The BEST Value Radar Detector! - Uniden R4 Review

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all right guys so we are back in my garage  for another video and today we are going to be talking about my brand new radar detector the  unidan R4 I was previously an escort guy I ran a passport radar detector for a very long  time then I switched to the unitn R3 and I loved it and then this just takes all of the R3  features and takes it to the next level so so I just updated to this one I highly recommend  it and in this video I'm just going to talk about how it works what sets it apart and w
hy I  think it's the best value radar detector on the market today so we'll go ahead and talk about  it in this video and hopefully you guys find it useful now as always for everybody that's new to  the channel I create these videos to help keep you updated on the latest developments in our  community as well as discuss technical topics so that we have a better understanding of how  our engines work so if you're interested in more videos like that be sure to subscribe because  there will be a lo
t more coming out in the future now before we jump into this a couple  things I want to get out of the way first of all I will have my Amazon link to this product  down in the video description I bought it last year on Black Friday so I've been using it for  the past several months and that's where I got the best deal especially if you're a Prime  member you know quick shipping and things like that they tend to have a lot of sales on  there from time to time so I highly recommend buying it throu
gh Amazon again I'll have my link  in the video description if you're interested in buying also I am upgrading from a Uniden R3 I'll  talk about that more later but I always get the same question are you going to sell it and no  I always give parts that I swap out on my car to one of my patreon members so I do a giveaway  after I've swapped out Parts because those are the people that are supporting the channel so if  you guys are interested in becoming a patron of the channel and potentially win
ning something in  a future giveaway feel free to join I'll have the link to that in the video description as well and  it's a great way to work with the community we've got a Discord we've got direct messaging you can  reach out to me with questions about your build Diagnostics troubleshooting things like that so  definitely feel free to join we've got a good thing going over there all right so let's talk  about the radar detector like I said I've been running for a little while so I've already
opened  this but I'm going to kind of go ahead and unbox it again to show you guys what you'll get so this  is the box it comes in and when you open it up you can see it comes in a really slick case it also  has some materials like your manual and a couple different languages so you can go through that if  you need the information my R3 came in a similar case as well so I think this is just something  that unid in normally does and then if you open it up zip it open and you will see so you've g
ot some  cables your Mount you've got this cable to plug it into your um cigarette lighter it's got another  lower profile suction Mount so a couple different options now personally I'm running this in my 340i  well all my BMWs but I use a permanent mount with 3M tape that works a little bit better than the  suction cup mount so I'll also have a link to that in the description I got it from eBay and then I  use my blend Mount to plug this into my rearview mirror so it gets power from my mirror a
nd I don't  have cables you know dangling across my dashboard same thing I'll have my Amazon link to that in the  video description as well all right so let's get all this stuff out of the way basically all I do  is take this all the other stuff that comes with it I just store it elsewhere and let's go ahead  and talk about this radar detector so this is the new unid in R4 this is like the R3 so it has a  lot of similar features this is their long range sensing unit so it can pick up radar from
very  far away it is the longest range detector I've ever used so I'm very happy with the results  it can pick up radar are around corners over Hills just a lot of really good opportunities  for this to save you from potentially getting a ticket now this does also come with GPS so  it enables a lot of cool features as well it can tell you when you're coming up to red light  cameras speed cameras and it can also of course lock out falses so there is an automatic function  now compared to the R3 t
hat did not have that this will basically track your GPS and if you're  picking up false signals it will automatically lock them out over time so you'll notice when you  drive by Walgreens CVS whatever those are the ones that tend to annoy me the most cuz they're always  right by the street and they always trigger this for you know whatever reason from their automatic  doors and stuff so after you've driven by them a couple times you'll see it show the wording that  it's locked it out and you wo
n't get any noise from that again so really nice feature you can  also Mark locations so so if there're somewhere that you know there's typically a speed trap or  just some other point of interest that you want to lock in you can manually set that on here and  every time you get close to that location it will warn you as you get closer and you know to look  out for you know whatever you have it set for so really really cool and of course it can show you  your GPS speed which I think is a nice fe
ature a lot of our cars have a bias on the dash you know  the cluster speed isn't really accurate so if it ever picks up radar it can show you your GPS speed  which will match what a radar will pick up so even if it's different from what your car is showing  you know what your actual speed is now this is also undetectable against Spectre one and Spectre  4 which I don't really have that issue here but if you're in an area where you're not supposed to  have radar detectors this can avoid detectio
n from some radar detector detectors so that's nice and  then let's go ahead and look at the overall look so it's a nice Sleek design I'm actually going to  go ahead and pull out my old R3 so we can compare these two so you can see from the top it's very  similar it's got the button that you basically push in to remove it from the mount it's got  the unit in logo this is the sensor to pick up um stuff from the rear so they call it like your  Eagle Eye you've got your power button your volume up
and down and then your menu so pretty much the  same layout you know the buttons on the R4 are a little bit bigger so it should be a little bit  easier to press but generally the same as what you're used to then looking at the front we've got  the mute dim button and the mark button so this is how you can manually Mark locations that you  want to track as a point of interest and then you can mute or dim the radar depending on you know if  you're getting a signal or not and then the actual displa
y I think the new display does look a lot  better um if you look at the colors it mat es our BMW interior really well with their orange color  and then just in general it looks more Sleek it's kind of like a dark mode where it's just got like  the orange lines on the R3 it's like the whole thing is orange so still matches still looks good  but I think the R4 looks a lot better also I think the R4 display is just slightly bigger I might  be wrong on that but looking at it from the car it definite
ly seems easier to read now as we look  at the side this is something that I'm not really a fan of so like I said said I already had my R3  installed with my permanent Mount And my merap and unfortunately they switch the side that the  power cable goes on so this is not for power this is for accessories that work with the R4 so you're  basically going to need to plug it in on the other side and if you have kind of a shorter cable that  just reaches here to keep things like nice and clean you can
potentially need a longer cable  just kind of depending on how this is situated or installed on your car thank y it didn't do  that for me but I don't know why they changed the side and then of course it also has the audio  jack which again is not on this side anymore then if you flip it to the front it looks pretty much  the same this does look a little more Sleek I'm sure there's some functionality behind this that  probably makes it perform a little better but just from a look standpoint not
hing really to talk  about and then on this side so yeah this is where your power jack is this is where your audio  jack is and then they did Keep the USB on the same side so if you ever need to update the firmware or  anything like that you can plug this in and make the necessary updates so other than that let's  talk about some functional differences and again why I think the R4 is so great so first of all  this increases the number of GPS lockouts that you can add from 500 to 1,750 plus you c
an have  a total of 2,000 lockouts so that's split between the manual ones that you set and the automatic  ones I think that is huge I didn't think 500 was that small but somehow driving around with this  one I've definitely noticed times where I thought I had something marked or locked out and then  eventually it starts detecting a signal there again so it seemed like it was overriding some  old lockouts with new points of interest and that was kind of frustrating this one has been working  fla
wlessly it's been picking up and automatically locking out those falses really quickly so I'm a  big fan of that I didn't think I needed it but now I'm definitely using it also like I said the auto  lockout is huge cuz on the R3 everything is manual I'm a little bit hesitant to lock out anything  that I can't directly correlate to Something in the vicinity this just makes it so much easier and  makes it so much more Carefree because it's going to specifically lock out any radar signal that  it s
ees in the exact same location and only if it sees the exact same signal so if you get K Band  somewhere over and over it'll lock it out but if you get Ka band it'll still let that come through  and I think that's really key here it's able to decipher between different signals so that it's  only blocking out the ones that you repeatedly see or always see in the same location so yeah  not having to make that decision myself just makes this a lot more useful to me and it also has  better false ale
rt detection so now we're not just worrying about automatic doors on different stores  you also have to worry about people with blind spot monitoring you know and all the different  cruise control functions on the highway all of that stuff can give you false signals while you're  driving around so this does a much better job of filtering those out so you're not constantly  getting blared with warnings just because you passed by you know a Mazda CX5 or something like  that so overall this one is
just much quieter I almost forget that it's there until I really need  to know that it's there because it's warning me of a new radar signal that it's picking up and  so it's just much more comfortable much more userfriendly and easier to deal with and I pay  more attention to it because I know when it does go off something new is happening so big fan of  that now also above and beyond it does detection for gatso rt3 and four so out of the box this  is going to be able to detect those cameras an
d I also think that just in general the basic and  expert mode on this makes it more user friendly I use the expert mode to set it up and there are  so many different options to go through that you don't necessarily want that to be the only way  to access the menu so you know the basic simple mode gives you much less menus things that you'll  probably want to change more frequently without having to go through like 40 different options  every time you want to change something so that also makes
this one much more convenient and just  easier for the end user now the last thing is you can wire up an optional remote I don't actually  use it but there's a separate remote where you can you know trigger different things from somewhere  else inside the car you can have it mounted on your dash or you know next to your shifter  or something somewhere that's easy for you to reach and then you can install this in a slightly  more remote location that is easier for you when you're driving I keep i
t right dead up in front  of me at the top of my windshield so accessing it isn't difficult ult but if you are somebody that  likes to put it out of the way that is a feature that you can take advantage of as well so yeah  I think just based on the price right now they still sell the R3 I almost don't know why this  one is less than $100 more but if you were to go up to like the r s you're paying double the price  so getting into this one especially when it's on sale I got it at almost the same
price as the R3  and with so many more features and upgrades that make it easier to use make it quieter for daily  driving and just gives it the better performance I think that this one is kind of a no-brainer  so that's my recommendation look for an R4 keep an eye out with my Amazon Link in case they have  any sales and jump on it they tend to go pretty quickly especially during the holidays Prime day  Black Friday you know stuff like that they throw sales on there all the time and you're able
to get  it for closer to 300 bucks which is a win-win in my book so highly highly recommend getting the  unit in R4 um if anybody has any questions about this let me know and yeah I think that's pretty  much it for this video so thank you guys for watching and I hope this helps and if you have  any other questions or comments leave them down below



I pair this with a Blackvue dashcam for maximum security:


The R3 is the best bang for the buck right now for radar detectors. Still high in the detection sensitivity and range leaderboard despite its age. R4 is marginally better and not worth upgrading to if the R3 already fits your needs. I suggest putting that toward an R7 or R8. I went from an R3 to a R7 a couple years now and the arrows are a real game changer. The R4 can be had for around the same price range as the R3 depending how good you are hunting for deals! Protip: no detector is airtight, need to pair with waze and common sense!


The R4 is actually very easily picked up by spectre 3 and elite. The dual LNA ( low noise amplifiers ) had alot of detect ability. Vortex radar did testing on this


Just got R4 for my 340i with the Sams club sale. Mounted it to the right of my mirror with direct connect into mirror. Just an FYI for anyone doing same setup as kern, the plug should be the one with the smallest pins (got mine off amazon). Just undo the black clip, the purple/pink one is pretty difficult to undo. And just slide your pins in and add lil zip tie to make sure they don't accidentally get pulled out. It will power on and off with the cars electronic system too.


Bought a R7 a 7 months ago and absolutely love it from customization to the the detection itself, never get false positives! Uniden’s the way to go


Uniden makes great detectors especially for the price. I have an R7 and probably will upgrade to an R8 in the next year when they go on sale. Regardless you still need a laser jammer as any laser warning is pretty much a notice that you are getting pulled over and getting cited if you were over the limit. ALP is the way to go if you can afford it. Together they are a great system for speed detection and ticket avoidance. I have both in my 340 and the ALP wasn't too hard to install if you take your time.


To me, the biggest advantage of the R4 over the R3 is that it has Bluetooth enabled. Although Uniden hasn't released an app for it, we can install third-party iOS/Android apps like Highway Radar, R4/R8 Companion, and V1 Driver to gain additional features like crowd-sourced alerts, heat maps showing which areas have heavy enforcement, and the ability to control radar detector settings directly from the app much faster than the radar detector menu. It's a game changer!


Got an R7 on sale at bestbuy a couple years ago and it surpassed every expectation. Really want a hard mount for it tho


hey kevin, been watching your videos for a long time. I recently been having this issue with my car ('17 440i 6MT) where car cuts off power and goes back into it, like a sort of hiccup, It seemed like a fuel cut issue to me at first, and car is DP + Mhd stage 2, intake, thought it was my OEM fuel pump getting weak, then i noticed car did it stumbled up at idle as well, so I figured it just might be spark plugs. I replaced both, put TU pump in, replaced all 6 plugs NGK 94201 .24 gap, and car still does the same issue, I looked at gauges car has a torque and hp dip when it does that, and I data logged the car, since it doesn't pop up any CEL's or anything and engine seems to be healthy, just that it has hiccups. In the logs my car doing 235 AFR's and doing timing corrections on all 6 cylinders, I put the car on E40 (colorado's DA is bad and MHD pump gas tunes dont seem to be that good) on E40 car runs optimal AFR's but yet still doing the same issue with cyl. timing corrections. Do you have any idea what it could be, I'm running out of ideas, I'm thinking maybe O2 sensor or ignition coils, car has 82k miles. Big fan Kevin keep up the uploads.


I have a $70 radar from Amazon and it’s worked perfect for 4 years. I have buddies with the expensive few hundred dollar one and I always pick up the same signals at the same time. My radar has saved me many many times. Keep this in mind before you pay $300 for a radar.


Bought an R3 a few months ago on eBay, no regrets!


If you want performance of R3/4 and don’t need the GPS stuff the R1 is more affordable than both and works crazy good!


Just ordered an R3 through your link. Need to find the mirror tap now


😂😂😂😂 kern funny as F with the intro


Does it perform in EU 🇪🇺 olso?


These intros bro 😂


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