YouTube Censorship Rant, Cyberpunk 2077 Flying Cars? Infinite Warfare Beta Release Date (News)

YouTube Censorship Rant, Cyberpunk 2077 Flying Cars? Infinite Warfare Beta Release Date (Gaming News) - Welcome to this weeks gaming and popular culture news, ranging from video games to films, TV, release dates, leaks, rumors and more, within which I throw out the bullet point facts and give my own opinions on said news if I have one, I’m trying to keep these episodes fairly short and to the point and they will probably get released on a Saturday, anywho if this sounds like your sort of thing sit back and enjoy :D Links To Articles Discussed: YouTube Changes Terms Of Service? Censorship Controversy. PlayStation Plus: Free Games for September 2016 Battlefield 1 Open-Beta Available Now, Here's How to Download It This Playable Minigame From Final Fantasy 15 Is Out Now for Free BioWare's New IP Will Be Revealed Soon, Exec Teases What do you hope it is? Cyberpunk 2077 May Feature Driving/Flying Vehicles There could also be vehicle combat, according to newly spotted job ads. With a Definitive Edition Coming, MGS5: The Phantom Pain's Mission 51 Won't Be Completed All the News and Trailers From Today's Nintendo Direct Dragon Quest 8 Remake for 3DS Delayed to 2017 The Walking Dead Game's Season 3 Debuts in November Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Coming This Week Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta Coming in October, First on PS4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Will Feature All 16 Original Maps Eventually Call of Duty VR Game "Jackal Assault" Free on PS4 I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios My Twitch Channel: (kinda inactive at the moment but will prob do something with it at some point in the not too distant future) ROYALTY FREE BACKGROUND MUSIC LICENSES: (All background music has been downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library and is royalty free as well as attribute free unless otherwise stated below). Twitter (I'm rubbish on Twitter and haven't figured it all out and don't use it enough so why not hit me up and teach/encourage me to use it more):

Video Games Recon

7 years ago

hello and welcome my name is made from video games recon and as per usual we're going to be recapping this week's popular culture and gaming news that I find interesting and think you will too please keep in mind this video was reported eat early Friday evening for all saturday morning on UK time so some important news from missing and that this video will be posted most likely on a Saturday or Sunday anywho enough job without any further ado let's do it to it okay before we get into the gaming
news i'm going to touch on this home malarkey of the YouTube being at ironical money-hungry sensor so what did youtube [ __ ] up this time well on this occasion will be discussing the possible censorship and definite d monetization of content deemed own advertiser friendly this debacle seems to have hit the mass consciousness when popular youtuber philip defranco made a video discussing how a number of his videos have been being monetized for discussing controversial issues due to the seemingly
new terms of service guidelines originally thought it my opinion you to using profanity but even though swearing is against the Terms of Service guard line and a potential reason for de monetization it seems more likely to be the case that because he was reporting on controversial topics like rape and so on his videos were affected and the spot its own controversy on whether this again seemingly new move which we'll get into in a minute is a form of censorship as you can still upload controversi
al subjects for all to see and those videos won't get removed or suspended this technically not censorship now that may well be the case for the big players on youtube who have other revenue streams like sponsorship deals patreon merchandise and so on those this move doesn't impact them so badly however in my opinion the vague and all-encompassing guidelines are stranglehold on the new and upcoming youtubers who want to report news issues and eight more mature content so as far as I'm concerned
this is a form of censorship by another name and move to water down content so it's YouTube can look after its financial overlords instead of the people who make the majority of the content because you know why have some of the money when you can have it all here's the thing though this supposing new terms of service isn't in fact new at all it's potentially been happening for months if not years without YouTube actually telling anybody h3h3 was one of the first channel to make a video discussin
g this well worth a watch if you haven't already as per usual links are in the description on a side note though if they try and enforce the inappropriate language guideline i'm [ __ ] because I swear and curse all the time you know because i'm a rational human being who doesn't believe curse words have some sort of magical power that instantly renders anyone listening to them a degenerate but [ __ ] what do I know my only option will be to spend hours scrubbing through my footage I'm putting bl
eeps like this in because that's not annoying or anything or alternatively I could just not give a [ __ ] as I'm making pizzas from YouTube anyway and if necessary I could always make a patreon account or something anywho as YouTube is the worst at communicating it just keeps dropping clangs out nowhere that yet again [ __ ] up everybody's day mark my words youtube one day there will be a direct competitor to your service and all this bad blood you caught it over the years is going to come back
and bite you in the ass when you expect all the creator's you continually burnt over the years to be loyal to your platform anywho around over let's get into the gaming stuff playstation plus September games lineup has been announced starting with amnesia memories on Vita prince of persia the forgotten sands and HR on ps3 and lords of the fallen and journey on ps4 with badland being on all current platforms a pretty great line of this month well with the price increase in North America they real
ly had to show the value proposition of PlayStation Plus personally I'm stoked for journey heard good things about it and have been toying with the idea of buying it for a while now hopefully my expectations are too high and it will deliver the battlefield peter has been out there in the wild and although i'm not a big battlefield guy only ever clocking up maybe five or six hours on multiplayer within the whole franchise in my entire life so it's hard for me to be objective and say how it stacks
up against other games in this series but I mess about their bit although not massively blown away one always intended i had a bunch of fun and the only personal gripe that may just be a standard for the series is when i'm prone and snapping my bullets keep hitting the ground even though i have ample clearance and the only down as I'm hearing from other people are about the medic class being gift and some douchebags who have been watching way too much mr. robot who have been hittin da servers r
eally hard with a DDoS attack knocking out the beaters amongst other EA games if these guys had a point like tackling a real social injustice or something I wouldn't be too salty but it seems just like they're doing it because they can and they don't like people having fun although front of fancy 15 had been delayed till late November maybe a free-to-play version of one of its mini games on iOS and Android will tide you over to this release no yeah me either that said if you're bored and want to
play a pinball RPG harbored game then this might burn through a few hours for you or if you've got more money than sense you could always buy a [ __ ] and a marker transactions and burn through your wallet instead I have a float about recently a studio boss has been discussing a new intellectual property again this expected to be a big game for the publisher and is set to be announced in the near future coming from developer bioware most famous for games like dragon age and mass effect and will
be under development in the same studio that mass effect of being worked on not much to go on but definitely want to keep an ear out for with such pedigrees around again CD Projekt RED makers of the witches series are scouting four steps to fill various roles around vehicle mechanics and concept are leading many to believe that this corresponds to their upcoming and highly anticipated game cyberpunk 2077 although purely conjecture at this point it does seem highly likely as in the which are you
had your trusty steed to explore the vast landscape and as this game is also set in a similar vein to the which are it would make sense to have a vehicle and it would be hard to imagine what other games they would need this expertise in leading people to come to a somewhat logical conclusion that this game we'll probably have some sort of vehicles and call future vehicles to boot our year in $YEAR konami can do anything right news the infamous mission 51 that was cut from metal gear solid 5 wil
l be featuring in the upcoming definitive edition of Metal Gear the phantom pain seriously there's no one at pachinko nami have any social awareness whatsoever this right here is clearly an easy win if they have put this in the game not only would they have sold more copies but would also shut down a lot of negativity surrounding Metal Gear survive as they would now be talking about this and even if people were still talking about said game they might see a glimmer of hope that someone at the ch
in konami gets it but no is quite clear there either absolutely clueless or couldn't give a solitary walk we have a bunch of new 3ds announcements coming our way that's to a nintendo direct on sep tember first time from a bunch of dlc and meebo announcements we also got news on games coming away in the near future such as Pikmin Mario sports superstars are cross 3d around two Super Mario maker and Yoshi's woolly world some potentially Stella titles there I mean Pikmin Yoshi merrymaker all top-cl
ass titles the only downsides are little in the way of announcements for Wii U and obviously NX dragon quest 8 has been delayed and that Mario maker only supports a local sharing of maps which unless you're big into building the levels as a postage is playing them could start for the game someone announced it packs the new and third series of towels the walking dead premieres this November will be set a few years in the future will feature protagonist Clementine and a new character have a year b
oth of whom are playable executive producer of the game goes on to explain how part of Javier's role as a character is to unravel the mystery of who Clementine has become in the subsequent years since you've last seen her although no specific release day much for fans to get excited about as episode 1 is only a couple of months or white and thanks to call of duty special event we have a bunch of infinite warfare news if anybody still gives a [ __ ] personally even though the modern warfare remas
ter looks great and the zombies mod has piqued my curiosity I think I'll wait till it's cheap unless the reviews are off the scale anywho first up a bunch of infinite warfare multiplayer gameplay has been released out into the wild for all to see another looks interesting i'm not sure what to think of it kind of looks good but not great and some of the load out mechanic seem interesting one of which being craftable weapons they appear to give off a destiny vibe that have distinct features and pe
rks sounds cool well at least till they ruin it with microtransactions anyway however if like me you're still unsure on infinite warfare there will be an open beat on october $YEAR 14 for us all to give a go and form our own opinions on the gameplay following on from black ops 3 this seems to be a trend however this is something that this game really needs and not only that it needs to impress as the reception so far has been lukewarm at best although the modern warfare 3 master was only announc
ed to come with 10 maps at Division have discussed at call of duty XP how the other six maps will become available in December hopefully they have the good sense not to charge for this as they need as much goodwill as they can get by now and lastly a college GTR game called jackal assault which will be based around a vehicle that can fly and fight both like an airplane and in space like well a spaceship pretty cool if you plan on getting a VR headset and starving for content otherwise not really
a game changer so that was my recap of the week's gaming news or points-of-interest sure there's a bunch of stuff on this each week so feel free to post anything you're into that i missed in the comments section for discussion anywho if you enjoyed this video please like comment share and subscribe for more BS of a similar nature thank you and goodbye



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