The cast spill their real feelings about the show | Nineteen to Twenty Reunion Special [ENG]

The friends of House 20 are back for a reunion special, featuring MC KYUHYUN! Join the cast of NINETEEN TO TWENTY as they relive the special time they spent together, find out for the first time some of the drama that was happening with their friends’ love lives, and answer the question that’s been on everyone’s minds—are the couples still dating? Watch NINETEEN TO TWENTY on Netflix: Subscribe to Netflix K-Content: Follow Netflix K-Content on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok: @netflixkcontent #NineteenToTwenty #Netflix #NetflixKContent ABOUT NETFLIX K-CONTENT Netflix K-Content is the channel that takes you deeper into all types of Netflix Korean Content you LOVE. Whether you’re in the mood for some fun with the stars, want to relive your favorite moments, need help deciding what to watch next based on your personal taste, or commiserate with like-minded fans, you’re in the right place. All things NETFLIX K-CONTENT. *Shows featured might not be available in all markets.

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7 months ago

(Growing pains that they shared together) This is crazy. (The youth come together again) That's when my heart started fluttering. Honestly, if Jung-yun hadn't expressed his feelings that much… (Revealing stories they couldn't share on the show) Ji-woo, you better watch out. (And Kyuhyun who got too invested) Just say yes. (Too invested again) What were you doing? (The NINETEEN TO TWENTY Reunion begins now) (School 19) (NINETEEN TO TWENTY Reunion) (NINETEEN TO TWENTY Reunion begins) - We're 20
now. - It's been 7 months. (The friends of House 20 meet again after half a year) Time flies. (The friends of House 20 meet again after half a year) (Peekaboo) ((Suprise appearance by host KYUHYUN) Nice to meet you. Hi, everyone. (Nice to meet you) I'm KYUHYUN, the host of NINETEEN TO TWENTY. Nice to meet you. (Finally meeting in person) (Excited) Today is our first time meeting in person. I've monitored you (He observed them) for a very long time. (KYUHYUN knows them very well) So I know wh
o you are, and what you like. I know everything about you. (Laughing) I know everything. I feel very close to you in my heart. Can you introduce yourselves one by one? Hello. I'm Oh Sang-won. - I'm Jeong Seo-yeong. - I'm Moon Se-yeon. I'm Jeong Ji-woo. I'm Lim Jung-yun. I'm Noh Hee-ji, the Cupid. I'm Kim Pyeong-seok. I'm Choi Ye-rin, the cheerful girl. I'm Lee Ji-min. I'm Choi Seo-hyeon. (All 10 of them introduce themselves) (How have you been after filming ended?) I'd like to know how you've
been doing. Sang-won, you were already attending university. Yes. I became a sophomore, so I have to study more. My wallet's getting thin from buying meals for freshmen. (A cool senior who buys you meals) Se-yeon, do you still play table tennis? I still play table tennis. (Se-yeon did well in the pro league) I did well in the pro league. (Seo-hyeon's an ordinary college student) I'm busy with my assignments. - Isn't it your dream to be an architect? - Yes. (You got it) Are you the college bea
uty queen? (Flustered) - I'll ask that question later. - Oh, gosh. (Looking for a place to hide) Get ready for that. Do I look any different? You look like you've gained weight. (Ji-min lost weight during the shoot) At the time, I struggled both mentally and physically. As you can see, I ate everything I wanted. I'm enjoying an abundant life. After the shoot, did you keep in touch? Sang-won always contacts us first. He sets dates to meet up. (Friendship protector Sang-won) You're a student pre
sident material. The NINETEEN TO TWENTY cast is here to share the behind-the-scenes stories. (Let's start the NINETEEN TO TWENTY Reunion properly) Let's talk about it as we watch. (Exciting) I'm getting the chills. (Se-yeon was the first to appear) (Looking cool) (Shy) The handsome guy's here. So handsome. (Jung-yun strides in next) I'm 19-year-old, Lim Jung-yun. (Closing his eyes) (Video: In high school, I went to an all-boys school.) (Video: I barely had a chance to hang out with girls.) (Vid
eo: I only have male friends.) Right. (Seo-yeong appears) Her eyes are so big. (Video: Hello.) Jung-yun, were you nervous? (First time in a co-ed school) - I didn't know what to do. - I see. (Q. Are you popular among your friends?) (Video: I never say this myself.) This is crazy. (I can't watch this) (Sangmyung High's beauty queen) (Video: But my friends call me) (Chuckling) (Video: the beauty queen of Sangmyung High.) "The beauty queen of Sangmyung High." "The beauty queen of Sangmyung High."
Is the beauty queen entering? The beauty queen appears. Seo-hyeon. (I'm a beauty queen) You're the beauty queen of Sangmyung High. You shared it yourself. I regret it so much. Still, you were the beauty queen. It's not a lie. - That's true. - It's true. Early in the semester, (They wore masks due to COVID-19) we all wore masks. (Masks?) They wanted to see me without the mask. (They gathered to see the beauty behind her mask) I'm sure it's happened to everyone here. (Feeling wronged) - Exactl
y. - Right? No one ever said I was handsome. Well, that's okay. Don't be so sad about it. (Of course) You're all so handsome and pretty that I can't just pick one person. But Seo-hyeon admitted that she's the beauty queen. (Video: School 19 has one rule.) (Video: You're not allowed to date in this school.) (School 19's special rule, no dating) That was the problem. No dating. (Video: When you're told not to do something,) (Video: you want to do it even more.) - Is this the famous line? - This i
s the line. (Video: I always follow the rules.) (Se-woon's hunch was right) (Video: I bet she'll be the first to break it.) (Busted) (What was being in a co-ed high school like?) This was your first time in a co-ed high school - after a long time. - Yes. How did it feel? - First of all… - Hang on. (KYUHYUN fixes his hair) - Oh, my. - So sweet. (NINETEEN TO TWENTY cast fall for how sweet Kyuhyun is) (Oh, my goodness) Ji-woo, you better watch out. (Protect the Ji-woo-Jung-yun couple!) (Don't g
et the wrong idea) It's nothing like that. When I got to school, I froze up because there were boys and girls. (Jung-yun was nervous in front of the girls) I was very nervous. I didn't know what to say. It was all on the show. (Jung-yun's awkwardness was shown worldwide) - It's clear. - Right. Let me think about it for a second. - Hurry. - For me, it's Seo-yeong. Seo-yeong? - Seo-yeong? - Yes. Ji-min, you have a good eye. (Flustered) Ji-min only cares about looks. (Ji-min liked Seo-yeong a
t first) (Video: That's why I rushed to my seat.) Seo-yeong? For me, it's Seo-hyeon. Oh, really? My partner? I want to get to know Seo-hyeon. For me, it's Ye-rin. She's goofy. - Is she? - Yes. Yes, you're goofy. (Video: Did you find anything good?) (Video: I've made up my mind.) (Video: - You have? - Yes.) (The library scene that made everyone swoon) That's when my heart started to flutter. (It's their first time watching it) You haven't seen this yet, have you? What... What happened? (Video
: But it'll be...) It's romantic. (Video: too cold to carry) (Video: the book over there.) (Oh, my) (Video: Let's put it in here.) That's his reason. (Shy) (Video: No, you can take it.) (Video: - Me? - Yes.) (The way Se-yeon gave the book to Ye-rin was very romantic) - You're giving it to me? - Yeah, you can read it. Ye-rin, you said your heart never fluttered before, right? But I did. She really did. (The book title is very romantic) (Video: I SEE YOU LIKE I SEE A FLOWER) ("I SEE YOU LIKE I SE
E A FLOWER") (That's romantic) I'll definitely read it. (No wonder she was flustered) "I see you like I see a flower." (He remembers what he said) (Video: It means I see her) (Remembering what he said) (Video: like she's a flower.) (Super into it) That Ye-rin is like a flower. (OMG) I see you. He's so guilty. Ye-rin, you said in the interview that your heart never fluttered before. Is Se-yeon the first person to make your heart flutter? But isn't this something everyone will agree with? He was
giving me a book at a library that was titled I SEE YOU LIKE I SEE A FLOWER. And it was from Moon Se-yeon. (The biggest romantic ever) That's also true. (Video: We have new students today.) (Video: Please come in.) (Ji-woo and Pyeong-seok's first appearance) It's when the new students came. - So cute. - She's cute. Cool. (Video: Wow.) He's so happy. (Look at Jung-yun) "Wow." (Shy) Jung-yun looks really happy. (Ji-woo caught his eye from the start) He doesn't know what to do. (Video: Another st
udent?) Pyeong-seok? (Reminiscing) Pyeong-seok has the male face I like. (He wanted to get to know Pyeong-seok) If I were a girl, - I would've fallen for him. - You would've liked him. (I see) It's exciting to see someone new. How did you feel when the new students walked in? I could tell Jung-yun was very excited. Ji-min, weren't you excited too? It was interesting at first. Because we had two new students at once. That's what was interesting? No, it was good. (How did Se-yeon feel about the
new students?) Actually when Ji-woo walked in… - You were smiling brightly. - Right. Honestly, if Jung-yun hadn't expressed his feelings that much, I would've expressed it more. I might have talked to her first. But when Ji-woo was introducing herself, she said she liked soccer. Both Jung-yun and I like soccer. (Jung-yun's feelings were clear from his reactions) But he seemed more excited. (Se-yeon hid his emotions for Ji-woo) So I decided to stand back. - That's what happened. - I see. I'm
embarrassed. (Jung-yun wanders around Ji-woo) Jung-yun. Lim Jung-yun. You're her moon. Where do you want to go? What are you trying to do? (Ji-woo is frustrated by Jung-yun who didn't express his feelings) Did you want to talk to her? I couldn't talk to her at first. I thought she'd notice me if I wander around her. - Did you notice him? - No. (Fazed) - You have to say something. - You have to say something. Exactly. It was very hectic on the first day. (Ji-woo didn't notice him) I was busy
trying to figure out everything. So when he wandered around, I didn't even notice there was a person. (He didn't stand out) You didn't even notice. Like a shadow. (Video: - Is it awkward? - No, I feel comfortable.) (Video: - Be honest. - I feel really comfortable.) (Se-yeon and Ji-woo looked cute in the table tennis room) (Video: No, you're not.) (Video: Really?) This is another great scene. (Video: Do you know how to play table tennis?) (Video: Of course.) (Video: Do you want to play now?) (
Video: - Now? - Yes.) (Se-yeon teaches her how to hold the racket) (Shy) (Is Jung-yun jealous?) That ball must have been hot. It really was. - They're cute. - So cute. (Se-yeon looks so happy) - He's so happy. - Right. I had no idea this was happening. (They were busy getting to know each other) Everyone was busy. (Video: That looks fun.) (Video: That's crazy.) (They went on the tagada) (Video: What do you want to ride first?) It's Wolmido. Oh, my. Oh, my. Ji-woo's sliding down. (Landing on
Ji-min) She landed. - Did you slide down on purpose? - Yes. (She's cool enough to admit it) When I joined School 19, I wanted to get to know Ji-min and Jung-yun the most at the time. So I was happy to slide down. You didn't even resist it. There was no friction. (The ride only helped her) You let your hands go. (Video: )We're going to ride this now. (Video: Only two at a time.) (Video: Let's choose our partners.) (Sang-won didn't hesitate to express his feelings for Seo-hyeon) Sang-won was go
od at expressing himself. I never hesitated. (Video: Honestly, I wanted to ride it with her.) (Video: - Next... - Us two.) Hee-ji led Pyeong-seok. (Innocent) (Video: Hee-ji...) - You look very serious. - I know. What is this? Hang on. (Video: You two go. I'll go with him.) (Ye-rin bravely chooses Se-yeon) She's so cool. (Jung-yun got to ride with Ji-woo thanks to Ye-rin) Jung-yun's lucky. Jung-yun should treat Ye-rin. (There were only Ye-rin, Ji-woo, Se-yeon and Jung-yun left) After others pa
ired up, I looked at the remaining people, and I didn't want… (Hmm...) I didn't want to either. (True friendship) We were seatmates. Rather than Jung-yun, (Ye-rin plucked up her courage to ride it with Se-yeon) I'd prefer to ride it with Se-yeon, who I have feelings for. I also had something to say to him. - Things worked out in the end. - Yes. Because Jung-yun had been praying. (Ye-rin was Jung-yun's Cupid) - Right. - I played Cupid. (Video: We'll be partnering you up) (Video: into pairs wh
o we think dance well together.) (Video: You two, and you two.) Dance sports. (Dance sports was new but fun) That was… (Video: Like this.) I was serious at the time. (Everyone was enthusiastic) There was fire in Ji-min's eyes. (Video: Se-yeon and Ji-woo will pair up.) (Video: Se-yeon and Ji-woo.) (Video: While watching them...) Look at his face. (Video: I thought, "That should've been me.") (His true feelings were revealed in the intereview) He should've said that to Ji-woo. I know. Exactly.
You only say that in the interview. You're so frustrating. (Jung-yun was bad at expressing himself) I have a question for Ye-rin and Jung-yun. (Q. How did you feel when you saw Se-yeon and Ji-woo paired up?) Se-yeon and Ji-woo, who you each like, paired up. How did you feel? You may not believe me, but I didn't know Se-yeon and Ji-woo were paired up. (Shocked) And (Ye-rin placed 1st in dance sports) I placed first. After pairing up with Sang-won. (Ye-rin focused on the class) We focused on
the choreography. And just because they were paired up, I wasn't worried about them. (Ye-rin focused solely on the class) So Ye-rin didn't mind. (but what about Jung-yun?) Jung-yun, what about you? You knew, right? Of course I did. I was praying like I was at the Ferris wheel. (All I can do is pray) You were praying? I prayed, but we didn't pair up. I realized it didn't work this time. (Video: - It does feel a bit different. - Even more after today.) (Video: This is our last day of being 19,
and the first day of being 20.) (A few minutes before turning 20) (Video: I'm so nervous.) You're finally turning 20. That was such a meaningful moment. (It meant a lot to the friends of House 20) I was really happy. (Popping champagne for the first time) (Video: A minute and a half.) (Video: Ten, nine,) It was really exciting. (Video: eight, seven,) My heart pounded. (Video: six,) (Video: - five, - four,) (Video: - three, - two,) (Video: one!) (HAHAHA) I was really happy. Me too. We were hap
py just to watch you. (The moment they turned 20 was memorable) That was the most memorable. Yes. What did you want to try the most when you become an adult? I start with the little things. I wanted to hang out with my friends at a bar. Didn't you drink a lot that day? (Making his dream come true) (Video: He's acting weird.) (Video: That's true.) Didn't you black out or not? I didn't. (Video: I was too drunk to remember anything.) (Video: It's peaceful.) (Video: It's so nice.) (Hee-ji and Pyeo
ng-seok sharing a sweet moment) Another great scene. (Video: - Are you going on a date? - No.) (Video: " - No? - No.".) (Video: Then you should go on a date with me.) (The romantic request surprises everyone) What was that? (Everyone's surprised) Seriously, what was that? I was really surprised. (Shy) (Video: Then you should go on a date with me.) Pyeong-seok started to express his feelings more. They were very cute. I was going to ask him first if he didn't. Then he said, "You should go on a
date with me." - He asked me first. - He asked you. (Perfect timing) I was really surprised. Did anyone else know about this? - Not at all. - We had no idea. They were always very quiet. And did everything together. (This cute couple knew what to do) (Video: Honestly, I don't know what I want.) (Video: You don't?) (Video: But there must be something your heart wants.) (Video: You?) You were very honest, Se-yeon. "You?" (Se-yeon confessed his feelings for Ji-woo) Everyone else went on a date
that day. It was just me, Ye-rin, Ji-woo, and Jung-yun. The four of us drank that day. We were the last ones to pair up in the dance sports. And also for the Ferris wheel. The four of us were always the last ones to remain. Anyway, I was interested in these two the most. But I only got to spend time with Ye-rin. I thought it was time to talk to Ji-woo. So after the drink, I talked to every one of them. You were very honest and made yourself clear. (Se-yeon expressed his honest feelings) I thoug
ht that was very cool. (Video: - What's your type? - Me?) (Video: - I don't have one. - No?) (Video: - You don't have a type? - No.) (Ji-woo's feeling tipsy) Poor Ji-woo. They're a bit drunk. He's drunk. Did you find her cute? Something like that. (Video: Do you want to go on a date with me?) Do you want to? (Video: Do you want to?) What's wrong with me? You're so happy. (Her face turned red) Even the top of her head is red. We got to see cute and tipsy Ji-woo. (Shy) - Yes. - Ji-woo asked you
(Q. How did Jung-yun feel when Ji-woo shared how she felt?) to go on a date with her (Q. How did Jung-yun feel when Ji-woo shared how she felt?) - and that she liked you. - Yes. How did you feel at the time? I was happy, but I couldn't say it. Exactly. Why couldn't you say it when you liked her so much? It wasn't easy. Were you afraid that you might get rejected? That wasn't it. I was confident. (He's so confident) But I'd never said those things out loud. I think that's better than flirtin
g with everyone. You were careful and serious. - That's cool. - Right. (Lim Jung-yun is a serious man) Exactly. (Video: Anyway, I can feel) (Video: that you have feelings for Ji-woo.) If things don't work out with Ji-woo, I can just end it (because she's a girl after all.) because it's just romance. But after spending a week with Jung-yun and talking to him at School 19, I didn't want to lose him. So I was straightforward with him. (Se-yeon wanted to hold on to this friendship) Even if you d
on't win love, - you wanted to keep this friendship. - Yes. (Video: Don't think too much about it.) (Video: - I won't. - Just be honest with yourself.) Do you think you were honest with yourself? (Slightly embarrassed) No. I feel uneasy watching this. (The advice Jung-yun needed the most) You should've told yourself. (Video: Is there anyone you're interested in?) (Video: - Interested? - Yes.) (Video: Aside from me.) (Pyeong-seok and Hee-ji's cute date) "Aside from me?" (Video: - No? - Not yet
.) (Video: I won't be able to sleep tonight.) I won't be able to sleep tonight. (Hahaha) You were already certain about each other's feelings, right? (Video: Try poking it.) - Yes. - Yes. Try. (Poke) (All that smiling is making their cheeks hurt) So cute. Such a heart-fluttering moment. (Video: Dimples can be charming.) (Video: Now that I think about it, I think all girls have dimples.) (Video: I only noticed yours, though.) (Sweet) Kim Pyeong-seok. (Pyeong-seok's changed) I can't believe Pyeo
ng-seok was so shy at first. Do you have these lines prepared? Or do they just come out? They're from the bottom of my heart. It looks like I'm very calm, but my heart was pounding. - When you were saying it? - Yes. (Pyeong-seok was nervous, but made himself clear) You were very nervous. Yes. (Video: Okay, let's talk.) (Video: Sure.) (Video: I like spending time with you.) (Video: because I feel like we have) Isn't that my bed? (Video: good banter.) Yes. (Video: It's fun to be with you. And yo
u're pretty.) (Ji-min's unexpected confession) Video: I thought you were really pretty.) Ji-min. (Can't bear to watch himself) Look at Ji-min. Look at him. (Ji-min can't stand himself) (Jung-yun had no idea) I didn't know that happened. Not the details. (Video: I'm going to) (Video: try to get closer to you.) (Video: So, give me a chance, okay?) (Video: - Okay. - Okay?) I didn't know about this. You were the only one who didn't. "You were the only one?" (Jung-yun and Ji-woo's date) (Video: - I
'm curious. - What?) (Video: You were going to tell me something.) I can't watch this. (Video: Are we going to communicate by breathing?) (Even the audience is frustrated) Oh, my goodness. (Even the audience is frustrated) (Video: How do you think your date will go?) (Video: I never talked to Se-yeon) (Video: until yesterday.) (Video: That was my first time.) (Video: I think we're going to talk a lot.) (Jung-yun was worried about Ji-woo's date with Se-yeon) (Video: Don't have too much fun.) (Vi
deo: Okay?) This is very uncomfortable. (KYUHYUN is sitting next to the love triangle) I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. (An awkward seating arrangement) Why are we sitting like this? (Video: Are you) (Video: getting jealous?) (Excited) What? (What's Jung-yun's answer?) (Video: I dare you to say no.) (Video: Don't just laugh.) (Video: - Please say you're jealous. - Just say it.) I can't say anything when you ask questions like that. Just say you're jealous! (Frustrated) Yes. (So) (frustra
ted) Just say yes. (Frustrated) My mind goes blank. (It couldn't be more frustrating) - Gosh, it's frustrating. - It's frustrating. (Video: I'm really full.) You didn't answer her? - Come on. - He said he was full. (Shocked) Hey. But that was unexpected. What do you mean it was unexpected? I kept asking. (Hmph) (Video: Here's your order.) (Video: Thank you.) (Video: Here you go.) (Video: Thank you.) (KYUHYUN's pick) (Ye-rin and Ji-min's scene) This one is great too. (Video: - Let me tie m
y hair first. - Wine.) (Video: I need to tie my hair before eating.) He fell for her. (Ji-min gazes at her) What's that look? (Really?) (Seeing Ye-rin tie up her hair made Ji-min fall for her) (Staring) What? - What? - What's he doing? (Embarrassed) Look at that. Is he praying? (Nodding) (Video: Do I look okay?) (Se-yeon also nods) (Video: You look pretty.) Ji-min probably wanted to say encore. For you to do it again. Ji-min asked Ji-woo out on a date. (Change of heart after going on a date
with Ye-rin?) But you went on a date with Ye-rin. Did you have a change of heart? I watched her carefully when she tied her hair on a date. She looked so pretty. (Oh, my) Even after that, she put a bandage on my hand in the bowling alley. I thought she was very cold. But she was warmhearted. That brought a huge change of heart. Ye-rin, did you take your time to tie your hair on purpose? You took at least five minutes. (HAHAHA) - Did you just feel like tying your hair? - Yes. And then he fell
for it. (Her casual actions actually made Ji-min fall for her more) She wasn't doing that on purpose. (Ye-rin's actions made him pray) He watched her like this. (Re-enacting) I thought he had a motor on. (He was vibrating) I thought he had a motor on. (Ye-rin didn't realize how Ji-min was looking at her) I didn't know he was looking at me like that. (Video: I heard what Jung-yun said about you.) (Video: What did he say? When?) (Video: Everyone was like, "You never took your eyes off Ji-w
oo.") (Video: And he said, "I couldn't help it.") (Video: That's crazy.) (Video: Why doesn't he say that to me?) (Shy) (Video: Why doesn't he say that to me?) (How cute) (Video: My heart's fluttering.) (Shy) It's crazy. (Surprised) (Video: Why is he so handsome?) (Clapping at her honesty) - Jung-yun. Gosh. - She's cute. Why don't you just go out? (The boys were also talking) (Video: What did you talk about?) (Video: - With Hee-ji? - Yes.) (Video: - We did. - What did you say?) (Video: I asked
if she likes anyone.) Why is your voice like that? (Video: She said, "You're the only one.") Jung-yun keeps picking a fight. (Embarrassed) He's picking a fight. (Video: So everyone's saying that kind of stuff.) (Jung-yun realizes everyone is expressing their feelings) (Video: That's what you talk about.) How did you feel when you realized you were the only one who didn't? At the time, I thought, "Oh, I could try it too." You had a chance to talk to her before going out. (Scolding) What were y
ou doing? He's getting scolded. (KYUHYUN gets too into it) That's how frustrated he was. (Video: I'm good at winking.) (Swoon) (Video: Aren't I?) (Se-yeon doesn't know how to react to Ji-woo's wink) (Video: Aren't I good at it?) What? What's going on? It's so heart-fluttering. That's when I started to think that I might have a chance. That's what I was thinking. (Video: - Seo-hyeon said she wants to talk to you. - Me?) (Video: She tried to wake you up.) (Video: She went to wake you up, (Video: b
ut you were fast asleep.) (Jung-yun came to talk to Seo-hyeon) (Video: - Are you inside? - Yes.) (Seo-hyeon looks so chill) Seo-hyeon. What's wrong with me? You look so cute. (Video: A dream date) (Video: - or just a date... - With you?) (Video: - What do you say? - I have nothing tomorrow.) (Video: Nothing?) (Video: - Are you down? - Yes.) (Hee-ji helped play Cupid for her friends?) Hee-ji, (You helped other people) you helped play Cupid for others. Because they knew what they wanted, but the
y couldn't say it. So I became their Cupid. Did everyone else get her help? (Someone is nodding a lot) I think she helped you a lot. Oh, gosh. I did. I think you would've been her regular customer? (He doesn't deny it) (Video: If I ask you on a date, will you say yes?) (Video: - Of course. - Will you?) (Ji-min confessed to Ye-rin how he felt) (Video: Honestly, I like you the most.) I didn't know that happened upstairs. (Video: - Why are you crying? - I can't stop crying.) (A rush of emotions)
(Ye-rin's tears were a result of many emotional struggles) I was so sad at the time. You were struggling emotionally. (In a rush) (Ji-min's true feelings revealed through the speed of his actions) - He's in a rush. - He was so fast. He can't miss the timing. (Something else is happening upstairs) (Video: - I want to talk to you. - Okay, let's.) (Video: You said you're going on a date with Ji-min tomorrow.) (Ji-woo is disappointed that Jung-yun hasn't asked for a date) (Video: Yes.) (Video: Si
nce I have nothing tomorrow...) (Video: - Go. - Can I?) You didn't mean that, did you? He could go on the date, but he didn't realize why I was mad. That's what made me upset. (Video: I feel like they're playing with me.) (Video: Why?) (Ji-woo ended up bursting into tears) (Video: I mean, then he shouldn't have made it sound like he liked me.) (She looks cute when she cries) (Upset) (Video: They're going on a casual date,) (Video: not the dream date.) (Video: Why would he even tell me that?) (V
ideo: That's not the reason) (Agreed) (Video: why I feel so hurt.) (Pouting) (That's so cute) Gosh. What's wrong with me? I wanted him to express his feelings. (Jung-yun never expressed himself) I thought he was pushing me back. I liked the date with Se-yeon so much. I already had a lot on my mind, and the first thing I saw after the date was him trying to use the dream date. I wasn't that bad. You were so desperate. (Cute) I thought he was trying to go on a date with me. (Ji-woo thought he wa
s planning a date with her) "Jung-yun's really the one." And all of a sudden, (Jung-yun was planning a date with someone else) he said he was going with Seo-hyeon. I was really disappointed. (Feeling guilty) It wasn't because of Seo-hyeon. (Ji-woo always asked Jung-yun to go on a date first) But he never asked me out on a date. Then I saw him (Overwhelmed) asking Seo-hyeon. (Nodding) It was upsetting. (KYUHYUN empathizes with her) You thought he didn't like you. (and Ji-woo gets emotional
again) Why am I like this? Ji-woo. - No. - Launch. (Whatever) "Launch." (People always do this when someone cries) Don't cry. - Don't cry. - Don't cry. Cry. (She's about to burst into tears) - Cry. - No. - Cry. - Cry. - Cry. - Cry. (The laughter makes her tears disappear) (Video: It's awkward.) (Video: You look pretty.) (Video: He was so smooth just now.) (Enjoying it so much) (Video: He was so smooth just now.) - You like it so much. - I love it. (Hee-ji and Pyeong-seok's sweet dat
e) (Heart fluttering) So cute. (They look great together) (Even the scenery is perfect) (Video: I think they're already dating.) (Video: Are you both laughing as you watch this?) (Busted) Busted. (Were you dating at the time?) We weren't dating yet. I thought we were. (Oh my gosh) (Video: I'm not asking you to choose me.) (Video: I'm asking you to not mind what others say.) (A conflict between Seo-hyeon, Sang-won and Seo-yeong) Hang on. Wait a minute. (Seo-yeong appeared while Sang-won and Seo-h
yeon were talking) (Video: I talked to Seo-yeong too.) (Video: Seo-yeong told me.) (Video: What?) (Seo-hyeon sees Seo-yeong walking out of the dressing room) - Gosh. - Why are you coming out from there? (Why did you talk to Seo-hyeon first?) My friendship with Seo-hyeon mattered more to me. I thought Seo-hyeon would misunderstand. (Seo-yeong didn't want to cause any misunderstandings) If there were any misunderstandings, I thought everything could go wrong. So I decided to resolve it first.
Do you still have bitter feelings left about Sang-won? No, not at all. (A handshake to reconcile) You should shake hands. (Sure thing) (Even though there was a conflict) We already worked it out. (but Seo-yeong and Sang-won worked it out) That's very nice. We already did. (Video: He's so bold.) You were looking at our pictures? (A little annoyed) (Video: I think Pyeong-seok will be so cool when he asks. Like, "Hee-ji, let's go.") (Video: I can do it cooler.) (Ji-min is actively expressing hims
elf) (Video: I choose you.) What are you doing, Ji-min? (Video: The others will be on the ground.) (Video: Help me, Pyeong-seok. I mean...) (Ye-rin calls Ji-min Pyeong-seok by mistake) What? Oh, no. He's upset. (Video: Did you just call me Pyeong-seok?) (Video: No, I mean we talked about Pyeong-seok earlier.) How upset were you when that happened? I was surprised when I heard it. (Embarrassed) After that, I started to feel worse and worse. The more you think about it. I was offended. He was of
fended. But I didn't want to show it. (Regretting) - I didn't want to look petty. - But? (Ji-min couldn't hide what he was feeling) - But I couldn't hide it. - You couldn't stop thinking about it. It was driving me crazy. I didn't know what to do. (But Ye-rin and Ji-min worked it out) I was so offended. So… That's what happened. (Video: The weather's really nice.) (Video: It'll get cold again after the sunset.) (Video: Do you have gloves?) (Video: I have you.) (What's with this sweet vibe
?) What? (Video: I'm okay because I have you.) (Invested again) (Video: Tell me if you're cold later.) Jung-yun. (Video: I have two pairs.) Jung-yun, that's not what she meant. (Video: I don't need gloves.) (Frustrated) She doesn't need any gloves. (Video: Just hold her hands.) - The gloves didn't matter? - No. (Jung-yun finally realizes what she meant) Exactly. (Video: When I ask, "Why are you looking at me?") (Video: You have to say, "Because you're pretty.) (Ji-woo decides to teach him) (V
ideo: Okay?) (Video: You need to learn.) (Video: What are you doing?) She's tough on you. (Video: Do you know what I mean?) (Video: While I was exercising with my brother,) (Video: I told him,) (Video: "I finally met the one.") (Remarkable progress) You're good at expressing yourself. I was able to talk to her by that time. Were you certain as well? (They checked they had feelings for each other) Yes, I was certain. As if I learned something. (Feeling proud) You learned what to do. (Jung-yun w
as slowly learning and growing) I realized it then. (Anything you want to say to Se-yeon?) (Ji-woo apologizes to Se-yeon) (Video: Going on a date with Se-yeon...) (Tearful) (Video: Why am I crying?) (Teary) (Video: I feel like crying.) She looks like a squirrel. (Ye-rin tears up too) (As time went by, Ji-woo realized she had to make a decision) (Video: I really enjoyed the dates) (she has to make up her mind) (Video: with Se-yeon.) (Video: It's true that I was happy.) (Video: And I had) (V
ideo: feelings for him.) (Thinking about it makes her cry again) I was sorry and sad (Overwhelmed) (Ji-woo felt sorry to Se-yeon) that I had to choose only one. Those emotions are coming back to watch it again. (The pain helped Ji-woo grow more mature) It's not easy to meet someone, (The pain helped Ji-woo grow more mature) but it's even harder to reject someone. (Video: When we had dinner,) (Video: you looked so pretty.) (Video: Me?) (Video: I only thought of you as a friend.) (Video: But I
found your every action cute.) (Video: I want to take care of you.) (Video: I want to be with you.) (Video: There's something I want to say.) (Video: What is it?) (Video: Do you want to be my girlfriend?) (Ji-min calmly confessed his feelings) (Butterflies) (Ye-rin accepts his sincerity) (Video: Yes.) (Ye-rin accepts his sincerity) It was a bummer because we were there to watch the sunrise. We got up early in the morning (I see) - to watch the sunrise. - But? (It was too cloudy to see the sunr
ise) But it was too cloudy. - We kept looking for the sun. - I asked her out when it was cloudy. That was a shame. (The confession was meaningful even though the weather was overcast) You wanted to ask her out (The confession was meaningful even though the weather was overcast) watching the sun. (Video: This is so nice.) (Video: Do you want to go on a date with me every day?) (Hee-ji worked up the courage to confess) (Video: Do you want to be my boyfriend?) (Shy) - Really? - He's so happy.
(Video: Really?) He's so happy. (Video: Do you want to be my boyfriend?) Everything was perfect. (A perfect day to confess) The wind and the mood. Pyeong-seok was next to me, so I said what was on my mind. (A sudden kiss) (That's crazy) (Excited) (Shy) What was that? (Look at them) That should be censored. - That should be censored. - That's so pretty. (We're 20 now) That's not acceptable. That's raising the censorship rating. (Video: Until now,) (Video: it's been nice and it'll always be.)
(Decides to take a chance) (Jung-yun tells Ji-woo how he feels) I want to see you (Video: even after this.) (Video: Okay.) Video: Isn't this the first snow of 2023?) (Video: On our last...) (Video: No, on our first day.) (Spending the first snow of 2023 together after a romantic confession) (A short but intense record of them going from 19 to 20) I'm sure a lot of viewers are curious. (Are they still in a relationship?) It's been six months already. Are you still dating? (Nodding) - We're stil
l dating. - Yes? Did you have any issues? - Of course. - Did you? We had a couple of fights because I was frustrated. But through that, we're starting to understand each other. Jung-yun tries to express himself more. I'm also trying to get used to him never expressing himself. Now, there is (Still in a happy relationship) no problem between us. You're still dating. Jung-yun, have you ever told her you love her? - Every day. - I say that often. (Jung-yun's become a romantic) You're a romantic
. - We're… - We're still dating too. - Though it's long-distance. - I bet you never had a problem. We never had a problem. - It's too far. - Long distance, right? (Hee-ji and Pyeong-seok are in a long-distance relationship) - It's too far. - Long distance, right? You must be so happy when you meet. Since we can't meet often, we always go to a photobooth. (Pyeong-seok and Hee-ji document their memories with pictures) We take the photos (Pyeong-seok and Hee-ji document their memories with pi
ctures) and keep them in our album. I was never worried about this couple. The first couple here. Ji-min and Ye-rin. We help each other when we can. (What does that mean?) What are you saying? - What's that supposed to mean? - Right. (They have good teamwork) - Right. - Bam. We have good chemistry. What does that mean? Can I leave it up to your imagination? Okay. I'll imagine it then. (Open ending) Thoughts on ending NINETEEN TO TWENTY? It was nice to spend time with ten wonderful friends. It
means so much that I'll be able to see myself becoming 20 over and over again. I felt that I was really happy. The end of 19 and the start of 20. (In a time of many emotions) I was happy, exhausted, annoyed, and thankful. I think all those emotions (She became mature) made me more mature. If I go back now, I think I'll be tougher. It's a shame, but that's who I was at the time. When we meet up, we never stop talking. (A precious time they'll remember even decades on) You'll still talk about
it even after 10, 20 years. - When you meet up again. - Right. I'll never forget us (Happy memories from when they were 19 and 20 that they'll never forget) sitting in the living room together. They were happy memories. - Five, - four, - three, - two, one. - Happy New Year. - Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Our 20 has just begun. For our 20. Cheers. Cheers. That's all for the NINETEEN TO TWENTY Behind-the-scenes Reunion. The heart-fluttering story of NINETEEN TO TWENTY. If you haven't watch
ed it yet, (Now streaming, only on Netflix) you can watch it now on Netflix. and check it out. Then we'll see you next time. See you on… - Netflix. - Netflix.



Pyeong-seok and Jungyun are the definition of super shy, wait a minute while I make you mine.


The casts were genuinely surprised with Pyeong-seok's side that he only shows to Hee-ji. Who would've thought that shy Pyeong-seok could be that manly, straightforward, and vocal about his feelings to Hee-ji. Our kind Hee-ji really got the best man in 19/20!


I’m so glad jungyun gets the intiative to answer if they’re still dating. WOWWWW!!! so proud of you jungyun! Stay strong jungyun and jiwoo!❤


This is the first dating show that I feel so obsessed making me think about it every single day. Happy for jiwoo and jungyun!! ❤


I've never watched a couple in a reality show that was as perfect as Hee-ji and Pyeong-seok's love story. Everything felt fictional, a shy and quite new boy at school sat with the sociable and outgoing girl in class, then eventually went from being each other's deskmates to soulmates. Ain't that straight out of a Kdrama?! Fate really brought them together and gave us the most heart fluttering and precious moments in 19/20. 🥺


jungyun and yerin have the best platonic relationships/male-female friendships in the show.


Adults should take notes from Heeji-Pyeongseok. Both not only so in love to each other, but also very commited, appreciated, understanding, good communication, and loyal to each other. Their love is not only sweet, but mature and very healthy too. Praying genuinely they'll gonna long last till forever


I love the fact that ever since they were on the show until now, Hee-ji and Pyeong-seok still like to take and keep pictures of them together. They were so unchanging and always stable that I also never really worried about their long distance relationship. I hope they make more happy memories and become each other's inspiration to grow better as a person and as a couple, as long as they can.


My favorite couples PyeongSeok and HeeJi & Jungyun and Jiwoo still together THANK GOODNESS! Also please please do a Season 2, we will wait for it!


Oh watching the ending unexpectedly Jungyun and Jiwoo seems to be madly in love with each other now... So cute!!!


Words are not enough to express how I feel watching this 😭😭😭 I really hope for Pyeongseok Heeji & Jungyun Jiwoo couple to be together forever 😭😭😭


this is the only k-dating show that made me so hooked up. Wishing our couples more happiness Pyeongseok & Heeji and Jungyun & Jiwoo. For Jimin & Yerin, whether they’re still together or not I still wish them happiness. Hoping also for the success of Sangwon, Seohyeon, Seoyeong, & Seyeon. Fighting!!!


In my opinion, pyeong seok and heeji was really matured and steady couple. They give moral support to everyone, feed them, even clean the house. This is my fav couple in this series!


LOL jiwoo is sitting so closely to jungyun😂😂 so cuteee


I Like the effort that Peoyong Soek was making everyday to challenge his shyness to win Heeji and how reassuring she was to him. And how they were competing to make nice gestures and initiatives towards each other; Such a healthy couple


Yerin and Jimin leaving it to our imagination while wearing their bracelets is so cute and funny to me 😂


Pyeonseok and Heeji has to be the most unproblematic couple I have ever seen ... they are so adorable


Never thought I would be so invested in this show. Pyeongseok and Heeji love language is taking photos 💕 they're not even slightest worried about LDR, both are so mature and cute together


This young adults are just pure when they decide and think. Pyeong-seok and Jungyun are both quiet but they bagged the most vocal and straightforward girls when it comes to expressing their feelings. But I commend Pyeong-seok every time he speaks about his feeling to Hee-Ji, so man enough that he knows what he wants at that moment, he's very kind too.


19:03 the way jimin is watching yerin tie up her hair again even through Video, help he really did fall hard-- can we also appreciate his weight gain?! he looks so HANDSOME