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South by Southwest officially kicks off today and attendees can utilize a free shuttle service to and from events, and Rodeo Austin also kicks off today. Plus, a look at the forecast. More on Stay informed about Austin and Central Texas news, weather, investigations and sports on our website and social media:


2 days ago

look at your top stories today South by Southwest officially opens film and TV an interactive start today South by Southwest is operating a free shuttle system that circulates between the Austin Convention Center and the majority of South by venues the service is available for regist registrant and attendees who can catch the shuttle outside both the Austin Convention Center and Trinity Street there will also be free events that will happen throughout the conference to find them you can search f
ree South by Southwest events on our website okay let's go to the weather because we also have Rodeo Austin that's taking place to today Rich so many things what can you tell us about the rain that we're getting right now all right the rain will continue through the next uh couple of hours I think by 9 10:00 in Austin at least the rain is done and then in our Eastern zones by noon and then we'll be dry for the afternoon partly cloudy High 83 and then a nice little chill for the weekend lows in t
he 40s and highs in the 60s we do have a traffic