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Thank you for watching. Anime : Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Year of Release: 2019 Studio: Asread, White Fox (Please Click the "CC" button on the bottom-right corner for edited subtitles!) #anicap #animerecaps #anime recapped #anicaps #2022anime #Isekai #recapani #recap #recapking #2022recap #englishdub #isekailife anicaps, animecaps, anime recaps, anime, horror anime recaps, best anime recaps, harem anime recaps, top anime recaps, fox anime recaps, anime recap, anime recap channel, anime recap movie, animerecapd, anime recap funny, movie recap, movie recapped channel, aniplot, anime, anicapped, anime plot, recap animes, anime summary, anime in minutes, anime, anime recaps, anicap, anime recapped, anime movie, anirecaps, recap, recap anime, ani recap, ani recaps, anime recap romance, anime recap reincarnation, anime dub, fox recap, animerecap, anicaped, anime recap isekai, animes, recaps, anime movie recap, ani recapped, anime recaped, romance anime recap, movie recap anime, anime recap harem, isekai anime recap, anime recapped 2, full anime, anirecap, anime in english, anime movies, animerecaps, ani cap, aniplots, isekai anime, recapped anime, Tales of Zestiria the X, tales of zestiria the x ending, tales of zestiria the x fight scene, tales of zestiria the x velvet, tales of zestiria the x review

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1 year ago

This male student is Nagumo Hajime, he is an  ordinary and bullied student, in which, the person who bullies him the most is Daisuke, the  reason this young man bullies Hajimme is because of this friend. Her name is Shirasaki Kaori, she  is known as one of the two goddesses at school, but for some reason, she loves talking to hajime.  This makes daisuke very itchy. Miss Aiko entered the classroom to prepare for the New Year, when a  light appeared and brought the class to a palace. They learned
that the god had brought them here  with the mission to destroy the demon race and prevent the destruction of humanity. The royal  knight instructs everyone to see a status bar that shows each person's strength stats, and  these stats will increase as they train. The destiny of each person will determine whether  they can fight or not. Our male protagonist Hajime received the title of alchemist with very  mediocre stats. it seems that hajime is just an ordinary person wherever he is. Hajime woke
up  in a rather deep level of the maze with orcus. When he was trying to find his way  back, he encountered a rabbit monster, just when it was about to kill him, a large bear  appeared behind him, causing it to run away. But the bear only used one blow to finish off the  rabbit easily. It advanced to eat its prey, causing the hajime to run away in fear. but that's  what made it discover you. Its attack caused the bridge to sever his left arm. In danger, hajime  used his ability to transform the
terrain to create a cave to hide in. But due to the loss of  so much blood, he passed out. When he woke up he saw the Holy Stone, A type of mineral created by  the accumulation of magic over hundreds of years. The holy water it releases gips heals wounds  and replenishes magic power instantly. Hajime burst into tears because of his weakness. Back  7 days ago, when entering the 20th floor of the labyrinth, hajime almost lost his life fighting  a monster. Fortunately, Kouki with the title of a he
ro appeared in time to destroy the monster.  Daisuke went over to make fun of the hajime, but when he saw that Kaori was interested in  the hajime, he showed a very bitter expression. Seeing that kaori seemed to really like the  sparkling crystal, daisuke burst into tears to get her things down. As soon as they touched  the stone, a strong red light flashed, teleporting everyone to the 65th floor. This is the floor of  the demon behemoth, an extremely powerful demon. The leader of the Meld group
summoned to the  holy place to protect everyone, but it was useless against the demon's power. Hajime stood up  to create a wall to let kaori run ahead, everyone in the back supported the attack on the monster  so he could escape. Suddenly someone attacked him, causing the hajime and the monster to fall below.  Returning to the present, Hajime, after recovering his stamina, set a trap to destroy 2 wolves  and then ate their flesh to maintain his life. The toxin in their flesh caused him great p
ain,  fortunately the holy water helped him survive this time. His body began to change, his hair became  white, and his stats increased dramatically. He also acquired the skills of wolves. Thanks  to his alchemy, he used minerals to create a gun and slay the rabbit with a single shot, he  named this gun Donner. After eating the rabbit, his stats continued to increase, and he  also gained 2 new skills. Gaining strength, he set out to find the monster to avenge his arm.  With the rabbit's telepor
tation and air power, he easily shot off the bear's arm, after making  a piece of meat from that hand and drinking holy water, his ability increased dramatically, thanks  to which he had can destroy it easily. After that, he resolved to return alive, anyone  who stopped him, he would kill them all In the cave, hajime ate a lot of bear meat  but it didn't seem to be enough to increase his strength anymore so he decided to go down  to the next floor so he could find his way out. A gecko monster ap
peared and used petrification  on him, fortunately he had holy water and was able to neutralize its magic. With his ruse, he  successfully blinded it and finished it off with a single shot. he then conducts a monster slaying on  each floor he passes through. The knights returned to the king and reported everything, the king  ordered the group to keep the hajime sacrifice a secret so as not to disturb the hearts of  the people. In the evening, while practicing swordsmanship, Shizuku accidentally
discovered  that daisuke was hiding something, saw his strange expression, so she began to suspect that  he was the one who harmed the hajime. Back to our amputee, he had also gone 50 floors since falling  into the abyss. In front of him is a mysterious door, he approached the gate to use his ability  to open it, when a flash of electricity caused him to step back and 2 monsters guarding the gate  also awakened. , Hajime took down one of them with a simple shot, the other one with a bit more  di
fficulty was defeated by him. So the 2 jewels on them are the key to open the gate. Inside is  a blonde loli girl, who says she was betrayed by her uncle. She is a pure-blooded vampire.  The girl begged the hajime with all her might, wishing to be freed. Hajime didn't have the heart  to ignore those hopeful eyes, so he rescued her. Since he didn't have a name, he named her Yue.  The little girl happily rushed over to hug Hajime. Suddenly from behind, The incoming attacks pierced  Hajime's body,
after using holy water to treat the wound, Hajime discovered a large scorpion on the  cliff, he carried Yue on his back and rushed to fight it. However, its shell was so hard that  his bullets couldn't penetrate it. During the intense combat, Mrs. Yue got hungry and asked for  some blood from the hajime. He tried to use his ability to control the terrain to let Yue eat  and drink freely, after eating and drinking, yue used high level magic to seriously injure  the monster. Hajime, seeing its wea
kness exposed, jumped up and shot the monster several times  and successfully defeated it. In the evening, while the two were having a meal, yue told  him that this labyrinth was actually created by rebels against the gods, so the possibility  of them finding their way back was very high. Hajime then used the monster's shell to create  a powerful anti-tank gun, naming it Schlagen. On the way down below, Yue heard the whole story  of hajime and burst into tears as she saw that he had been through
so many bad things. Because  the girl had nowhere to go, he asked to take her home with him. Hajime carried Yue to the next  floor when he was chased by a group of monsters. He suspected that the flower parasitic on their  heads was the cause of the monsters' madness. The two of them had to hide in the rock crevices  to cut off their tails. Countless green sprouts flew around them. Yue had one of them cling to her  head and control her to attack the hajime, but he dodged all of them. The real m
onster name just  appeared now. it controlled the yue which made Hajime hesitate. Its sprouts cling to the hajime's  head, but since it has antibodies from eating monsters, its sprouts have no effect on him. Yue  believed in hajime so she told him to just let her go and shoot the monster, so the hajime didn't  hesitate to deliver a precise blow that smashed the flower on yue's head and the monster's arm.  Next, he gave him a copper candy and sent him off to meet the king of hell. At night, Hajim
e  continued to eat monster meat and then became dinner for this lovely loli vampire too. The two  then continued to descend to the lower level of the labyrinth, finally the two of them reached the  100th floor since he fell here. They discovered a very large door. After going inside, a magic  circle appeared that brought a huge monster, from the size of the circle and the monster, Hajime  thought that this might be the end of this puzzle, a dragon with many heads, each head having its own  attr
ibute attack based on its color. Hajime and Yue counterattacked, wounding 2 of them. However,  the white head used its power to heal them. The two decided to attack the first white one,  but were stopped by the yellow one. After a while, yue was hypnotized by the black head, in the  illusion, yue saw hajime left in the dungeon, so she screamed. Hearing his little wife's voice,  Hajime ran over and freed her from danger. Hiding behind the cliff, hajime gives yue a sweet  kiss and says that he wil
l take yue back to his hometown after he leaves this place. Then Hajime  used the anti-tank gun to successfully wipe out the 3 heads in an instant, Yue's turn, she used  high level magic and also successfully smashed the remaining 3 heads. The 7th head suddenly appeared,  it unleashed a powerful blow towards the exhausted yue, Hajime saw this and rushed to block her. The  gun in his hand crumbled and Hajime also fell. Yue used her domain to put holy water into his mouth,  then she picked up Haji
me's pistol and charged at the dragon, but the dragon was too strong, soon  yue lost the strength to fight. It delivered a decisive blow towards her. In a situation where  thousands of pounds were hanging by a hair, hajime succeeded once again in saving Yue's  life. Then, with his extremely fast speed, Hajime successfully dodged all of its attack  posts then placed bombs on the ceiling and fired at them causing them to explode controlling  the monster. After Yue recovered, she used her strongest
attack, Lightning, creating a power  that destroyed the monster. After the battle, the two fell asleep because they were exhausted Changing the scene, Hajime woke up on a soft bed with a naked beauty beside him. It turned out that  this was the residence of the rebels left behind. After the fight, hajime fainted, the next door  of the labyrinth opened so it was yue who brought him here. The two of them continued to explore and  discovered a room with a skeleton on a chair. When the hajime enter
ed the circle in the middle of the  room, many pictures of the past appeared. Next, an image of the orcus appeared, he was also the  one who built this great labyrinth. On the side of the royal knight squad and the hajime's classmates  entered the 65th floor again after a long period of hard training. The monster that fell with  Hajime last time appeared again. However, due to mental preparation and hard training, everyone's  strength is now much different than before. They worked well together
and successfully defeated  the mighty monster. Hajime was now empowered by the orcus's spirit in the hope that he would not  do evil. A copy of the information was transmitted directly into his brain. Hajime also learned that  they were the liberators against the madness of the gods. Through research, he learned that his  ring is the key to open the door to leave here. Thanks to a document, he learned that when he  passed all the great labyrinths, the way back to earth would be opened. So he dec
ided to stay  and learn everything before leaving. Two months passed, Hajime built himself a prosthetic arm,  created a vehicle, and upgraded one of his pink stone eyes. Weapons are also upgraded to the  most advanced version. Then Hajime took out a ring and proposed to yue. After all, the couple  decided to leave there and return to the surface. At the exit of the labyrinth, the  rabbit-eared girl is waiting for her savior, suddenly a monster chases her away. Right at the  moment of danger, haj
ime and yue teleported to create an earthquake causing the monster to  turn and run away. The fox human girl rushed to hug Hajime begging him to save her clan. Yue  tried to pull the girl out to call her husband. After a while, Hajime also agreed to help her,  her name is Shi-a, the daughter of the head of the fox people, unlike the other beastkin,  this girl can use magic and has the ability to foresee in the near future, that would  explain her waiting for hajime in this place. Yue also agrees
to let this girl come along  since she is a native so she can lead the way, but yue freezes Shi-a so that she  can't rush to hug her husband anymore, On the way to the village of the fox people,  they killed a lot of monsters and the bait was this lovely rabbit. Since her whole  village is not capable of fighting, Hajime will teach them how to hunt monsters. From  people who have a pair of cute rabbits that this god taught them to become a bunch of killer  rabbits. After teaching them fighting
skills, Hajime decided to say goodbye to them and  set off to conquer other labyrinths. Yue had promised Shi-a that he would take her with him, so  Hajime had to let this nimble rabbit go with him. At the Gorge Gorge, Shi-a discovered the entrance  to the Raisen great labyrinth. Entering inside, Hajime easily shot down all the traps that rushed  in, while Shi-a was scared to piss her pants. She looks so weak, but possesses a tremendous  physical strength. With only 1 tonic, the blackstone stele
was crushed. Some huge rocks were  also smashed by her. However, after a while, the three of them returned to the same place. Next,  the three of them went to a room that was supposed to be Raisen's former residence. The armors  naturally moved, approaching to attack them. After overcoming them, the 3 people jumped on  the elevator and discovered a super giant boss. It introduces itself as Raisen, in order to get  the ancient arts, it must be defeated first. so they all rushed forward to attack
it in the  face, but the hard armor made of Azantium still kept it steady. It counterattacked, causing Hajime  to hug the two beauties and run away. Next, hajime hit it causing it to fall, yue used ice magic to  immobilize it so that the hajime stuck a stake in its body, just waiting for that, Shi-a jumped  up and successfully smashed the pole's wing with a hammer. destroy it. Entering the gate, everyone  discovered that Raisen's real body looked like a happy ghost. After eating one tonic from S
hi-a,  it stopped doing nonsense and handed over the ancient magic. This was a magic that only Yue was  suitable for. Having obtained the ancient arts, Hajime felt it wasn't enough so he plundered quite  a few more gems. The ghost then pushed the three of them across the floodway. The three of them,  after disembarking, immediately went to find an inn, trouble happened here, both girls wanted to  stay with Hajime, killing girls was too painful. The next day, the 3 meet Ilwar chang, the head of 
the Fuhren guild. He gave them a quest, and teamed up with him to help them get the adventurer's  travel documents. Their mission is to rescue the son of an earl. In the town of Or, teacher  Aiko is helping the villagers with their crops. During lunch time at the inn, she accidentally  recognized Hajime's voice, couldn't help it, so hajime had to tell the whole story to the girl,  the other two girls both introduced themselves as Hajime's wife, he retorted that only Yue was his  wife, and that b
anana rabbit was not. Before he could explain further, the teacher got angry and  scolded him once. One of the royal knights went to talk to them because he ate with a beastman,  he threatened to cut off Shi-a's ears and all, so Hajime gave him a copper candy. , This guy  dares to ruin this boss's meal. At night, hajime comes to the girl's room and tells her all the  truth that he knows, the gods use creatures and war as their entertainment. Some people realized  that and formed a liberator to f
ight their gods. But the gods labeled them traitors and turned  the people against them. They couldn't take action against the innocent people, but  the key member hid and built the labyrinth. Those who pass through the labyrinth will  receive their power in return. Before leaving, Hajime revealed that at that time someone  intentionally attacked him causing him to fall and sent a warning to his kaori friend to be careful Early the next morning, Hajime was on his way to leave when Aiko and her f
riends stopped him and  asked to come along. Because he couldn't refuse, he summoned his car and sent them all up there.  Going to a forest edge, Hajime used a spy plane and discovered traces of a battle, the group  went to see it and discovered an extremely large monster footprint. when they went into the water,  they discovered Win, the eldest son of the earl, Win recounted the whole incident in tears because  the crew was the only one who survived when the crew was ambushed by a black dragon.
On the way  back, that black dragon appeared. In the moment of danger, Hajime created a shield to protect  everyone. The 3 people of the hajime group rushed to attack but still failed. It wasn't until Yue  stood up to protect everyone that Hajime was now able to freely attack the dragon, Shi-a also  rushed up to give it a hammer to the head that made it faint, realizing the dragon's weak point  was the lack of protective scales so he drove the stake into it. The heavenly stab made the dragon  c
ry and beg because when it runs out of mana it will transform and it will change back to human  form so it begs the hajime to pull that stake out. The black dragon said everything was controlled by  the man in the black robe while it was sleeping, he used dark magic to control it to kill people. Hajime was about to kill it but Yue stopped him. He had to listen to his wife to pull out the  stake, and the dragon turned into a beautiful girl. The girl introduced herself as Tio Klarus,  a member of
the Klarus family of the dragon race. At that moment, Hajime noticed that the demon  army was heading towards Or village so he went back to rescue them. He led the people to build  a lead city against the monsters, and women, the elderly and children were evacuated to  a safe place to avoid casualties when the battle broke out. At night, Hajime was adjusting  his gun when Tio appeared, she claimed Hajime as her master and promised to be effective in  battle, As soon as the battle started, Tio wa
s given one by Hajime. magic ring for battle and she  thinks hajime proposed to her before the battle. Hajime and the others tried to launch an attack  that annihilated the monsters from afar causing them to do countless damage, but after a while Tio  was exhausted and fell asleep. Hajime's hot 8 gun was also out of ammo. He decided to join Shi-a  in close combat with the monsters. Under Yue's support, the two successfully overpowered the  enemy formation and captured the black-robed man. He is
his classmate named Shimizu, because of  his thirst for power and self-expression, he made a contract with the demon. The aiko tried to  convince her but Shimizu persisted and overpowered her. The poison needle had also pierced her neck.  Shi-a rushes to save Aiko, but out of nowhere, a beam of light hits both Shi-a and Shimizu. Hajime pulled out his gun and shot a sneak attack but must have escaped. He ran to the  teacher and gave her holy water by his crown. Shi-a was also watered with holy wa
ter to heal  her wounds. Shimizu on this side was dying begging Hajime to save him. but Hajime realized that  the guy's eyes were the eyes of an untrustworthy person so he gave him 2 copper candies. Down in the sewers, the traffickers are gloating about catching a mermaid loli girl. After handing  over Win to the leader of the hunters' guild, the team was compensated with the title of gold-level  adventurer, accompanied by a certificate card. The next morning, while taking Shi-a for a walk,  Haj
ime's sensor had a signal, carefully sensing it, he realized that the signal was signaled  from the ground. He went down and successfully rescued the late mermaid girl, this mermaid  girl's name is Myuu, according to her words, she lost her mother and was captured by a group of  human traffickers. Myuu was taken to the knights for protection but she refused and sobbed, what  she really wanted right now was to go with Hajime. Not long after he left, an explosion occurred, and  when the hajime ret
urned, the knights had already been killed. The traffickers also left a message  with the intention of targeting Hajime's rabbit, but they didn't expect that this time  they had touched the wrong person. When fighting a criminal, Hajime accidentally  ran into the other two wives, so he invited them to fight with him. As a result, all the criminal  gangs in the city were visited by the dead family. Myuu is being auctioned off by criminals. At  that moment, hajime appeared and destroyed him, then
he lifted her up in the air to watch  the criminal organization be wiped out, she immediately called Hajime papa because  she had lost her father since birth. out. The next day, the whole family of  the amputee continued their journey, they went to see Loa Bawavis to bring a  letter of introduction from Ilwar chang. Suddenly, an invisible person appeared reporting  that a demon race appeared in the great labyrinth. It turned out that it was Endo, a classmate of  Hajime, after he recognized the h
ajime, he ran to beg Hajime to save everyone and then he told  the incident that happened in the Orcus labyrinth. The members of the knight squad met a demon with  red hair, she summoned monsters to attack them, more formidable than every time the monsters  were injured, the bird on the demon female body returned. treat them. Realizing that the  situation was not right, Shizuku told Endo to use his invisibility to return to him to save  everyone. Back to the present, the guild assigned Hajime to
rescue everyone, but Hajime said that  he would not join this mission, because they were simply people from the same world as him. stop.  On the side of the knights, Kouki successfully defeated 2 monsters and slashed at the demon  woman once. He was about to finish her off when he stopped when he saw a picture of her with  his lover. Just waiting for that, she summoned a demon that sent Kouki flying. Endo knelt down and  begged hajime to save everyone but he hesitated, until he recalled the bea
utiful images of his  friends in Or village that he agreed to help. Shizuki was engaged in fierce combat with the  monster, but her sword was unable to withstand the monster's attack and broke in half. In an  extremely dangerous situation, a stake suddenly fell down and stuck directly into the monster's  head. Hajime appeared coolly behind the dust. After helping the wives and daughters to land  safely, they began to rush into the monsters, everyone gasped at the hajime's dahyana skills.  The gu
n in his hand fired every time a monster lay down. Accurate shots and flexible bodywork  allowed him to hide from the monsters, the female demon's bird was also defeated by his overwhelming  strength. Kouki until now still couldn't believe that in front of him was the weak Hajime, the scum  Daisuke now felt extremely afraid of the power of the person he had intentionally killed before.  Hajime is already that strong but his wives are not average. each of them showed tremendous  strength, right w
hen Shizuku and Kaori were in danger, Hajime gave Shizuku a sword made of  rare minerals, with just a few attacks and a fine sword, The swordsman girl successfully defeated  the monster. The female demon now used high level magic on Hajime to escape but was disguised by  him. Hajime's body is now immune to all types of magic. After that, he decisively defeated  the female demon with an expressionless face. Kaori burst into tears because hajime was alive  and rushed to hug him making the wives je
alous. At the exit of the labyrinth, soldiers were  already waiting to escort all the heroes back. Kaori decided to approach Hajime and others and  begged him to let her follow. She also revealed her feelings for Hajime all this time. The first  wife doesn't want kaori to go with her at first, but later changes her mind, wanting all the girls  who follow her to know that her love for hajime is greater than anyone else's. So our Season  1 is over, thank you for watching the episode.



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