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LA Fitness

5 years ago

Yoga's a practice, it's not a perfect. It's never about how deep you go physically, it's about how connected you are to the breath as you go through it. Because yoga's not about touching your toes, it's about touching your soul. Take a nice, deep inhalation and fill up all the way. Fast or slow, it's where you want it to go. Just make it purposeful and breathe through it. My friends, there's nothing more valid in life than falling. That's where you do all of your learning and growing. So if you
fall out of this posture you fall anywhere in life smile and get right back into it and use the fall as a challenge. Take another deep inhale and fill it from your heart. You got this yogi. Exhale, fold forward and seal your practice with namaste.



Been practicing yoga two years now at LA Fitness -- fantastic way to gain both physical and mental/spiritual health. The instructors are great!