Weather report from News Channel 3 LIVE at 6 p.m., Thursday, 4/27/23

Cloudy, damp days are ahead with a chance for some snow to start the month of May. What?! Get the latest update right here in less than three minutes!

Keith Thompson

10 months ago

lots of sunshine today just like yesterday in West Michigan but unlike yesterday we actually are warming up and had temperatures today that were near what's typical for this time of year there's like a few people out there enjoying the pier in South Haven as we say hello to South Beach live and looking out over the big lake and thanks to our partners at Horizon Broadband for the view let's move East to Marshall and Michigan Avenue as our weather alert network camera here is looking to the east r
ight down the main drag there in the heart of Calhoun County and with that in View and look at all that Sunshine here's what's on the way it's what I'm tracking it's what's next a quiet evening and so you can still get out there we have about two and a half hours before Sunset so you get a chance to still enjoy some of that sun with some pretty comfortable temperatures but then we say sayonara sun because we have several cloudy days ahead and maybe a little more snow and maybe even on March the
1st that's coming up in the seven-day forecast I'll tell you this it's going to be colder early next week hour by hour we go oh we start off with mainly clear skies just a few clouds and even tonight at midnight Skies will become partly to mostly cloudy now by the time we get up in the morning and get to school and work not only will we be cloudy but we'll start to see a few scattered showers mainly south of I-94 the bulk of the showers tomorrow are going to be in a line from Lansing to Battle C
reek to Kalamazoo to Dowagiac and Southeast and the reason is the storm that really is at the heart of these showers is off to our South it's passing through the Ohio Valley so we'll be on the Northern and Northwest French but the showers will become a little bit more widespread in the afternoon as our temperatures will be cooler than today thanks to the cloud cover the showers start to wind down tomorrow night but they'll be picking back up over the weekend as I'll show you in the seven day tha
t's about a minute ahead let's look live right now in downtown Kalamazoo and soak up some more of that sun Blue Sky all around today Peregrine Tower camera looking right down the Kalamazoo Mall right now where the temperature is a very comfy 63 degrees that's like I said said right on target for the high for the day attempts Area Wide low to mid 60's with one exception Southaven right now where we were also looking live is at 59 but our temps are up about 10 to as much as 20 degrees from where w
e were yesterday we had the sun yesterday like today but it was a little bit chillier well our temperatures are going to be in the low 60s for the next couple of days and then they're going to Tumble next week is going to be much cooler and that's not a typo on Monday 44 for a high clear this evening clouds move in overnight with a low in the low 40s for tomorrow our skies will be cloudy and rain is likely we'll see a high around 60 degrees it's going to be Breezy turning cooler and our ceiling
Auto Group 70 forecast with a little rain snow mix possible for Monday and early Tuesday