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3 months ago

welcome back everybody to another video and today I got a special treat for you something very very interesting and we're skipping the intros from now on this this isn't an intro this is part of the the the tutorial you guys want the the the app so we're walking through it uh today I'm going to be showing you an install for one of my favorite thirdparty apps you can install on your Fire TV Cube Nvidia Shield fire stick pretty much all the devices you already have in your home it's simple it's ea
sy hit that subscribe button right down below all right let's get into it okay so we're just going to get right into things now this is a pretty simple tutorial and luckily I have everything laid out for you in my website now if you this is your first time doing a third party install and you have no idea how to do it it it's going to be pretty simple so we need to start off with the basics and that is making sure you can do third party installs now luckily I'm doing this without a USB so you won
't need a USB at all now if you're on your Nvidia Shield or Android box go to settings if you're on your fire stick or Fire TV Cube go to settings this is where the settings is on Fire TV Cube now the first first thing we have to do for your Fire TV stick and Fire TV Cube we have to find the about section for the Nvidia Shield you can skip this step for now you'll be able to do a prompt and do it after go to My Fire TV scroll up until you find about and then you want to click it four to five tim
es now when we go back all of a sudden you're going to have this brand new Option called developers option now this is very important because this is what allows us to do thirdparty installs directly on our device click on it you'll find install unknown updates now we're going to come back to this in just a second we need to install an app first now this is one of the most popular apps head back to your home screen and let's go to the find section now this can be done with any browser but the br
owser I suggest using is called downloader if you just type in a d it will probably be one of the first three options because it's that popular on firest Stick now downloader allows you to quickly prompt downloads instead of inside of your browser so as soon as a downloadable installable file install downloads yeah downloads on your device it will prompt the install proc process making it a little bit quicker go ahead and click on that it's this big orange app here it's from AFV news I thought t
hey sold it maybe they still own it not sure install that once you're done we'll move on to the next step so now that you have it installed let's head back to our settings section go to My Fire TV you want to find that developers option again I'm still inside of it click install unknown apps and now you'll see downloader in here make sure it's turned on that means it can install apps instead of the file browser which is usually what installs apps click that home button let's head back to our app
section and we want to find that downloader app we just installed now go ahead and click on it and you're going to be at this home search bar now Nvidia Shields typically need an additional add-on installed it will prompt that it's pretty quick and easy so that process isn't much harder we want to click on the search bar right here now the code we're looking at today is my own personal website it's called Uh upgrad you guys can check it out I have tons of great blogs articles downloads
and a brand new member section coming soon with a forum and all sorts of great stuff uh I hope you guys are excited for that type in 773 82 oh not that 820 this is my shortcut to my website click install click go not install now the first thing we're going to do when we get to this download page is not scroll down okay do not scroll down yet we need to do one thing first head up to the top I'm going to move my head here you're going to see these vertical lines on the side okay you can see it's n
ow highlighted click on that it's going to pop up this option menu now click add current page to favorites this is going to add my website this particular page to your favorit section on the side of your downloader right here now you can easily go back to it anytime you want it's a really simple way to get right back to my download section now what we want to do is we want to scroll down and I have a list of apps that are completely legal and the one we're focusing on today is free free TV now i
f you don't know what free TV is you're about to find out it's one of the better apps for movies TV shows live TV you guys are going to be blown away and now we're going to click on that you guys can close these ads okay you don't don't don't worry about them they're just how I make my living scroll down and you're going to find this giant download button I have made it as obvious as possible click that download button now this is going to bring you to APK Mir it's a trusted site don't worry abo
ut it it's perfectly fine I've never had an issue with any of the links that I've put in so as long as you're using the links I put in you should be fine and the good part is they constantly update it to the latest version now scroll down and until you find download APK the button will look like this click on that and that should start the download process sometimes it will bring you to another screen but typically the download will pop up within 10 to 20 seconds like it is now now if you didn't
do that step where we allow downloader to install thirdparty apps it will ask for one more step before you do anything now if you did that step you'll be able to go ahead and install it right away if not make sure you go allow thirdparty downloads from The Prompt that pops up on screen so remember that we're going to click that install button right here it'll just take a few seconds and our great app here freee is going to load up and we're going to go inside I'm going to show you all the detai
ls how to use it how to utilize it how to get the most content out of it now I am in Canada if you're in Canada you're Canadian a you like maple syrup poutines all that good stuff uh this app actually isn't going to work for you so you can open it up if you're in the US you probably officially have this but I will teach how you can get more content out of it as well but you're going to try to open it up and what does it say uh unexpected era you're Canadian so we don't want you to use it no that
's not the case it's geo-restricted right their content has rights so they can't just plop it in any country it's a confusing process it's easier in the US because that's where all the money is so that's where they they focus the rights so there's one little workaround we can do and that today is with IP vanish now IP vanish is my official VPN partner uh we recently switched from expressvpn now it's it's not that Express VPN is bad if you guys want to cancel it and get IP Vantage through my link
IP Vantage is cheaper uh and offers all the same stuff so I mean I don't know why you'd pay more for Express at this point but again it's an option let me show you so you're going to install the app from the App Store just go to the search bar here okay type in IB vanish and don't worry you don't have to pay for it I'll show you a little workaround if you want IP vanish type that in get the app okay now the next thing is down below in the link in this video I do have deal link right here and I'
m going to show you the deal and I'm going to show you how you can also get it for free for a period of time so go ahead and click this link it's going to bring you to my personalized page here where it shows you all the information on why you would get it for your fire stick what it benefits not only can you get sporting events that are available in other countries but you can use it on pretty much every streaming app to get more content in different locations it's a really big benefit um and t
hey give you tons of details here if you want to look into it more but more importantly if you get the 2-year or the yearly plan plan which are already Dirt Cheap $67 for 2 years save 81% there's a 30-day risk free guarantee so if you don't like it cancel it get all your money back within 30 days so again you get 30 days free cancel it before that 30th day day number 21 cancel it get all your money back it's a really great option uh to be able to utilize your VPN but I promise you if you use it
and you see the re ways I use it you're not going to cancel it you're actually in fact probably going to keep it for longer than that two years um so it's a really great deal guys now once you purchase that and you logged into your accounts you'll now have access to expressvpn now the cool part is we can change our location to pretty much any country in the world now in this case we're going to want to use one of the countries free is available in that is the United Kingdom that is the United St
ates now if you're in the United States change it to to the United Kingdoms you will get different content than what is available in the United States and vice versa as well in this case because I'm in Canada we're going to connect to the United States this connects me to the fastest possible server on IP vanish it only takes a few seconds you can see now I have a brand new public IP address it shows me my location directly in the screen now let's go back to that free app now this is the officia
l one now let's go to the one I installed we're going to go down scroll down freeb TV right there you can see the thumbnail is a little messed up doesn't matter don't worry about it click on it watch this is okay it's loaded up now you can see there's actual like xmiss was just on Netflix right like there's or just on Prime video like there's so many shows in movies that are on here that are paid shows and movies on Prime video that they just funnel down to freee because they own both services t
his is owned by Amazon so they even have upload which was just an Amazon Prime video original earlier they have Bosch they have the lie like this is legit content this is like getting Prime Video in Canada for next to nothing crazy rich Asian Asians great movie uh Paddington 2 didn't watch it doesn't look very good but whatever uh late night and again doesn't look very good freaky okay so some of these movies not so good but there is legit great content on here for movies TV shows all that stuff
they have lost on here like they have really really great shows and movies but a hidden portion on here people find that's underrated is the live section so yes freeb TV actually has a very detailed live section with a ton a ton of different channels that you're not going to get anywhere else um they continue to grow it Amazon continues to buy more and more content so you can get a ton of different content on here that you can just throw on at any point and not have to worry about uh paying a s
ubscription for because uh Amazon gives it to you for free they also have a dedicated movie section which is just going to be movies that are coming in movies that are categorized and again they actually have good shows and movies on here uh that typically these Services don't and that goes the same with TV shows now for me freebie TV has passed tub as the number one free streaming app they just have way more content they're able to afford it uh British TV British TV now other than that there's
not a whole lot you can do in here there is a settings section but again it's just really your viewing history your playing pref preference so this is just pauses a video after a certain amount of time autoplay previews I usually turn that off you can delete your data at any point they do have parental controls but you have to go through PIN um so the official way of doing it and other than that that's pretty much it for freebie TV now again if you have IP vanish and youve decided to
purchase it because of this video remember you can also use it on apps such as Netflix and Prime video by changing your location and unrestricting content that's available in the United Kingdoms Canada Australia um you know Nova scoti I almost said Nova Scotia um New Zealand Korea right there's a lot of choices that's everything for today's video guys I hope you enjoyed it uh if you enjoy this kind of content hit that subscribe button right down below so you can be notified when we do more of th
ese videos thanks for watching see you guys later



💸IP Vanish💸 - 🔥2 Years + 3 months for $67🔥Unlock your Streaming device -


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