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hello and welcome everyone this year the first quarter has been great for gamers with some of the coolest games released so far and there are many more to come so let me share the top 20 games that I found are worth a try in Indiana Jones in the Great Circle is an action adventure game by Machine Games to be published by Bethesda Softworks it's based on the Indiana Jones franchise featuring an original narrative set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade in 1937 In
diana Jones aims to stop groups that seeking power linked to the Great Circle mysterious sites forming a perfect circle on a map the game spans real world locales like Rome Thailand Egypt and the Himalayas it's set to release for Windows and Xbox Series XS in 2024 you have any idea how old that was let me tell you what you are missing Doctor Jones while you were playing your pointless game I was playing you you wondering if maybe you should have built yourself a life of meaning instead of ending
up here dead and forgotten in the sense of Africa myths history just different ways to interpret the past thousands of years of humanity's thoughts and beliefs scattered and buried just waiting to be found you can't just run away from your problems Indiana watch me throughout history mankind has built sites of great spiritual significance if you were to draw a line through these ancient sites around the globe you get a perfectly aligned circle I've had run ins with these guys before trust me it
ain't a walk in the park okay then let's see if you can keep up what do you mean if I can keep up Outpost Infinity Siege is a FTD game combining FPS tower defense and basebuilding elements first command the mobile outpost with XN firearms to explore the Cygnet surveillance area second collect unique weapon units and enhance outpost firepower gather resources merge and upgrade units to build your own outpost join friends for harvest days or face endless waves of monsters and endless mob the zeni
th of our civilization our pride and crowning achievement yet once our greatest accomplishment became the herald of our demise no zocosis is a body cam horror simulation game you're a zookeeper you find out that some animals are infected and turning into mutants save them and save yourself unravel the mystery of the zoo choose wisely your choices will determine your ending the release date for the game is yet to be announced now you're a night zoo keeper the job is not difficult you have nothing
to worry about alone in the dark is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic the game is a reimagining of the original 1992 Alone in the dark and the seventh installment in the alone in the dark video game series it is scheduled to release for PlayStation 5 Windows and Xbox Series XS on March 20th, 2024 there is a house in New Orleans they call thousands of young to salvation have gone oh God don't let him get inside calm down they're not the
good guy dorsetto isn't cursed or blessed it's a battleground maybe the dark man just likes it when you suffer have you ever talked to a doctor about your condition this is madness are you crazy fall on your knees wear the mask raise his face welcome to the Mad House Detective a vowed developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios is an upcoming action role playing video game set in the world of Iora the same universe as pillars of eternity scheduled for release before th
e end of 2024 for Windows and Xbox Series XS players will engage in action packed combat from a first person perspective utilizing magic melee weapons and firearms players can defeat enemies and unleash various spells like freezing foes or in snaring them the game offers versatile combat setup such as dual pistols dual wands and two handed axes with skill trees and weapon upgrades enhancing gameplay depths while not entirely open world avowed features expansive open zones for exploration to inve
stigate some play it seems to be corrupting a very souls you want us to trust you but the truth is you scare us the power you wield the secrets you keep you're either here to save us or destroy us so now that you have all this power what are you gonna do with it digested is a body cam horror survival game where you must out with a giant snake determined to devour you use tools and abilities to plan your escape relying on the map to navigate unknown terrain find your extraction pod and avoid bein
g eaten alive for each playthrough offers a unique experience with randomized starting points navigation points power UPS and pod locations demanding adaptable strategies and quick thinking the game is set to release in nenra is a third person character action game set in the cyberpunk world of Neo Tokyo and in Japan here every individual is born with a demon core a crystalline organ granting supernatural abilities Ronan Industries a powerful mercenary organization recruits elite demon core wiel
ders you play as enenra a demon core hunter and member of Ronan Industries the release date of this game is yet to be unveiled the new update Frostpunk 2 developed and published by 11 bit Studios is an upcoming city building survival video game set 30 years after the original players must build and manage a city in the wake of a worldwide volcanic winter making morally and politically controversial choices for survival the game is set to be released for Windows PC PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X
and Series S in early 2024 as the city grows players encounter factions with conflicting ideals and the idea tree offers new research options with adopting factions ideas potentially upsetting others some say we abandoned God but it is us not them who brought us this far and those who make sacrifices today will reach the rewards of tomorrow order order order Harm Weather Warfare is a survival simulator where you must hunt animals defend yourself against them and fight enemies who aim to capture
or kill you in order to survive additionally you must kill to stay alive however the most significant aspect of the game is surviving in extreme weather conditions with killing being a means of survival the game is set to release in 2024 in the future the weather freaked out it's hard to survive we have no water and food I need to protect my daughter help us Jumin will on the blade the first blade is an upcoming souls like action RPG developed using Unreal Engine 5 the game challenges players t
o navigate the landscape battle horrifying monsters hone their fighting skills and ascend to mastery in martial arts while details about the game remain unknown the developer revealed that Zuman is set to release on PC and consoles however an official steam page is expected to launch soon with Zuman offering more insights into the game Manor Lords is a strategy game where you live the life of a medieval lord you build your village into a city manage resources and expand through conquest inspired
by late 14th century Franconia the game prioritizes historical accuracy for authentic visuals and gameplay medieval tropes are avoided for a more genuine and colorful world some for mining and some will process the resources to make expensive goods like shoes or clothing depending on the optimization of your production chains the price of the goods will change affecting the market attractiveness free merchants will travel more frequently to towns that have rare and more affordable goods these m
erchants are the only way to get wealth in the game lord's treasury however is split from the regional wealth as the lord or lady you must tax your taxes to the towns and villages in order to get money Paranormal Tales is a next gen horror game based on found footage the game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 one experience tragic tales of those who vanished through body cams phones and VHS cameras each file offers a self contained experience revealing what happened to the people who recorde
d them developed with hyper realism for a visually stunning experience released date of this game yet to be announced in 2014 Teddy Teddy come here boy oh what is got into him Teddy Teddy come on now Teddy for fuck's sake what the fuck Prison Architect 2 is an upcoming private prison construction and management simulation game by Double Eleven and Paradox Interactive serving as a sequel to Prison Architect it features full 3D gameplay set for release on Microsoft Windows PlayStation 5 and Xbox S
eries XS on May 7th, 2024 the game was announced by Paradox Interactive in January 2024 and developed by Double Eleven who took over after the acquisition from Introversion Software in 2019 the release date was initially set for March 26th, 2024 but has been delayed for bug fixes and optimization hey what the stalker 2 this game is an upcoming first person shooter survival horror game developed and published by Ukrainian studio GSC Game World it will be the fourth game released in the stalker vi
deo game series and the first to debut on consoles after 15 years since call of Pripyot in 2009 originally planned for 2012 development was halted until 2018 when it resumed with Unreal Engine 5 initially set for December 8th 2022 the game was delayed due to the Ukrainian conflict the game is now scheduled for release on September 5th and April 4th, 2024 for Windows and Xbox Series XS just discussing a certain puzzle we found in the zone but we can't quite seem to get all the pieces to fit maybe
you can figure it out it reminded me that we used to be puppets I took just one awkward step my whole world punched into darkness I'm sorry Stryder was the day the sea feels returned off suddenly the voice of monolith was gone I felt as if I was awakening from a years long coma through the scope we saw the body of an unknown soldier fall we had a simple choice sit back and just wait for another super emission or take a chance and get control of the anomalous energy only I didn't choose that pat
h unlike you Hellblade 2 is an upcoming action adventure game by Ninja Theory and published by Xbox Game Studios serving as the sequel to Hellblade Senuous Sacrifice in 2014 it retains the concepts and gameplay elements of its predecessor to the series including perma death puzzles and an exploration of senuous mental state the game introduces a new more dynamic fighting system and goes deeper into Norse mythology it is scheduled to release for Windows and Xbox Series XS on May 21st, 2024 all th
e lives inside me tell me to let go the shadow will always hang over me what will I become unrecord developed by drama is an upcoming first person shooter game that gained attention for its photo realistic graphics showcased in an early gameplay trailer in April 2023 the players will take on the role of a tactical police officer primarily through the perspective of a police body camera according to the game's steam page description players will investigate criminal cases and interact with charac
ters through a dialogue system the release date for the game is yet to be announced for example shots fired shots fired where the fuck is Oscar Prince of Persia the Lost Crown an action adventure game by Ubisoft is part of the Prince of Persia series released on January 18th, 2024 for Nintendo Switch PlayStation Windows and Xbox it received positive reviews the game features Metro Invania elements with interconnected worlds secret rooms and puzzles players collect time crystals for weapon upgrad
es and can revisit challenges with new skills the game allows players to take screenshots and pin them to recognize and remember unsolved puzzles they have encountered so I can't say no then again they weren't prepared for me Hell Divers 2 developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment is a third person shooter and the sequel to the 2015 top down shooter Hell Divers released for PlayStation 5 and Windows on February 8th, 2024 it received positive reviews and
sold 1 million units within its first three days with a release similar to its predecessor players can select stratagems like cluster bombs and sentry guns it offers multiplayer for up to four players and includes cross play between PlayStation 5 and Windows the Federation of Super Earth keeping managed democracy safe with the lives of our heroes protecting freedom from tyranny with the gentle touch of an iron fist but liberty's enemies march ever closer together we must take back control of fre
edom together for managed democracy together for victory together for liberty together for liberty together they fight for freedom will you and list in the galaxy's elite fighting boogers work together to protect your future despense peace with the ultimate weaponry become a legend together together together with me join the the Hell Divers and shrouded a survival action role playing game by Keen Games launched via Early Access on January 24th, 2024 for Windows set to release in late 2024 for Pl
ayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS it supports up to 16 players like other survival games players need to manage their hunger and thirst level players can use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies and they can dodge and Perry hostile attacks as players progress in the game they will unlock new talents further boosting their combat capabilities and allowing players to specialize in one of three classes Trickster Battle Mage or survivor this game is gaining much popularity and receiving positive revi
ews within just a month of its release but the darkness the malice the relentless legions of the mist alone no one stands against the shroud but you are not alone for now we come with iron and steel and the flame of the ancients in our veins together we take back what was stolen we reshape this earth to our will together we declare if this is to be the end it will not be ours and finally Pal World which I've been playing for a month now so in this game you can peacefully live alongside mysteriou
s creatures known as pals or risk your life to drive off a ruthless poaching syndicate pals can be used to fight or they can be made to work on farms or factories you can even sell them or eat them but pals can be mounted to traverse the land sea and sky allowing you to explore various environments as you travel across the world it's one of the most played games on steam right now so that's it for today guys hope you like this video please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel see you in
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