Your Face H what icon are you wait wait I'm the big banana I'm the big banana Luke please Reveal Your Face what icon are you I am the Tasmanian Tiger Jimmy please Reveal Your Face hello possoms are you Dame edner everage yes have you drawn anything on your face at all yeah I have zoom in okay we might have to hurry this up the sw
eater I get under lights the less the poster no will stick Julia please Reveal Your Face hello p like a couple of twins five cursed items are about to ha the home of one lucky contestant but first I've got to judge this Australian icon competition look at all these icons my God the desperation is hard to look at okay well I think Jimmy's got to be at the bottom on one surely there's barely anything on your face what you doing I know there's no point arguing with you but you didn't even open half
of the makeup thing I've SP half the time trying to get the stupid plastic Lids off everything okay well I feel like we should uh talk to Nina before we can no longer Tell She's the big banana you only had pasta to play with Nina and then you made a beard out of it and then you decided you a banana why didn't you just say Ned Kelly doesn't he wear like a big like a big Square on his head yeah but when he takes it off he's got a beard I must say Danielle I was very impressed you're actually draw
n crosses on your face to make it look like a pineapple yeah Luke I feel He's Got Stripes i he he's a tiger and I must admit if that was the only defense you had in the wild you would soon be extinct as well I think I'd blend right in but look at Julia Morris there you know I feel like again I mean Jimmy had just said Dam average and then you turn up looking like this one could argue that like Nina stole um Danielle's that Julia stole mine oh yes we can definitely say that I think Jimmy's an obv
ious one Nina's on two Danielle's on three I love the Tasmanian Tiger so I'm going to give Luke four but uh I think five points has to go to juliia Morris as the fruity Dame Edna everage does that mean we have an episode winner Tom it does the winner of this episode is Julia with 21 points congratulations Julia life will never be the same again get ready for centuries of bad luck with five brand new curses they're all yours get on stage what a pleasure it's been journeying with you all through o
ur eighth episode we learned that Australia was designed by Jackson Pollock we learned that Daniel Walker can spell but when it comes to dog [ __ ] she can't smell the main thing we learned is that Julia is our champion for this week good for her want to see someone else win it no guarantees but next week good [Applause] [Music] [Applause] night for more Taskmaster subscribe [Music] now