Dilwale Trailer | Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon | A Rohit Shetty Film

Unveiling the official trailer of the most awaited film Dilwale starring Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan & Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. #Dilwale #OfficialTrailer #ShahRukhKhan #Kajol #KritiSanon #VarunDhawan #RohitShetty The film is directed by Rohit Shetty & produced by Gauri Khan Dilwale is set to release on 18th December 2015. Music: Pritam For more updates on Dilwale, click on the links below:

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8 years ago

‎كل شخص لديه قلب ‎ولكن ليس الجميع ‏ ‎‏ لديه "كبير القلب"‏ ‎عندما يتعلق الأمر بأخيك ‏ ‎‏ حينها يفكر الشخص بقلبه لا بعقله ‎لن تظل عازباً لفترة طويلة‏ ‎سوف نعثر على ماني- بين لماني بهاي ‎أنت ملاك بالتأكيد‏ ‎افحص نفسك ‎ماذا تفعل؟ ‎رائع! يجب أن تعترفي يا ميرا ‎لأنني من أصحاب القلوب العطوفة ‎ربما لا تعرف من أنا‏ ‎أنا ملك! ملك!‏ ‎هل تريدني أن أخرج لك بطاقة أدهار؟ ‎أريد أن أراك تربطين العقدة في الزواج المقدس ‎كان فير محقاً ‎أنت محترم جداً وساذج‏ ‎منذ أن أصبحت محترم ‏ ‎‏ أصبح الجميع أوغاد ‎مرت 15 عاما‏
‎‏15 عام…‏ ‎‏4 أشهر…‏ ‎‏10 أيام‏ ‎أنا من تعرض للخيانة ‎لذلك سأفعل ما يجب القيام به ‎إشيتا، أنا آسف ‎لكن لا يوجد شيء عندي أهم من أخي ‎ميرا ‏ ‎‏ لا تريني أبداً وجهك مرة أخرى ‎سأقتلك



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It's funny how a gunshot and a punch have the same exact sound!


They say it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Thank you for being with us on this journey from Zero to 100 million! #ZeroTrailer100MnViews Watch the Official Trailer for Zero now! -


2:14 here comes the goosebumps 🙂🙂 Arijit and those days🙂


Make another film with the whole team of dilwale


Kajol : it's been 15 years. Srk: 15 years, 4 month, 10 days. Omg this part made me cry😭❤


Don't worry guys Iss flim ke Jab 15 saal 4 mahine 10 din poore honge tab hum yahin milenge ❤️


Dil to har kisike pas hota hay. Lekin sob dilwale nehi hote........❤️❤️❤️


rohit shetty can never recreate the magic between srk and kajol; the way aditya chopra did..


Srk looks jst 24-25 years old...oommgggg😱😱😱😱 lv u king😘😘😘😘😘


Star cast✓ Location ✓ Bgm ✓ Songs✓ Acting skills of srk and kajol ✓ P.s haters go check overseas collection of this film 🔥❣️ All time blockbuster 🔥🔥


"Hum sarif kya hua puri duniya badmash hone lage." Best dialogue of SRK ❤❤❤


I don't care what are the box office collections of this films is, what people say about it, for me it was one of the best movie and the chemistry of srk and kajol after so many years is still the same😍, anybody in Dec 2018?


That girl from that old movie "kuch kuch hota hae" hasn`t aged abit!!! She`s gorgeous..


2:06 - 2:14 was the best and most emotional part of the trailer and the movie.


Dil toh har kisi ke paas hota hai Lekin sab Dilwale nahi hote This dialogue still gives me goosebumps 🔥❤️


17k dislikes LOL! When people hate you that much it means you're more powerful and successful than them. More power to SRK and Dilwale team <3 This movie is going to break records!


I don't care what the movie is about...I'm not going to pass up the chance of seeing SRK and Kajol together again. I love them. <3


The best cast + a beautiful story + SRK with Kajol❤️ + Janam Janam song ❤️ One of the best to watch.


After DDLJ ,The Love story of SRK And Kajol continues through dilwale